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Friday, March 16, 2007

Had lunch with the leftist Jewish friend yesterday

He said a lot of interesting things. He mentioned his parents (he's a red diaper baby) support of the Soviets under Stalin and how they were ignorant of reality. He also said that he believed that Conservatives were basically the same people in public and private as they could pretty much say anything they wanted. I told him I felt free to express myself because I did not have the political correctness police to worry about.

My friend and his wife were even at odds during the trial of the men who tried to murder truck driver Reginald Denny after the Ridney King riots. His wife, a Jew, on the extreme left, was of the opinion that that Denny's attackers should not be convicted of any crime, while my friend was horrified at the idea they would not be punished.

He said that what he thought as he traveled about the inner city and what he could express about it were 2 different things. He had not been to Oakland (he lives in Albany, a liberal suberb of Berkeley) for a few months and was irritated by the inane, very loud and often offensive conversations young Black girls were having on their cell phones. He said he had forgotten how bad Oakland was. If he were to say this around his liberal friends they would crucify him.


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