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Friday, September 28, 2007

The left mocks Bush and Rice when they speak of "freedom."

Do they think it's a joke when the people of Myanmar call desperately for "freedom"?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Muslim peacekeeping force" is an oxymoron

Presidential candidate Bill Richardson keeps talking about a "Muslim peacekeeping force." What the hell is that? Muslims are generally in the business of doing the opposite of peacekeeping. They've recently slaughtered a few hundred thousand members of their own religious group.

Richardson's demented plan involves using foxes to guard the hen houses. If he were to be elected, it would be proof positive that the Jews are God's chosen people and that the Muslims are truly the accursed of God.

Devil Dog's demonic peepers glowing in the dark!

It's impossible to blog when the nights are like this! Moon over the marina

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Two Iranians can't be wrong!

Ahmadinejad's claim that there are no homosexuals in Iran might just be true. During Miss C's Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender sensitivity training, she was informed by the wife of an Iranian, that according to her husband, "There were no homosexuals in Iran!" "Western culture creates homosexuality," he said. This statement was ignored by the "gay facilitators" giving the seminar. For on the left a wall of silence comes up whenever it is revealed that the anti-American crowd is also anti-gay.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Jungle gyms in Chinatown

Betcha didn't know they had a Christian church!

Miss C would call her Mongolian church "The first Christian Church of the Descendants of Genghis Khan!"

Friday, September 21, 2007

Comment by left winger on leftist blog Think Progress

"I don’t have to provide any evidence, as I’m confident it occured."

It doesn't really matter what the comment was in response to, it is a typical leftist response to any issue.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My take on the protest in Jena, Louisiana

I think that hanging nooses in a tree is attempted murder. What do White people hang nooses in trees for, if not to lynch Blacks with?

Lynching symbolism is a terrifying and brutal and hateful thing. No White person in Oakland, who was not suicidal, and had control of all his faculties, would ever think to do such a stupid thing. If I did, I would expect to have my head stomped in. The Blacks in Jena were severely provoked is all.

Graffiti on the bus window

Lady who does Tai Chi outside my window in the morning

Wells Fargo sign in Chinese

Sometimes it is a Zionist conspiracy!

Right Wing co-worker watched some of Taladega Nights, last night. He hated it. Miss C watched about 25 minutes of it many months ago. It was unfunny in the extreme. I told co-worker that it was surely written by a Jewish guy who did not know a single thing about white crackers or Nascar racers. The audience for the movie, those who liked it anyway, also don't know anything about the people purported to be shown by the movie. City Jews know about as much about red state Americans as Democrats know about people serving in our military. That is ought. Zero. Zilch. They don't know any. So to them we are exotics.

I was so sure that the movie had been written by a Jew, that I looked up the movie on IMDB.
Will Farrell co wrote the movie with Adam Mckay. Adam McKay is an alias for one Aaron Zimmerman. Snap!

We stay in the green zone in Oakland!

There are parts of Oakland we just can't go into. If we venture out of the safe areas into West and East Oakland we are in danger of being robbed, kidnapped and raped and murdered, probably all of the above!

Every time our Internet Technician leaves to visit one of our sites in East Oakland he says, "I'm going to Sadr City." When he returns, he says "Thank God, I'm still alive!"

There are very dangerous areas in cities across the US and our government doesn't seem to have the will to do anything about it. If they can't make us safe here, how can they make Iraqis safe?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"Superbad" was supergood!

Funny funny movie!

Polygamist Mormon cultist Warren Jeffs and Osama Bin Laden are birds of a feather

There is no difference between the habits of the Taliban and the habits of Mormon polygamists. Both groups force young teenage girls to marry their cousins. Both use religion as an excuse for opression of and rape of women and girls.

In reality although these people claim to be above animals they are acting exactly like animals. Inbreeding is something animals do naturally. Male animals, like elephant seals for instance, keep harems and drive out younger males. The Mormon polygamists and many Muslims are no better than beasts.

GM should fire all its workers and hire illegal aliens instead

After all that's what happened in the restaurant industry and the construction industry. It's what the left wants, since they insist on letting illegals come to and stay in America with out limits. Why should football loving, Walmart shopping, TV watching, Budweiser beer drinking, McDonald's eating, Satan's utility vehicle driving, blue collar workers, who the left despises anyway, have it any better than poor men who have been pushed out of the job market by illegals. I guess poor brown people trump, poor white and Black people every time.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

George and Laura sent Miss C these photos

and they wanted her to send back a "photo confirmation receipt" along with $180.00 per photo. Miss C declined to send money on account of she regards the photos as priceless.

