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Thursday, September 28, 2006

The MSM has totally stopped reporting on the Muslim man that deliberately ran down pedestrians.

For 2 weeks we have heard nothing about this case. It is a deliberate self censorship by the media. For once and for all, we Americans are not about to go Muslim bashing even for this incident. You can report on an important news story. We are not so "sensitive" that we will start burning effigies of Muslim leaders in the streets and having marches demanding apologies merely because a Muslim man ran over 12 innocent people in San Francisco. I heard the 911 tapes from the incident. One of the witnesses states that the murderer looks "Middle Eastern." Is it profiling to describe someone on a rampage running over old ladies as "Middle Eastern?" Would a 911 dispatcher think that you meant someone from Ohio?

Mass executions in China on National Day/Golden Week.

October 1, is the start of a Chinese national holiday. On the BBC news yesterday they did an expose on the Chinese organ transplant business. A Chinese Doctor and organ broker told an undercover journalist posing as someone whose father needed a liver transplant, "October 1 holiday is coming up and we will do a mass execution which helps create social harmony. There will be a lot of organs available after the mass execution." They showed a cafeteria area filled with foreigners waiting for prisoners to be executed so they could receive their organs. My leftist colleagues are still filled with admiration for China. They take advantage of China selling girl babies like slaves to single white Ameircan women and no doubt they would overcome their leftist dislike for the death penalty quick enough if they needed an organ. Disgusting. Am I the only one that thinks this horrific?

"The only way to whip an army is to go out and fight it."

General Ulysses S. Grant

The Iraq war is not radicalizing the Muslim extremists as much as the successful strike against the US on 9/11 did.

When the terrorists struck a huge blow against the US, and make no mistake it was a masterful stroke, they gave hope and courage to many would be terrorists. When Bush invaded Afghanistan and routed the Taliban, it let them know that there would be a huge price for any future actions against the US. If Bush had not gone into Afghanistan, the people of the US would have demanded his head.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Militant extremists coming to your neighborhood!

Hooray for the triumph of barbarism. Another nail in the coffin of reason and civility. Another victory for the oppressers. Let's all cheer whenever the militant Islamists exert their rule over moderate Muslims. It can only further the causes of social justice, human rights and world peace!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The anti-war protesters are stuck in the same old groove.

Listening to the British people complaining about the Iraq and Afghan wars you see that they are woefully ignorant of the real issues of the wars. They are still complaining about WMD's and the deaths of innocent Iraqi and Afghans, at the hands of coaltition troops, which are beside the point at this stage in the wars. The dead of the first strikes on Iraq and Afghanistan are being dwarfed by the deaths that are being perpetrated by the Muslims radicals, who must not win. The earth will not be a better place for the US having been defeated by the Bathists, Taliban and Islamic radicals who are engaged in trying to stop the institution of Democracy in Iraq, and to reinstitute a particularly oppressive regime in Afghanistan. The less free the peoples of the Middle East are, the less free we all can be. As for helping us in Afghanistan, I doubt that the Brits could have defeated Hitler without the US. They are being singularly ungrateful.

When Muslims resort to suicide bombing it means they have been defeated.

The only people that use suicide bombers against innocent people are people that have failed in their military objectives and have no resources left but to send their people to die in suicide missions. Suicide missions have never had much effect on the opposing army and are merely symbolic of desperation. That the Taliban is increasing its suicide bombings is syptomatic of their inability to fight the coalition forces on an equal basis. Only an utterly defeated military has to resort to such tactics.

More left wing merde from NPR!

National Public radio continues its propaganda war against Americans in Iraq by reporting a non-story about cafeteria workers in Iraq. According to the report, Iraqi Muslims are being "forced" to serve pork products to Americans. Naturally, Americans are so culturally insensitive that we just steam roll over the sensitivities of everyone. Of course no one could be blamed for thinking that the servers are happy to be well employed. Or that even if they have objections they should be grateful to people who are putting their lives on the line to rebuild and add infrastructure to Iraq. Nor was it mentioned that the pork gobbling soldiers are dying to protect Iraqi lives. I used to work for Iranian pizza parlour owners. They regularly put their hands in raw pork sausage. This was for business. They also sold beer and wine. So kill them why don't you. It's ridiculous for the leftist media to be championing the shallow and superficial religious rights of foreigners in other countries while they tear down the rights of Americans to practice them in their own country.

The "torture" that happened at Abu Ghraib is pretty average hazing to frat boys and college football players

Hell, remember the pinning the medals directly into the chest stuff at the military academy. Check out this story about Russian military hazing. Pretty horrific and tragic. I have not heard that anyone at Abu Ghraib had to have his genitals amputated as a result of his abuse at the hands of a female soldier. It is all pretty stomach churning, though. The things men get up to sometimes remind of packs of wild hyenas. Men are so strange!

Commenter Anonymous this post is for you!

Anonymous, be a good boy and do what Uncle Osama tells you to!

Monday, September 25, 2006

More feminist bullshit!

