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Monday, June 12, 2006

Shark's fin soup!

Sharks are Miss C's favorite animal, she knows, she knows, they're fish! Miss C loves sharks very much. When Miss C was a tiny girl she had a little obsession with a Time Life book, The Fishes. Miss C's dad owned the book and there was a picture of a shark feeding frenzy. Little Miss C would ask to see the pic a few times a day. Miss C would then ask to see the picture of the "birunyun." The pic of the birunyun was actually a pic of a piranha, Miss C's second most favorite fish, for obvious reasons. Anyway, a new nature series came on PBS, a few months back and they did a piece about sharks being "slaughtered" for sharks fin soup. They showed cruel Asian fishermen catching sharks and cutting off the shark's fins and throwing the sharks back into the water while the sharks are still alive. On a visceral level, Miss C did feel bad for the sharks. It's only human to do so, and of course, Miss C loves sharks. Makos are her favorite, then tiger sharks, then great whites, white tip reef sharks and black tip reef sharks, then blue sharks. She does love them, yes indeedy. But then Miss C began to think about how silly it is to worry about the feelings of sharks. After all sharks don't worry about the feelings of the cute little sea lions or the sweet little seabirds or the handsome abalone divers. Sharks do not mind tearing off body parts and leaving their victims to pump out all their blood into the water. No sirree. I think that people can take comfort in knowing that most sharks must swim continuously in order to pump oxygen over their gills. Once their fins have been sliced off they will sink to the bottom and drown fairly quickly.


At 8:49 PM , Blogger Lynn said...

Ms Carn,

I saw your comments in Bhamini's blog.
I like your style.
I wish to invite you to participate in an online forum for International Webloggers Day, June 14th, 2006.
I have sample questions for the format on my blog. There are 2 links. One to register blog on the official InWeDay List and one to register to participate in the forum.
Thanks, Lynn Tucker

At 4:18 PM , Anonymous jack said...

With over 350 logged dives I have only seen 3 sharks. Once a nurse laying under coral overhage.

Two other times black tips out free swimming. Dive mater pointed and we all swam right in their direction. It was strange. They ... the black tips kept their distance/space. When we swam at them they moved away ... when we swam away they would move towards us.

Oh an several of us had to surface early on this dive. We sucked those tanks dry ... very quick!

At 4:36 PM , Blogger John Doe said...

Sharks will be good guys until they begin to devour beautiful-blonde mermaids!!! Oh, tutti-frutti mermaids!!!

At 7:34 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

I saw a pretty large white tip while diving the Mahi sunken boat in Oahu. He's a big shark that swims around the wreck. White tips are, of course, not terribly dangerous. This shark has a big hook through his lip. I was a bit worried that he might have a bone to pick with us!! Pun intended of course! I have been on a few dives where the guide wanted us to handle a reef shark. I remember that one guy grabbed one and it was pretty pissed off. I also am not one for petting the eels. The movie, The Deep, cured me of that desire. Hey SF, mermaids can have red hair too!

At 10:35 PM , Blogger John Doe said...

Not in my dreams!!! :P

At 4:29 AM , Blogger Mike Kline said...

I was bumped by a Black-Tip Reef Shark in Virginia Beach, near 2nd St and have surfed with sharks on more occassions than I know. I have a few shark tales on my blog. Most of my dives were in the UK with less than 1 hand visibility - needless to say I didn't see any sharks.


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