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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sunnis slaughtering Shia, and even Sunnis, to foment more terror

The Sunnis are even bombing their own fellow sectarians now and hoping the Sunnis pin the crimes on the Shia. Sunnis in Iraq have no interest in a stable civilized government. They have been ruling over Iraq like the White South African goverment for the last 30 years. They know that their reign is run. They have no stake in a stable Iraq because the oil is not in their areas. They have nothing to lose. They are supported by Sunnis from other Arab countries in their mission to keep Iraq from stablizing. Sunni Arabs, all over the Arab world, believe that a small minority of Sunnis should still govern over all of the Shia in Iraq.

Sunni Iraqis and foreign Sunni fighters are employed in the industry of terror. They make money by killing other Iraqis, men, women and children. We can not depend on the majority of Sunnis in other countries to condemn the killings because they really don't care about the Shia either. Sadly, Iran is the only country that does and they are lead by a lunatic. Shia militias are merely a response to the continual terror suffered at the hands of murderous Sunni bombers.

In the same way that Palestinian factions thwart any effort toward peace, the Iraqi Sunni groups and al Qaeda in Iraq will thwart any effort at security. Arabs do not care about the lives of Arabs if they are taken by other Arabs. The only time Arab lives have value is if they are taken by Jews or Americans. In order to defeat an enemy you have to be willing to go out and fight them. Obviously the Iraqi army does not have the air power that the US does. We should bomb the hell out of the Sunni areas, right now.

The only way to stop the Sunni terrorists is to go in and carpet bomb the Sunni neighborhoods until the Sunnis themselves stand up and say they've had enough. It worked for Japan and Germany. The Sunnis simply do not care about the Shia. They would prefer less Shia if not the total genocide of them all. Muslims are obviously too predjudiced to value the lives of anyone not in their own sect. We can't make them care, because they don't have it in them. It is a fatal flaw. The only way they can be made to feel the error of their ways is to lose more members of their own sect than they are comfortable with. Sunnis are already a minority in Iraq, let's take their numbers down to a bare minimum. I am of the opinion that the world could use a lot less of these barbaric scum.

As for wanting the Americans to leave Iraq, obviously they don't, or they would stop killing each other and straighten up so that we actually could leave. Much as half of the Palestinians need Israel in opposition so that they have an enemy and can receive terror funding, the Sunni Jihadists need American to occupy Iraq. They claim they want us out, but it just is not so.

Hmm... you may all say, Miss C is such a bad person to suggest such a thing. Miss C disagrees entirely, and does not care what you think of her anyway. Since the Sunnis support bombing innocent people as a policy they can hardly complain when the same methods are used on them. Anyway, put yourself in the Iraqi Shia's places. How would you like to be blown to bits while out on a trip to the farmer's market with your children?


At 9:32 PM , Blogger N. said...

Excellent analysis, as always, Miss C. Shia have been the proverbial red-headed stepchild of the muslim world for way too long. As far as I'm concerned, Sunni comeuppance is long overdue.

At 10:52 PM , Anonymous Karen said...

Interesting, but how wonderful are the Shia? Yes they are not responsible for mass suicide bombings, but are they not the ones responsible for the torture and death of all the executed men found all over Baghdad everyday? I can understand their anger and rage, but to kill innocent civillians in revenge makes them almost as disgusting as the Sunnis in my eyes. The poor Americans, trying to bring peace, justice and democracy to "the jungle" seems futile.

At 10:10 AM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

I agree with you Karen, but it is not the Shia causing us all the grief. They want us gone so that they can do what they need to do to survive. We seem to have the idea that the Shia are the most brutal and that we must somehow deal with the Sunni elite. But the Sunni have been responsible for the terror and atrocities for the most part. The Sunni Muslims are the ones calling for the deaths of Americans and Israelis all over the world. The Iraqi Shia are not exporting terror. At least the Shia are slitting the throats of men and not blowing up innocent children all the time.


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