There's a silly political roundtable show on PBS. I chance to catch it once in a while after watching the McLaughlin group. There is a hideous manbeast hostess, all died black hair, who completely disproves the idea that all Italian women are beautiful. They have her all got up in makeup to try and soften her edges. Anyway, it is a feminist show and Eleanor Holmes Norton attends, talking of issues she knows nothing of, like marriage and childbirth.

This week there was talk of the Milan Fashion Week festivities and the new rules set up by some European socialist board, saying that models that are "underweight" by a certain percentage shall not be allowed to walk the runways. 6 models were determined underweight and disqualified from modeling. The reasoning being, that young ladies are given over to anorexia and bulemia and made that way by the evil fashionistas. The reporters and social commenters mostly agreed, one radical Hispanic journalista saying, "I don't want my 2 daughters to feel pressure to fit a certain body image." Ms Holmes Norton went on in the same vein, though she seems naturally slim. Even the conservative commenter agreed. The one dissenter was a woman I am not familiar with who is the head of a woman's organization. She is a beautiful Black woman, an ex model. She said that she did not feel it appropriate for any government to tell people that they could not work because of their weight. Hurrah, hurrah!

Miss C rides public transit and sees scads and scads of teenage girls and she is here to tell you that far from suffering the dreaded disorder of anorexia, they are suffering from eattoomuchia. They are rarely ever without a McDonald's bag in hand, chomping away at apple pies and fries, after which the bag ends up on the ground. They proudly flaunt their "muffin tops," (the roll, or rolls, of fat that bulge over the low cut jeans of a girl who has not the body for low cut jeans) They constantly pull at their skin tight shirts that encase their Michelin Man like blubber and give them the appearance of overstuffed sausages. these young ladies are fat as seal puppies!The feminists can convince themselves that the problem with American teenagers is poor body image, but they can't convince me! These girls actually think they look good, but they are obese at the age of 15. This is the real problem with American girls.

Men do not choose beauty standards, women do. Men are usually happy to go along with the program. There are standards of beauty in every culture, some are surface, like sharpened teeth and lip plates, some have to do with body size or skin color. Every woman can not meet the standards. Often you hear Black women saying that they would be considered beautiful in Africa, but they can't know that for sure. In Africa all woman are not considered beautiful, Africans have standards as well. Africa is not a perfect world where every Black woman is considered beautiful. Surprise, surprise.

As for the fashion magazines being the cause of anorexia, I do not believe a bit of it. If the anorexics were interested in looking like a supermodel, they would stop dieting after they reached supermodel size. They do not. Anorexics are perhaps more influenced by reruns of Tales from the Crypt and are seeking to look like the Crypt Keeper.

If you don't grow a beard the Taliban will chop off your toes!

I read a book today at work written by a Brit who traveled through Afghanistan. On his journey he met a young man with no toes, who said that the Taliban had chopped them off because he did not have a beard. He had since grown a weak, thin beard. Good idea, as you never know what the Taliban would chop off next! As a Brit this author was often harassed and threatened by Afghan villagers who thought he was Taliban, because the Taliban is made up of many foreign invaders from Arab countries. There is an occupation for you. I bet there are more foreigners occupying Afghanistan from Arab countries than there are coalition forces in Afghanistan. The Arabs, who often come from countries that are modernizing, are trying to force Afghans to live in the past to suit their own ideology. Its like the white man playing Indian.

Despite the pseudo socialist bent of the professors,

the American University system is still the best in the world. It's ridiculous that the leftist professors who are supported by the American system of higher education are in the forefront of the movement to eliminate the capitalist system. The capitalist system which feeds the coffers of the Universities and demands the excellence from the graduating students. The leftist professors seek to emulate the systems of Europe, despite the rioting and social unrest which symbolize the failed states of Europe. Despite their wrong headedness we must be grateful to them.

A good excuse!

My friend and I were walking in San Francisco with her Palestinian husband. We walked past a group of homeless guys. "Can you spare any change?" one of them asked my friend's husband. "No," he said, putting his arms around our shoulders, "I have to support my wives!"

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Rumors of bin Laden shitting himself to death

Typhus is a disease common countries without modern sewage systems. God, it would be funny, and a wake up call to the Muslims to modernize. Again, to go out while shitting yourself silly because of a disease eradicated in the West is divine justice indeed.

Miss C made a prediction about the California Governor's race and she stands by it.

Earlier in the year, during the Democratic primary, I said that the commercials the Democratic candidates ran against each other would make them look so bad that Arnie would win easily, come November. I still think this is going to be a cakewalk for Arnold, for a few reasons. The fact is that most Democratic politicians are repulsive characters and Phil Angelides is no ecception.

We were supposed to wait till Saddam had WMD's to give to terrorists to use against us

I get it now. The left wanted Saddam to get them first. We were supposed to figure out exactly when he was capable of mass destruction (which would have been when CNN showed us the overhead pics of the great smoking crater that was Israel) and then try to get the UN behind us in our plan take down Saddam.

