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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Now that Jamel is gone, Miss C has a new underage boyfriend, DeVonne

My co-worker brought her 7 year old nephew, who has been living in Monroe Louisiana this past year, into work to meet us. We haven't seen him for 2 years. He said hello and pleased to meet you to everyone and then came over and gave me a hug, unsolicited. After I went back to my cubicle, she took him off to meet more people but he slipped back and came to find me. "I wuz lookin' for you" he said. Then when she tried to take him to lunch he begged to stay with me. When she refused he tried to get me to go to lunch with them. She finally got him to leave by telling him she would invite me over to their house and he could talk with me all he wants. I have a devastating effect on men under 8. I loved his Louisiana accent and the way he replied "Yes Mum" to everything I said. Unfortunately he is already showing signs of Jungle Fever.

The left does not try to win the hearts and minds of those of us on the right!

What's up with that? My lefty co-worker, who is a supporter of Israel came to my cubicle to tell me of a left wing radio show and 2 guests with opposing views. Both guests were Jews. One supported Israel and the other did not. They were both against the Iraq war. My co-worker made the comment that one of them said it was better to work with the Islamic governments in place than to depose them by force. My right wing co-worker was listening to our conversation. After the lefty left (hee hee, lefty left, get it) My righty co-worker said, "I wanted to butt in so bad. He said we should work with the governments of the Muslim countries, but the left in this country won't even work with its own government."

Fighting little old Israel at the expense of your people

Noah at Noahtorious B.I.G. linked to a Newsmax article that made me think. It has always seemed strange to me that the Arabs would waste so much of their energies and monies on fighting Israel. Israel is a minor threat to a small population of Muslims. While their people descend into barbarity, madness and fascism the Arabs continue concentrate on Israel. They spend milions of dollars on weaponry and then cry about the poverty of the Palestinians. Maybe that was the evil Jewish cabal's intention all along. To make the Muslims waste billions of dollars that would be better directed towards inproving the lives of their people.

My computer is fried!

A friend from work gave me a new, used computer. It worked great all last weekend, then monday I turned it on and snap crackle pop. Sparks flew out of the motherboard and white smoke started pouring out. Kaput! I made the mistake of listening to the radio at the same time as I turned on the computer. My old computer is useless, takes 45 minutes to boot up and freezes while loading the first page. I don't have enough power for a newer CPU as my old house is on 120volts and the newer CPUs take more power. So a new computer is out of the question. I guess I need a lap top that runs off its battery. I am blogging from work during my lunch. My 94 year old house is starting to go down the tubes really fast. I have no hot water in the bath tub. My refrigerator is leaking, my house insurance is due this month and the taxes are due in November and I don't have enough electricity to blog with. Arrrggghhh.....

Siberian Eskimos weigh in on gender differences

I was watching Russia Today on Monday. During the program they always show a documentary. This week the documentary was about the Native peoples of Russia. The documentary was about the Siberain native ivory carvers. The most famous living carver, Ivan Seigutegin, set up a school many years ago to train and encourage walrus carving by native peoples. He split the male and females into 2 groups. The men are in charge of actual carving and the women are the etchers. He says that womens' brains are different and they have not the strength for carving. I did not see one single feminist Eskimo having a hissy fit about it. They were just happily etching away and gathering blueberries for the stains. Harvard University professors take note.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Typical Chariot 3D!

This is a present I bought for my co-worker because the Chinese to English translation in the description was so hilarious I was bent over double in the 99 cent store. My co-worker was pleased as he said "How often do you get a "M1A1 Loard Fights the Tank" for your birthday?"
I especially like where it says, "Materials are daintiness!"

I am trained by FEMA and will save you!

This is my FEMA certificate that certifies that I am certified to help in an emergency. Now don't you feel much better?

Muslim terrorist attacks Americans in San Francisco and Fremont, California

The article specifically names a victim of this idiot's rampage as an elderly Chinese woman but neglects to mention the terrorist is a Muslim. The victims of this horrific attack were attacked because they were Americans. The media is again playing up the so-called "mental illness" of this disgusting and cowardly individual. If he is mentally ill it is a malady shared by millions of his co-religionists. As soon as I heard of this rampage I knew that the perpetrator was going to turn out to be a Muslim. Keep it up you idiots. Keep trying, very hard, to turn the populations of the most liberal cities against you. It so makes us want to take your side against Israel.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Is there actually any "firewood" left around the camps in Darfur?

