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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The actor, James Hector, who plays the character Marlo Stanfield in the Wire

is the very best actor in the entire series. He is able to convey any emotion he needs to by using only his eyes, much like Gary Oldman did in Sid and Nancy and Chattahoochie. Here is a scene wherein he and a liquor store security guard go head to head. The security guard is trying to prove that he, being a hard working man in a shitty low paying job, is the one deserving of respect from Marlo. Marlo, a new type of drug kingpin who has no moral code or boundaries, apprises the guard that that is no longer the way things work.

The 5th season of the Wire totally sucked, however, and if I never see the abominable actor Dominic West again, I'll be very happy indeed.