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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stealing bibles from the public library!

I was putting a security strip in a bible at work the other day. My co-worker was standing over my cubicle watching me. I looked down and read a passage aloud. My co-worker, a Jehovah's witness, said, "That's from Proverbs." I said, "Yes, you are correct sir, you know your bible." Then he said, "What are you doing? You have to put a security strip in a bible? Who would steal a bible? Imagine trying to explain that. What do you have under your shirt, Sir? A bible!"

Sunday, October 29, 2006

French barbeque!

Spreading their barbaric headhunting practices to Europe, the demonic dolts of Islam begin to torch the French and Dutch alive. The French and Dutch facing immolation by the very people they took in out of the kindness of their hearts and fed with the high taxes of their 35 hour a week labors and the sweat of their brows. I jest, I jest, French and labor are an oxymoron, I know. But they are sweating in their oh so hot buses, right now. Good thing for that "3 Day" French deodorant. Soon the Muslim yutes will be dragging charred bodies from the wreckage and hanging them on bridges over the river Seine. The hooded jinns, Shaitan's imps of hell, are dancing like rabid monkeys in the streets of Europe. Hell is full and the damned are walking the Earth. The Zombie wars have begun.

Mandarin immersion is good, English immersion bad!

The San Francisco Chronicle ran a story about a Kindergarten class that is a Mandarin immersion class that many non Chinese parents want their kids to take. Of course the reason they are using immersion is that it really works. However, when American schools try to teach Hispanic kids English by immersion, it is considered abuse. And so we have the bilingual education advocates demanding that Latino kids be taught in Spanish, while the educated and multiracial parents of a group of San Francisco toddlers demand that their children be taught Mandarin by hook or by crook. Which group do you think will be more successful?

Schwarzenegger's election will be a big blow to the Unions

Everywhere Arnold goes he is dogged by nurses, teachers and firefighters. Why these people are able to follow Arnie around is a puzzlement to me. They never seem to be working. I do not feel sorry for any of them.

My neighbor, a firefighter, seems to spend the time he is not fighting fires, drinking heavily. He stumbles home in the wee hours and barfs up a storm for the rest of the night and the next day. He makes enough money to afford high priced call girls who appear a few times a month. He is hardly hurting financially. Yet, he sports a "Firefighters for Phil Angelides" bumper sticker. The firefighters I know own boats and nice houses. I fail to see how they can consider themselves among the oppressed. They are in a competitive job and probably are among the easiest employees to replace, considering how high the pay is and how many men enjoy the camaraderie of working with other guys.

As for nurses, they are paid well enough. They make me sick with their whining about striking because "they are concerned about patient safety." If they actually were concerned about patient safety, they would get their lazy complaining asses to the patients' bedsides instead of picketing and trying to prevent sick people from getting into the hospital for care. My mom died of cancer and I spent a few months with her in the hospital. My dad was in and out of the hospital with his alcoholic woes for years. I had a chance to observe many nurses in action. (I do exclude Hospice care givers, who are in a class by themselves, they deserve raises, every one of them) The nurses worked a normal amount, sitting at the station much of the time. Many of them had personality problems. Many firefighters are married to nurses. Double Union trouble.

As for teachers, there are a few in California that do a good job. Mostly in rural areas and suburbs. The rest of them can go and hang for all I care. It will please me very well to see them thwarted in their attempt to install another Union puppet in the role of Governor. They would drive all our institutions into the ground as they have done the car manufacturers and the airlines. Raises out the ass, cushy pensions for life. Less and less work. They are all very angry at Arnold for reforming Workman's Comp. Highly paid government employees should put aside money for their own retirement. Just take the money for one call girl a month and put it in the bank. It's that easy. The left thinks that any idiot in a Union is a combination of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Gandhi all rolled up into one delicious package. They think the sun shines out of Union members' asses. I am in a Union and the sun does not shine from my ass.

They found a dead body on the streets of Oakland this morning

At first the police were stumped. How did this guy get shot and how did he get here? Then the truth began to emerge. Sharfiqua Williams, I shit you not, that was his name, committed an armed robbery in Pinole. They have him on tape robbing a liquor store. He put his gun on the counter to take the money from the register. He grabbed the gun to shove it back down the front of his pants and he accidently squeezed the trigger, shooting himself in the thigh. His femoral artery to be exact. He and his accomplice then drove (back) to Oakland. Sharfiqua died from massive blood loss. One wonders if his partner just threw him out of the car onto the street. Funny stuff.

We are not "at war" in Iraq

The general public does not to understand exactly what we are doing in Iraq. We are involved in a "peacekeeping enforcement mission." We are not engaging in battles with another organized army or trying to overthrow a government. This is not at all like WWII or even Vietnam. We are stationed in Iraq, trying to protect innocent Iraqis from other Iraqis and foriegn Jihadists. We are not at war with the government and people of Iraq. We are trying to avoid the killing of Iraqis, as opposed to intentionaly trying to kill Iraqis.

I say this because my neighbor proudly told me of participating in an "antiwar" protest in Washington. Her statements made me see that the antiwar left is woefully ignorant of what is as stake in Iraq. They still think we are there to kill as many Iraqi children as possible and steal the Iraqis' oil. I actually think that the American public would be more supportive of the operation in Iraq if they thought they would get cheaper oil as a result.

The left wing essayists were gushing and slobbering over Amish forgiveness.

Ann Taylor Fleming of PBS's The News Hour, wrote a very moving essay on the Amish schoolgirl murders and the subsequent decision the Amish made to forgive the killer and invite his wife to live among them. Surprisingly, Fleming's essay was not an attempt to cast blame at the American people for going into Afghanistan or Iraq out of a need for revenge. Fleming's essay actually pointed out the difference between the current behavior of many Muslims in the Muslim and Western worlds and the Amish. The Amish themselves are somewhat of a fanatical sect. I have often stated that Muslims in Iraq who choose to live in a democracy could practice as pure a form of fanatical Islam as they would wish. They could live separately. They could eschew modern life. They could school their children as they wish. In turn they would leave others to practice their religion, or not, as they choose. The Amish have done this successfully for many years.

I doubt that the left would have used such glowing praise to describe a Christian Evangelical sect if the murders had happened among say, George Bush's coreligionists. The Amish are odd enough and a minority as well, so the left felt free to praise them for upholding a tenet the liberals themselves are always touting. It didn't even matter that the only reason the Amish did forgive the child killer was that their religion required it. They did not forgive him because they are nicer than you or I. They forgave him because they were told to by their religious leaders. Where the left thinks that forgiveness originated from is beyond me. They seem to think they have invented it. The truth is that the left has appropriated all of its values from Christianity. No Native American tribe invented forgiveness. No Muslim in the world believes in forgiveness. Ask the most moderate Muslim you know if they forgive the Israelis. You will get an hour long diatribe of all the purported atrocities committed by Israelis from time immemorial.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Amil Imani quote

"Muslims are victims of their religious brains: their religious brains are indoctrinated, from the moment of birth, by an extensive ruthless in-power cadre of self-serving mullahs and imams who are intent at maintaining their stranglehold on the rank and file of the faithful—their very source of support and livelihood.