Everytime they do a news story on Darfur the same story is told about the women being raped when they leave the camp for firewood. I take leave to doubt that there is a twig of firewood left anywhere around the camps at this point. There don't look to be many trees about anyway. Perhaps they should say "fuel" for their fires. Maybe they are using dung or something. I also doubt there is an animal left alive and able to make dung anywhere near the camps. I am sure the fuel sources have been seriously depleted by the massive amounts of people living in the camps for the last few years. I start to doubt the validity of some of the stories and think that the UN is embroidering a bit to ram home the seriousness of the situation. Maybe people prefer to live in the camps where they get free food. In fact if the UN is so fucking great, why haven't they solved this crisis yet?

Things I have learned from Arabs

Tea tastes better when drunk from a glass. There is a difference between a Syrian and an Assyrian. How to make a snapping sound with my hands 2 ways other than the one you make with your fingers alone.

Why are the leaders of Islamic militias so fat?

Al Zarqawi was seriously obese when he died. Muqtada Al Sadr is fat, fat, fat. Sheikh Nasrallah is fat. These guys are getting fat while holed up in their hidey holes hiding from the Israelis. The Saudis should send these guys some exercise equipment!

MuMu is history!

Miss C's new squeeze is recently released Fox news cameraman Olaf Wiig. He is a serious hottie! I know he is married to that journalist Anita what'shername, but he has converted to Islam and is entitled to three more wives.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

This is the story of the star crossed lovers, ruggedly handsome Muammar Ghaddafi and the ravishing, redheaded, Miss Carnivorous

The Burning Sands. And let me tell you, Muammar, (I just call him MuMu or habibi, hilwa or ya hayeti) does not do Tantric, Thanks be to Allah! Muammar, in turn says that Miss C's skin is as soft as a she camel's lips and he should know! Miss C's other lovers say that Miss C is more of a she badger, than a she camel, but maybe MuMu just brings out her softer, more feminine, camely side. In the story Miss C seems to have had a terrible accident and developed a permanent limp, which ruined her modeling career. She also gets stung by a bee on her lip, which reminded my poor MuMu of the time his son ( the one by his first wife, Farah, a mere teenager, who died giving birth to Muammar Jr, MuMu is tall, you see and his first wife was only 12) got stung by a scorpion and got all swole up and died, writhing in agony. So sad. Please don't worry, Miss C is fine, the author has taken a little artistic license with Miss C's life story. Miss C does not have a limp, her modeling career is no different than it ever was and she was stung by a wasp a few weeks ago, but only on her foot, she is not disfigured and she only limped for an hour or 2, although she did engage in extreme pottymouthery in front of the neighbors. This slight exaggeration is OK with Miss C, although the author might have asked first. All in all it is a beautiful love story and tells how MuMu makes Miss C's "eyes as cold as steel" turn warm as the desert sun, whenever he makes sweet love to her. I highly recommend this biography.

Muammar Ghaddafi has a blog

It is an interesting read and he is looking good! I have added it to my permanent link list. Thanks to Egyptian Sandmonkey for turning me on to it.

I do not have many lady fans, but here is some advice for them nonetheless,

if a man tells you that he is into Tantric sex, run like the wind!


no man has ever been shot by his wife while he was doing the dishes!

And this!

Prepare to see lots of blurry pics

Like this!

Jamel drew us as pirates!

We are the epitome of all that is bloodthirsty! Don't let these smiles fool you. The end!

Miss C bought a tiny digital camera at the drugstore for $10.00

This is it!

Hey Red!

My sister came to my house one day. As she arrived she told me that a homeless guy standing by McDonalds had said "Hey Big Red" to her. I told her that when I walk by he just says, "Hey Red."

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Miss C is a grown up now!

She has come to adulthood late in life, but she has done it! She has grown up. The other day Miss C's amiga from Panama came and told Miss C of the raptures she had experienced during the Harry Belafonte concert she was so thrilled to have attended. She having been a life long fan of Mr Belafonte and carribean music in general. Miss C oohed and awed and said nice things, instead of going into a psychotic 15 minute rant on the evils of Harry, God I wish I was blacker, but I can't stop banging white women, if I have to sing this fucking banana boat song one more time, I think I'll puke, Belafonte. It's really too bad Miss C's mother is deceased, she would be so proud that her daughter had finally learned to control her tongue. Miss C can spit razor blades, but sometimes she chooses not to.

Miss C's sister is an ogress!

My sister is 6 ft tall. One day she remarked upon the fact that we never see very tall elderly people. I have heard that tall men and large animals are wont to die earlier than smaller ones, but I did not wish to depress her, so I refrained from relaying this information to her. Besides, I am not sure if this is altogether true, as a general rule. Anyway, I said that people shrink with age and that probably explained why we don't see a lot of hulking old people stalking the streets. My sister said, "That's not true, tall old people just hide in their houses so they don't scare children!"

