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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nick Cohen on "Why Bush has been a liberal's best friend"

"In January, Bush will be history, leaving liberals all alone in a frightening world. Little else will change. Radical Islam will still authorise murder without limit, Iran will still want the bomb and the autocracies of China and Russia will still be growing in wealth and confidence. All those who argued that the ‘root cause’ of the Bush administration lay behind the terror will find that the terror still flourishes when the root cause has retired."

The Olympic Committee knew China was a snake when they picked it up

A snake's gotta do what a snake's gotta do. Check out this silly column from 2 liberal China lovers.

"Contenders Barack Obama and John McCain should avoid condemning China, and instead signal their intention to develop a personal relationship of trust with their Chinese counterpart soon after taking office. China's human rights are best advanced through discrete encouragement, not negative sound bites."

"Discrete encouragement." What was giving these monsters the Olympics about if not bribing them to treat their people better? They were given a big fat juicy carrot for not acting right and now you expect them to act right in response to "discrete encouragement." They have stepped up their usual bad behavior in Tibet and have been forcing people to go into dirty lakes and pick up stinking algae with their hands.

We are not to make the Chinese lose face with "negative sound bites." We are bad if we do. It's ok to bombard the US with negative sound bites though. Nary a kind word is ever said about us, but China is beyond reproach, because they are sensitive to criticism.

Let's give Iran an Olympics,too. Women won't be allowed to participate of course, but it will encourage the Iranian government to cooperate with the West.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Jamel is here

My neighbor's grandson is here for thr summer. The grandmas had to go to a Gay Rights benefit dinner on Saturday and they asked me to watch Jamel. They gave me 60 bucks for dinner,a movie and my baby sitting fee.

I asked Jamel where he wanted to go for dinner. "Mexican, Vietnamese, Chinese, Pizza?"

"How about Applebees?" I said as I noticed his eyes begin to glaze over.

He put his hand to his chin and pretended to seriously consider my suggestions. "I was thinking Nation's, hmmm..., or MacDonald's" he said slyly.

"Well which is it?" I asked, hoping against hope he would say Nation's.

He put his hand to his chin again, and said, "Hmmm, let's see, I think, MacDonald's. I can eat MacDonald's every day!"

We had a great weekend. Someone was shooting a gun right outside on the street and Jamel frantically called 911 on his cell phone. The next day we were walking a trail across the street and found a guy passed out and curled up in a fetal position. We weren't sure if it had anything to do with the gun shots so we called the police again, but not the emergency number.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama for Chancellor of Germany

Isn't it against the law for a messianic cult leader to speak publicly to masses of his followers in Germany? If it isn't, it oughta be. You'd think they would have learned their lesson by now.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Is it ok for an American president to have dual citizenship in the US and any country in the world?

Let's see, what about having duel citizenship in Russia and the US. China and the US? Iran and the US? North Korea and the US? Cuba and the US? I think the lefties might not like it if a US president had duel Israeli and US citizenship.

Is it ok for Obama to have duel citizenship because Kenya is considered to be a somewhat civilized country? It wasn't too civilized a short while ago. Is Obama going to open up a can of Kenyan style whoopass if he loses the election? I dunno, but I am totally uncomfortable with a US president having a loyalty, even symbolic, to any other country than ours. He needs to renounce his Kenyan citizenship and pick Colin Powell as his vice prez.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lefties got all het up about the book, The Bell Curve,

but now they can't seem to write enough books that prove, through anecdotal, not scholarly, evidence, that indeed there is a bell curve to intelligence and Americans do not fall on the right small end of it.

NPR's Daniel Schorr is way to old to be a commentator!

Last week, he was pontificating to Scott Simon about the Iranian missile photos. He said that the photos had been "airbrushed." He doesn't know about photo shop. He's obviously too old to know what the hell he is talking about. Kick his useless old ass to the curb, NPR.

War criminal, alternative medicine practitioner, it's all the same

Both have blood on their hands. I remember when my best friend's mom was swallowing peach pits by the jar to cure her breast cancer. Guess what, she died!

Monday, July 21, 2008

From Danny Postel's article on "Iranian liberalism" in "The Liberal" online

"I should be clear, however, that the parlance of “revolution” is far from the lips of Iranians today. Iranians are understandably turned off by revolution-speak, given the “revolutionary” regime they’ve been living under since 1979, but also – and this is critical – because of the general failure of the revolutionary Left in Iran. “The leftist, anti-imperialist ideas of the 1970s have given way to a more pragmatic discourse about economic and political dignity based on Western models of secular democracy”, observes the Iranian journalist Afshin Molavi. “Iranian youth largely dismiss the radical ideas of their parents’ generation, full of half-baked leftism, Marxist economics, Third World anti-imperialism, Islamist radicalism and varying shades of utopian totalitarianism. ‘We just want to be normal’, is typical of what hundreds of students have told me. ‘We’re tired of radicalism’”.

Co-worker's cloven hoof Nikes

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sometimes I forget Jehovah's Witness co-worker is a Jehovah's Witness

The only thing that stands out about him is that he never participates in pot lucks on holidays as he does not celebrate holidays.

The other day I asked him if he had seen the movie "The Golden Compass." His face got real tight. I already knew I'd made a mistake when he squeezed out, "I don't watch movies that are demonic."

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The people targeted by the satirical New Yorker cover don't read the New Yorker!

