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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Libertarian stands for amoral asshole!

I can't count the self-declared Libertarians I have met that were the most amoral, selfish people on the face of the earth. My ex-boyfriend, a hunter and taxidermist by trade, was against any law that applied to him but was all for coming down hard on those he considered criminals. He was a big criminal himself if you counted breaking the law every chance he got. He ran out and bought an assault weapon after the government of California outlawed them, he just had to have one, because the government told him he couldn't. He would shoot a mountain lion in California and drag it to the Nevada border and say that he shot it there. If we went to a park and there was a "No Dogs" sign, he would scrape the red circle and line over the dog pictograph off with a razor blade and take his dog on in. He wanted to go on the Leslie Salt property and in typical Communist fashion of disregard for property rights he took the "No Trespassing" sign off the gate barring the entrance and threw it in the bushes. When the ranger stopped us and asked us why we were on private property my ex said that he had not seen a sign on the gate. The ranger ordered us back to the gate and said, "That's really strange, I know there was a sign" My ex was very pleased with himself. He did however want the government and law enforcement to come down hard on illegal aliens. He thought that he had the right to shoot anyone that violated or trespassed on HIS property. He was against laws and bills that protected people from themselves, as he felt that they interfered with natural selection. He didn't even like "Dangerous Surf" signs. Needless to say he cheated on his taxes like a motherfucker. All in all, he wanted to be a selfish bastard and do his own thing and that's why he was a Libertarian. Most of the Libertarians I have met are exactly like him. I'm still open though, maybe somebody can prove me wrong.


At 9:30 AM , Blogger Bob King said...

Actually, that's "Amoral Asshole pretends to be Libertarian." Lot of overlap there with NeoCons, but without the self-righteous church-going.

I call them "Ah got a GAW-DAMN RIGHTists," because they seem to think they got a right to do as they damn well please, whether or NOT their fist stops at any ones nose or not.

At 6:12 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

You are probably right about that. My idea of right wing is say a Mormon. Very law abiding and religious.

At 1:26 AM , Anonymous Carlo said...

I think the sample size of this research project is too small for drawing general conclusions.

Here's a Libertarian who spent lots of his life writing software, then giving it away. Also spent years of his life explaining nerdy quirks to the media and lo and behold, our culture now accepts nerds. Needless to say I consider him a hero.


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