Miss C, aka Ms Hell, is the victim of slander and bad poetry!

A library patron wrote an odious ode to Miss C. It is slanderous and libelous. Miss C is nothing like the woman portrayed in the poem, nothing whatsoever. Miss C, as everyone knows is sweet and kind!

Ms Hell

A bookworm of substance, not entirely by design.
Hidden away in obscurity, this woman's top of the line.

Her attitude towards men is to take or leave them as well.
So fine, she's devine, this woman called Ms Hell.

I have her number, yet when I call she's not around.
I don't think she dislikes me, or tries not to be found.

This is just her style, mysteriously exciting.
Not bogus or unreal, yet all the time fighting

People who wish to experience her affection, until
they realize it's all a deception.

Her flowing red hair sits neatly on her head.
Attracting all the fellows who go crazy seeing red.

She entices then withdraws, this tactic cannot fail.
You look then you're hooked by the power of Ms Hell.

Now the time has come to tell her how you feel.
She looks at you suspiciously with eyes as cold as steel.

You ask for a chance to show you are sincere.
You try to show you're brave, that you will perservere.

Looking for the worse, yet hoping for the best.
She gives every indication that you have failed the test.

You walk away confused, unable to make the sell.
Another fool who learned the rule, don't fall under Ms Hell's spell.

Miss C likes the part about her hair sitting neatly on her head, because it sounds funny, and the part about her eyes being as cold as steel. All the rest is lies.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Mean streak!

One of my co-workers had a birthday this week. I went to the 99 cent store to find gag gifts for him. I got some party poppers. Everyone was coming over to pop poppers. Some people were scared to make a loud noise. One of my co-workers is a pacifist from Hong Kong. We had to really twist his arm to get him to pull a popper. Once he did it though he smelled the gun powder and became a convert. He was savoring the delicious smell of the gun powder. So I told him it was in his blood, since the Chinese invented gun powder. It was a racial memory. Then my other co-worker, the fratty, self admitted male chauvinist pig type of co-worker, who is of British and Norwegian ancestry, said, "Yes, the Chinese invented gun powder, but it took my ancestors to put the mean streak in any invention."

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bush and Mahmoud fall in love

Miss C showed this video to a number of co-workers yesterday. Not one Liberal knew who the president of Iran was. They watched the whole video and did not get it at all. Miss C had to explain it to them. Today one of them admitted that Miss C. "probably" knows more about the war than he does. Jaayzus!!!

Poor people may be of low cognitive ability!

They have been rehashing the Clinton era Welfare to Work program. During Clinton's years many people moved from work to Welfare under his mandate(no pun intended.) It was a really good program that Clinton instituted, there I said it, so shoot me. In any case there were some who were not successful at making the leap to work. There were 2 "experts" discussing the situation on The News Hour on Tuesday. One of the experts, somewhat of a Conservative, felt that more effort should be made to help these people make a transition to work. He felt that everyone should work. Of course Liberals do not agree and seem to be very happy with a lot of people on Welfare. Why is this? It's because it gives Liberals jobs, often high paying ones. It also gives Liberals a chance to engage in their very favorite past times, feeling sorry for people and wallowing in guilt and being rescuers. Not to mention blaming Republicans for the chronic poverty of some Americans, which is always a lot of fun for Libs. So in order to defend her pets and keep her subjects, well, subject to the Liberal Welfare system and social workers in general, the woman had to make a not very Liberal admission. She had to admit that many of the people that were unable to find and keep employment and make the transition to work, had tested below normal in cognitive ability. In other words, many poor people are not very bright! Well, that about clears things up for me, how about you?

Muslims in foreign countries look to France for answers

While Muslims who actually live in France burn with resentment. You know how the Democrats are always belly aching about the working class voting Republican? The Dems claim that the working classes vote for the party that is not responsive to their needs and contrary to their interests. Well the Muslims in foreign countries must be deluded fools to follow the leader of a country in which their brothers and sisters live in such misery and abject poverty that they have to take to the streets in mass protests/riots. Not to mention the poor Muslims anihilated in tenement apartment fires in France. Strange to say, we here in the evil, Muslim oppressing US don't have thousands of unhappy Muslims rampaging through the streets raping and pillaging. And yet, on every Muslim blog, the cry is, let France be our leader. It's the old plantation all over again. Brainwashed former French colonial subjects. As if any French peacekeeping troops would ever fire upon Israeli troops to protect Lebanese citzens. Americans, Brits and Australians are about the only people to ever try and defend Muslims from attack from another country. When the Tsunami struck, who was there? When Serbs attacked, who was there? When Saddam's troops invaded Kuwait and commenced to raping and biting off the nipples of poor Philipina maids, who was there? When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, who was there? Americans with stinger missles that's who. So the Arab peoples will continue to behave in self destructive ways and bite the hand that feeds them. So it is written.

