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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Demoncrats miss their chance at world domination on 6/6/6

The Demoncrats failed at their coup attempt, proving yet again that the American people may not be happy with Bush, but they recognize certifiable loonies when they run for office. The California Commie extraordinaire, Meathead, failed in his attempt to enlarge the ranks of Union membership, by robbing the rich and overpaying the incompetent. His ridiculous preschool measure was defeated, as people realized that hundreds of preschool classrooms costing tax payers $250,000.00, per classroom, per year was a monumentally stupid idea. What made him think that the preschool teachers would be any more successful at imparting valuable knowledge to young children than the teachers already failing to do so. Obviously Rob Rheiner didn't go to preschool. The Demoncrats were just trying to change the number of school years from 12, to the more Satan friendly, 13.


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