While the left claims that Israel and the US are slaughtering Muslims in excessive numbers, Hezballah and the Taliban claim we are not killing enough!

While the Europeans and the American left cry against the killing of innocents by Israel and the Zionist puppet George Bush, Hezballah and the Taliban claim the opposite. They claim victory against the Zionist oppressors and mock the reports of Taliban deaths at the hands of coalition troops. This can only mean one thing, the US and Israel are not killing enough people to earn the respect of the Islamist leaders. Nasrallah has claimed victory for Hezballah and belittled the Israeli military. How can Israel and the US be simultaneously weak and oppressive? The Islamist leaders want to have it both ways and cry about their supposed mistreatment at the hands of Israel and the US while pretending to a military victory to the Muslim people. Either one or the other may be true, not both. The Taliban and Hezballah are like the Black Night in Monty Python's Holy Grail.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Beware the charm of the truly evil sociopaths

Lately the mainstream media is all a flutter over the charm and wit of the dastardly duo, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez. president Ahmadinejad is very witty and enjoys going one on one with reporters, said Margaret Warner on her trip to Iran a few weeks ago, just before she was ordered to leave the country in 24 hours. I myself watched Hugo Chavez' speech to the UN delegates and chuckled all the way through. As the prison and security specialist, Gavin de Becker says, if someone is charming, you have to ask yourself why they are trying to charm you. Charming men, as your Grandmother told you, are very dangerous. These are the men that fool all your relatives and when they get you where they want you, they beat you and when you complain to your family, they explain it away and charm your family into thinking you deserved it.

While Hugo Chavez accuses Bush of killing Iraqi children, he remains a devotee of a political ideology that has killed millions in its name. Bill Clinton was very charming and yet thought nothing of hurting a young and vulnerable woman and his wife and daughter. Hitler himself was very charismatic.

George Bush, truth be told, has no charisma. Bush is neither witty, nor charming. Bush speaks the truth and does not couch his words. People do not care to hear to the truth, it makes them uncomfortable. They are not used to hearing the truth from public officials and would prefer to stay in their comfort zone. No one really likes to think that the Islamists want to destroy us all. This makes us feel very nervous. But we have all heard the mantra that the US is evil, over and over again since the 60's. People are comfortable with this, it is nothing new and it really doesn't threaten us as much as the thought of really dangerous people like terrorists. We can think that the government is invading our privacy without too much real nervousness, but plane travel is now nerve racking. We would all prefer to believe that Noam Chomsky and the ACLU are right and that the biggest threat is George Bush listening in on our phone conversations.

The American left may say that they are afraid of the Bush administration, but they don't mean it. In fact they have always gotten a lot of enjoyment from false feelings of presecution. They like to feel in solidarity with third world peoples. What better way to do so than to pretend that you are also a victim of repression, no matter how thin your claim. They march with the Palestinian protesters, "We are with you man, we feel your pain. We don't care if you wrap your women and girls in rags and force them to marry their cousins and set them on fire for even talking to a boy, we love you man." They also have convinced themselves that since they are tolerant and love third world peoples so much, the terrorists can not possibly mean them, when they talk of destroying the US and taking over Europe.

Of course the Islamists mean exactly the liberal left when they talk about destroying the great Satan. Osama bin Laden mentioned Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, as proof of the decadence of American society, in his manifesto. The left closes its eyes and believes the Islamists as they would any abuser. So beware of people that would charm you into believing they are not dangerous. They mean you great harm and will lull you into a false since of security. Hugo Chavez says he is a friend to the people of the US. He is nothing of the kind.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Allah had plans for George W. Bush

Watching United 93 the other evening, I had a thought. It was strange that the plane headed for the Whitehouse never reached its target. Bush was protected that day. Either Chavez is right and Bush is de Debil, or Allah wanted Bush to live and occupy Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Venezuela.

Israelis are training the Kurds to shoot straight!

This is a breath of fresh air, good news in an otherwise shitty roundup of news stories. Men in the Middle East shoot about as well as Chinese people drive. That is to say, Middle Eastern men close their eyes and clench their sphincters before they pop off a round. This goes for missiles as well. I am so glad that the Kurds are being trained to shoot accurately, at last.

Monday, September 18, 2006

If Al Qaeda is winning, why is Osama hiding?

Where is Osama? The victor of a conflict generally has a parade through the streets. Why isn't Al Jazeera interviewing him? Because he has no place to call his own, that's why. As Saddam's former Minister of Information would say, Osama is running like a fraidy cat from our superior firepower! Only about a hundred Americans have been killed in Afghanistan. Of course as you all know, some of the Americans killed, were killed by friendly fire. So, there you have it, the great al Qaeda, lead by the magnificent warrior, Osama bin Laden has not been able to kill more than 100 Americans in Afghanistan in over 5 years. That's 20 American troop deaths a year. Really, it's laughable. There were so few American deaths in Afghanistan, the supposed stronghold of al Qaeda and bin Laden, that the News Hour on PBS neglected to report on the American troops killed in Afghanistan, for years! They listed the roles for recently killed troops in Iraq, but only recently started listing the Afghan war dead. I remain as unimpressed by the Taliban as I was when the war began.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Miss C is really pissed at the Islamists right now.