The mullahs and imams, as well as parents and others envelope the receptive mind, feed it their dogma, and shield it from information that may undermine or falsify their version of belief."

At Miss C's advanced age,

the more "meat" she exposes, the less likely she is to be raped! Short skirts are insurance against rape, not an incite to rape.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Great blog from Europe!

I found this guy's blog by chance, through a comment of his on another blog. It is full of useful information and inciteful opinions on the Islamists invasion of the soon to be former European countries. His introductory post is not to be missed

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I am going to talk about the uncivilized behavior of Black teen agers.

Leftists are always calling me a racist. This does not bother me at all because, the vast majority of leftists I know have nothing in common with most minorities and know virtually nothing about them. They also do not take public transit. I know about Black people and I talk about my observations. Leftists can not handle this. For one reason they don't want to know the truth as it upsets their little Utopian world. If you think that Blacks and Hispanics and Asians don't talk about Whites then you are seriously deluded. They do, all the time and believe me, they are not saying, "Oh, I just love me some White liberals, they are so cool. If it wasn't for White Liberals, my life would be so messed up, I just love their music too! That Sheryl Crow is such a great singer, she's so anti-war and she's got back too." It just does not happen.

There is a phenomenon in the inner city involving young Black males. Black youths wait at a light until it turns red and they no longer have the right of way. Then, they step deliberately into oncoming traffic. They walk in front of cars and when the driver slams on his brakes the Black teenagers look in through the windshield and "mean mug" or glare threateningly at the occupants. Often they scream "Fuck you bitch!" and dance around and purposefully walk as slow as possible. The cars waiting to go will miss the light and then the teens will turn and walk out in front of the other drivers with the right of way. No one I know, including my Black co-workers, want to drive by a high school because they are afraid they will get stuck and threatened repeatedly by waves of teens and possibly assaulted or killed by them as well.

There was a case a few years ago where a man who was visiting his dying son at Children's Hospital in Oakland went out to move his car and was killed by young Blacks after such an encounter. His wife was at one hospital with her son and other children when she got a call that her husband was dying of a brain injury at the county hospital. Here she was thinking he was going to come back after moving the car. the rescue personnel felt so sorry for this guys family, they set up a fund for them. It was just horrible.

The truth is that good people are being held hostage on buses and in their cars and on the streets by Black youths who have not been taught the most basic of civilized behavior. They have no respect for anyone but themselves. in fact, they over value themselves to a great degree. Just about the only things they learn in school are a sense of entitlement and an inflated opinion of their importance in the world. They put their immediate wants above everything else and get very angry if their desires are frustrated.

I have been on buses where Blacks have tormented Asians and Whites. last year I was riding a bus and a particularly disgusting young Black man got on and proceeded to go around the bus making fun of everyone and engaging gullible fools in conversations and then verbally assaulting them. He continually harassed an old Chinese woman by asking if every Asian woman that got onto the bus was her sister and when she would innocently say no, he would say, "But' y'all look alike!" He then asked her if she ate dog and when she said she didn't he said, "I know you do." He asked some stupid White, liberal asshole why he was riding the bus and said "All white people got cars." The liberal guy tried to explain that he had lost his job and the Black kid told him that he should burn down his former place of work.

I started swinging my umbrella in irritation as I listened to this piece of shit and he looked over at me and asked if I was nervous. I said, "No, I'm not, I figured you were working your way around the bus and would get to me, eventually." "He laughed and said, "You right." As we got to the projects where the fool lived, stayed, or what ever he got up to get off. He turned around at the door and said, "Bye, Black people." Then he looked at me and said "You Black too, you just Black on the inside," and got off the bus.

We put up with this crap day in and day out. The Black kids engage in the most vile racist behavior on the planet and cause misery wherever they go. Rarely some of them get jobs and their customer service is on a par with their public misbehavior. They don't smile because its not cool and they can't speak in a civil tone. They steal and give so much free food to their friends that many fast food restaurants won't hire them.

There is a current attempt to clean up the projects in San Francisco. They are rousting the gangs and instituting no gang laws. Gang members are not allowed to hang out in public areas. They did this in San Jose California and it is working very well. On the news talked to a Vietnamese guy hanging out at a cafe, using his lap top, and he told reporters that before they got rid of the gangs he could not use his laptop as the gang bangers would just have taken it. They had daylight robberies rapes and murders going on all the time. Off course there were challenges by the ACLU to try and protect the rights of gang members to harass and violently assault good people, after all what is the ACLU here for if not to protect violent criminals? But the legal challenges have been overruled so far. Thank God.

The reporters also talked to a poor single Black woman living in the projects with her beautiful baby son and she had bullet holes all over her walls. Her bedroom window was shattered and her car windows were shattered. She was afraid to go outside and even when she did, there was nothing but trash and broken glass and drug paraphernalia to look at. She just hides in the house with her baby all the time. She has applied to move to a different housing project, but I imagine it will just be more of the same. We are giving in to these animals and letting the bad people take over our cities. I think we need to hire Rudolph Giuliani as a nationwide consultant and have him clean up the cities and re-institute order.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

PC newspapers lie !

There was a recent case of illegal bear bile sales in San Francisco. The paper and news stories did not tell the real tale of Asian bear bile consumption. The media emphasized the "health" benefits purportedly gained from drinking the bile obtained from the gall bladders of California Black bears and pooh poohed the idea that Asians were drinking the bile as an aphrodisiac. It is because they did not want to cause bad press for Asian immigrants. The truth is, they think it makes them virile.

My ex-boyfriend, the great White/Maltese hunter and taxidermist, used to be a hunting and fishing guide. He occasionally took Asians hunting for Black Bear in California. One time he took 2 Filipino guys hunting and they shot a bear. They immediately cut out the bear's gall bladder and bit into it. My ex, in horror, said "What the hell are you doing?" The guys told him, "It will make your penis hard, for a very long time!" So my ex looked around and said, "Hey, I don't see any women in these woods, so you better stay away from me!"

One time some guy called and asked my ex if he had a bear penis. My ex said, "Only when I'm in the shower!"

My ex also did a good bit of stuffing the Asians' prize fighting cocks! When I first moved in to the house I live in now a guys fighting rooster got loose and was running around the neighborhood. The guy was in a panic, trying to find it. The last time Devil Dog and I saw Mr Rooster, it was hanging out down by the water.

Miss C's answering machine

Yesterday at 5:00 pm Miss C's friend called her and left a message on her answering machine. "Where are you? You must be at the Mosque. I'll call you later."

