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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More proof that liberals are born liars or are not even liberals at all

No wonder the exit polls during elections never show the true results. Last week a co-worker asked me if most people prefer milk or dark chocolate. I replied that in my experience few Americans like dark chocolate. Whenever anyone gives our dept a box of candy, the milk chocolates disappear quickly and the dark chocolates sit for days.

One co-worker's friend makes awesomely delicious candy. Right wing co-worker ordered some dark chocolate covered peanut clusters from her. She gave him extra, because, she said, "Nobody orders dark chocolate so you might as well have it all."

I decided to ask my co-workers which chocolate they preferred. I asked 20. Only 7 out of 20 admitted to liking milk chocolate and 5 of those claimed they liked both.

2 Black co-workers were adamant that they did not care for dark chocolate at all. Blacks are not afraid of not being cool when it comes to their food. They would never claim to not eat fried food, for instance. I admire this.

Every other person I asked seemed to care more about what the other people around them said. Here in the Bay Area many people are total food snobs. They are afraid to admit that they like plain old Snickers and Nestle's Crunch bars. They will buy the nastiest, grittiest unsweetened chocolate imaginable, for $12.00 a bar, and tell you how great it is. Most of it tastes like bitter coffee grounds.

So when asked about their true chocolate preferences they all lied out their asses. "Dark," "Dark" and "Dark" they all said. Then, a day later one co-worker came to me and said, "You know that study you did yesterday, where you asked everybody what chocolate they preferred? Well you need to go and look in the candy dish in Tech Services. There is nothing left in the dish but dark chocolate."

Yeah, and I bet they all voted for Al Gore and John Kerry too!

I took a pic of the bowl which I will post later.


At 4:58 PM , Blogger ricpic said...

Cadbury milk chocolate with nuts and raisins is good.

At 10:29 AM , Blogger James Williams said...

Too bad I don't work in your office because I prefer dark chocolate. I love the chocolate covered cherries with dark chocolate, and won't even eat the ones covered with milk chocolate. Maybe this preference is due to my being conservative. I have notied that there is more dark chocolate in products now. A few years ago dark chocolate was hard to find.

At 10:59 AM , Blogger Jimmie said...'s bad to like dark chocolate? I love dark chocolate!

At 11:09 AM , Blogger Gerry said...

Brilliant study! You nailed it!


At 10:51 PM , Anonymous karen said...

I love dark chocolate too! Send it to me...

At 12:00 PM , Blogger Cooth said...

No dark chocolate for me! I like my candy sweet!

At 6:16 PM , Blogger Beelza-Bubba said...

They make varing degrees of Dark Chocolate. Some of it is somewhat sweet, and a bit creamy. You don't have to be eatin' that 83% Dark Chocolate Bar to be with the "in crowd". You can barely taste anything but bitterness with those things! I truly do prefer eating Dark Chocolate, but I love Snickers candy bars! Even when they briefly released a Snickers Bar with a Dark Chocolate coating, which tasted very good, but not the same as a classic Snickers. MMMMmmmmmm..., Frozen Snickers!

At 6:18 PM , Blogger Beelza-Bubba said...

I forgot to say that those Dark Chocolate Peanut Clusters were pure Semi-sweet, & salty chunks of Heaven! MMmm, MMmm GOOD!!!

At 8:18 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Jimmie, dark is the best. We know that but the others don't like it and are pretending.

At 4:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hershey┬┤s, Cadbury = shit

At 9:31 AM , Blogger staghounds said...

Unfortunately they probably did vote for Kerry, they care less about their futures than their tastes.


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