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Saturday, January 23, 2010

BBC reporters are referring to Obama as the "Embattled American President Obama"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

He's seen and heard it all

A few days ago the San Francisco Chronicle interviewed senior citizens who had lived through the depression and asked them to compare it to this recent economic downturn.

One old guy, who is 92 and still working, said that he had lived long enough to hear the word "bitch" used in ways he never could have imagined.

Remember when I said Obama never had a military before and he wants to play with it?

He is really getting the chance in Haiti. I heard a Haitian man on NPR say, "I hate to say it, but we need the Americans and the British to come in and take over."

Trick racist joke

One of the "Sanitation Engineers" at work told me a racist joke that had to do with wetting Black childrens' lips and sticking them to glass with the suction.

"Oh, that's sad," I said.

"You think so?" he said. "Black people just laugh at that joke cuz we know it ain't true."

The Silent Exodus

A documetary on the Jews driven out of Arab lands. One Jew said that after Israel was formed, his Arab Muslim neighbor came running to his farm to kill him with a knife. "What are you doing, he asked the Muslim, I helped you when you were in need. I gave you money to help you keep your farm."

The Muslim man lost steam at that point and apologised to the Jew. "I'm sorry, he said, but all Arabs are like me and you'd still better leave."

The Arabs raped and slaughtered and plundered the Jews as they drove them mercilessly from Arab lands. It is no wonder they are constantly accusing the Jews of all manner of atrocities. They are projecting. The Jews have never perpetrated 1/100th of the crimes on Muslims that the Muslims have on Jews.

"As has often happened in history, the Jews were the first victims of hatred and intolerance. All the "others" had their turn soon enough, specifically the Christians and other religious minorities, heretical and secular Muslims and finally, those Muslims who do not fit exactly into the ideological framework of the extreme nationalists and Islamists. There has not been a single instance in this murky period of our history when the Arab states have been ready to condemn the steady exodus of Christians, ethnic-religious minorities, enlightened and ordinary Muslims, while Muslims plain and simple have become the primary victims of Islamic terror."

Magdi Allam

In Oakland, drug dealers and gang bangers shoot each other to death. In San Francisco

dangerously mentally ill criminals with violent histories will murder you with a boombox. Or stab children on public transit or in a bakery or because they don't like your beard

You can't even go out to eat with your girlfriend after enjoying an evening on the town without being viciously murdered by screaming, spittle spewing lunatics.

Stranger murders are quite common these days in San Francisco. I avoid SF like the plague. The violently mentally ill and violent illegal immigrants roam the streets attacking and murdering people and the police and city government look the other way, defend, and repeatedly release criminals who have actually shot at, robbed and stabbed people numerous times.

San Francisco, Canada and parts of Britian are a violent sociopath's dream.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It rained mackerel it rained trout

Miss C made a pact with the Devil to get out from under liberal rule and God got pissed and pelted her with hailstones today.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Devil made me do it!

While the lefty media cries foul over Pat Robertson's remarks about Haitians long ago making a pact with the Devil (I guess it would be better to burn in hell for all eternity than to live under French rule, but I digress) the same media types just can't get enough stories about Haitians' religiosity.

Obama hisself is telling us to pray for the Haitians. I, for one, think they need help from the hand of man and need to stop relying on divine intervention, voodoo or otherwise, and will chalk them up on the same board as I do the Native-American catholics and the Irish catholics in that I think that Catholicism has been utterly ruinous for some peoples. Also, of course, the Haitians suffered under French rule, which was both brutal and disasterous. Combine Catholicism, voodoo and former French rule and you have a deadly witches brew, like New Orleans or Haiti.

Catholicism is fine for the Italians and the Spanish and the French and Southern Germans, Europeans all, Catholicism is a European religion, but is is not so good for everyone. It makes some people passive, which is what the Europeans intended when they converted Native peoples and slaves into Catholics.