The French are even in my back yard!

There is a big house behind the cottage I live in. The guy that bought it is building an addition. He said that the city has been giving him hell over it. It's taken 2 years to get permits for the project. He had to fight with the Historical society. Mind you this house has no historical value as it was ruined in the 70's by remodeling. They keep telling him he can't do this and he can't pave the back yard and make a parking space, etc, etc. He says they finally gave him the permits. He went down to pick them up and the building inspector said, "I've been thinking, the water table's pretty high and you need to put in a French Drain." My neighbor says, "To the building guy, French Drain is just 2 words, but to me it's $20,000 more dollars." As first I thought he said "french brain" and I was thinking there's no such thing.

I was watching This Old House this weekend and they talked about the fact that if tree roots are messing up your sewer or foundation, you have to pay a couple of thousand to the city to get the tree removed. Then you can never plant another tree, because the ADA act, states that the sidewalk has to have wheelchair access. If the trees are there, they can stay there, but once they are gone its over, ugly bare street forever. Or until the Caliphate is restored, anyway.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

French tourists spreading their funk at the Harley Davidson dealership

My friend's husband is a mechanic for a Harley Davidson dealer. He doesn't like Harley's and rides a BMW but that's a different story. One day a group of French tourists came in to the dealership. This cracks me up already because I know how much the French hate Americans and you can't get more American than Harley Davidson. The French people went into the clothing boutique area. The girl that worked there said that they stank so bad she was gagging. The French people were trying on the clothes and smearing their body funk on them. The girl told my friend's husband she didn't even want to let them try on the clothes because she was afraid they would ruin them. Of course my friend's husband knows I hate the French, so he couldn't wait to tell me this story.

Frontline's, The lost year in Iraq

This week's Frontline program chronicled the year after we invaded Iraq. It placed the blame, for the chaos that followed, nearly entriely on poor Paul Bremer's shoulders. It portrayed Bremer as extremely well intentioned but ignorant of Iraqi culture. Quietly, it also debunked many of the shibboleths the left has been throwing around for the last 3 years. The show made clear that we did not invade Iraq "for the oil." It told of high hopes for instituting a "democracy" in Iraq. It said that the US had felt that the Iraqis, minus, the Baathists, would welcome the US and the chance for self determination. It pointed out that American troops did not want to kill excessive numbers of Iraqis, especially over something as trivial as looting. This type of reporting runs contrary to everything the left has accused the Bush administration of doing. The left still thinks Bush went to Iraq for oil and to kill as many Muslims as possible. Of course we don't need to, because they are so good at doing that themselves and over oil too. I heard an Iraqi banker on NPR this morning saying that he still hopes that the Iraqi people will wake up and stop killing each other.

The US troops could stop Iraqis from killing other Iraqis if

the US killed a lot of Iraqis too. That just doesn't sound right, now does it?

A misanthrope is,

"Some bugger who fuckin' hates every other bugger !"
Two Bob in "The Proposition"

Friday, October 20, 2006

There's a mouse in my house!

Speaking of fruits and nuts, I have been trying to kill the little terrorist mouse that is, well, terrorizing me and Devil Dog on a nightly basis. To be honest, it is terrorizing me, Devil Dog, the rat terrier, could care less. The mouse and he are thick as thieves, and that is exactly what that furry little bastard is, (the mouse, not Devil Dog, although I know for a fact that Devils Dog's mother was not married to Devil Dogs father, but that is another story) a thief! A borrower who has no intention of ever returning the goods.

The other night I heard a strange scraping sound on my little dining table, which is in my living room and bedroom as my house is a studio. I assumed that the mouse, a nightly visitor, had gotten into the dog food bag and got herself a piece of dog kibble and taken it up on the dining table to dine in style. (I used to leave the kibble in the bowl overnight as Devil Dog thinks of dog food as poison and never eats all his kibble. The mouse would come and take kibble at night. I would hear her playing in the bowl.) When I heard her on the table, I turned on the light and she ran into the kitchen.

I have a little porcelain basket with tiny porcelain vegetables in it. It is on the dining table. The other day I noticed that it looked empty. I rearranged the veggies to make the basket look fuller. I tried to remember what vegetables I had in the basket. Asparagus, 2 kinds of lettuce, a cabbage, a green onion, ear of corn, chile pepper, a radish. Hmm, I thought I had 2 bell peppers, one red and one green. I only saw the red one. I had dropped the basket once and broken a couple of veggies so I thought maybe that could be the reason the green pepper was missing.

Last night I was washing the dishes and put my bare foot between the kitchen cabinets, where the mouse has a tunnel to run into, whenever I turn on the light and try to catch her in action. My toe hit something small. I bent over, picked it up, and lo and behold, it was the tiny green bell pepper!

Now I don't know if the mouse thought that it was just her size and perfect for her and wanted to take it to her nest to add to her decor, or if she thought it was real, but then abandoned it when she found it was not as delicious as it first appeared. I would be interested to see just how she has outfitted her humble abode. She is kind of sub letting from me. I think I should charge her rent.

Unfortunately, my cheap Mexican mousetraps are not working. The mouse adores cookies. Every night I put a cookie in the trap and the next day it is gone. I have the traps in the closet. I hear the mouse in the closet and grit my teeth waiting for the awful snap and squeal of the poor mouse, but that never happens. After the scrabbling noises abate, I breath a sigh of relief. Of course, the more the mouse seems to have a personality, the less I want to kill her. She now looks at me as the kind lady that gives her cookies. She probably laughed to herself after the bell pepper incident. I bet she thought I was playing a practical joke on her.

Nutty and fruity professor Juan Cole had better stay out of Baghdad!

Looks like the people he so adores don't have any love for his kind. He had better stick to Baghdad by the Bay.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fuck it bowl!

David Sedaris's brother "the Rooster," always carries around a bucket of candy he calls a "Fuck it bucket," because he says, "When life gets you down you just gotta say, Fuck it, and go out and get yourself some motherfucking candy!"

Here at work we have a "Fuck it" bowl. Someone or another is always filling our bowl with goodies. People come from far and wide to get candy from our watermelon shaped bowl. The bowl was a co-worker's friend's attempt at pottery that did not go exactly right, so the inside of the bowl is not watermelon pink, as it should be, but it is still a cool bowl.

One of the candy fairies put Jolly Rancher candies in the bowl. Another worker came by, looked in the bowl and said, "Jolly Ranchers, no way. I'm one of those people that eats a Bit O' Honey and ends up at the dentist that night. My teeth are like butter. My wife, never a cavity. Never a ticket. How I hate my wife!"

Fighting fire with fire!

