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Saturday, May 06, 2006

One bleeding heart liberal can spoil the whole bunch, girl!

I bought my tiny house from a guy whose mother and father had lived across from each other in a cottage court. There are 16 cottages, four rows of 4, facing each other. 20 ft from each other's front door and 10 ft away from each other's side windows. The realtor that the guy used was a nice lady. The realtor's husband's parents had lived in the court as well and had been friends with the guy and his parents. The realtor was very nice and treated me very well during the sale and after, even though she was not my realtor, but his. Maybe she is too nice. Her husband has Parkinson's disease. He is an artist and had planned on using the cottage, which he had inherited from his parents, for an art studio. As his Parkinson's progressed, he decided that he would rent the cottage out to a lower income person. As he himself was suffering from a disability, he wanted to rent to another person with a disability. Fine and good. When I moved in there was a guy living there that needed a liver transplant. He took care of a friend's kids during the day and after school. I never saw the father of the kids because he lived with his mother a few blocks away. She worked, but he was incapable of taking care of his own kids because he was an alcohol and drug addict. Then his mother died. The kids got sent off to foster care and the drunk guy moved in with my neighbor. My neighbor, who shouldn't be drinking or doing drugs because his liver is gone, started doing both, because his friend was around him doing it. He also missed his friend's kids and his friend's mother who he had been in love with at one time. Then the assaults and fighting started. The guy that needs a transplant got stabbed. We can hear the drunk guy screaming and jumping on the other guy in his bed at night. They are both on public assistance. The drunk one is always lurking in wait for the mailman. A firetruck is in front of our houses a couple times a month to revive one or the other, or to take one of them off to the hospital. The drunken one walks around with his pants off in front of us and the neighbors kids. He pisses on the neighbors trees. He pukes all over the yard. He comes back at 2:30 in the morning and climbs in his window, waking us all up with his banging and cursing and falling. He comes out at 3:00 am to dump his bottles in the trash, dropping and breaking them all over the sidewalks. They have a pit bull that runs all over the yards, and out into traffic on our busy street, because they never put him on a leash. They never clean up its poop. The realtor feels sorry for these guys, and her husband keeps the rent impossibly low so that they can afford it. We all wish they'd raise it out of his price range. They won't let her have any work done on the house because they don't want anyone to see that they've trashed it. I really am for mixing the lower class into regular working class neighborhoods and not concentrating them all in low income neighborhoods. Low income people are not criminals and it's not fair that they have to live among criminals, unprotected. The difference is that low income people are often on Welfare and can sleep all day, while working people have to get up and go to work after a night of disturbance by rowdy neighbors. If she kicked them out, they'd just move on to torment other tenants elsewhere.


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