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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Liberals at UC Berkeley study poor kids' brains and discover they all have "brain damage like" brains

You know, the science loving lefties never, ever get tired of poking and prodding at the underclass in Mengele fashion. They just can't understand why everyone is not like a White liberal, so they have to figure out medical reasons for it all.

Personally, I think we should pass laws against studying the poor and we should study the rich instead. What makes rich people rich and how can we get some.

Right-wing co-worker and I have noticed that White liberals especially feel they have to educate Black people. They feel it is important to tell them how to do things properly. Some things, you know, only a White liberal knows how to do. On account of their high IQ's.

A few weeks ago a smart, liberal, bike riding White man just had to edjumacate a dumb, bike riding Black man on how to put his bike in the bus bike rack properly. He just could not understand why the Black man got his BVD's in a twist over some White man publicly chastizing him over which wheel he put the locking bar on. Whitey was, after all, just trying to help the Black do things the right way. The Black guy had to go and get all uppity and shit. Probably because of his brain damage like brain. Anyway, it got a little ugly.

Once the lefties have figured out exactly how poor peoples' little brains work, or in this case, don't work, they can figure how how to remold them into good, smart White liberal brains instead of icky, dumb, brain damage like brains.

Most people are dumb. You don't need a study to know that.


At 11:08 AM , Blogger ricpic said...

What makes people rich? They save. That is to say, they spend less than they earn. Keep it up long enough and you too will eventually have saved up enough of a cushion to insure that the wolf would never threaten your door. See? I've just given the secret away free of charge. But nothing will change. If the whole world knew the secret the overwhelming majority would still lack the self-control to apply it to their lives.


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