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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Legion of the almost dead, aka, Suicide Bombing Euthanasia Grannies!

Reading about the Palestinian, suicide bomber granny got Miss C to thinking, always a dangerous thing. Miss C also has a cold and she is cranky and very anti-social when she is sick. Like a wounded animal, she just likes to crawl up underneath the house and die. If you crawl up after her and try to coax her out, you could get bit. She has been known to throw things at the heads of people who approach her in her sick bed. So don't mess with her, Anita.

The left is 100% for Euthanasia. Well, most of the left, except for a few wheelchair bound cripples, who are scared to death of it. He he, scared to death, Miss C made a funny! Scared someone will put pillows over their heads to "put them out of their misery," more like. No one wants to live "like that." It ain't dignified. Dignity is all important to the left. Suicide grannies may crap their drawers upon detonation, but it will be real hard to detect, thus preserving their precious dignity and right to privacy.

Speaking of dignity, yesterday, Miss C was looking at a book about an annual Gay parade on a San Francisco street. Not the Gay Pride parade, but a smaller to do. There were a lot of pics of shirtless gay men in tiny cut offs, with no drawers on underneath. They carried signs demanding "dignity." Miss C is of the mind that there is no dignity to be found in shirtless, tighty whitey-less men, wearing only cut offs on city streets, but that is just her opinion. Anyway, it cast doubt in her mind as to whether anyone on the left can possibly define what "dignity" is.

Any way she digresses. Back to euthanasia. The left is against military recruiters on high school and college campuses. The left especially loves it when the American tax payers are forced to give their tax monies to causes they are not in favor of, like abortion and stem cell research for instance, and now euthanasia.

Even Miss C has to admit that she thinks the average age of Americans dying in Iraq is way too low. Most are under 25. People that young haven't had a chance to live life to the fullest. Senior citizens are another story. They cost billions to keep on life support. By life support I mean Social Security, blood pressure medication, heart medicine, insulin, etc. Not to mention all the bunions and corns they need shaved.

So, here's the idea. We send terminally ill and already dying people to act as suicide bombers in Iraq. Why be a burden when you can be a battalion? Why not go out with a bang, instead of a whimper?

Grannies in Burkas. We can start with Dr Ruth, a former sniper for the Israeli Defense Forces, or was she in the Haganah? Miss C dis remembers and she doesn't feel like looking it up right now. As soon as Dr Ruth shows signs of failing health, it's to Iraq with her. She can break the ice.


At 1:17 PM , Anonymous jack said...

Please send Dr Phil with Dr Ruth ... please!

And yes when those street walking fags/faggets pick up their HIV medications slip them a bag of dignity too!

At 3:07 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

I can't stand Dr Phil either! The rich bastard! He is always whining. The commercials for his show this week had some child molester on and he asked the molester, "What am I supposed to do when a child says that you touched her pee pee?" I am thinking, uh, call the police, that's what, asshole!

At 4:27 PM , Blogger gary said...

I volunteer Ann Coulter.

At 9:44 AM , Anonymous jack said...

A couple years ago I'd said Ann too!

Today she is looking like a genious! ann coulter is just what these Islamos need to deal with.

At 4:34 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Ann goes in and out of my esteem. sometimes she is evil, sometimes she is correct.

At 7:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

We could apply obligatory euthanasia to leftists (or something). I think that Ann Coulters would be ready to drive in the syringe. Well, I am not thinking exactly on Euthanasia...

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