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Monday, June 19, 2006

Liberal = uber puritan

The puritan and new age missionary, Wonkette, has posted My Space pics of California politician, Brian Bilbray's kids. Wonkette has nothing better to do than insult the children of Republicans. More brilliant political strategy from the Dems. Strike at the root of Republican domination by, pointing out that teen agers like to drink beer and party! Karl Rove has nothing on these Dems, by God. Bilbray won his seat after the Duke Cunningham fiasco and the Dems can't stand it that a Republican was elected in a Republican district. They expected Republicans to turn on themselves like the Democrats do. One commenter on Wonkette's column, pokes fun at Bilbray's daughter's name. I'll tell you this, in the name department, Repubs got you Dems beat. Brianna is a lot cooler name than Apple.