Miss Manners often says that you can not point out a person's rudeness without being rude yourself. Being well mannered requires accepting rudeness. Well, sometimes a rude person can be an effective tool against other rude people. The bus has become unbearable do to the incredibly stupid and rude, cell phone addicted, mental defectives that sit next to others and subject them to their inane ramblings to other brain damaged fools on the opposite end of their cell phones. The conversations go as thus. "I'm on the bus aright. I'm going through the tube, aright. Shit, shit motherfucker. I'm a grown ass man, aright. Aright. I'm a grown ass man. Shit motherfucker, shit." (we pass through the tunnel losing cell phone reception) "Hello, hello, hello, hello. Hello, hello, hello, hello. Shit, we just went through the tube aright. This shit don't work in the tube, aright. I'll be there in 5 minutes."

On Thursday, I got on the bus and sat in the back. The next stop was the busiest stop and a lot of people got on. A white lady sits in the front where elderly and handicapped people are supposed to sit. A middle aged Black lady sits next to her. The white woman pulls out her cell phone and dials up and commences to chat up an airhead storm. The Black lady, being of a particular type, that is, insane and touchy, kind of like Cynthia McKinney, turns to the white lady and screams. "Bitch, nobody wants to hear your conversation!" The white lady squeaks, " I am talking to someone on the phone." The Black lady screams, "Bitch, if you want to talk on the phone, you better get yourself a motherfucking car!" The bus driver came and calmed down the situation but the white lady put her phone away.

Although I have had a few encounters with the "mean, crazy black lady who don't take no shit off anybody" type myself, I could not help cheering. It's like the old adage about a cop never being around when you need him. When things get out of hand you think to yourself, if only there was a mean crazy Black lady around to take care of business.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Theodore Dalrymple opinion 1

"There are large numbers of Muslims in British prisons today. I have noticed that their behaviour is not that of religious persons. They are not interested in hallal meat, they are not interested in praying five times a day, they are not interested in keeping ramadan (except as a reason not to go to court), but they are very interested in preventing their sisters from going out with a boy of their own choosing. Furthermore, if you go into the center of British towns with large Muslim populations you will see young Muslim men partaking in what I would say are generally pretty disgusting activities of popular culture, but you won’t see any women. And finally in my work I used to see a lot of young Muslim women who had attempted suicide, or made a gesture of suicide in order to avoid a forced marriage, say a marriage with a first cousin ‘back home’ – someone they had not met, who was less educated than they and whom they did not wish to marry. They knew perfectly well they have no choice in the matter; some of them might even be killed if they did not accept the marriage. You do not see young men trying to commit suicide because of forced marriages, even though they are partaking in those kinds of marriages as well. Hence, it is very different for the men than the women. If you put all these things together you could conclude that the main interest for Islam for these young men is the control over women."

Theodore Dalrymple agrees with Miss C about Black converts to Islam

"In the case of black people my explanation is the following: Most criminals at a certain age wish to give up criminality or want to find a reason to give up criminality. They do not want to come back to prison, they do not want to be a criminal anymore, they are looking for a reason not to be criminal, and religious belief is one reason to give up. However, they also do not want to feel that they have surrendered to what they believe they were struggling against for all those years. In a sense for a black person to convert to islam kills two birds in one stone. It answers his need for a religious reason to start behaving better and at the same time it also allows him to think that he has not surrendered to the predominant society around him against which he believes himself to have been in opposition for most of his life."

Crack French negotiating team not so crack!

Comme d'habitude, the Europeans have failed to reason with the unreasonable. The French are so silly. I laugh at them! They think the word is a big vacation. Of course, I am using the French-speak of my favorite Frenchman, Commenter Anonymous.

My mailman must be a Democrat!

I got a package from my Republican Party yesterday. It contained a beautiful photo of George and Laura (and a plea for funds, Lord knows they are desperate, I say, why throw good money after bad?) The President and his First Lady could not be more gorgeous. The envelope it came in clearly said, "Republican National Committee" and "Do Not Bend." Of course my mailman had jammed it mercilessly into the mailbox, bending it in several places. Lucky that one of my jobs is laminating library materials. I will painstakingly iron out the creases and preserve my luscious picture between hot sheets of plastic and treasure it forever! Take that lefty mailman! Foiled, ha ha.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Beanie the Chihuahua made a preemptive strike on Devil Dog!

My new neighbor's Chihuahua wanted Devil Dog to know she was a force to be reckoned with. She was letting him know she may be small, but she has WMD's. Devil Dog didn't know what hit him. Henceforth Beanie shall be known as lil' Kim!

The truth about Section 8 recipients.

My heroin addict neighbor was evicted a few weeks ago, but the guy that used to flop at his house has come back twice. One night he tried to break into another neighbor's house. A week later, he tried to break into the empty house he used to stay in. I had to call the cops on him. They took him back to the county hospital. Life is so peaceful with these guys gone. No one can understand how hellish it is to live next door to a Section 8 house if they haven't experienced it themselves. Here is an excerpt from a City Journal article about Section 8 tenants.

Voucher recipients are drawn almost exclusively from the ranks of the city’s most disorganized families and individuals, so it’s hardly surprising that many do not conduct themselves as model tenants. “Section 8 tenants are much more difficult to deal with,” says Mark Engel, president of Langsam Property Services Corporation, which rents out 1,700 Section 8 apartments in five- and six-story apartment buildings throughout the Bronx. “The families are fragmented. There are no husbands, and so there’s not as much control over the children. So there are more damages—graffiti, breaking appliances, leaving garbage out in the hallways, breaking the entranceway door.” Another Bronx landlord, who leases 700 apartments to Section 8 tenants, agrees. “A lot of those most eligible for the subsidy,” he says, “are the least appreciative and the least sensitive to their obligations as tenants—either to owners or their neighbors.” They can create truly bad environments. “I’m dealing right now with a tenant, a 29-year-old single mother with five kids and one on the way,” he offers by way of example. “There’s loud music, teenagers congregating in the hall. The apartment’s in chaotic shape—hygiene bad, housekeeping a disaster

Here is another quote, pretty much mirroring my experience.

our neighborhood was overrun by Section 8 housing when the housing market dropped after 9/11 and . . . landlords [started] seeking easy rent paid directly to them from the government. Most of the houses that are currently being rented in our neighborhood are on a Section 8 voucher system. Tenants who profess to be single mothers in reality have live in boyfriends AKA fathers and continue to have more children. I am very concerned for my property values, no one will even want to buy my home for what the other properties in the Antelope Valley are going for due to this stigma our city has allowed. How can we get them to clean up the trash overflowing in the front yard, turn off the loud music after 10 PM, as well we have seen them drinking and smoking pot in their front yard, and children running in the streets after 11 PM or 12 PM! We cannot stay up until 1 or 2 AM listening to their music since we have jobs and have to pay our rent and utilities, why do they not have to work? The neighbors have all but given up on the police, after calling many times they last stated to one of our neighbors they would not come out to our neighborhood any longer unless it is an emergency. We are middle-class hard-working first-time home buyers who purchased our house 18 years ago in 1989 and never have seen such a deterioration of property since the Section 8 have moved into our neighborhood. Lancaster residents need to be asking is there any law or ordinance on the books that states how many rentals of this kind can be on one block? Is there any recourse for us homeowners who have paid top dollar for our houses? I feel cheated by our government leaders and overrun by corruption.

