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Thursday, May 11, 2006

No good deed goes unpunished!

A woman moved into the cottage next door to me. She moved here from Miami. She put in a forwarding address for the wrong address. The forwarding address she used is my address. She set up her cell phone account with my address and I get that bill too. It's been over six months and I have been getting a lot of her mail. I take it to her mail box every day. I thought that she would figure out she was using the wrong address and correct the problem,. No dice. I finally put a note on a bundle of mail and told her that she should change the address to the correct one. So today my neighbor and I get home at the same time. I have not talked with her directly as we are both busy and never see each other. I hear her checking her mailbox. I know I have her mail so I grab it and run over to her and tell her I have it. She begins to tell me of all the things she has done to correct the problem. She says she is getting most of her mail, etc, etc. I tell her I am returning her mail daily and her box is always empty. Then she gets a tone and starts telling me I can just send the mail back, if I want to. Right, I am thinking, send it back every day, it's easier to walk it over to her house. So I walk back to my house thinking, what an ungrateful bitch! I can't win for losing.


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