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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Liberals knew nothing about Obama when they elected him

He has set precedents for his current behavior. When he was elected to the Harvard newspaper he immediately put 2 conservative students on his staff, furiously angering his lefty buddies.

Obama stepped on the necks of his political opponents in Chicago to get elected. He did not choose to run against them fairly, but made sure that they were disqualified before they got out of the gate. Obama has engaged in Blagojovich style politics.

He has dealt in dirty politics just like all the Chicago politicians. He has been especially prone to doing this to female opponents. Look what he did to the presumptive heir to the presidency, Hillary Clinton. He married Michelle Obama for political expediency. She came form a family with deep roots in Chicago and Obama had no pull as a Chicago outsider, so he used her for street cred.

Liberals have no right to be angry at Obama for his cabinet picks. Liberals pretended that Obama was a clean slate and an unknown quantity. He wasn't and he isn't. He is a political opportunist, just like every other politician.

Besides, it was the liberals playing all that lip service about crossing the great divide between the parties and us all being one America, blah, blah.. Again Obama as good as warned them he would pick people from the other side to serve in his cabinet.

Liberals always ignore facts when it suits them to do so.


At 7:17 AM , Blogger ricpic said...

The black messiah didn't attend his grandmother's funeral. More than any other single human being it was she who made his success possible. But she was the wrong color I guess. Obama is a miserable worthless piece of shit!


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