Many times I think about recommending an apartment in my neighborhood to a co-worker. I feel sorry for some of my co-workers and would like them to live in a quieter and safer neighborhood. Many of them live in housing projects. But then I remind myself of the awful stories they tell about their relatives and I realize, while I love these people, I would not want to be subjected to the criminal behavior of their family members.

We should pay the Afghans to grow opium.

In Prospect magazine, Johann Hari reflects on the opiate war in Afghanistan:
IN Kabul hospital, half the patients who need opiate-based painkillers are writhing in agony because they have none, while in the fields outside and across Afghanistan farmers trying to grow opiates are having their fields trashed and livelihoods destroyed by Western troops. This is just the most ironic intersection between the West's war on drugs and what the World Health Organisation calls an unprecedented global pain crisis.
The world is suffering from an opium drought. The International Narcotics Control Board calculates that the US, Britain, France, Canada, Spain, Australia and Japan consume 80 per cent of the world's medical opiates, leaving the remaining 80 per cent of humanity with the dregs.
Even in developed countries, in cancer care alone there is a need for 550 tonnes more opium every year, and overall, according to a University of Toronto study, only about 24 per cent of the demand for medical opiates is being met.
At the same time, a violent and utopian attempt to physically stop Afghans from growing the opiates we need is causing us to lose a battle there that Tony Blair has called "essential for the safety of civilisation

Tax payers' dollars going down the Knuckerhole!

Check out the Knuckerhole on the Dragon Tale's website! Good gawd, what the hell is a Knuckerhole? Is it German for tree stump? It's gross!

Token Black Teletubby!

My co-worker was going out to smoke. She was wearing a black sweatsuit and had a black chilly willy hat on. My other co-worker looked at her and said, "You look like a Teletubby! You can be the first Black Teletubby. We'll call you Smokey Chokey!"

Latest Nobel Prize highlights the beauty of Capitalism!

Novel idea that. I saw an interview with Mohammed Yunus and he said that often, when he gave men loans, they would use the money to treat themselves. They would go to the movies and get a nice meal or two. The women would start businesses.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

And all the fishes in the sea!

Miss C is mean and she does't care who knows it. In any case she could never compete with the nice leftists. The left loves all the brown peoples. The left loves third world communist leaders. The left loves all the poor peoples. The left loves all the people with AIDS, all over the world. The left loves the gay peoples and the transvestites, even the ugly ones. The left loves all the animals, the birdies and the fishes in the sea, even the sharks, which Miss C also loves, she can hang with that one. Sharks have teeth, the better to eat you with. The left loves the grasses and the trees and the sky and the soil and mother earth. They are filled with so much love. Miss C just does not have enough love in her. Miss C is a hater! Although Miss C has a mouse right now, that is pooping all over her house and keeping her up all night, but she is reluctant to kill it. Maybe that's what comes of living in lefty land. Some of it is bound to rub off.

A few leftist bloggers accuse Bush of goading North Korea into firing Nukes.

Well, it the US fired a nuke every time some foreign leader tried to goad us, the world would be nothing but a smoking pile of rubble right now.

The Bridge

Before American Hardcore they showed a preview of the movie, "The Bridge" which is about the many suicides from the Golden Gate Bridge. It is strange that the very people who are in favor of human euthanasia are against suicide. It has always seemed to me that people willing to jump from the Golden Gate Bridge must be in very serious mental anguish. These people are suffering terribly. They want to die. Let them. Jumping from the bridge is actually a very dignified way to go. Your last views are gorgeous.

How Miss C spent her Saturday and Sunday

My co-worker put on a 3-D Creature from the Black Lagoon film festival at the Castro Theater in SF. The man who wore the creature suit and the female lead were guests. Ben Chapman was the original Creature. They did an interview with him between films and his most interesting story was about being a Marine in Korea during the Korean war. Mr Chapman was born in Tahiti but moved to California and joined the US Marines. He was in the battle of Chosin, where the Marines became surrounded by 20,000 Chinese soldiers intent on annihilating the US Marine corps. I was in heaven listening to this elegant and brave man. He definately stood out from the crowd of selfish hedonists at the Castro Theater.

Sunday I went to see, American Hardcore. Stupid people, cool music. Especially the Bad Brains, a Black punk band! They were from another planet entirely. Awesome band. It's lucky for the white punks that Blacks didn't get more into Punk Rock, because Blacks would have totally dominated that genre as well.

What fresh hell is this?

Listening to NPR is becoming torture for me. Where is Amnesty International? Daniel Schorr, "distinguished" NPR commentator is unbearably stupid. I work with so many liberal Jews from New York and Schorr epitomizes what I hate most about them. He is entirely irrational. He has opinions that are not supported by facts and he will stick to them by hook or by crook.

Schorr was being interviewed by the elderly commentator of NPR, Bob Simon, a reasonable, liberal Jew. Asked about North Korea and the nuclear situation, Schorr bemoaned the lack of enthusiasm by the Bush Administration for one on one talks with Kim Jong-il. When Simon said that Bush felt that North Korea was a "reprehensible regime," Schorr stated that, what was "reprehensible" was that Bush could actually solve the situations with Iran and North Korea by agreeing to one on one talks. Right. Schorr hates Bush, but he sure thinks a lot of Bush's power and influence.

It is amazing how the left is always accusing Bush of being a liar and yet is so willing to believe what the murderous leaders of third world dictatorships say. They are even willing to believe that anything that is promised in one on one talks, a la Madeline Albright's with Kim Jong-il, will bear lasting fruit, despite all evidence to the contrary. Schorr believes that an agreement to cease nuclear development will actually mean something. That is, Kim Jong-il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will mean what they say and say what they mean. Leaders willing to starve, torture, and kill their own people for having "western haircuts" and who spend much of their money on weapons of war, would never lie to the US. Ain't it purty to think so.

Of course this is the same party that believes that children never make up stories about being molested even when coached by psychotic feminist psychologists with agendas. Of course women never lie about being raped either, unless they claim they were raped by Black men, then they are liars. The left believes the only people on earth capable of lying for their own benefit are white, Christian Republicans. "I never had sex with that woman!" Oh wait, he wasn't a Republican!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Wikipedia damns immigration from Latin America

This Wikipedia article, disputed but most likely correct, is very damning. According to the various sources, Latin American immigrants are costing us billions of dollars every year, while immigrants from Asia, Europe and Canada add billions to our coffers when they immigrate to the US. There are also a lot of costs not accounted for in the studies and the cost per illegal immigrant is probably higher than stated. While the immigrants might add a few more dollars to the bank accounts of their employers in the construction and restaurant businesses, they cost the average tax payer over 6,000 per year. This information has made me rethink my support for Latin American immigrants.