Anyone who thinks that Obama is a flag burning Muslim is not likely to be reading the New Yorker. So if the point of the satire was to inform and educate, it did not. The New York intellectual crowd was just preaching to their choir as usual.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The "Black" white man. Not as ugly as the white man true; but they are just as crazy!

Yesterday on the way to the bus stop I ran into the sideways crab walking, "Bush is strangling me," guy again.

He is so racist that he when he demands quarters from people he will call then by an assumed race or nationality. As in "Hey Chinese, gimme a quarter," often said to a Philipino or Mongolian. Anyone with light brown skin, say an Arab, gets called "Mexican."

As I passed him yesterday he said, "Sister, can you spare a quarter?"

"No," I replied.

"Po' ass bitch!" he shouted.

"Don't call me that, I said, I'm not the one asking strangers for money."

"I'll call you anything I want, he yelled. Po' ass bitch! Cracker bitch!"

One of the women I was on jury duty with last year said she was moving out of Oakland because she was tired of being called, "White bitch" all the time.

How could you possibly get tired of it?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

There ain't no freedom of speech any more, so don't even think about any attempts at humor, or informing people or anything else!

Michael Bloomberg on the Mr and Mrs Obama New Yorker cover,

"We all have to watch very carefully what we say — our attempts at humor, our attempts at informing people — because some of what we say can be misinterpreted and do real damage," he said."

Actually we don't need to watch what we say, cuz there's a whole bunch of lefties who can't wait to point out the errors of our ways! Big lefty brothers are watching you!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bay Area Americans are soo liberal they will step on the blind and elderly to get a seat on the bus

This morning a blind lady, with whom I regularly ride the bus, came to the bus stop with her guide dog. When the bus arrived, the driver slowed in front of the blind lady, then, for some reason, pulled a ways past her. All the able bodied people waiting for the bus saw an opportunity and pushed in front of the blind lady and rushed up the stairs.

I was royally pissed off so I said. "Christ, people, let the blind lady get on first!"

"Thank you, the blind lady said. People have no manners, anymore."

A few people came to their small senses and backed away from the stairs so that she could board.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blacks, swimming, pools, riots and basketball

Heather Mac Donald's article about Jesse Jackson's comments about Obama's nuts and riots by Blacks in Los Angeles's pubic pools reminded me of my childhood "swimming" in Oakland's public pools.

I always went to the pool with my Chinese-American friend and from the age of ten to the age of 13, we were horrifically harrassed and sexually assaulted by Black men and teens in the pool. We had our bathing suits ripped off, were backed into the walls of the pool and molested and I remember, in particular, one sadistic rapist jamming his knee over and over into my crotch while he twisted my breasts. We finally had enough and nobody in our family ever went swimming at a public pool again. Nor will I ever.

I was reading Mac Donald's story to Jehovah's witness co-worker and he was of a mind that the pool staff in L.A should have pushed the Black male rioters into the deep end and let them drown, as in his words "They can't swim. They can play basketball but they can't swim. I was the only Black in my neighborhood who learned how to swim. I used to tell my friends in Philly that when the flood comes, the only thing that will be floating is me and your basketballs."

Affirmative action for whites

Last week there was a plan to have a photo shoot in the children's dept when the staff noticed that there was a lack of diversity in the children available for photographing. As in, there were no white children.

Right-wing co-worker was called and asked to scare up a couple of white ghosts for the shoot the following day. I told him he should charge them for it. He agreed, as his sisters' kids are whiter than white, being so pale that they are practically transparent.

One of his sisters brought her three kids and youngest one spent all her time glaring suspiciously at the Asian kids who make up the vast majority of our patrons.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Californians are not known for their intelligence

Right-wing co-worker went to Kaiser Hospital's lab to drop off his kidney stone. (he tried to get me to look at it, but I refused) When he got to the lab, he read a sign posted at the desk that said "take a number and be seated until your number is called." He did as directed.

They eventually called his number and he went to the desk. The receptionist said, "Good morning. How long have you been in California?"

"All my life, co-worker replied in surprise, why do you ask?"

"Because you read the sign and didn't come up here and ask us a lot of stupid questions," said the receptionist.

Being a custodian does a body good

Thursday, July 10, 2008

This is carved into the concrete between the drugstore and Taco Bell on our main drag

Who needs a Saint Bernard when you have a Devil Dawg

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Kenyan Turkana elder explains the reasons for prolonged drought in his land

First, I have to blame God, because God gives out the rain and can refuse at any time. But I also blame the white man. Since he left, there has been no rain. And that’s why the droughts are so frequent.”

When defense attorneys are proved to have been lying to get their guilty clients off, they should be brought up on charges

Our local boy, Hans Reiser, after having been found guilty of murdering his beautiful wife, has finally owned up to the killing and led the police to the body in order that he may serve a lesser sentence of incarceration. During the trial, his defense attorney spent hours lying out of his ass and engaging in gross speculation in an effort to get his murdering bastard client off. This idiot should be thrown in the same cell with his client.

"All the while, Du Bois maintained his client's innocence arguing that Nina Reiser was a deceptive, manipulative woman who searched for dates on the Craigslist Web site, was into alternative sexual practices and contrived unfounded disabilities and illnesses for her son.
Du Bois claimed that Nina Reiser was living in her native Russia, where Rory, now 9, and his sister, Nio, now 7, have been living with Nina's mother, Irina Sharanova, for more than 18 months."

Monday, July 07, 2008

Cool book!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Alameda parade