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Saturday, March 08, 2008

co-worker from China says her parents were so charmed by Chairman Mao,

they slaved away for him most of their lives.

I'm confused. Wasn't Communism supposed to help the workers? And yet, their devotees spent all their time working for the State. She told me her parents even thought they were helping Americans by being good Communists. They thought we would eventually see the light

Co-worker says she no longer trusts charming leaders. She says she will never vote for a charming person. Who could she be talking about? Could it be, Mr Charm himself, Obama?


At 9:44 AM , Anonymous strudel said...


All those who had seen it had, say, disappeared. In their place
there had been found a spider, a black widow, the hairy and disgusting spider, in a little cage made of crystal-glass threads. Patricia
Strongshield raised her pants and went out to give a second glance at Johnny, her next victim, who was waiting for her. But she would not show him her bum, as she had promised to in order to convince him to the encounter, not this time. She had to allure him to the villa of Mondello. Now she would
pretend to sob. Oh, Johnny, I am shy, this is the first time that I have been involved in such an event. I can’t go through with it. I beg your pardon I am not able to maintain my promise to show you my bum. How many victims had she accumulated? She couldn’t remember their number. It all began in Bournemouth many years ago, she could remember her first victim, a rich trader, a Scot who imported salami.

At 10:13 AM , Anonymous strudel said...

She says she will never vote for a charming person.-

Still raining here, Pussy Carniv, so I am telling you a story.
It was before the Talibans and The Iraq. I needed the new address of an Usa Magazine. Walking at random in Rome, I noticed two young foreign girls coming out of a building and merrily chatting.

-See, that's the Usa Embassy, I'll ask those guys for my magazine address.-

I rang the bell and the gate opened. (It wasn't the superb front gates with the big marine in high uniform, but the humble rear entrance with the Italian warden).
As soon as my little gate opened, I was shocked to see a sort of an iron low mobile wall, a barrier to prevent a car to rush in. The warden himself was locked in a glass cage like a bird. As I was going forward to the offices entrance, smiling, his robot-voice inquired:
-Where you going?- (cuz we Italians speak English between us).
I fingerpointed to upstairs and he seemed not to like the idea.
-You fucking going nowhere. You write down now what you want and keep waiting their reply, while I call them.-
A paper was slipped through a slot.

Leaving with a suggestion where to find my address, I wondered what on the hell those American guys, and dolls, feared. Everybody knows that we love the Americans in Rome. They are going mental and skizo, I thought.


She says she will never vote for a charming person.-

Why not? You need one.

At 1:38 PM , Blogger Beelza-Bubba said...

We do not need a charming person to lead our nation. Charming people, for the most part, are con artists trying to "charm" their way past your guard to manipulate you anyway they can.
Cough, cough,
"billclinton" cough, cough!


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