Miss C is damn tired of hearing about headless bodies in Iraq. These people are worse than animals. At least animals kill for food. Since the followers of Islam consider themselves to be superior to animals, I fail to see how they can think that slaughtering each other by the hundreds every day is acting in a way superior to pigs, dogs or other filthy, cruel beasts. The Islamists are furious at the Pope for speaking the truth. Words, people! Words accusing them of being violent, which they clearly are.

Iran is arming, funding and helping Arabs to kill thousands of other Arabs and Kurds and yet being looked at as a hero in the middle east. The Arabs have an inability to determine who their real enemies are. The rest of the Arab world is content to let the iraqis kill each other, perhaps in punishment for welcoming the American liberators, when the arabs had never lifted a finger to help them and indeed had admired Saddam Hussein, from a safe distance. The Arabs are self destructive and content to let others do their dirty work. They do not send troops to protect their own people. The Americans and coaltion forces are engaged in a losing battle to keep Iraqis alive. Reasonable Iraqis look at the coalition forces as a neutral mediator between the radical forces and the general population, the Shia and the Sunni, the Kurds and everyone else.

The Muslims are the greatest danger to themselves. I could understand them shooting at US and coalition troops, the troops are armed men, occupiers, and thus fair game, but to kill the sons and daughters of Iraq. What is wrong with this world. All in the name of the Palestinians and over a bitter hatred of Israel. No wait it s about power and who will have the power in Iraq as well.

You know, I have never understood the US government incinerating the children at Waco, ostensibly to save them from being molested by David Koresh and I will never understand the Muslims continual fomentation of death and destruction over the Palestinian people. Killing hundreds of thousands of your own people to get a tiny strip of land back for a few is really stupid.

Vice and virtue police getting ready to reinstitute extremely restrictive anti-woman Taliban laws in Afghanistan

Seriously can't a girl get a break? Doesn't what these bastards do to women violate the Geneva Convention. Forget about the prisoners at Gitmo, let's talk about the women imprisoned in Islamic societies and subject to torture, execution and inhumane treatment.

The Islamists are making the Pope their bitch!

I know the Pope is gay, but he should be more selective as to who he lets fuck him in the ass!

Vox Day has convinced me that the Islamists are not fascists!

Vox has outlined the ideology of fascism and he is correct that the goals of the Islamists do not amount to fascism. Extreme Islam can exist under any form of government. For the most part the goals of the American left follow the basic tenents of fascism except for an increasing military expansion which applies to the right in this country. I will henceforth stop referring to the Islamists as "Islamofascists." I have seen the error of my ways. If I get riled up I may refer to the Islamists as "Islamolunatics." This, of course, is no slur upon the peaceful followers of Islam, all 6 of you.

The Pope suggests that followers of Islam are violent and irrational and it enrages Muslims to the point of violence and irrationality!

As usual, the violent followers of Islam engage in a frenzy of church burning. Followers of Islam threaten to kill yet another Pope. An Italian nun is shot multiple times and killed along with her bodyguard, in Somalia! Nuns need bodyguards in Islamic countries. I am sorry, but we must celebrate the bravery of Christian nuns and aid workers living and working to help the poor in Islamic countries. They are braver than suicide bombers any day, because at least they are doing good works and taking care of the poor while waiting to die.

The suicide bombers, by contrast, usually have imparted little to the society they lived in prior to their suicide missions. One day in the far, far future the followers of Islam may surprise me by remaining peaceful and refusing to engage in extreme violence. They will refuse to murder good people who are trying to improve the lives of Muslims by rebuilding infrastucture in Islamic countries. They will decide against killing aid workers who help feed and shelter refugees after Israeli offensives. They will refuse to saw the heads off journalists trying to tell the story of Muslim sufferring.

I am starting to sound like John Lennon, in his song Imagine. Until then, I have to agree with the theologian the Pope quoted, the followers of Islam seem to be more and more falling into the pit of irrational thinking. How rational is it to engage in violence to prove that you are non-violent?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

And now for something completely different!

From Gaza, With Love. This is a blog by a Palestinian doctor living and working in Gaza. It is interesting for the information about the current Israeli military offensive in Gaza and for human interest as well. Be warned, this is a pro Palestinian/anti-Israeli occupation site, but I believe informed people should know both sides of any story. I have been reading Dr El-Farra for a while and mean to link her but my computer problems are making it difficult.

Shobrawy's debate on what country has the best looking women!

Miss C weighed in on the debate by saying that she thought Tahitian/French mixes were the most beautiful. At left is Tahitian dance champion Lucy Wilson, and above, Brazilian actress, Morena Baccarin, both of stunning beauty. While it's true that there are some beautiful women living in Brazil, there are millions of very ugly women living there as well. So it's really dumb to say, Brazilian women are beautiful! Yes, beautiful Brazilian women are beautiful, but ugly Brazilian women are ugly! So Miss C will say that the good looking women of Brazil, Tahiti, Moscow, Miami, etc, are good looking, the ugly ones, well, aren't!.

