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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Arrggggh... the effing liberal news is chapping my hide!!!!

I turn on the news when I get home from work this evening. I am treated to a continual stream of liberal idiocy from the moment the televison comes on. First, there is a story about a mountain lion coming into a backyard and curling up under a woman's air conditioner. Fish and Game decides to shoot and kill the mountain lion, instead of dart it. It's in a populated area and it looks to be sick, possibly rabid, who knows??? They killed it. So the retarded reporter on the scene, walks around saying, "Did you know that they killed it?" to all these liberal know nothings in the neighborhood. They are sooooo depressed. "Oh, no, I wish that they had darted it and moved it," they all whine. For once and for all, you hippie scum. The reason that most of these mountain lions are coming into the city is that they are being driven out of the territory of other lions. Moving a cat into the woods in another area will result in the death of the lion anyway. You can't just put a lion into another lion's territory. Male lions regularly kill lion cubs. What if you put a male lion into an area where there is a female with cubs? Think about that, why don't you.

My ex just shot a lion on his property near Yosemite. He said he heard one of his goats cry out and went outside to see what had it. he was thinking coyotes. Instead he saw a 120 lb male lion with a kid in its mouth. My ex did not have his gun loaded with large enough shot for a lion but he shot it 4 times and it ran into the brush. It was dark so he did not want to chase the lion into the woods. He called fish and game the next day and they sent out a trapper that is very old and ready to retire. The trapper says that there is really no other person with his skills that can replace him when he retires. He said that there are so many cats in California that they are predating each other and being driven into areas frequented by humans and even crossing interstate lines. One lion has a large territory, so they run up against each other all the time. Anyway, the trapper looked around and found the lion my ex had shot by its smell. It had fallen not far from where they had stopped looking for it a day before. My ex has 2 sons, 2 and 3 and said that he wouldn't mind the lion hanging around if it weren't for the kids. He sees bears on his property from time to time and says that he leaves them alone if they leave him alone. My ex is worse than a mother bear about his sons and I would not care to be the bear that messed with his kids.

After the mountain lion story, they had a story about Darryl Hannah, (who I loved in Kill Bill 1&2) and some other goofy ass celebrities, sitting up in a walnut tree, to protest God knows what, I was too busy yelling at the tube to hear it. Then there was a very poorly done story on a man that is selling his land to developers. Joan Baez does not want him to sell it to a "big box" developer. She sat around on this guy's land, singing her usual, very bad songs that are totally indistinguishable from one another to the poor latino farmers. The farmers would have all rather listened to Daddy Yankee, I am sure. Then they let her go on for minutes and minutes about how latinos are farming the land and yes, the guy has a right to sell it, but he shouldn't, yadayada. Joan Baez, singer and expert on what other people should do with their own property. I can tell you, it's a wonder I don't have high blood pressure!!

Lastly, they had a very important story about a manhunt for a guy that shot a judge here in california. Of course they did not talk about it 1/10th as long as they did the Joan Baez crap!


At 10:41 PM , Blogger John Doe said...

They have got a mansion in the hills, a powerful car in the garage and a long line of cocaine on the hand-mirror. Why should they show a bit of good sense? Let them live in a fantasy land. Maybe some day the cocaine shocks their scum brains and they’ll see the light for the first time in their life. We say in Spanish, no hay mal que por bien no venga.

At 10:43 PM , Blogger John Doe said...

By the way, at least you have Fox News. Here we have no TV channel to receive the news from a conservative viewpoint.


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