Immigrants to the States used to receive little to no help from the government or social welfare groups. They were forced to sink or swim or rely upon their own community for support. This set up a system for success and self reliance. There were no Spanish language signs in the library, no Driver's Handbooks in Cambodian, but the immigrants managed.

My mom's Vietnamese boyfriend came to the states as a teen, learned English and started working right away. He became a business owner in his early 20's. After he and his brothers and sisters became established they sent for other relatives. Those relatives got on government refugee assistance and rarely left their houses. They never learned English either. Often the excuse they gave for not going outside was that they were afraid of "Black people."

Miss C is so cruel, she once stole a tricycle from a crippled kid!

When Miss C was 6 she had a classmate who contracted polio. Joseph was his name. He lived down the block from Miss C. Sometimes during class the teacher would have Joseph show us his progress at learning to walk with his crutches.

One day Miss C was sitting on her front porch when Joseph, who had a crush on Miss C, went riding by on his trike. Joseph yelled Miss C's name, as if to show off his trike skills. Of course those of us who were able bodied were way past the trike stage, but Joseph had small underdeveloped legs. Something about the situation aroused Miss C's predatory instincts. Perhaps she sensed weakness. Or maybe it was a future portent of how she would treat all men who loved her.

Miss C vaulted off the porch like a dog after a cat. She ran up to a stunned Joseph and pulled him off his trike. She put one knee on the trike and pushed it like a scooter down the sidewalk. Joseph lay on the sidewalk, helpless and screaming. Miss C's mom came flying out of the house and ran like a cheetah to catch Miss C. She snatched Miss C off of the trike and began to wallop her severely. She ordered Miss C to her room to await further punishment and returned the trike to Joseph.

Miss C was not sorry then, but she is certainly sorry now.

The real reason Chavez smelled sulfur at the podium!

Gary, were you clinging to the ceiling above the podium during Hugo's speech?

Frontline special on home grown terrorists

PBS's Frontline did a story on the so-called "home grown" terror cases the FBI has prosecuted. They came to the conclusion that there is very little threat from Muslims living in the US. The 9/11 plot was hatched entirely outside the US. The few cases of home grown terror the FBI has prosecuted against Muslims in the US seemed to have been set ups by the FBI themselves. I was appalled at the story of a Pakistani man from Stockton who appears, along with his son, to have been actually framed, by the US government. Most of the experts agreed that Muslims in the US are happy, healthy and integral parts of their communities. Unike European Muslims who are forced into ghettos.

The FBI mentioned that it has worries about Black prison inmates converting to Islam. They feel that the criminal histories and violent tendencies of the inmates who convert will encourage them to Jihad against the US. I disagree. I think the good that is done by the prisoners conversions to Islam far outweigh any threat to our security. Islam encourages personal responsibilty. The more Black men that find Allah in prison the fewer criminals there will be. Nothing should be done to discourage it. If a few plot jihad against us, many hundreds more will become responsible citizens and good fathers.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Big Daddy Bush to the rescue!

Remember when the left was bleating about Bush's tendancy to act alone and how unacceptable it was to even suggest going into Afghanistan or Iraq without the express permission of all the oppresive regimes that populate the UN? Multilateral! Bilateral! Unilateral! 6 party to party of one! The left can never figure out what it wants anyway. Go it alone, don't go it alone. Whatever!

Well, now the left is singing a different tune. The leftists are begging Bush and Bush alone to talk to Kim Jong-il, as if Kim is an equal and reasonable partner on the world stage. The pundits are saying that Kim does not want to talk to China or Russia or South Korea. Baby Kim wants to be recognized by the Biggest Daddy of them all, President George W. Bush!

One of the talking heads on the News Hour even suggested that to send a lower level representative such as the Secretary of State is not enough. Kim would be insulted. After all, these third world dictators are like children. Bush is their Daddy and they want all his attention for themselves. Being recognized by President Bush as even a tiny threat to security sends a shiver of pleasure down the spine of every meglomaniac. The expert on North Korea suggested an ex-president, or someone along the lines of Henry Kissinger be sent to pow wow with the Korean Roy Orbison look alike. No one is too good for Kim, according to the left. The sky is the limit!

Here I was thinking that the left would demand that the famous crack French negotiating team would be able to solve this very dangerous situation. They are such fine negotiators and all. Fresh from their resoundingly successful talks with Iran.

The left is probably scared that Kim will nuke their favorite country, China. Why they think Bush would care about that is beyond me. Isn't Bush supposed to be in Iraq because he doesn't want China to get all the oil? Maybe we should just sit back and let Kim soften up China and Russia for a bit. Maybe the Chinese will be too busy watching their asses to continue ripping out the still beating hearts of freshly executed falung gong practitioners. The Russians might have to take time out from murdering journalists and winning all the world heavyweight boxing titles.

Hopefully the left has been made aware of how freaking dangerous Kim Jong-il is, just like Bush has been telling them all along. Crazy third world dictators can not be trusted with nuclear technology. Duh.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

AIRBUS woes making Miss C a little too happy!

Je suis desolee, but every time I hear a news story about the sad state of AIRBUS's affairs I do a little happy dance in front of the television. Devil Dog gets happy when Miss C is happy and we both have a jolly jig in celebration of Les Miserables! Whoo hooo!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Map Quest

Friday night I went out with 2 girlfriends. We drove down to San Jose to go to a club. We don't know San Jose very well . We were lost, so we pulled into a gas station to get a map and directions. We were sitting in the car looking at the map when a guy pulled in to get gas. He spotted us and walked over to our car and bent down to look in the window. I asked him if he knew where El Camino Real was. "No, he said, I don't know where that is." He then put his arm through the window and pointed to a spot on the map. "But, my house is right there," he said.

99 cent store chump!

I went to the 99 cent store yesterday and as I stood in line at the the counter with my purchases I got to see the ghetto unfortunates explain to the Afghani store owners why they could not afford the full purchase price of their items. The Afghanis are long suffering and incredibly patient with the denizens of the inner city. They take a lot of abuse and often are threatened and acused of overcharging customers. I guess it beats living under the Taliban!

When I finally got to the counter I realized that for being a good citizen I would actually be punished by being the only person to be charged the full purchase price of my items, including taxes.

It is hell to watch the inner city thugs buying nothing but junk food for their children and then cursing at the store clerks over the price of the crap. They have only to walk a few blocks further and they could buy real groceries for much cheaper. The real reason the poor are fat and riddled with diabetes is that they are the laziest of mankind. Sorry, this is a rant I am just disgusted right now.

Mark Foley is going to skate off scott free! And Congress will spend months wasting time over this silly incident.

