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Friday, April 21, 2006

Wife beaters!!!

I used to date an Iranian that was majoring in Nuclear Engineering at UC Berkeley. He was a pacifist and definitely to the left of center. His nickname for me was Redneck which he called me because I voted for Reagan and he was being brainwashed at UC Berkeley and didn't know any better. He later apologized for it after he found out what it actually meant. Anyway, he lived in a Berkeley apartment near the campus. he had a roommate that was an Iranian Kurd. The Kurd's name was Majid and he was a Communist. He would have Communist meetings at the apartment and a lot of French speaking guys would show up and my boyfriend would always want us to leave because he thought the CIA was going to show up. My boyfriend's brother worked at the Diablo Valley Nuclear plant, but the Iranian revolution had happened and my boyfriend knew that he would never work for the US government. Majid the Kurd was interesting to me. My mom was an expert on Judaism and the Jewish diaspora. She collected a lot of books on the subject. My mom had an interesting book called "The Lost Worlds of Judaism." The book told of Jewish tribes in Arab lands. More fascinating to me than the Klaus Barbie, Butcher of Lyon and other holocaust books she loved, I read it cover to cover. One of the things I read was that the Jews that lived in Kurdish lands had taken up a bad (to my mind anyway) habit of beating their wives. According to this book the Jews learned this from the Kurds. So one day I am riding in my boyfriend's car and I mention this. My boyfriend denies such a thing is happening in Kurdish lands. We get to his apartment and Majid is smoking in front of the television moodily, as usual. We don't see the Commies, so we sit and watch television with him and pass pistachios around. My boyfriend says to Majid, "My girlfriend thinks that Kurds beat their wives Majid, tell her it's not true." Majid blew out a puff of smoke and narrowed his eyes, "My father beat my mother every day, that is why I hate him!" Another tme my dad asked my boyfriend if it was true that they were arresting students in Iran for wearing cologne and nail polish and my boyfriend said that it was sadly true. He then asked my dad how he could know such a thing. It was an Iranian co-worker of my dad's that told him. I think my boyfriend started to think we were all in the CIA.


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