Sixteen shells from a thirty-ought six!

My Palestinian friend was telling me about the time he worked in a grocery store in a bad neighborhood in Oakland. He worked for a Palestinian family. The grocery store was in a building that used to be a Safeway, but Safeway had long abandoned the notion of operating in such a neighborhood. One of the Palestinian brothers that co-owned the store was killed in a robbery by a Black man. The brother of the victim developed a serious animosity for Blacks and lived in hopes of being able to kill one in revenge. He had been one of Arafat's special Palestinian forces and he was a bad ass dude. My friend said that the guy knew how to spit razor blades at peoples' faces and cut them and when the person went to grab his face the guy would jump on him and beat the shit out of him. Sorry, but this, I think, is very cool. I wish I could spit razor blades. This guy had punched out the two way anti-theft mirror on the second floor and would sit there with a thirty-ought six pointed down at the aisles hoping someone would try something funny so he could shoot him. My friend said one time a Black guy came in and stole a ham and the Palestinian guy caught him and beat him half to death and then gave the guy a hundred dollars. He told him "If you need something just ask, we'll give it to you, just don't steal from us."

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Somebody test Madonna for illegal steroids!

I mean it. Has she had a sex change? She is ugly enough to frighten children.

Muslims listen up

We in the America do not hate you. We are not trying to anihilate you. We already have nuclear weapons and have never used them on you. We have lots of troops stationed in Iraq. Even those troops kill very few Muslims compared to how many are dying at your own hands. We don't preach hatred of Muslims in our churches, synagogues or schools. We don't burn your flags. We don't attack your embassies. We do not make videos of ourselves sawing off your heads. We do not have giant protests and call for Death to Iran or any president or king of any Muslim country. We don't hate Muslims or Arabs. We do not rejoice in your suffering or the slaughter of your citizens, except an insurgent or 2, like Zarqawi. We wish that you would stop sending your sons to kill us and then we would stop sending ours to kill you.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Fun yard sale!

Since I am in need of money to repair my ancient cottage, I had a spur of the moment yard sale. My neighbors were having a block yard sale and I decided to slip in on them as they had done all the work by advertising and posting signs. Jamel had finally gone back to Seattle and I had a free day. I had lots of cool loot to sell. Hot wheels, Match Box cars, a skateboard, Barbies, Japanese toys, bakewares. Something for everybody. I met a lot of nice people. I met a really nice couple, he was from Australia and she was from California and he was taking her to Australia to live. They had just sold their table in preparation for their move and they needed TV trays. I told them I was selling the TV trays because I had just bought a table! A family of Mexicans who did not speak English, came to buy china and copper molds. A beautiful little girl talked her mom into buying all of my Barbies and Japanese dolls. A guy who had just come from picking berries stopped and let us taste the berries. My heroin addict neighbors came outside and brought a lot of really neat stuff to sell as well. Hurricane lamps and old bottles. A flag. So I bought some pop bottles from them and the flag. My neighbor's brother just got out of jail. He's been in for 20 years. I know not why and I don't want to. I noticed he had a lot of swastikas tattooed all over him. I asked his brother if he was in the Aryan Brotherhood and he said yes, in prison his brother had to join, although he admitted that he himself was in prison as well and didn't have to join a gang because everyone liked him. I believe him because all the neighbors like this guy, he just has bad friends and scary relatives. But I had a fun day hanging out with the addicts, who often have interesting stories to tell.

Miss C's bathtub woes

Miss C is down and depressed and still has bathtub issues. I went to the plumbing supply in Chinatown and they rigged me up with some black rubber hosing and a little pressure ring you tighten with a screw driver. I have been able to take a bath by hooking the hose up to the bathroom sink and filling up the bath from there. Works great. better than the bathtub faucet was working before it totally conked out. When I first bought my little house it had no heater. This was a problem because I was taking care of my dying mom and it was the beginning of January. You could have stored meat in my living room. You could see your breath. The house has an old fuse box and I got an expensive space heater to keep my mom warm at night and the heater melted the fuse. Bad news. After she died I read about a program in my city where they give rehab loans to low income residents of historical properties. So I applied and the loan was 3%. Unbeatable! The woman in charge of the program could not be any cooler. So I got a heater and a grounded plug in the bathroom and a stove vent, an attic vent and more kitchen cabinets and pretty French windows (because I had to have an historian out to look at the place before they could work on it, and he recommended the original style windows.) I needed new porch posts as the original ones were rotted. I just paid off that loan in April and the plumbing goes out. I called this week and they offered me the same terms. Now they do a lot of weird stuff on their own, the porch posts are made from the pressure treated wood that looks like it's been stapled a million times, very ugly, and they have told me that my tub surround is not up to code. I have an old fashioned style bathroom and I like it that way. I am afraid that they will stick some ugly hotel looking glass shower cubicle in. God I hope not. Anyway, I guess it's better to have running water, than not. Beggers can't be choosers.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The hills have eyes, or an eye for an eye.

