If you come in my cage I'll eat you too!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

On Sunday Right-wing co-worker and I went on a night tour of Alcatraz

It was super cool. The only draw back was that the vast majority of people touring Alcatraz with us were from Europe. There was not a lot of rudeness, but the Eurotrash were as cranky as ever. Perhaps they were pissed that the dollar has been rising against the Euro, but most likely they always walk around with sour pusses.

On the ferry I noticed three women sporting gigantic blond hair, the likes of which I have not seen around here since the 1980's and early 90's.

"Look, I told co-worker, they have Sarah Palin hair!"

Thereafter, co-worker took to calling them "The Sarah Palins." The Europeans stared at them a lot.

We met up with the Sarah Palins at the end of the tour as we all headed back to the return ferry. They were nice, funny, and they were from Utah, which explains the big hair. A mouse had run across one of the Sarah Palins' open toed, high heel clad foot during the tour. They were underdressed for the bitter cold weather, and ready to go back to San Francisco and eat dessert.

Right-wing co-worker caught the sniffles a few days later. I blamed it on the Europeans.

"You caught European swine flu," I told him.

My dog's idea of a perfect food

It's all our fault!

Last week a woman pooped next to the entrance to the childrens' room. Later, she came in to tell an employee that she did so.

"I'm sorry, she said. I had to. You weren't open."

Not good news

"In Oakland, near San Francisco, police will have tactical squads, SWAT teams and officers trained in riot control on standby.
"We always try to prepare for the worst," said Oakland police department spokesman Jeff Thomason.
"This election is going to mark in history a change in the presidency: you're going to have a woman in the presidency or an African American as president. I think everybody around here is voting for Obama, so if he gets in the White House everybody's going to be happy.
"But we'll have our SWAT teams on standby and traffic teams here, so if something goes off we'll organise and take care of the problem."
There have also been internet rumours about plans for protests or civil disobedience by supporters of Democratic candidate Barack Obama if he is beaten by Republican rival John McCain on November 4.
He said Oakland was prepared to deal with unrest as Oakland Raiders fans rioted in 2003 following their Super Bowl loss."

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A brown recluse spider built a web and took up residence across my television screen

I saw this female brown recluse walking across the edge of my television two nights ago. Last night I came home to find she found the flat screen tv a kewl place to hang out and lay eggs. Her abdomen is fat with eggs.

While she stayed in her little nest on the periphery on the bezel, I watched NOVA about fractals, a show on autistic savants, and Frontline's excellent program on the war in Afghanistan before I noticed the spider had disappeared from her web which is itself composed of fractals. I guess she was off to hunt bugs.

Of course, last night I was unaware that she was a recluse spider and was congratulating myself for not smashing her, no matter how large and wicked looking she may be. Supposedly, brown recluses do not live in California.

No good deed goes unpunished and today I was showing her photo around the work place when I got the idea to look her up on the internet. Lo and behold, she looks exactly like the pictures of brown recluses, one of which is at the top of this post.

I hope she doesn't bite Devil Dog while I am at work. My neighbor's dog walker's labrador lost its eye and half its face this spring after a venomous spider bite. I hope she has gone back to her web so I can smush her when I get home

Monday, October 27, 2008

Deepevali festival

On Saturday I went to the Hindu temple in Fremont, California to celebrate the Indian festival of lights, southern Indians call it, Deepevali. Northern Indians call it Diwali.

My friend Lakshmi, who with her husband Rama is owner of the corner grocery near my house, asked me to go with her to celebrate her birthday, which was Friday, and Deepevali. I was curious to go to the temple and I really like Lakshmi so I agreed.

Lashmi called on Saturday and left a message on my answering machine to see if I was coming. I needed soda so I walked to the liquor store to get some and tell her that I was going to go with them.

As I entered the store, Lakshmi asked quietly,

"Are you on your period."

I said, "No, why?"

"Because you can't go to the temple, if you are," she said.

"No problem, I said. I am clean."

I am not sure what happens if you start your period while you are actually inside the temple. Maybe the Godess Kali comes and destroys the world.

The temple is beautiful. I underdressed for the occasion, not wanting to stand out, I ended up standing out even more. You think of churches, temples and especially mosques as conserative places, but the Indian woman really dress up for Deepevali. They wear their most brilliantly colored saris and scarves and jewlery. They looked stunning.

