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Saturday, May 06, 2006

They don't roll out the red carpet for just anyone!

I had to leave work early on Friday. I saw by my e-mail that UPS had left a table I had bought on my front porch. I had searched the internet for days looking for a table small enough to fit in my tiny house and I paid a lot of money for it and didn't want anyone to take it. I had to catch the bus home so I left in a hurry. I get on the bus and I see a tall skinny Black guy at the back of the bus standing there talking and at first I think he's talking to someone else on the bus. He's complaining loudly, "They put up the ropes and they rolled out the red carpet!" "They do that for white people." "James Brown came here, they didn't do that for James Brown!" "They didn't roll out no red carpet, they didn't put up no ropes for James Brown!" "That's cuz he Black!" " I think I want some fish!" "I want me some fish." "Bus driver, let me off this bus, I want some fish!" "They shouldn't do that for white people, they ain't no different from us!"


At 8:38 PM , Blogger Steven said...

Ooo. I love recieving mail. Especially parcels.

I am sure that it is genuine in many cases, but not in every case. That guy was being too sensitive - unless it was on purpose like that anti-white congress women, McKinny, using the race card to excuse herself from hitting a security guard.

At 8:43 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Well, some Black people are mentally ill with suspicion of whites. It keeps them from functioning in society fully. Some might have legitimate reasons for hating whites too. My co-workers boyfriend and his dad were fishing in rural California when some rednecks came amd made them eat their bait at gunpoint. That would make me suspicious of whites, myself! This guy was crazy, but not in a threatening way. I hope he enjoyed his fish!


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