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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Miss C is so mad she's spitting nails!

About the poor kid shot and paralyzed during his piano lesson. They had the parents on the news this morning saying that they had to move before they could bring their son home from the hospital. I guess they must live in an upstairs condo.

They also have to get wherever they move to retrofitted for wheelchair access.

Like the father of the boy said, he now has to give up a lot of hopes and dreams he had for his son.

I know that, with modern technology, life has improved for the handicapped but still, if given the choice between living life as a paraplegic or being able to walk we would all vote to keep the full use of our limbs.

A stupid, worthless punk caused horrific pain and life long misery to a boy lucky enough to have had two parents who loved and cared about him and could have had a bright future. This makes me furious!


At 5:43 PM , Anonymous steve said...

simple. find the perp guilty and dispose of him in a permanent way. so sorry for the young man.

At 5:15 AM , Blogger staghounds said...

Wait until you see what will happen to the shooter. Basically nothing.

By far the worst part of my work is explaining to victims of the worst kind of violence the trivial results in the "justice system". Every time I hear someone say "He (killed/raped my child, burned down my house, etc.) and that's all that's going to happen to him?"

I wish I could make some lefty criminal apologist have to explain it.

It SO devalues people who are doing good and right.


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