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Sunday, September 21, 2008

When I purchased my tiny house, I got a Fannie Mae loan

At the time I got my loan, Fannie Mae gave me an astronomical interest rate of 8.75%. That is when everyone else was getting rates less than 6 and even 5%. They also tacked on a prepayment penalty fee of $4,000. I had a credit rating of 753, but I was only making $24,000 per year. The mortgage broker (and I) engaged in fraud by telling me to claim I did work for my boyfriend.

Still, it was a shitty loan, and I was paying over half my monthly salary toward it and the taxes so I refinanced and took the $4,000 hit, plus the fees involved, totalling $13,000, because it seemed worth it to refi at a lower rate.

Wells Fargo kicked me to the curb when I asked them for a loan, they would not deal with me because of my low salary and debt to income ratio, but another company did and they are a company suffering financial problems right now.

When the interest rates went even lower, I made inquiries about refinancing again and my mortgage holder got wind of my efforts and rushed me an overnight letter telling me they would refinance my loan for free at an even lower rate, because they wanted to keep earning my interest. My rate now is 6.25%. The rotten thing is, even though I pay an extra $100 every month, it has taken me 8 years to pay the loan down to the price I originally payed for the house.

I pay my mortgage though.


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