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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Naming the crow.

My co-workers and I have a lot of toys in our cubicles. We dress up for Halloween. Last year we all dressed up like pirates. One of my co-workers, an artist, brought in a stuffed, fake crow, as part of his costume. He was cleaning his cubicle the other day and pulled out the crow. He popped his head up, Whack a Mole style, like we all do when we need to communicate face to face, and asked if anybody wanted the stuffed crow. I said I did. My only right-wing co-worker, also an artist, said, "You can call him Hitchcock or Poe." "Hey," he said, "you can call him, Quid Poe Crow!" Quid Poe Crow it is. My co-worker has the fastest brain alive when it comes to punning, and yet, there are those reading my blog that would call him stupid, just for being a right winger. It's funny, all the leftists we work with are always telling us how smart we are and all we do is talk about how stupid they are. Of course we never say it to their faces, that would be rude. Besides they are just too dumb to know how dumb they are. Oh, wait, that might imply that they were too dumb to know how smart we are and it's true that anything is a step up for them. Well any dumb animal can recognize a superior being.


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