One of my very closest friends is a Palestinian American. He and I have known each other for almost 20 years. He travels to the Middle East for business and pleasure, and to see his family a few times a year. His opinion of the Palestinian refugee crisis is that the refugees left in the camps are a village people and many are hill people. Of course among ethnologists it is known that the people that live in the hills of any country are different than the lowland peoples. Often the hill people are fierce fighters. Think the Scottish Highlanders, a la Brave Heart. Think the Montanyards in Vietnam and the hillbillies in the US, like the Hatfields and the McCoys. Village people are slow to change their ways. Often isolated from the more citified lowlanders, they stick to the folk beliefs and are distrustful of outsiders, they have intermarried for hundreds of years. An eye for an eye is one of their most deeply held beliefs. They are quick to take offense and carry grudges forever, often through generations. It is a cultural trait. So, the Palestinian refugees in the camps cling to their old ways, isolated from the rest of the modern world, clinging to the hope of return to their land. The are perpetuationg their close minded village mentality.

There are about as many Muslim moderates as there were Germans who did not subscribe to the ideology of Nazism.

That is to say few, very few. Scratch beneath the skin and you will find a lot of sympathy for the Jihadist cause in the most moderate seeming Muslim.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Going into Iraq is like my ex-boyfriend skinning a bear in his front yard.

My ex-boyfriend was a taxidermist and big game hunter. He bought a house in a bay area suburb. When he moved in he noticed that his neighbors across the street were not the purest of souls. They engaged in a lot of very bad behavior while I lived with him. They attacked one neighbors son after he tried to defend his girlfriend from their insulting language. They never bothered me or my ex. My ex told me that after he realized what bad characters they were he decided he needed to do something to impress them. He went bear hunting. Then he brought the bear home and as his neighbors hung out on their porch, he proceeded to skin the bear in his driveway in front of them. He said he figured that they would realize that the bear hadn't done anything to harm him, but he shot it and skinned it anyway. After seeing this, they would be warned that if they did harm him, he would be just as merciless to them. In fact one of them, while high on PCP, came and kicked in the garage door. My ex nearly shot him before the police arrived. The culprit's brother came over and begged forgiveness for his brother's actions, probably the first time in his life he had apologised for anything. Going into Iraq served the same purpose. Iraqis never did anything to harm us, so woe betide any Muslim country that does.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jerry Brown wants to plant his foot in criminals asses!

Ex Governor, current mayor of Oakland, Jesuit, Liberal, Jerry Brown was on the news touting his new program to keep the troublesome parolees that keep shooting people in the face here in Oakland from perpetrating more murders. Jerry Brown's answer, and I quote, "Repression, continual repression!" He is instituting a program to harass these guys mercilessly, disrupt their game, so to speak. I call it the Saddam Hussein style of crime fighting. I am for it. Looks like Saddam was right about the Iraqis and Bush was wrong. Bush thought they were all like the nice taxi drivers and intelectuals he meets in in DC. Wrong! Most people are scum. You gotta keep your foot up most peoples' asses to get them to act right!

Earth to Muslims, come in Muslims!

Hey you in Pakistan. You over there in Indonesia. Egyptians, listen up. Don't worry about the Palestinians. I got news for you, you have much worse problems in your own countries. Clean up your own systems and stop scapegoating Isreal. Muslim prisoners in Isreal have really good Jewish lawyers, you don't. You all have tons of political prisoners in jails in your own countries. I would recommend that you kidnap some of your own innocent civilians, and demand that your political prisoners be freed, but I won't, because I am against such things. The Palestinians are not children. If they want peace they need to learn how to go about getting it on their own. If they want war, they also don't need any of your help, they are good enough at stirring up shit on their own. You guys are like the left here in America, distracting yourselves from your own failures by focusing on something that really has nothing to do with you and you know you have little chance at succeeding at changing. For the American left it's Global Warming, for the Muslims, it's the Palestinians.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Miss C is going to give up bathing!

