If you come in my cage I'll eat you too!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Global warming must be the "Hell or high water" our parents and grandparents were always talking about

Democratic senators are worried about hypothectical "gun nuts" hypothetically running around shooting at rustling animals in State parks

but they don't feel the same outrage over the real "gun nuts" running around murdering innocent people here in the inner cities.

The Dems are far more worried about law abiding citizens having guns than they are about criminals murdering people.

They are, as usual, very concerned with the rights of terrorists and making sure that incarcerated felons get good health care.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let's waterboard Nancy Pelosi and find out what she knew, and when she knew, about the terror interrogations!

If our Miss California contestant had said she was "Against marriage in general"

she would have been considered on the cutting edge.

Friday, May 08, 2009

The saddest part of the story about the recent face transplant recipient

is that her husband is serving only a 7 year prison term for blowing off most of his wife's face with a shotgun. 7 years ???

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Tar and feather the rat bastards!

Senate moves toward easing mortgage terms
By ANNE FLAHERTY – 46 minutes ago

"WASHINGTON (AP) — Trying to curb home foreclosures, the Senate voted on Wednesday to make it easier for homeowners with risky credit to switch to a lower-cost mortgage backed by the government."

What the fuh??? Where is Miss C's lower cost mortgage? If she refinances she will have to pay big fees and closing costs.

People with risky credit, that is credit that has not become risky through a "no fault of their own" job loss or medical bills should not receive help from the government. Period. End of discussion.

Pirates seize German ship

It's time for Angela Merkle to open up a can of Obama, Hawaiian style, hapa haole double trouble whoop ass on those pirates.

1 in 5 Homeowners Under Water, article says

Right-wing co-worker says "Learn to swim bitches!"

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Spam you may be interested in

"Energy for your dude piston"

Healthy people are bad for the environment

I don't eat much fish. We are constantly bombarded with information on red meat being bad for us, but I have always loved the ocean and its inhabitants and feel way too guilty about depleting fish species to enjoy eating wild caught fish very often.

Its easy to make cows and pigs and chickens and removing them from the food chain doesn't cause harm to the environment.

The Japanese and Chinese have always been held up as models for healthy eating, but you've only to watch a few PBS nature programs to see Asian fishermen engaging in wholesale slaughter and destruction in all the worlds' oceans to feed their peoples' insatiable desire to consume sea creatures of every kind.

I accidently ate shark's fin soup once, before I realized what I was eating, at Chinese Christian co-worker's mother's funeral banquet and I am still feeling guilty years later. After a few bites I noticed the fibery strands of shark fin and stopped eating. I have always loved sharks, so much so that my friend, Abu R, used to call me "Sharky," when we were dating.

My other co-worker loves bird's nest soup, in which the important part of the nest, and soup, is the birds' saliva. I'd rather eat that than shark's fin soup.

One of my Chinese co-workers was explaining to me why many Chinese merchants are often rude to non-Chinese customers.

"They really don't want to encourage you to shop there, he said. White people often like to complain to the health dept about the lack of cleanliness and the mistreatment of animals at the stores. Also, they expect refunds, which the Chinese don't believe in giving."

Friday, May 01, 2009

Last Emperor

I don't hold with the idea that Obama is the devil incarnate. Thus far Obama has done many things I do not approve of, and a few of which I do. Conservatives lost the last elections and must accept defeat. I am, however, entirely sick of turning on my radio and listening to the chronicles of Obama's every move.

Yesterday, on NPR, there was in interview with a press photographer for a major news magazine, whose job it is to follow Obama around all day and photograph him in his candid moments. She described, in minute detail for the listening audience, quite common facial expressions and gestures Obama made during a day in the White house. This is obsessive and bizarre.

This whole thing reminds me of the movie, "The Last Emperor" in which the little emperor had eunuchs who followed him everywhere and would sniff and inspect every stool he passed.