If you come in my cage I'll eat you too!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Leftists engage in sneak attacks!

I have noticed that the commie pukes that are reading my blog sneak a peek and run back to their favorite site to rail against my ignorant, KKK joinin', dunce cap wearin', negro lynchin', Bush votin', McDonald's eatin', Ho Ho scarfin', TV watchin', meat devourin', illegal alien despisin', Jihadi insultin', Big Gulp gulpin', Right-Wing cheek of evil ass. Maybe 5 of them have dared to leave a comment and it is never to the point. The arguments consist of insults to my person and cusswords worthy of the most basely natured of Duke lacrosse players. The answers to my columns are as follows. You are scum! Lesbian! Cunt! Racist! Bigot! Ok, now that you realize that I have heard your complaints and taken note of them, we can move on. Isn't any one brave enough to take me on? Leave a comment with a talking point, why don't ya? As for the cyber attacks linking me to porn sites, I would expect no more of a group of people whose ideology is so based in a childish philosophy. I can see why you might be afraid to take Miss Carnivorous on on her own turf. Miss Carnivorous has never been accused of being nice!