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Friday, June 16, 2006

I do not stank!

Captain Jack made me think of more bus incidents. I get on a very crowded bus. As people get on the front they notice a bad smell and try to push through to the back although there is no room. A very outspoken woman gets on. She sniffs the air and says, "Ooh it stank in here!" A drunken, probably homeless guy on the front of the bus says, with dignity, "I do not stank, woman, I keeps my hygiene!"

Another time I get on and there is a regular passenger, a very crazy, very dangerous woman, from a halfway house. She threatens everybody and sometimes attacks people and no one will sit near her because she is rank and scary. She threatened me once when this nice young Chinese kid decided to talk to me while we sat behind her. She kept telling the kid to "Be silent," but he didn't notice, so she got up and stood over us and acted like she was going to hit us. The bus driver told her to sit down and leave us alone or get off the bus, and she did leave us alone. My brother saw her slam a guy's head into the window of the bus for no reason, she was just sitting next to him and felt like it, so she did it. I saw her sit on a kid's basketball that he had on the seat next to him. She sat right on it, like she was trying to hatch it. He was practically crying. She just kept sitting on it saying, "Take the ball!" Another lady from the half way house says that the staff will sometimes drug the smelly woman and bathe her when they can't take the stench any more. But today she is powerful stanky. So a lot of people start opening the windows and moving around the bus to get away from her. She starts yelling, "Remain seated!" "Sit down." Then she rings the bell for a stop and gets up, as she gets to the front of the bus she sweeps her finger at all of us and screams, "Y'all stank, y'all smell bad!!!" Then she huffs off the bus.


At 8:06 AM , Blogger -bRad said...

Sometimes you just have to love living in the big city.

I can't say I have had any incidents like that while up in the Montana area. We don't have a lot of homeless people there.

here in DFW it's a whole different ball of wax, though.

At 10:29 AM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Yes, that stuff happens here, everyday. I could tell you some really horrible stories, one time a homeless drunk guy grabbed me by my ponytail on the bus and dragged me out of my seat, onto the floor of the bus. His equally drunk friend, with much difficulty, pulled him off of me. The bus driver just kept driving the bus. Afterward, the Blacks on the bus were dismissive of me, because they felt I had not fought hard enough. One lady told me to "Never let anyone grab my hair like that!"


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