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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Looks like this lion did want part of a people!!!

Every time a wild animal attacks a human, the powers that be make ridiculous pronouncments about the incident. In the way that the media pretends that homeless people are not dangerous to the public, they downplay the danger of wild animals to humans. If one child dies from swallowing a jelly candy they make a huge deal over it, but if someone is killed by an animal, they act as if it is the rarest thing since the coming of Christ. They always say that the attack was weird, or unusual and claim that mountain lions are normally afraid of humans. The mountain lion in this attack was engaging in totally normal behavior for a predator. He was waiting by a trail, hoping for a nice juicy young animal to happen by, preferably the young of PETA supporting, pacifist hippies. That is exactly what happened and the lion struck. Since we have not been hunting lions in most states of this country for over 20 years, the lion had no reason to think that man would be any more successful at fighting off a puma attack than a deer would. Mountain lions have lost any natural fear of man, because we are not dangerous to him any more. I have read that in Africa, African men can scare most African lions off with a stick, because lions in Africa are used to being hunted with spears.


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