I was one of only 2 non-Indians at the temple out of over 5 hundred people. There is not much inter-marrying going on in the Idian community. The other anglo-American present besides myself was one of the musicians playing in the temple. 1 or 2 people looked at me curiously, but that was it. I felt entirely welcome.

The only thing I knew to expect beforehand was that I would have to remove my shoes before entering the temple. So I wore shoes that could be easily removed. As Lakshmi and Rama bowed and prostrated themselves before their various dieties, I stood about a little stiffly, but it wasn't too bad. One of the dieties they worship is the "Goddess of Education, Saraswati" to whom they pray when they want their daughter to do well in school.

We left the temple to find our shoes, then we went to tables they had set up to hand out Indian sweets. I was reluctant to take them, but Lakshmi told me that was important to take everything that was offered. Then we went to an area out side the temple set up for dining and were treated to a free, restaurant quality vegetarian dinner. It was delicious.

Lashmi and Rama go to the temple every Saturday even after working at the liquor store from 8am to 8pm. They rush home to bathe and change clothes before driving over 30 miles to the temple.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Will Farrell's SNL impersonation of George W. Bush is poignant and touching

Libertarian co-worker was watching the video of the most recent SNL skit an hour ago and he did not laugh much.

I have always felt Will's Bush imitation to be very sweet and moving and whenever I see him do it, I am reminded of why I like President Bush so much.

What is really funny is that libertarian co-worker, a known Bush hater, misspeaks as often as Bush does. He always calls McCain, "McClain," for instance.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Do lefties care as much when occupants of Iraqi ambulances are murdered and dismembered by so-called insurgents

as they do when they imagine that Palestinian ambulances have been hit by Israelis?

I'd say the answer is a resounding no!

Mickey D's profits up 11%

Take that lefties!

There was a story in the San Francisco Chronicle about the "Victory garden" planted by the organic, vegetarian, "slow food nation" advocates in the middle of San Francisco.

The garden is in danger of becoming a public toilet and the city of SF has been spending $3,400 per week on security personel to guard the veggies.

Not only that, but the security personnel has had to work in teams, because they are afraid for their lives.

San Francisco lunacy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

When my step-dad was stationed in San Diego

I always preferred trips to Tijuana instead of Disneyland. When in Tijuana we would go to the bullfights, the Jai Alai palace to watch jai alai games, see Aztec pole dancers unwind from on high, go to glass blowing factories and eat tamales, which always have been my very favorite food.

Friday, October 17, 2008

What it takes to get a Frenchman fighting mad

Right-wing co-worker, aka Beelzebubba, made French commenter Anonymous furiously angry by making a comment about Jerry Lewis.

Actually, he suggested that Anon, "Pop in a Jerry Lewis tape." To help him chill out is all.

But Anon, perhaps because of the language barrier, took right-wing co-worker's comment to be an insult to Jerry's genius. Anon is one of Jerry's kids, of that there is no doubt, and this is what he had to say to right-wing co-worker in defense of Jerry.

"pop in a Jerry Lewis movie ++++

You dirty little bug, stupid and brainless american : you can´t understand Jerry Lewis because the guy is a total genius. Too much for your oyster brain. You ´re proud to be stupid. You better don´t bother Jerry Lewis man : don´t even think about it. Asshole. Son of a bitch. Jerrry Lewis is a genius. France likes him. France adores him. France venerates him

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Whew... Miss C just escaped jury duty on a murder trial

Many young black men in Oakland are killing and dying for respect
Meredith May, Chronicle Staff Writer
Sunday, December 9, 2007

Along with the Christmas trees and family gatherings, there's another end-of-the-year ritual in Oakland - a candlelight vigil for the murdered.

The body count is woven into the civic consciousness here - a number chased by homicide inspectors, studied by criminologists, lamented in churches, reported by journalists. Every mayor leaves City Hall on broken promises to quell the violence, and the killings continue. An additional 115 have been killed this year, putting Oakland on pace for another gruesome record.

In the last five years, 557 people were slain on the city's streets, making Oakland the state's second-most murderous city, behind Compton.

Most victims are young, black men who are dying in forgotten neighborhoods of East and West Oakland.

