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Friday, May 26, 2006

Miss C's mistake!

Speaking of fishing tackle. Once, Miss C was fishing with her ex and a few of his friends. Miss C is very good at getting snagged on the bottom of rivers and lakes, and in overhead branches as she casts, etc. Miss C and her ex were fishing near a power plant in a pond. The fish were not at all edible. There were signs warning of mercury contamination, and pictographs of a man eating a whole fish that was speared on a fork, with a "no" circle and line over him, just to make sure that no one ate the contaminated fish. I think the pictograph is of a French man, he looks French to me, in the drawing. Of course, there were a lot of Asian immigrants fishing for food anyway. The warning was in many languages, but they were dismissive of such concerns. Miss C's boyfriend liked to go to the plant and catch and release, because the fish bit furiously and it was fun. Maybe the fish were biting because they had brain damage, or were just insanely, mutantly hungry, or both. While fishing, Miss C noticed that her hook was stuck on the bottom of the pond and she began to surreptitiously walk a little way up and down the bank, reeling in and out, and trying not to look as if she had a snag, because she didn't want to hear her boyfriend say, "Again!" So Miss C began to look as if she had a fish on her line and her boyfriend said, "Do you have a fish?" Miss C decided she had to come clean, "Ah, no," she said, "I have a big snatch!" Her boyfriend smiled and said , "No you don't honey, you have a cute little snatch!" And everyone on the bank of the river snickered and Miss C blushed.


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