The jews would have had to have been tied together by string to have left the twin towers at the same time!

Fred On Everything has penned another fabulous column, Fred's Terror Report. This one is a brilliant piece of work refuting the 9/11 conspiracy theories. An avowed hater of Bush and no supporter of the Iraq war, Fred is a Hunter S. Thompsonesque advocate of rationality. His points, as always, make perfect sense.

Let's clear up some misconceptions the French have about Trailer Trash

I have an Anonymous commenter from France. He came over from No Pa-saran website and often comments on Leilouta's website. Leilouta once told a funny story about a friend of her mother's who came to her house in France and went poop in the bidet, not realizing it wasn't meant for that purpose. Anonymous' comments remind me of that story. Anonymous continually poops in the bidet with his filthy, racist threatening comments, to Leilouta and about Americans.

Like the KKK young, worthless, emasculated European males fancy themselves to be better than others. The Muslim males feel superior to women and the French intellectuals, although missing their balls, like to think of themselves as having a superior intellect. They kid themselves that this makes them better than the manly, macho American males, but put them side by side and who did the French women prefer after World War II. Of course the French are good for absolutely nothing other than hanging around cafes and blowing smoke out of their asses.

Anonymous has obviously never been to America, because he lives, no doubt, in some tenement apartment in Lyon, the tenth son of the third wife of some taxi driver and he can't afford a plane ticket. I am sure, as the third wife, his mother qualifies for some government largess which Anon lives off of while dreaming of Jihad and hoping in vain for the downfall of the greatest country on earth, America. In any case he is very ignorant and knows nothing about the average American. He seems to think we are all running around Disneyland 24/7. Of course he gets that idea from the French media, who are quite ignorant of reality, as well.

One of his favorite insults is, "Trailer park trash." Let me illustrate some of the people that live in trailer parks. My mother was the eldest of 7 children. She had 3 brothers and 3 sisters. My mother's father was from Cornwall, England. His family owned a granite mine in Oklahoma. He married my grandmother and they had 7 kids then he took off and left them while she was pregnant with her 7th, after the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis began to appear. She had a very debilitating form of the disease. The children took care of her until she was put in a convalescent hospital.

My mother's next eldest sister married a man from Minnesota. His parents were from Sweden. His brother began to date my mother's 2nd eldest sister and the test we gave him, to make sure he was worthy, was having him drive us to the movies and having me barf down the back of his neck in the car. I was always car sick. He handled it very well. They married shortly thereafter.

Both of my very young aunts and their husbands lived in trailer parks. Their husbands worked double shifts at different jobs. They worked all the time. We rarely ever saw them when they first married my aunts. One of the uncles began to work as a butcher. He finally saved enough money to buy a house. the 2 uncles were supporting my mother's 3 youngest siblings as well as paying for my grandmother's hospital bills. The other aunt and uncle stayed in the trailer for a few years. This was in Redding California, which was rural at the time. My uncle, the butcher, worked at a Farmer's market, before the city yuppies, vegetarians and devotees of organics were born and they started having farmer's markets in the big cities. I used to talk about the farmer's markets to my city friends and they never knew what the hell I was talking about.

My uncle sold his first house and his second house and then he began to build his own houses, with the help of his brother and my aunts. Then they all began to build houses left and right. They became very good at building houses and built themselves amazingly cool houses.

Of course it is very hot in Redding and they needed pools. So they built their own pools. They built pools for the whole family. They got very good at installing pools. They started a pool business, Viking Pools. Then they invented a new fiberglass technique. They installed a hell of a lot of fiberglass pools. As the kids grew up, they went to school and then opened a pool business in a different state. They convinced other family members to join the business, sharing the wealth. Each of my aunts 3 sons lived in trailers on family land until they could afford build their own houses.

My aunt's daughter dated a kid in high school whose parents owned "Zoofalls Trailer Park." My aunts used to tease her and say that she could be the trailer park landlady and walk around in her slippers and collect the rents.

My uncle who founded the pool business and invented the fiberglass design, just sold his company to a plastics co in New York. They are comfortably well off and can travel all they want. Worst of all they are Christians, one of my aunts is actually a Sunday school teacher! Both of my aunts have been married for over 40 years. Their kids are all married and will probably stay married to the same people as well. I find their way of life, distictly superior to the selfish liberalism rampant in the intellectual class. That is not to say that my relatives are not very smart, they just don't sit around talking out of their asses all day and constantly complaining like intellectuals do.

So you see, from humble trailer park beginnings, sprang great businessmen and women. My uncles are good men, who have worked hard all their lives to take care of others. They are quiet and humble. So when some pseudo intellectual French guy, who is a dime a dozen in France, and has never worked 15 hour days 7 days a week in 115% heat calls my uncles trailer trash, It just proves what an ignorant fool he is. My uncles are so used to slaving away in the Central California heat during the summer that they keep their houses at about a hundred degrees in the winter!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Miss C is so into multiculturalism!