A handful of their killers, speaking from prison, describe an environment where violence is so woven into the culture that murder has become a symbol of manhood.
The inmates say the only difference between these neighborhoods and prison is the absence of walls. The same hierarchies apply - the meanest rise to the top. It's a survival skill that ensures ownership of drug corners, a sense of self-worth, female attention and protection from attack.

Experts fear that the neighborhoods are only getting more violent. There are entire blocks without a single two-parent family, where drug dealers have become the predominant male role models, and children fend for themselves in crowded, chaotic homes where they are routinely exposed to drugs, sex and guns.

Criminal families are on their third and fourth generations. Grandparents - the ones who have historically stepped in to help raise fatherless boys and instill a sense of right and wrong - are dying off.

Back in the 1980s, drug dealers who first brought crack cocaine to Oakland used to hide their activities from their parents because it was shameful, but now it's a full-blown family business, said Michelle Gandy, a private investigator who interviews murder defendants for Alameda County court-appointed criminal defense attorneys.

"The kids today recognize that their parents are in it, too, so there's this hopelessness," she said.

Increasingly, the young murder suspects coming to the station for questioning seem to lack basic morality, said Sgt. Tim Nolan, who has been investigating Oakland homicides for 17 years.

"There are more and more families where there's less and less structure," he said. "Talking to these suspects day in and out, there's a higher percentage today with no sense of right and wrong. It's frightening, but we are creating super-criminals."

All it takes is a look, a put-down or a lost fight, and bullets fly. Disrespect has become the No. 1 reason to kill.

Killings have been concentrated in these neighborhoods for so long that revenge killings continue for decades. There's a six-degrees-of-separation phenomenon that happens after each death: The killers and their victims can typically trace a relationship through family, friends, schools or prison stints.

That's why Oakland murders are rarely random. More often they are the result of historical battles between crews who hold Mafia-like influence on blocks and drug corners.

"Many people who live there rarely leave Oakland, let alone their block, so their disputes take on epic proportions," said Nolan.

Witnesses are cowed into silence because snitches have been known to disappear. Nearly half of all murders in Oakland go uncharged for lack of a willing witness, so a shooter knows he has about a 50-50 chance of getting away with it.

"Murder is hardly ever a whodunit in Oakland," said criminal defense attorney William Du Bois, who has been representing Oakland homicide suspects for nearly three decades.

Because witnesses won't testify, certain Oakland neighborhoods have an abnormally high per capita rate of killers walking the streets. They are known, feared, and have an incredibly toxic influence on impressionable young boys aching for structure.

"In these neighborhoods of concentrated poverty, all the doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, architects and postal workers have left," said Richard Miles, chief executive officer of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area. "The kids have nobody but drug lords to look up to."

For this report, The Chronicle conducted prison and telephone interviews with five convicted Oakland killers, reviewed the court files of 60 murder trials, listened to police interrogation tapes and talked with homicide inspectors, district attorneys, family members, criminal defense lawyers, forensic therapists and criminologists.

The inmates who spoke to The Chronicle hoped that their stories would dissuade younger generations from following in their footsteps. Their stories, and those told in the court files, show that Oakland killers share many characteristics.

They are young. Most killed before their 25th birthday. A majority grew up without a father - he was either murdered, incarcerated or abandoned his children.

Mom is typically absent, too, either because she's working several jobs for minimum wage or because she's also lost to the streets through drugs, prostitution or prison.

Many of the convicted killers were quasi-homeless in grade school, moving every 90 days on eviction cycles, or bouncing between friends' and relatives' homes, where they slept on recliners and couches and floors.

Inside the home is pure chaos. Typically, they live with a third-generation relative, an elderly grandmother or aunt, who also opens her home to several other wayward relatives. They all pile into one home, bringing their boyfriends and girlfriends and their children. There's no particular person in charge, no house rules, and people come and go.

Often it's in these houses where young boys first learn how to hold a gun, how to break a rock of cocaine into dime and nickel bags for sale.

Without parents to help them mature, the mental world of these young killers stays stuck in an infantile, egotistic state, said forensic psychologist Shawn Johnston, who has conducted more than 15,000 court evaluations of adult and juvenile criminals in 15 Northern California counties.

"What keeps us from killing each other is empathy, and we learn it from bonding with parents who pick us back up when we get hurt or teased as children," Johnston said. "Without it, you get guys who live in a constant state of protecting the fantasy that they are the most important thing this side of the Milky Way. And because they don't have empathy, they will shoot or stab to protect their illusion."