I just spent $1,529.00 on a new water heater. My old water heater broke last night. Because the water heater I had was 22 years old, I had to have all this earthquake blocking and a new flue that was up to code, permits new plumbing, copper pipes and insulation. I have old pipes and they were clogged before, but when the water heater installer ran the water through the new heater it clogged the hot water pipe to the bath tub completely. I never could take a shower and now I can't take a bath without boiling water. I wish I could say it was $1,529.00 down the drain but there isn't anything going down the drain! I can't afford to have my pipes replaced so I have decided to totally give up bathing. I will fit right in on public transit and Devil Dog is totally down with the idea, in fact he thinks I will actually have a smell for a change, which he approves of entirely. As for my house, I hope this is not just the beginning of all my troubles with my 96 year old house.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

All liberals look alike!

I work with liberals. In fact, I am only 1 of 2 conservatives out of about 300 liberals in my workplace. I have lived among these people most of my life and worked among them for 20 years. I can detect no personality differences between them. They all think alike, look alike, speak alike and have the same interests. They know absolutely nothing about the actual facts of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict (unless they are Jewish, then they know a little bit.) They know nothing about Iraq or the peoples of Iraq. They can't tell the difference between a Kurd and a Bathist. They are clueless about the gross human rights violations going on all over the world. They think that the sun shines from teachers' assholes. They think every alcoholic is a Vietnam vet or a victim of abuse/society. They think TV violence causes real violence. They think TV is bad period. They do not realize that the "right to privacy" and "freedom of information" are mutually exclusive. Not one liberal sees a bit of difference between first trimester abortion and late term abortion. Every person I have worked with has asked for a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble as a retirement gift. I am waiting to retire so that I can specifically request no Barnes and Noble gift certificate. They all hate George Bush and blame him for everything that's ever been wrong with the world. They continually elect liberal/Black mayors even though there has not been one liberal/Black mayor who has made any significant improvement in the schools or a dent in the poverty of a US city. They all think the French have all the answers. None of them know that I am a Republican. They all think the Christian right has taken over every aspect of the country and that all Republicans are members of the Christian right. They all believe in gay marriage. They all think American women are discriminated against. They all think that Muslims are an oppressed minority. They all love Bill Clinton and despise Clarence Thomas, although Clarence Thomas never molested anyone. They all believe in psycho therapy and chiropracters. None of the liberals look any different when they go to a fancy event. They do not dress up even for funerals or weddings. They have never worn high heels. I can count the ones that wear lipstick on one hand. One of my Black co-workers came to me the other day and said that she was starting to sell Avon products and that she was only asking the "pretty people that wore makeup" if they wanted to look at her catalogue. That was me and about 3 others and one of them is from a Latin country where every woman wears make-up. I never see any liberals when I go to McDonalds. (I exempt my Black co-workers, as they are Democrats but in truth very conservative) Liberals never dress to show any sexuality whatsoever. Their kids are generally very badly behaved. They do not participate when a Black person asks us to buy a soul food lunch for charity. They never buy raffle tickets or otherwise participate in any social activities other than the contingent of them that goes to the Gay Pride parade. One of the liberals has a daughter who won an emmy for her writing on a day time soap opera. When I congratulated the woman on her daughter's award, she grunted in embarrasssment and acted as if she had no association with such tripe. These people are so far removed from the norm and yet they use and manipulate the average American for monetary gain. I am sure the woman's daughter, a Harvard educated Jew, does not watch soap operas either. She just writes them and then belittles the people that watch them.

Sign in the Chinese bridal shop

There is a bridal shop I pass on my way to work in the morning. It sells Chinese style wedding dresses and western ones too. The professionally lettered sign in the window says "taitoring and alternation."

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Arabs need an image make-over.

I have to admit to a bit of bias. I am biased against people that make beautiful little girls wear ugly scarves over their hair. It is jarring to my eye to see these lovely young ladies got up in some tasteless floral rag. Its hard for me to feel pity for people that would do such a thing. Most people in most cultures try to make themselves as attractive as possible. When I see witchy old crones in their ugly black garb, I think, you know, I have absolutely nothing in common with these people, they are from another planet. Why would old ladies have to cover their hair, it's impossible for them to be sexually provacative at that age. Is wearing a hair covering while old the Muslim equivilent of dressing too sexy for your age? Is it like making the wrong assumption that you are still hot or something? I see Israelis, who often physically resemble Arabs, but dress like Westerners, and I can identify with them. If the Israelis all looked like Orthodox Jews, I am afraid I would not like them very much. But most of the Israelis don't dress Orthodox. They are like me. I can get behind them in a way I can't get behind the totally foreign, weirdly garbed Arab women. It's bad to be so shallow, I know, but I am being honest here.

I am doing a study of PBS children's shows.

