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Monday, June 12, 2006

They gave John Murtha a long enough rope, and he hung himself!

I almost think that Karl Rove must have instigated the Haditha leak. The Democrats took the information, which really made their day, and ran with it. The Democrats are always ready to believe the worst about our men in uniform. In fact, it gives them much pleasure to believe that Americans massacre civilians in cold blood. John Murtha could not wait to pontificate, in his usual bloated fashion, about the horrific stress that our soldiers are under. Yes, John, war is stressful, tell us something we didn't know. These wargames are real and not simulated. Iraq and Afghanistan are no day at Disneyland.

The Democrats showed their true colors. They despise our military and think them capable of the most barbaric behavior. They throw out the, innocent until proven guilty rule, when it comes to our fighting forces. Instead of being grateful to our fighting men, the Democratic party jumps at any chance to demonize them. I predict a huge fallout when the soldiers accused of the so-called Haditha massacre are exonerated. The American public will see just how little the Democrats, and those of Murtha's ilk, think of US military personel. Not only do they not support our men and women in uniform, they don't even trust them not to deliberately murder innocent children.


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