Teachers who work with these boys in the Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center say the first thing they do is stock their classrooms with food, to help their students concentrate. Young boys fend for themselves in the absence of structured mealtimes - grabbing what they can from a fast-food restaurant or a corner liquor store when they can scrape together or steal some money.

There is an equivalent of a mafia in Oakland's ghettos. Some kids are born into families that "claim" streets. Children in these families are expected to put the family's gang wars above anything else - they skip school when the turf wars heat up and the gang members are expected to stand out on the streets in a show of force.

"Everyone in my family was in the game - my mother, stepfather, brother, cousins," said Donte Osborne, 28, who is serving a 15-year sentence in Corcoran State Prison for second-degree murder.

"I caught a dope case when I was 10 years old and sold to a decoy," he said. "I adapted to my surroundings. It's not like I wanted to do it, but if I didn't, I would have been left out of my family."

Without anyone in charge of their moral development, young boys come up with their own rules. When they get in disputes, they don't have the ability to resolve them because no one has ever taught them how to manage anger and stress other than with fists or a gun.

In this world, challenges cannot be left unanswered. A boy who is jumped, robbed or insulted and doesn't respond is labeled "soft," or a "punk" or a "bitch." He becomes prey. Once he is perceived as weak, the attacks keep coming. He loses not only his honor, but his friends and his personal safety, until he fights back and wins - sometimes via homicide.

"It doesn't matter how bad your circumstances are, at a cellular genetic level you know it's not supposed to be this way and you're pissed off with no way to ameliorate it," Miles of Big Brothers Big Sisters said.

A majority of the men studied by The Chronicle had criminals in their families. Most had juvenile records, the majority for selling or carrying drugs. Many developed their own chemical habits and a little more than half dropped out of school. Their role models are the drug dealers on the corner who have the cars, clothes, girls, money and most of all - respect.

"In a dysfunctional environment, it's prestigious to be a gangster, and it inspires you to act the same," said convicted killer Ivan Kilgore, 32, who is serving a life sentence in California State Prison, Sacramento.

"It fulfills that ego, gives you a sense of identity. Big dudes respect you. It's like being a star athlete - kids in constructive environments, their peers give them accolades and support to continue their good behavior by bolstering their ego. It's identical in the streets, only the behavior that is rewarded is different. It's like, 'Hey! I saw you in a stolen car!' and you get a high five." Respect is money, money is power and power is masculinity. Violence defines you
as a man.

"These kids have one thing in this world, and when you have nothing else, no money, no access, no privileges, no resources, no means, the only thing you have, from a little boy on, is your respect," investigator Gandy said.

Inmates told The Chronicle that it was the drug dealers who gave them their first sense of belonging. The gang on the block is the first group that wants them, that pays attention to their whereabouts, that asks what they are doing and what they think about things. Sometimes there's a girl out there who thinks they're cute. All of a sudden the neglected boy has a posse - the first place that feels like home.

Prisoner Hamisi Spears, serving a 39-year sentence in High Desert State Prison in Susanville, described the criminal evolution as an organic process - like a seed that's planted and watered and grows into a shoot.

"You see these guys who are three or four years older than you, who are not doing kid stuff anymore, not playing tag football in the street. We watch him and all of a sudden he's got a car, he's dressing differently, and we want that too so we approach and say, 'Wassup, man?' "

At first, the older guy will likely shoo the youngster away, telling the boy he's not ready to get in the game.
Then one day he'll ask the boy to ride in his car. It's the moment that the boy has been aching for.

"You're there, it's nice, the music is playing, and he'll run an errand. He'll say 'Here, hold this.' It's a gun or some dope. He'll jump out and then jump right back and then he knows he can trust you. He'll turn to you and say, 'Hey, you hungry?' and go get you something to eat. You are part of him now."

Now the boy is loyal, even if caught selling drugs for the older dealer. The code of the street dictates never telling on the man who is providing for you.

"When you get out of jail, you've got street cred," Spears said. "He sees you, knows you stopped him from going to jail, and he'll respect you, take you and buy you a couple of outfits."
Boys go from nobody to somebody overnight.
Navigating this world is delicate. Shootings can occur simply because someone made a movement that could have been interpreted as a reach for a gun in a waistband.
While this is a common strategy in court to claim self-defense, there is an element of truth to it. Many of the killers studied by The Chronicle killed enemies who put word out on the street that they were going to kill first.

