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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Stamp out homelessness!

I have an idea for a program to help solve homelessness. You know all those guys that stand on the freeway entrances with, "Will work for money" signs? Well, I saw a story about a farmer that was saying that he couldn't get anyone but illegal immigrants to harvest his crops. My proposition is this. A one time expenditure will be utilized to send the inner city unemployed and homeless people to our nation's farms. It will be the reverse of what happened during the era of American industrialization. We will call it, "reverse industrialization." Each of the participants will be given a job working on a farm. If there are not enouigh homeless and unemployed Americans to fill all the needed positions, we will then hire guest workers, on an as needed basis and let immigrants into the country to fill only those jobs that can't be filled by Americans. All other programs for the homeless and unemployed will cease except for cases of disibility. Homeless American women with children will be expected to work, just as immigrant mothers with children do. Since we allow the teenage children of immigrants to harvest crops before school, we should allow American children to do so as well. It's kind of a tough love program, I know, making people actually do physical labor for their livelihood, but I think it could work!


At 12:53 PM , Blogger John Doe said...

The homeless people will hate you eternally, Miss C.

We receive a lot of immigrants from Africa, and usually they work in our southern farms. And when I see documentaries about poor and homeless ones who live in the big cities of my country, I ask myself, as you do, why don’t they go down to the South (mainly Andalusia, where I live) and work in these jobs? I know it is hard, but, do they prefer asking for money in the streets? If thousands of African men and women come here risking their own lives --many, many of them die in the sea--, why don’t our own poor people take this jobs? What do they hope? A golden seat in Wall Street? So I suppose a good part of them prefer not working, as simple as this.

I mean, I agree with you. That problem happens in every places. Patent the idea, or, better, build a transport and organizational company to administer this matter! (You’ll must sell your house to get some money to begin!)

At 2:02 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

My column is a joke SF. Homeless people are often homeless because they don't like work. They hate to be told what to do by anyone and they prefer to lie and swindle money out of other people. In Britian beggers used to have to stay in the area they were born in and have a license to beg. I know that none of these people want to work as hard as they would have to on a farm! You know, the Japanese used to harvest crops in the US, before WWII, but you will never find a Japanese American harvesting crops in the US ever. Their children all became highly educated and work in the professional fields or are business owners now, despite having suffered horrific discrimination during WWII. There are some Japanese farmers in California, but they hire Mexicans to harvest their crops. The difference between the Japanese and the Mexican immigrants is a dediation to getting their kids educated and pure ambition. America is expected to educate immigrants, not keep them and their children slaving away on farms forever.

At 3:31 PM , Blogger John Doe said...

But I want that homeless people work in farms!!!

At 5:40 PM , Blogger BlogMill said...

Homeless people will actually want to work?

At 4:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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