So no criminal charges are being filed against Foley. Congress is going to spend all its time investigating itself over an incident that is not even criminally prosecutable. They never do a damn thing worthwhile. Every year there is another "investigation" into something or another. It is a scam designed to distract Americans from the fact that Congress is not doing the job they are paid to do. First we had the 9/11 comission. Then we had Katrina. Now we have Foleygate. The gay follies of the Whitehouse Page Program are beside the point and do not make one iota of difference to the American peoples' way of life. Politicians behave badly and then investigate each other. What if the police went out and commited the crimes and then investigated themselves? The politicains are no different. I say, let's get rid of the whole damn lot of them!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Give me a good old homophobic American male any day!

There is a certain safety in being homophobic. The stigma and general creepiness felt by most American straight men keeps them from descending into the Latin American macho/homo practice where men generally engage in gay sex and consider themselves straight as long as they are not the receiving partner. There is a popular practice of transexual shows in the farmworker areas of California. I think that Hispanic men are the most bisexual of all men.

In the male dominated cultures in the Middle East men must turn to each other because they live in a sexually segregated society. I have heard that many Afghan men become so oriented to homosexuality after having never seen women, that they are unable to be aroused by females after marriage. I saw a movie based on a Pakistani woman's experience during her horrific marriage to a Taliban follower that outlined this situation.

A few weeks ago, a book went by here at the library. It was photographs of sailors on battleships during WWII. The sailors were all lying in each others laps and and caressing each other. There were a lot of phallic symbols in the gun turrets. There were pics of the sailors sitting on top of the gun barrels. Most of the male employees in our department groaned at the pics and we all laughed about it. None of the men would look through the whole book. The librarian that bought the book came and asked me jokingly if I had looked at it before he got it. He is a die hard liberal, tolerant Jewish leftist, but even he thought the book was icky. I don't care if American men are homophobic, as long as they are not running around assaulting gays, it's ok by me.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Republican voters will associate Mark Foley with Democrats!

Sorry, but the behavior of Mark Foley is typical for gay men. I have worked at the library for 20 years and am surrounded by gay men. Before that I worked as a dancer, around gay men. I took ballet lessons from gay men. My mother worked on Polk street in San Francisco. Polk Street is a sleazy gay neighborhood. I have had too much experience with gay men to think that they are about anything else than their sexuality. For years the left has divorced the "sex" from homosexuality. In all the smoke screens they have thrown up around having gay men adopt children and demanding that gay men be allowed to be scout masters they totally refuse to accept the reality of gay men's sexuality.

My Grandmother worked for the Centers for Disease Control in the 80's. The men that were getting AIDS often had as many as 5 other venereal diseases. Damage done to a rectum by constantly having a fist shoved up it was common. The men would be infected and reinfected over and over again. Many gay men also were married and soliciting the gay hustlers on Polk street, endangering their wives and children with their behavior. In the media they would call these men heterosexual, which they clearly were not. It is always about trying to limit the exposure to the real habits of gay men, because most average people would be repulsed by their behaviors and practices. And rightly so. I am not saying that heteroseuals do not behave in such ways, but the degree is different because women control men's sexuality and are a civilizing influence. Often it is said that gay men behave as straight men would if women would let them. I believe this to be true, and that is my point. No one controls the behavior of gay men. They also killed hundreds of straights by contaminating the blood supply with AIDS.

Also, you have only to look at the personal ads to see that gay men are interested in straight men. It is their biggest fantasy to seduce straight men away from women. They advertise for straight young men in particular. Since young men are horny all the time they figure that they can get the boys who are not getting sex from women. They may have more success at this than is commonly thought.

I work at the library and am exposed to many books. Recently the library has been buying many memoirs of gay men. The fact is that sex between gay teenagers and adult men is the rule for homosexuals. Just yesterday a memoir went by written by an author of children's books. He is Hispanic and was a farm worker in his early teens. The memoir chronicled his many sexual encounters, starting at the age of 14 with older men in their 30's and above. This boy was eagerly accepting of the advances of adult men in supervisory positions because he wanted to have sex with them. Period. This is how gay men express their sexuality. You cannot divorce sex from homosexuality. Sex is many gay men's primary reason for existance.

Here at the library we've had case after case of some ugly old queen making a pest of himself hanging around a new young cute male employee. It is awful and I always feel so sorry for the young guy. Of course the gay guys are never fired and often the young guy will be the one to leave.

The left will have you believe that gay men are just like straight men but happen to "love" other men instead of women. They are not and do not. If they merely "loved" other men, they could simply be friends. By love, they mean sex. My mother knew many gay men at the height of the AIDS crisis in San Francisco. Almost without exception male couples who had been together for many years came down with AIDS and died. Why was this? It was because they were never monogamous to begin with.

As for gay men adopting children, there has been case after case where it turned out that some gay man has been adopting boys to rape them. Priests in Central America open orphanages so they can rape boys. Foley is one in a long line going back hundreds of years to long dead Popes and rulers. I remember a horrible case where a man adopted Native American teen age boys and raped them the moment he got them home. One of the boys ended up killing the monster and he is serving life in prison. Often these memoirs by gay men contain the most amazing stories of repeated group sex among relatives such as uncles and many times the gay teen is the instigator of the sex, such as seducing a step-father in order to feel more powerful than the mother.

Gay men have been marginalized for the good of society. The left has let the cat out of the bag and now they are pretending to stuff it back in. The truth is that they have created this mess. The very fact that Mark Foley is claiming to have been molested shows that he has given over to leftist practice of playing the victim. Just about all of us engaged in some sort of sex play as children that would qualify us to have been molested. The vast majority of us do not predate upon other people because of it.

I blame the liberal culture, who has ignored the danger that gay men pose and pretends that gay men are just like everyone else, for the Foley scandal. Americans should just know that wherever gay men are there will be gay sex and lots of it.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Big city life!

My neighbor is from a small farming town in California. If you go to these towns they are like something from the deep south. Fresno is a typical California farming town. Its been getting bigger by the year but is still a known redneck haven. The inhabitants have southern accents and are not into big city life at all. My friend is from another town farther north and even smaller than Fresno. My friend has 3 relatives who are called "Buck." One of them is her Grandma. Grandma Buck. Another is her uncle.

My neighbor successfully bridges 2 worlds as an executive secretary and is able to go back and forth between the big cities of San Francisco and New York and her little redneck town of El Dorado, with ease. She can preserve food, install a fence and copy the clothes from high fashion magazines and make them herself. My neighbor was dating a New Yorker whose father was a very rich television producer.

My friend brought her boyfriend home to meet her folks. My friend's boyfriend did not have much in common with her relatives. Her uncle Buck was trying to find common ground with him by talking about hunting. So her boyfriend said he'd didn't get much chance to hunt in NYC. Then the boyfriend asked Uncle Buck if he went into San Francisco much. Uncle Buck replied, "Never been to Frisco, been to Fresno once."