In this warped environment, killing someone can actually protect you. It's a way to keep others in fear. Gun laws can't reach places like East and West Oakland. Rarely do boys go get a gun and kill - the gun is already there. Guns are as common as cell phones. Friends give their friends guns for protection after losing a fistfight. Every day, drug addicts trade guns for a fix. Groups of boys share guns, keeping them hidden in abandoned homes, in empty lots, in the rain gutters and under their beds.

Boys don't think they will live past 25, so they don't live their life as if they will. None of the convicted killers told The Chronicle that they were worried about their futures or the consequences of their criminal lifestyle before going to prison. To be a square, to go to school, work for minimum wage and shun the "game," takes an enormous amount of patience and personal risk in the middle of what is, in effect, a war zone. The payoff is too far off for someone who doesn't plan for middle age or a career. At the time, the quick buck didn't seem like a bad choice, inmates said.

Only a handful of the killers had legitimate jobs. Criminal records and lack of a high school diploma, no car to get to work, and no support from immediate family ensure that they simply don't fit in to what society sees as employee material.
It was only after they were taken out of their environment and given years to reflect behind bars that they had time to grasp the concept of another way of life.

The experts - and the killers - say a mentor might have saved them, anyone from the outside who could have shown them another way to be a man.
After so many years in prison, the convicted killers who spoke to The Chronicle have had time to think about why their lives turned out the way that they did. They are remorseful, they are angry at themselves and the circumstances that they were born into, and they are trying to do something useful with what's left of their tragic lives.

It's a second chance that their victims will never get.
"I don't care how bad your situation is, as we grow up in this world we know right from wrong," said Gerlen Anderson, who held her son William as he lay dying from Ivan Kilgore's shotgun blast near a pay phone at 30th and San Pablo avenues in 2000.
When Anderson saw that her 21-year-old son wasn't going to make it, she whispered in his ear, "Go to the angels."

Kilgore claimed that Anderson had repeatedly attacked him and robbed him of $100.

Oakland: A Plague of Killing logo
Coming Monday: Experts say mentoring can help stem the wave of violence on Oakland's streets, one boy at a time.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Overheard on the bus

One guy talking to another.

"My daughter's going back to Afghanistan. Her reserve unit is shipping out next week. She's my favorite kid too. Out of all of them she's the greatest. You try not to like one more than the other, but I love her the most."

Maybe what makes her a good daughter is also what makes her join the reserves and serve in Afghanistan.

The lefties are close to their final solution

If only it weren't for we evil, raping, robbing, baby blood drinking Rethuglicans America would be a beautiful Utopian global village of peace love and happiness.

Republicans are the new Jews. And the left are the new Nazis.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Black co-worker engages in racism

My co-worker bought a nice house on a street that still manages to be pretty, quiet and safe even when the ghetto surrounds it on all sides.

She said that her neighbors haven't been able to sell their house so they have put it on the rental market.

People have been pulling up in their cars to write down the phone number posted in the window.

Co-worker says most of the prospective renters are listening to really loud rap music when they stop in front of the house.

She runs to the window to spy on them. "No, no, no, she says. I don't want those kind of people to move next door to me."

"You are such a racist," I told her.

Black people want McCain t-shirts?

The other day there was Black guy selling Obama t-shirts at the bus stop. A guy was buying a few for his family.

The seller said to the guy, 'You know I have some people ask me for McCain t-shirts. Black people. I know they can't be serious. They must be playin'."

Ghillie suits

My ex boyfriend, the hunter and taxidermist called me last night. He said he went pig hunting with a couple of friends. One of them was special forces.

He said the special forces guy went up on the ridge line where everyone and everything could see him. "He should know better," my ex said. This doesn't bode well for our mission in Afghanistan.

My ex got disgusted and took off to hunt by himself. (he always does this)

He was stting there in his ghillie suit when 4 big raccoons came walking along, standing on their hind legs and sniffing the air.

One of the raccoons pulled his lips back to bare his teeth and to my ex's surprise, charged him.

He said, "What was going through my head was that I did not want to shoot this raccoon and try to explain to my buddies that it had been in self defense."

The raccoon stopped the charge about 4 feet in front of him.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Thanks to the American financial crisis Europeans and the euro may go down the toilet

They were slobbering over our perceived downfall, instead they are the ones getting made love to up the behind.