Today a co-worker's friend brought us all tamales. Forks are very thin on the ground here, but we always have chopsticks. So, Miss C ate her tamales with chopsticks.

The liberals who claim to be afraid of their own government are against private gun ownership.

If the liberals were actually afraid of George Bush their own government, would it not make sense for them to own weapons to protect themselves? Especially since SWAT teams are notorious for breaking into the wrong houses. In reality, the people that have to be afraid of this government right now are the CEO's of large corporations who are being hounded to death.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

George Bush, revolutionary!

This was an exchange during The News Hour last night between Iranian experts and anchor Margaret Warner who was expelled from Iran during her trip 2 weeks ago.

NASSER HADIAN: We would like basically to preserve the status quo. This is America, who wants to change the status quo. America wants to democratize the region. But that's basically a recipe for a kind of change which no one knows what would be the end result of such a kind of changes.Thus, America is a revolutionary force now, and Iran is very much a status quo power.

MOHAMMAD ATRIANFAR (through translator): Since the U.S. brought up this axis of evil slogan and talked about regime change in Iran, namely, the toppling of the present government, it meant that they are trying to play with our destiny.

Under those conditions, any country would play to its strengths. What are Iran's strengths? Are they political? No. Are they scientific? No.The only advantage Iran has is the geopolitical position it enjoys, which is why it emphasizes that. And where can this advantage can be found? In power.

MARGARET WARNER: Power, notes Trita Parsi, that Iran is using to play a double game in neighboring Iraq -- supporting the government, but also Shiite militias contributing to the violence.

TRITA PARSI: They want to have a little bit of chaos, in order to ensure that the United States is a little bit bogged down, and can't exercise a military option against Iran. And, on the other hand, they don't want things to go out of control, because that would be equally detrimental to them. It could lead to a civil war. And a civil war would be disastrous for Iran.

MARGARET WARNER: Iran's aging revolutionaries haven't abandoned the anti-U.S. rhetoric that marked the hostage crisis at the former U.S. Embassy here 27 years ago. But observers say, what Tehran craves above all is respect and recognition from the United States.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

American stinger missiles beat the Russians in Afghanistan

The truth is that the Taliban are worthless fighters. It's just urban legend that they are worthy opponents. They could never have beaten the Russians without US help. Let's face facts, these people can't make their own modern weapons. They don't have ships or helicopters to resupply themselves with. They don't have highly trained medical personel. They don't have plasma substitutes. They are are stone age, rag tag groups, fighting against highly developed technology.

Mexicans should immigrate to Venezuela and Cuba!

It is time for the Venezolanos to share their oil revenues with their northern brothers. I think that the Mexicans should test the socialist sympathies of Hugo Chavez and flood over the borders of Venezuela. The Mexicans can also build some leaky rafts and sail through the shark infested waters to Cuba, since the Cuban system of government is in every way superior to the US capitalist, racist government. We are so unfriendly and hostile to immigrants, it just confuses me as to why anyone would want to live here at all. So, I suggest, in order to prevent suffering and misery, that no one immigrate here, ever.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

On stingrays

I love stingrays. When my sister and I finished our Openwater I dive course, we drove down to Santa Barbara California to take a dive boat tour to the Channel Islands. We traveled to the dive spot that night while we slept on the boat. When we woke up we ate breakfast and jumped in the water. The first thing my sister and I saw were 2 beautiful large Bat Rays swimming past us as if they were flying. Awesomely beautiful rays, with big eyes. We were in heaven. We both looked at each other in pure joy. After our dive we said that we felt like we had been missing this all our lives. We went ahead and got OpenWater II certification.

Often when I am down by the beach near where I live, I see stingrays that have been caught by fishermen who are afraid of them and do not release them back into the water. They would only have to cut the line, but they prefer to let them die. many times they chop off their tails. My dog will roll in a dead stingray carcass if given a chance, he once draged me over a cliff to do so. I am always sad to see the stingrays wasted, because they are actually very delicious when cooked. Their wings make fine chowder. When the wing meat is sliced off, the cartilage is visible. The cartilage is beautiful and very high tech looking, like computer circuitry.

Every year around Father's Day, stingrays mate in the lagoon near my house, swimming close to the surface for a change and thier wings flip above the surface and many people watching think the rays are dangerous sharks. One time an older lady asked me what was going on and when I said the rays were mating, she said, "Well at least someone is getting some on Father's Day!"

Once when I caught a stingray in the ocean, it lay flipped upside down in the boat making choking sounds which reminded me of a human baby. I ate it, tis true, but I felt sorry for it.

I am sorry that Steve Irwin has been killed by a ray, because it has created bad press for an animal already maligned. I have never been one for handling sea creatures. I do not pet the moray eels. I don't let the dive guides put octopi on me or stroke sharks. I wouldn't like it if aliens landed and started grabbing me, so I afford sea creatures the same courtesy. Having lived in San Diego, where there were many rays in the shallows at the beach, I always do the stingray shuffle, dragging my feet along the bottom.