I have been coming home evrey night and watching a really terrible PBS cartoon called, Dragon Tales. It is a typical example of PBS children's fare. The shows are the opposite of educational and are meant to make misfit children feel good about themselves. Since Public Television is supposed to be for the public, it should actually be concentrating on educating the average child. This is not the case at all. Today's episode of Dragon Tales was calculated to make oversized children/dragons feel great to be huge/fat/hulkingly tall. The show's premise is always to take some weird physical aspect or over sensitive feeling on the part of a character and make it seem as if it is not only normal, but even special and to be treasured. In other words instead of assimilating kids into society so that they can actually be happy citizens, PBS is telling them a total lie, that fitting in is not desirable and that there is something wrong with everyone else who feels that way. I will keep watching and report on the content of the various children's programming. I can tell you that there was more valuable information in the Batman and X-men and Tick cartoons than there is on the educational station.

Eating lamb may make you violent!

Miss C has long noticed a correlation between lamb eating and violence. Many of the people that eat a lot of lamb are terrorists. Basques, Palestinians, the Irish, all eat a lot of lamb and then go on manuvers. Makes you think!

Joining a street gang is a conservative thing to do.

Young men in America are lacking in discipline. Many of them have no fathers and have been taught to distrust authority and the establishment. Yet they join gangs. A gang is a military unit, a brotherhood, a family. Gangs are run by strict rules and regulations. These young men are looking for structure and authority figures. Since the welfare system has encouraged minority fathers to abdicate their responsibility to their children, these young men must seek support and discipline from other men by joining gangs. The liberal fear of being labeled racist has prevented teachers from enforcing discipline and stucture in US schools. Most people crave structure and need to know their place in a culture and society. Gangs give inner city youth what they are not getting from our school system and their own fathers.

While the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka slaughter Muslim civilians, the world turns its head.

When Muslims are slaughtered by Hindus the world ignores the atrocities. The Tamil Tigers are killing aid workers and innocent Muslim civilians. Where is the outcry of the Muslim world?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Please read this blog!

Don't Tell Me What's Wrong With Me blogger, Brad has a really cool Dad who has a blog of his own. Brad's dad is an engineer, brilliant and very right wing. He lives in Texas and knows his national and international politics. He has a vast knowledge of science. He is a cut above the rest and I can't recommend him highly enough.

Drunkenness and anti-semitism do not go hand in hand!

Miss C's father was often drunk but never anti-semitic! You can definitely be one and not the other.

I got the ways and means to New Orleans

I got a call from a woman in New Orleans today. She was looking for someone with my name who had left New Orleans because of the flood. I know my name is more common in New Orleans than it is in Paris, France, in which it is common indeed. I have never been a member of the DAR, though. She was looking for a fellow daughter. At first I was scared that someone with my name had perpetrated some fraud or something. Whew!

Let's play hide the Katyusha!

My Palestinian-Jordanian-American friend was at a car dealership today and the female car salesperson asked him what nationality he was. He told her and she said, "If you buy a car from me I'll let you use your Katyusha on me!" He said it took him a few minutes to get it!

Flowers or Stars of David?

When I was belly dancing I worked for a Palestinian from Jerusalem. He liked Jews just fine and had hired a few Jewish women to belly dance at his club and restaurant. One of the women I danced with was an Italian from Boston. She sounded like Fran Drescher and had a big nose. She had a belly dance costume with flowers on the bra cups. One night, two Arab guys came into the club and saw her dancing. They became very abusive and demanded that she get off the stage. One of them went up to the bartender and told him that he was not going to watch a Jew dance with Stars of David on her costume. So I tell this idiot that first of all this women is not Jewish and that the design on her costume is of flowers, not Stars of David. He tells me that he knows Jewish people when he sees them and that the flowers were too, Stars of David. The owner came over and explained the same to this guy and then the owner said, "She is not Jewish, but if she was, I wouldn't care, because I have nothing against Jews. I lived among them and they are good people." So the guy starts in with the usual stuff,. "I can buy this place, I can burn this place down," etc, etc. In the mean time, the guy's companion has gotten up on the stage and is dancing with the belly dancer!

Smoke and Mirrors!

I am not at all surprised that Arab so-called journalists are doctoring Reuter's photographs of Beruit. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors. On the one hand they say Israel is destroying Lebanon and on the other Hizballah is defeating the Israeli Defense Forces, soundly. If Hizballah is winning and supported by the Lebanese people, who are all eager to become martyrs for the cause why are they still begging for the UN to broker a cease fire? If you were actually winning wouldn't you be willing to make sacrifices in order to complete your goals? In my many years of close contact with Arabs I became very used to them lying and exaggerating wildly Their capacity for self deception is endless. I began to realize that it was a cultural phenomenon. I am not at all surprised that they stage and doctor photographs.

