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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Journalist exchange program

In order to avoid seeing irritating headlines everytime I pass a news stand, such as "Hu's the Boss" and "Iran's President lectures Bush," I propose an educational program. I will call it "Journalist Exchange Program." We will trade left wing bloggers and journalists working for major US newspapers in exchange for imprisoned bloggers (in actuality left wing in their culture) and journalists in Islamic countries. I feel that our journalists need to walk a mile (around and around in their cells, between torture sessions) in the shoes of journalists who ply their trade in countries where it is threatening to life and limb to do so. Most probably the American people will prefer the more humble and modest foreign journalists. As the foreign journalists report on the sad stories of steroid scandals and wiretapping of their enemies in the US, they will come to appreciate America very much and will want to stay. They, having a real idea of suffering and torture, will be able to make an objective judgement about the actual importance, or lack of importance of the stories they are reporting on. We will leave the American journalists to rot in the Islamic countries. Maybe they will be released by the Jihadis and paraded around as a symbol of the good will the Islamists have for journalists. Then they can all get jobs with al Jazeera.


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