Osama says he was responsible for 9/11. Does that make him a Zionist?

What do the conspiracy theorists think of Osama's claims to have been responsible for 9/11? What do they make of the video purporting to show him with the 9/11 conspirists?

How can the Muslims simutaneously celebrate the destruction of the World Trade Center and the resultant loss of lives and then claim that the Zionists were responsible.

Does this mean that the Muslims are actually Zionists?

The terrorists should rethink their policies

A lot of lip service is payed to the terrorists by leftists insisting that US policy is detrimental to "peace" and stablility in the middle east. The left "understands" the pain of Muslims who have been "humiliated" by US policies and actions in the middle east.

It's strange that the Muslims in America are against being lumped into one group by Americans, and yet they feel the pain of Palestinians and Lebanese as their own. They lump themselves together for political puposes and demand to be seen as victims of US oppression, even if they are filty rich jet setters from the Gulf or comfortable Americans living a middle class lifestyle. The left is also guilty of lumping Muslims together into one mass, claiming that the people of Afghanistan have the right to kill Americans for something that is happening in another Muslim country. By that reasoning, the US had the right to invade Iraq for 9/11. Many Muslims support the terrorists in their goals. Of course most Arabs would choose not to live under a Taliban style regime either. But lets look at what the much lauded 9/11 attack has achieved for the Muslim world.

Americans have invaded Afghanistan. Americans have instituted a government that is friendly toward the US. American soldiers have made the Taliban run like scared little rabbits over the border to Pakistan. In other words, they have routed the Taliban from Afghanistan. There is some small resistance, but a little over a 100 US soldiers have been killed in a war with so-called "fierce" warriors, trained to kill American troops. More people die in Baltimore from street violence each year than have been killed in 5 years of war with the weak and ineffectual Taliban fighters. Perhaps most of the really dangerous Taliban fighters are in prison at Guantanamo. I dunno, all I can say is that I am singularly unimpressed by Osama's band of gay brothers.

Americans have invaded and occupied Iraq. The death toll for US soldiers is pathetically low compared to the numbers suffered in other wars. The Iraqi's have turned on each other and are slaughtering each other by the thousands. Guess what my Muslims brothers and sisters. Every dead Iraqi means less Muslims. Not even mad Jewish scientists could have known that this would happen, or could they? In any case, why play into their plans?

Isreal has invaded Lebanon again, with the tacit approval of Bush, and slaughtered over a 1,000 Muslim civilians and destroyed much of the infrastructure of south Lebanon, creating misery for hundreds of thousands of Muslim and Christian Arabs.

Iran is being harassed by the US and the international community. By supporting terror, and demanding the destruction of Isreal, the Iranian regime has proven itself dangerous to the West, not a good thing to do when one wants to go nuclear.

So, I am hard pressed to find one single positive development that has come about by the actions of Osama and his ilk.

The terrorists will not strike the US again until there is a Democratic Administration in power

The terrorists have not struck the US since Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. They know that if they do stike us during Bush's tenure, Bush has proven that he will strike back. Bush will bomb and/or invade any country he feels sponsored the attack. That means Syria and Iran. The stakes for those countries are very high. Once a Democratic adminstration is voted into power, the terrorists will have no fear of reprisals and every reason to believe that the Democrats will roll over and make Spanish style concessions to the terrorist groups.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Katie Couric, Osama bin Laden's biggest fan!

Katie Couric was gushing in her panties over President Bush's low approval ratings! So tell us something new, Katie, of course Bush's approval ratings are low, he is a good man and most of his opponents are evil, morally bankrupt hedonists who have not learned the lessons of history and want to live their selfish lives, meditating and bending themselves into pretzels at yoga classes and surfing the net for porn portraying non-feminists . Never mind when the Islamofascists come knocking on their door to take away their computer porn and drape their leotard clad women in burqas. Katie was in ecstasy over Osama bin Laden's new video release. Bin Laden showed that Bush! Tee hee, hip hooray. Of course according to Katie, Osama is winning the war on terror, much to the glee of the US media and leftists who are utterly incapable of understanding the difference between an actual, brutal attack on, thousands of innocent people from all over the world, on US soil, and a silly propaganda video. Which is not surprising because the leftists and the media are also incapable of understanding the difference between having a phone number glanced at and having your head sawed off by lunatic headhunters, posing as religious believers. How about sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Bush is not president to win popularity contests, he is there to do what is right. Long live President Bush and God help us when he leaves office.

Blatent pro illegal immigrant bias in the San Francisco media.

Here is an example of the pro illegal bias from the San Francisco Chronicle

"Congress tunes out Labor Day protests."

"Marches on behalf of illegal immigrants not believed to have much of an effect."

"Thousands of people sacrificed Labor Day picnics Monday to march for immigrant rights, hoping that Congress would listen."