Rich powerful European countries are refusing to share the burdens of the poor countries. Very unsocialistic of them.

Be careful what you wish for, it may come around and bite you in the ass.

The US will always be here, greedy, big and mean and ready to invade your countries, kinda of like Russia except that we will force your countrymen to eat McDonald's and KFC.

The myth of individualism

My co-worker came to my cubicle yesterday morning as she is wont to do when she wants to complain about the state of human beings.

She said something to the effect that she thinks for herself and is individualistic.

'You'd think so, I replied. We both like to think of ourselves as such. In reality we are not very individualistic. We are highly moralistic. We are considerate of others. We allow the elderly and blind to board the bus first. We follow the rules and laws of our government. We show up for jury duty. We pay our taxes. In actuality we are sheep. We recycle. We are hardly the anarchists we pretend to be. It's the guy cutting us off in traffic who's the real individualist"

The debate has sealed my decision

I cannot vote for McCain and I cannot vote for Obama. It's either Libertarian candidate Bob Barr, or Raplh Nader for me. I haven't quite decided yet.

I still hope that Obama wins, because I know there'll be riots if he loses. But he won't get there with my help.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The theory of feminist relativity

My neighbor has been having major girlfriend trouble. The girlfriend has been keeping everyone in the cottage court awake with her antics.

I can hear everything that goes on in the cottage next to me.The girlfriend is doing that crazy intense stuff. Like getting up in the middle of the night and going to sleep on the sofa, because she wants attention and her boyfriend has the nerve to sleep, instead of paying attention to her, at 2 am.

So the neighbor gets up and innocently asks her why she is on the sofa and then boom, insane, nutso, psycho!!!

She attacks him verbally, she attacks him physically. She bites him and throws his stuff against the wall. She breaks glasses. He wrestles her out of the house and she comes right back in like the terminator, 4 times. He is squealing like a stuck pig.

She screams "I hope you fucking die! I hope you fucking die!" about a hundred times.

This goes on for hours and hours. Just when she's winding down, she gets going again. Just when we are falling asleep, we are woken again. Everytime she wrestles him into the kitchen, and he squeals, I fear she has stabbed him.

A day later, she was at it again. At 4 am.

One of the lesbian neighbors went over the first night and told them to break it up or she'd call the police. It didn't work, the girlfriend continued to behave in a psycho way for a few hours more.

The next day the lesbian neighbor told me that she could not take it. "He called her a cunt," she complained.

"Wait a minute I said, she was being a cunt. She was screaming, "I hope you fucking die!" Telling someone you want them to die is worse than calling them a cunt. Not only that, but she was physically attacking him. She was biting him and breaking his stuff."

Lesbian neighbor just shook her head.

Whenever the girlfriend walks down our communal walkway Devil Dawg growls, low, because he really doesn't want to tangle with her, but he can't help himself.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Democrats are terrified of Sarah Palin, for the wrong reason

In last night's debate Biden refused to attack Palin directly, preferring instead to go at John McCain who was being pilloried in absentia.

The Democrats, always politically correct and terrified of looking racist or sexist, are refusing to call an airhead an airhead.

Sarah Palin is more ignorant and uninformed than any other vice presidential nominee in history. I am not saying that she is unintelligent, or that being unintellectual is always bad thing, but one must have some knowledge on the subjects one speaks about. Bush at least grew up with a father who had a lot of foreign policy experience.

Lieberman and Colin Powell were the most qualified choices. John McCain chose Palin to try and attract Hillary's voters. In my opinion he made a huge mistake.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ladies, for your archery pleasure Lakota Industries offers, the Sarah-Cuda bow

They say, "If you want to appeal to women, pink it and shrink it!"

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Cynthia McKinney says the government executed 5,000 prisoners and dumped their bodies in a Louisiana swamp, during Hurricane Katrina.

It was a good start, but we must continue the fight and leave no prisoner unexecuted.

Feminize: to make or become women

Magua says, "You are slaves, dogs, women!"
Democrats say, "Men bad, women good!"
I have always said that Democrats are women and here they are admitting it publicly whilst advertising their scary agenda. Perhaps a few manly male and female democrats have not been feminized yet and need to read this book.
Do you think the party of women can fight Islamic extremism?