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Thursday, June 08, 2006

We made up Zarqawi!!

I predict a US pull out from Iraq. I think that we made up Zarqawi. I began to suspect this when we came up with the bloopers and out takes so soon after his last pathetic video was released. He's been our good scapegoat, these past 3 years, but the actor that played him was getting too fat and he wasn't believable in the role any more. They should have put a no weight gain clause in his contract. I saw an interview with an Iraqi guy living next to the building where they blew up "Zarqawi" He said that they had come and "laid" explosives, around the building. He claims that they did not "drop" a bomb from a plane at all. Hmmmmm..... My Palestinian-American friend has always laughed at the idea of Zarqawi and Al Qaeda. He says that, Al Qaeda is like the "Chaos," organization in the television show, "Get Smart." I saw an interview with one of the Arab pundits and he said that everyone in the Arab world has always believed that America is so powerful that it knows exactly where Bin Laden and Zarqawi are at all times and that we keep them alive because it suits us. Perhaps it didn't suit us to keep Zarqawi alive anymore.


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