Interestingly they had a story about illegal mothers leaving their children to come to America. It was suggested that the children left behind in Mexico thought that their mothers were bad and even hated their mothers. Right after the sad story of illegal mothers, they had a horrific story that showed a reporter that had uncovered a fraudulent real estate scheme perpetrated by a Mexican woman and her husband/boyfriend. The criminals were threatening the reporter on camera. The woman told the reporter that she would put him over the border. She said , "Where do you want to go, Tijuana or Ensanada?" Then she attacked him and her boyfriend attacked him biting him viciously! Right after that, the news ran a story that the Mexican Mafia are growing marijuana on Public park lands all over California. They are booby trapping their pot farms. Law enforcement warned hikers to stay on trails and avoid confrontation with the armed and dangerous pot farmers. I believe that the media is so totally stupid, on average, that they are unaware of the irony of showing how dangerous many immigrants are to the US public at the same time they are trying to stir up support for their demand for rights for illegals.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Arab profiling, by Arabs.

My Jordanian-Palestinian friend flies a lot for his job. 2 weeks ago he had a temporary loss of sanity on a flight. He said he was sitting 1 row back from first class in economy. He saw a guy who he claimed to look Yemeni acting squirrelly. The guy went into the bathroom to clean up and came out and started pacing the aisles and kept going into the galley. My friend was watching him and started to get freaked out. The stewardess asked the guy to stay out of the galley but he wouldn't. He was looking around the galley and my friend thought that he might be looking for a knife. My friend said the guy was sweating and talking to himself. So my friend tells the guy to sit down. Then the guy starts getting confrontational. He says he wants off the plane, he's going to jump, blah blah blah. So my friend tells another burly passenger that if the guy goes into the galley again they will take him down. The burly guy was all hot to trot too. The stewardess asks my friend if he is an air marshall. He says no, but he is trained and will take the guy out. The co-pilot comes out and asks the guy to sit down or he will land the plane. The guy really goes off so my friend jumps in and tells him he will hog tie him. Truss him like a pig. He says he used the pig metaphore to really humiliate the guy, since Muslims despise pigs. So they get the guy under control. The stewardess comes and tells my friend that the guy is really drunk and he is a professor from a major University and he is Indian. I tell my friend that Indians and Yemenis do not look alike. He says, "The motherfucker looked Yemeni to me!" So I tell him that he should not have seen the movie United 93, because it adversely affected him, and his ability to fly comfortably. Last weekend he called and wanted to see the movie 9/11 and I refused to go with him. He will see Yemenis popping out of the woodwork.

Muslim "settlements"

The Arabs are furious that Israel is going to build more settlements in the West Bank. Well, what if the Western countries became furious about the millions of Muslims that have settled in our countries illegally. What makes it right for Mulsims to live illegally by the thousands in Dearborn, Michigan, but wrong for Israelis to live in Arab lands. Why are Muslims allowed to flood over the Spanish border. Why does the left support illegal Mexican immigrants in the US but not Israeli settlers in Gaza. This is not to say that I support the Israeli settlers, I expressly do not. What I am saying is that there is always one rule for jews and a separate rule for all others.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Abused by liberals

My co-worker often has film festivals with a group of his friends. They have Godzilla festivals and Ultraman festivals and Creature From the Black Lagoon festivals. They usually have them in the Castro theater, a theater in the most famous gay neighborhood in San Francisco. Last weekend they had a Beatle's film festival. My friend was manning a booth there. A gay guy came up to the booth and began to tell non-stop Bush jokes. My friend took it for a while and then said, "How do you know I am not a Republican?" The gay guy laughed and said, "Because you are in the Castro and you are having a Beatle's film festival!" So my friend says, "Well I am a Republican and you are disturbing me, I don't like your Bush jokes and you need to stop. If you want to buy something, fine, if not move on."

European athletes are big babies!

I was watching a US open tennis match yesterday. An American, Robby Genepri and a German, Tommy Haas were playing. The American was winning the match but then his European opponent had to stop playing and have his tummy rubbed. Then he came back and beat the American in a tie breaker set. It was like watching the Europeans play soccer. I just can't stand them. I can't, they disgust me. They have absolutely no manhood to me. Eunuchs, all.

Friday, September 01, 2006

I wish Iranians could have nuclear power

I like Iranians very much. I think that they are a warm and friendly people. I know that Iran needs nuclear power. I am sorry that we can't feel comfortable letting them enrich uranium. I wish that they had chosen a moderate path and had not elected a hardliner who has vowed to destroy Israel. I don't want to go to war and kill thousands of Iranians. I don't want to drop bombs on Iran. A lot of Iranians are innocent and do not support their government. They will die just as easily as the ones who want to destroy Israel and kill Americans. I hope like hell it does not come to that.

Workplace contribution to peace in the Middle East

For lunch today we ate Shawarma from the Holy Land restaurant, owned by Israeli jews, the Shawarma is made by Palestinian cooks. Nobody blew anybody up and we all very are happy.