In any case, if you believe in God you probably believe in Satan. Both beliefs are equally nutty. Why take either one as more serious than the other? So why does the left countenance, sans criticism, all the singing and praying to God stuff that Haitians are doing all over the news? Why aren't they as ashamed and embarrassed by it as they are by silly statements made by Pat Robertson? Because Pat is a white man and he is expected to be smarter and less ignorant than the brown, dancing, singing, island dwelling God freaks in Haiti.

What's wrong with being an English major????

A few days ago I was riding the bus when 3 Asian-American girls boarded in Chinatown.

"Like, oh my gahhd," I overheard one of them to say. "Can you believe that he, like, thought I was, like, an English major or something?"

"Oh my gahhd. Like, why would he, like, think that?" said another.

"I dunno, replied the first, "Maybe, like, because I was, like, reading Shakespeare or something."

Well he won't make that mistake again, I thought to myself.

I loved the movie "In the Loop"

Funny funny.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

You can never be liberal enuff for the mad left

Poor Harry Reid. I hope Obama doesn't throw Harry under the bus like he did that Reverend Wright and his own grandma. All liberals are terrified of being tar babies, oops, I mean getting tarred with the racist brush. They are scared and mean enough to cover Harry in hot tar. They flung poo all over monks after the Chinese revolution. Lefties are some nasty customers.

I recently watched a documentary on the Weather Underground and the former revolutionaries admitted in interviews how scared they eventually became of each other, as the left always becomes paranoid and turns on itself and starts killing each other after a successful revolution, a la Mao and Stalin and Pol Pot. I hope the Dems aren't going to do this.

Harry speaks truth to power. Obama talks Black whenever he feels like it and since the US Census has a box to check for "Negroes" because some Black people of Harry's generation still refer to themselves as such, I fail to see where the supposed insults lie.

Harry was using "old white man vernacular." That's just how they speak.

One of our Security guards at work, who is Black, brought a peach cobbler to our Xmas potluck.

The cobbler really was exceptional in every way and I told the guard, "As we white people say, "This cobbler is like so totally awesome, Dude!"

Then one co-worker, also Black said, "I don't usually care for cobbler, but this is delicious."

The guard muttered, "What kind of Black person doesn't like cobbler?" Then he corrected himself. "But then, I hate watermelon."

"You should say that when you meet people for the first time," I said. "You should say, 'Hello, my name is Ricky, and I hate watermelon.'"

I'll say this much, Islam has a powerful hold on its adherents

I just finished watching the documentary, Jihad for Love.

Homosexuals in various Islamic countries are shown to be repeatedly rejected by Islamic clergy and society, forced to flee their home countries to avoid jail sentences, rapes and floggings, have their faces disguised to protect their families from being harmed, are told that they should be thrown off cliffs, etc, etc. One lesbian states that she wants to be flogged because she thinks it might make her not be a lesbian any more.

And yet, these poor souls still desperately hunger for the acceptance of their fellow Muslims and feel a strong and abiding spiritual connection to their God, Allah.

After reading the paper this morning and reading stories about Muslims' attacks on Iraqi Muslims, Afghan Muslims, Pakistani Muslims, Danish cartoonists, international air passengers, Egyptian Copts and Malaysian Christians, and Iranian fundamentalist Muslims calling for the executions of other "more tolerant" Muslims I cannot help but think that Muslim homosexuals are doomed to be disappointed, as Muslims are heading in the exact opposite direction of tolerance and acceptance.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Friday, January 01, 2010

People who try to kill plane loads of innocent civilians are not "devout' or "pious"

They are fanatical zealots.

Here is an excellent video on Canadian troops in Afghanistan

It was featured on the PBS show Worldfocus yesterday. It's only about 6 minutes long and well worth watching.

Obama's never had a military before

He wants to play with it. I remember when he first took office and there was talk he might get a fancy new helicopter and there was some opposition to it. Obama said that he never had a helicopter before and the one he already had was cool enough by him.

I think he is really getting into the "having my first military" thing. He seems to look up to the Generals and is becoming increasing impressed with the soldiers and marines he comes into contact with. He is probably listening to them as well.