My Palestinian boyfriend was one of the most amazing liars I have ever met. He came to the US on a student visa and enrolled in a Catholic college in California. He is still here illegally 25 years later. He almost never went to his classes. He would go clubbing all night and in the morning he would be too tired to get up to go to school. He would swear on his father's grave that he would go the next day, but he never did. When he received notice that he was failing his classes, he became very angry and said, "I have paid my money, they can't fail me!" He did make an effort to go to school and came back with glowing reports of his excellence in all his classes. "They have made me the captain of the soccer team!" he announced proudly. I found this quite amazing as I knew that his trips to school would be short lived. He also told me that he had gone to Kuwait to lead troops against Saddam Hussein's army. Yes, he was the leader!

My friend's Palestinian husband was the "cousin" of every famous Arab that ever lived. Now this is not so far fetched, as people whose parents are first cousins can actually have many relatives in one country. However, my friend's husband had never met the people he was claiming as his first cousins. My friend's husband was a taxi driver and had little education but he numbered among his closest relatives very famous scholars.

I became used to hearing crazy stories and wild exaggerations from my friends. It did not inspire confidence in anything they said. I began to doubt most of what they told me and I put the lying down to their embarrassment and discomfort at not being very successful in the US. I understood that they were touchy and sensitive about how they were perceived so they had to make up stories to make themselves seem more important in the eyes of Americans. This is the result of a deep cultural misunderstanding, because Americans are taught not to brag. Arabs would constantly brag about all the money they had, which is considered a sign of poor taste in America. I would have thought more of these men if they had not made up stories to impress me.

I met many Arabs with anti-American sentiments in the late 80's and early 90's. I sensed deep feelings of inferiority among most of them. There was much resentment on the part of Palestinians against the Gulf Arabs. Jealousy was rampant and fights between the two groups were common. Often when we went to a restaurant my companion would tell the owner that he could "buy" the restaurant if he wanted too. There was a lot of boasting and bragging. It seemed to be a Muslim pastime.

When Saddam's minister of information, started using the usual hyperbole to describe the fabulous performance by Saddam's army in Operation Desert Freedom, while he denied that American tanks had rolled into Bagdad, I wasn't hearing anything I hadn't already heard before. Remember, the Arab world was sure that Saddam, with the help of Allah, would defeat the Americans soundly. Now Hizballah and the Arab world are ready to claim victory at the defeat of Isreal. As usual I tend to take those claims in the same way I take most of the claims they make. I think that Sheik Nasrallah will also be asked to play in the next World Cup Soccer match, as the captain of one team or another.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Is Hizballah a pacifist movement?

Hizballah's motto, Peace through inferior firepower! Seriously if Hizballah's goal is the total anihilation of Israel it will take them 100 years to do it at this rate..

The Lebanese want the war to end!

I saw a little Lebanese girl on the news tonight who said she did not want to flee any further north to get away from the Israeli offensive. She said that she just wanted the war to end. Maybe if the Lebanese really, truly get sick and tired of this state of affairs, they will elect moderates who do not continually invite Israel's wrath. I think that the Israeli strategy may be the correct one.

Although the Lebanese are all now claiming to be supportive of Hizballah, I doubt that they will be willing to go through this type of bombardment a second time, very soon. The UN is powerless to really help the Lebanese at this point. I think that Europe is actually going along with Israel's intent to cripple Hizballah before they send in peacekeeping troops.

The Lebanese are so proud of Hizballah standing up to Israel and they are suffering the consequences of that support. It's like my dog at the dog park. He's small and he stirs up shit with the bigger dogs and when the bigger dogs go after him he runs between my legs. I am like the UN. I pick him up and he lives to fight another day. What did he learn? He learned that he can still pick on bigger dogs and live, but maybe one day I am busy, my back is turned, and I don't rescue him and he has to suffer the consequences of his actions. He's not going to like it, and he may be killed, but if he lives he may not pick on bigger dogs ever again.

It's very easy for the Muslims in other countries to be supportive of factions and militias that stand up to the US and israel, because the Muslims in other countries do not have to suffer the consequences and the death and destruction that result from such behavior. If you are in your apartment in France you don't have to worry about Israeli bombs. It's really not your business how much of a bad ass Hizballah is. You can't live vicariously through Lebanese children. So if the Muslims really care about their people in Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon, they should encourage their brethren not to attack Israel or engage in sectarian violence. That's the only way to lasting peace.

General John Abizaid says,

"The Shia and Sunni are going to have to love their children more than they hate each other," for this sectarian violence to stop and an Iraqi civil war to be avoided.

Did you know this?

Bottlenose dolphins regularly rape sea turtles and sharks!