It's all in the genes baby!

Leftists, who always claim to be the party of evolution, get all worked up if you say that intelligence is inherited. The same goes for temperament. The other day I was talking with a new neighbor about pit-bulls. She is one of those liberals who believe in nurture over nature. (She also was unaware of the meaning of the word, "drought," but that is a whole 'nother story, sigh)

Anyway, she expressed her desire to get a pit-bull, because "They are just the best, coolest dogs ever!" She could not be swayed from her opinion, no matter how many terrible pit bull stories Miss C threw her way. Miss C once saw a pit grab a poodle by the stomach and chomp in, for no reason other than the poodle walked happily by. Last week Right wing co-worker's nephew told Miss C that his pit bull, bit a lady in the face, he also expressed his opinion that his own face chompin pit, was a really good dog, which is why he ran away after it bit the woman, so that they would not put his pit down, etc etc.

Pit bulls make up the vast majority of dog related deaths to humans. I also told the neighbor that Devil Dog has never been abused a day in his life and was anti-social and downright evil, from the age of 8 weeks. If he was twice the size he is, I'd have to put him down. Of course the neighbor asked me if I had consulted a doggy psychiatrist about him.

But you can't argue the facts with a liberal, because they always think they can make a difference. Being city folks for the most part, liberals are unaware of the practice of breeding animals for temperament and confirmation. No one would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to breed their horses if that were not true. Pits were bred for jaw strength and tenacity in fights against other animals. Also people forget that they are actually terriers, most terriers make shitty pets, I should know.

Anyway, regarding intelligence as an inheritable trait, I had lunch with my friend who recently retired, and as some of you may know, Noam Chomsky's daughter in law was my supervisor 3 years ago. My ex co-worker swims laps at a local gym and he said he sees the daughter in law with Noam's grandson, and that the grandson is speaking in full sentences, like an adult, at the age of three.

It's in the genes people, that's a fact.

I'm trying to convince Devil Dog to RUNN OFT!

and join the circus!

Friday, September 14, 2007

The anarchist on our jury

would not swear on the bible. Miss C does not believe in the Lord, but it is no skin off her back to swear on a stack of bibles should she be called upon to do so.

Demi Moore just isn't very bright

Demi came clean with the total expenditures for her plastic surgery. Upwards of $400,000.00. As if we didn't know. She is complaining that, although she has had all this work done, she still can't get "parts."

The problem is that she does not look young at all. She looks like a 44 year old woman who has had a lot of plastic surgery. Hollywood casting directors can choose from among millions of women who actually are young, to play young women in movies. They do not need a reasonable facsimile thereof.

Ms Moore aced herself out of real acting parts when she decided to have all that plastic surgery. Her implants were jarring in the nude scenes she did in Scarlet letter as there were no such things as breast implants during the days of the puritans. She starred in a movie alongside the world's greatest living actor, Gary Oldman, and she ruined the whole show with her stupid plastic surgery.

She can not play naturalistic parts any more, say the mother of a teen ager who lives in the inner city, because everyone would wonder how a poor mother living in conditions of poverty could look as if she had had $400,000.00 worth of plastic surgery.

She is a stupid and silly woman, but then, she is just one of many.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cuban propaganda

A few months ago I watched a documentary about the Cuban boxing program. An old line Soviet style athletics program wherein they take kids away from their parents and mold them into robots devoted to winning gold fro the glory of Fidel and Cuba. The left in America never seems to mind the blind patriotism of brainwashed commie masses, but I digress.

At one point in the documentary the filmmakers mention that few Cubans question the propaganda against the US that the Cuban media lays on so thick. One of the boxers tell his mother that most of the soldiers fighting in Iraq are non-white and indeed non-Americans. So he and his mother conclude, George Bush is using Latin-Americans to fight his imperialistic war.

Here is the racial breakdown of soldiers killed in Iraq and the racial breakdown of the US population

Race:White: 74.6%Hispanic: 11%African American: 9.6%Asian/Pacific Islander: 2.1%American Indian/Alaskan Native: 1.1%Other: 1.6%Overall

US Population:White: 75.6%Hispanic: 14.2%African American: 12.2%Asian/Pacific Islander: 3%American Indian/Alaskan Native: 3%Other: 0.8%

The total is 108% because some Hispanics list themselves as white.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Leftist fundamentalists

The leftist fundamentalists are using Osama Bin Ladin as a proxy for war against the average American an enemy the lefts hates and fears.

Knowing that the right possesses all the balls and weapons, the lily livered American liberals run around in pink tights and lets young Muslims do their fighting for them.

