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Monday, July 30, 2007

Blacks scared of Blacks

Early this year one of my Black co-workers had gone to an Indian casino with another Black friend of hers. They returned from the trip after dark. As they got off of the tour bus, co-worker's friend began to panic and told co-worker to remove her rings, as she insisted the jewelry would attract thieves. Co-worker is a tough cookie and slow to panic, but her friend was freaking her out. Co-worker began tearing off her rings and shoving them in her pocket. She was in such a hurry she did not notice that she had dropped her deceased mother's wedding ring, a ring that had much sentimental value to her.

The very same co-worker was having a conversation with a Black male co-worker last week. He was complaining about the behavior of "people" in East Oakland. He said he hated driving through certain neighborhoods because he was scared for his life. Now this is a guy who comes from East Philly. He told me once that his neighborhood was so tough that if Mike Tyson came to town they would beat him up just to show they could.

So he is relating a horrible story about people driving and fighting while driving and blocking traffic. He kept talking about, "they." It was "they this" and "they that." So I finally asked him, "Who is they?"

"Our cousins" he answered.


At 12:42 PM , Anonymous ricpic said...

If the mugger mugs the muggee and then after mugging the muggee says, "Can't we all just get along," should the muggee feel guilty for having, by his mere presence, tempted the mugger to mug him? Discuss.


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