Liberal friends!

My ex-neighbor is of French extraction. She does not speak French but has a slavish devotion to the idea of France and is very liberals in the usual unthinking silly way of most San Francisco Bay Area liberals. She is totally uniformed about every subject known to man and is content to agree with whatever Europeans think. Her daughter went to Germany to be an au pair. My neighbor went to visit her daughter while she was in Germany. She visited her beloved France of course.

My other neighbor got married in the California Sierra Mountains. She invited us to the wedding in the woods. My Estonian neighbors drove me and the "French" neighbor to the wedding. While on the way, the "French" neighbor regaled us with stories. She mentioned that she had vociferously denied support for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars while eating dinner with her daughter's German employers. "I hope you don't think all Americans support the wars," she apologised whingingly. I am listening to this in the car and I am getting irritated. Of course my Estonian friends know that there are Estonian troops in Iraq as well and they are quiet. I have never heard an anti-American word from an Estonian, they are too busy hating on Russians. So I finally say to Frenchy, "So did your daughter's host family reply, "That is OK, our fathers were Nazi's!" My Estonian friend who doesn't talk or laugh easily, guffawed.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The British public's opinions are shite!

Britain is spriraling down the toilet as fast as any other country in Europe. The desire of the British public to censor America for its policies is laughable. The Brits have lost any claim to moral superiority whatsoever.Their country is a hell whole filled with brutes and low lifes. Their hatred of Bush and Blair can only recommend both of those men to truly decent people.

My co-worker went to his best friend's US citizenship party not so long ago. His formerly British friend was moved to tears at becoming a US citizen at last. How often do you think Americans shed tears upon becoming British citizens? Never, I am willing to bet. Of course he has since fled liberal left California and moved to Nevada to raise his kids in a more safe and sane environment. Even in the US you have to keep one step ahead of the vile leftists. They will destroy the whole country if given a chance. California is proof.

Another hijacking, say it ain't so!

Good Gawd, the Muslim fanatics are getting positively boring in their predictability. Imagine being a a religion known only for suicide bombings and the hijacking of planes.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Super funny French/ Belgian movie!

I just saw a movie called Aaltra. The DVD jacket description was even hilarious. Two neighbors who hate each other get in a fight around farm equipment. They both end up paralyzed and with nothing else to do, decide to travel from Belgium to Finland to sue the tractor company that made the truck that paralyzed them. Its a road movie in that the guys ride around in their wheelchairs. One of them is a motocross fanatic and they stop and watch motocross along the way. There is a scene where they are sitting in their wheelchairs near one of the big motocross star's tents and he comes over and says, "You guys can't hang out here, it kills the dream, you know!" The funniest moment is when a guy in a biker bar in Finland sings the song, Sunny, half in Finnish, half in English. It was hysterical! It was interesting to note that the Europeans use English to speak to other Europeans from other countries.

Anonymous says everybody in Europe hates the US and is scared of little old Israel!

Nobody likes us boo hoo. Its tough to be the greatest and most powerful country in the whole wide world sometimes, but then again somebody's gotta do it. It's just awful to be the country most people want to immigrate to, even risk their lives to get to, traveling across deserts filled with deadly snakes and scorpions. Anonymous says we torture people and make them watch sex acts. Kind of sounds like what passes for art these days, but who am I to argue with a learned Frenchman and supporter of terror, like Anonymous. Anonymous says I am stupid, like all Americans, he says I live in a trailer park and think the world is a big ole Disneyland, but he is an admitted supporter of the Taliban, so he must be against education for women and prefer his women to be stupid. As for Anonymous' telling me he is actually not a Muslim, but French and Catholic, it appears my columns are like torture to anonymous, he is starting to give up the personal information. As for what the declining state of Europe and its Muslim populations are really like, read the Theodore Dalrymple column I have linked. Anonymous must be like the white kids who want to be Black here in the US. Maybe the Arab street thugs are more manly than Anon and he secretly wishes he was macho enough to rape French girls on the subway, or perhaps he wants to be taken manfully by a Jihadist. Anon, plenty of young American men have gone to the hills of Afghanistan to fight with their beloved Taliban. There is nothing to stop you from joining in the battle against the evil US. Grow a beard if you can, grab your turban, hop on an Airbus and zoom!

The Raiders are the worst team in the NFL

It's official! Dressing up like Darth Vader doesn't help and neither do the ugliest cheerleaders in the NFL. Its going to be a long painful season. ARRRGGGGHHHH....

Both a Nazi and a Zionist, how is it possible?

According to Anonymous commenter from France. The US Nazionistes combined with the Israeli Zionistes are conspiring to take over the world, steal all the oil and oppress the kindly Arabs in particular. What an unholy alliance that is, Nazis and Zionists formerly being the most bitter of enemies. However they have both proven to be pretty kick ass militarily. "That is like a great white shark, riding on an elephant's back, stomping and devouring everything it sees." Or like Bobby Brown and Mike Tyson clubbing together!

Mark Foley's behavior is cause for celebration here in the San Francisco bay area!

We have a big parade to celebrate it! The library has been enriching its gay teen novel collection for sometime now. Lots of naughty goings on between boys and coaches and boys and their teachers between the pages of gay teen novels, written by grown men and women, I might add. What's actually erotic to gay Democrats is a scandal when gay Republicans do it. It only seems to make the left angry when Republicans and Catholics engage in gayness. They just can't admit that there are gay Republicans or gay Catholics, they can only call them pedophiles. It's like Blacks who can't admit there are Black criminals. Wishful thinking, I guess.

Oh yes, I do doubt the left's patriotism!

The left is always on the offensive to prove that they are as patriotic as the right. They complain that the right misappropriates the flag for their own use. here is a story to illustrate the true disregard the left has for the American flag. There is a woman who works here at the library and she is a hippy from hell. She is thick ankled, frizzy haired and as narrow minded as it gets. Once a co-worker from Germany and I were having a conversation in the staff room during lunch. The hippy walked in on the conversation. My German friend and I were saying that we felt the homeless here in the bay area were not merely unemployed, but do to lack of personal responsibility, trustworthiness and a tendancy to behave with violence toward others, unemployable. The hippy woman became enraged and told us that she did not agree with us and would not listen to us and that we were to cease our conversation. We chose to continue our conversation despite this attempt by a leftist to shut down our right to free speech. We began to discuss teenage pregnancy. The hippy became red faced and combative. She again demanded we quit or leave the room. We continued, whereupon the hippy stomped out cursing and twitching. Another coworker had the unfortunate job of being this woman's girl friday and doing odd jobs for her. One day the hippy sent her out to buy stamps. The girl asked what kind of stamps. The hippy said, "I don't care, just don't buy any with American flags on them!"