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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Let's just give the California High School Exit Exam to students in kindergarten!

Of course they'll fail it, but why wait? They are going to get diplomas anyway. Shouldn't we, as taxpayers expect accountability from our educational system? California kids are not being taught the information they need to pass the California High School Exit Exam. When will anyone become indignant on the taxpayers' behalf? Everyone is angry over high gas prices, but at least gas does its job. What if we paid high gas prices and our cars wouldn't start. There would be riots. Inner city school teachers are constantly demanding pay raises. For what? For failing to impart the most basic of information necessary to be successful in society, that's what. They have 12 years to do this in. Colleges and trade schools do it in 2 or 4. I am a victim of inner city schools and I know what I am talking about.

I saw State Attorney General Arturo Gonzalez on the news, claiming that students shouldn't have to analyze poetry, because that's too much to expect from minority students. Sounds racist. I guess those students won't be devouring Isabelle Allende books like my educated Hispanic co-workers do. Arturo Gonzalez and his band of Democrats don't think it's necessary for California minority students to have basic knowledge of anything important. In fact the Democrats rely on keeping ignorant people, ignorant, in order to keep their voting base.

The Democrats are worried about the "feelings" of students that did not pass the exit exam. Well, those students are going to have bad "feelings" again when they try to get into nursing school and can't pass the exacting courses needed to graduate. Or maybe Mr Gonzalez wants his chemo therapy administered by a nurse that couldn't pass the nursing exam, but was allowed to graduate anyway. Mr Gonzalez is dooming another generation of California minority kids to the streets and low wages. Perhaps we should send the kids to boarding school in Mexico, where they will get a better education for a lot less money and probably learn English, as well.


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