The most dangerous activity liberals are willing to engage in is walking on stilts and even then they need someone with both feet on the ground to hold their hands.

Friday, September 07, 2007

The people who are in charge of taking care of Lenin's body have to take his corpse and and dip it in chemicals every once in a while

Doesn't that sound like a fun job? I've heard that Putin wants to bury Lenin in 2008.

Global warming media hype

It's strange to me that liberals are only too willing to complain of hype when it comes to the incessant "news" stories about Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan but never ever complain of hype on the part of the media when it comes to the gloom and doom global warming stories so prevalent in the news.

My grandma was in Texas during the 1989, Loma Prieta earthquake and she said that watching the news gave her the impression that California had been completely destroyed.

Jury duty, chapter 5

Sgt Bosso took the bullet back to Oakland. He notified the D.A.'s office . One of the attorneys contacted Boo and Boo told her his side of the story.

Here is Chato's side of the story from his testimony. He agrees that he met Boo at Tiffany and Bam Bam's apt, while Bam Bam was in jail. Chato did not go to the apt to help Tiffany move but to get high on meth. He said at about 4:30 am, as he saw Boo getting ready to leave the apt, he asked for a ride to Santa Rita St. He said Boo was not driving a Bronco, he was in a white van. They began to drive around and Boo told him that they should do licks for the money for more meth. He said that Boo drove up Lincoln Ave and saw a construction sight. He said Boo saw a large spool of copper wire and Boo wanted to steal it. Chato said he did not want to steal the wire because he did not think it was worth anything. Chato said he stopped to get a drill from a friend to break into the air machine at a gas station on High St, but Boo said it was the wrong bit. He said Boo dropped him at Santa Rita St about 7:30 or 8am.

Chato says he called Boo the same day and asked him to pick up the TV and help him sell it to get a car. He said Boo came to get him and he gave him a laptop fro his trouble. They drove around all afternoon with the TV but could not find a buyer. They drove to the drugstore and met with Boo's blonde friend but he did not have the money for the TV. Then they went to the church and Chato saw the woman with the Mercury that would not turn off. He told Boo that the woman wanted $300 for the car and that he wanted the car. Boo told him that he felt bad they could not sell the TV and that he could help Chato out.

Chato said that Boo drove him back to the street that Tffany used to live on, only he went to a different house. Boo went in to the house and came back with an ounce of crystal meth. Chato said Boo told him he "Got it from some people who were like the mafia."

He told Chato that it cost $650, but Chato could sell it for $950 and keep the change. Chato said then they decided to sample the meth, so there was not the full ounce any more to sell. Chato also said that Boo shorted him on the ounce anyway and that there never was a full ounce even before they began to sample it. Chato said the meth was not good either. Boo told Chato to call some friends and see if he could sell the meth.

Chato told Boo that his friends would not trust Boo, so he would have to sell it to them on his own, so Boo dropped Chato off at Santa Rita st again. Chato said he had no intention of paying Boo for the drugs. he said Boo kept calling him asking for the money. He said Boo follwed him twice in his Bronco but did not catch him. he said he moved to Hayward to get away from Boo. He said Boo framed him to get him back for not paying for the meth. He said that when he saw Boo in the line at the jail, Boo told him to "Put some money on his books." Chato said he laughed in Boo's face.

Chato says he never car jacked Boo and was so sad and confused that Boo would set him up like this. He claimed no knowledge of what happens to snitches in jail or what the G-code is. He said that he only sold drugs a few times so he did not know that there was a code among drug dealers.

To be continued......

3:10 to Yuma is great

The soldiers in Iraq are definitely stressed

As supporter of the Iraq invasion when troops on the ground talk I believe I should listen. I saw this story on the Newhour last Friday and it had an effect on me. I wonder if Bush saw it too and that's why he hopped on the plane to Iraq. But he didn't go to Bagdhad. He should have gone to Bagdhad. Like the soldier said,

SPECIALIST VASSELL: "We're supposed to be on the way home right now. We were supposed to be flying home in six days. Six days. But because we have people up there in Congress with the brain of a 2-year-old who don't know what they're doing, they don't experience it.
I challenge the president or whoever has us here for 15 months to ride alongside me. I'll do another 15 months, if he comes out here and rides along with me everyday for 15 months. I'll do 15 more months. They don't even have to pay me extra."

Grace Paley, dangerous leftist retard, burn in hell!

God a sakes, they've been playing prerecorded interviews with la belle Paley on the radio. She had a stutter and she used to say er, er, er, er, er about a hundred times before she could spit out a sentence. The bitch positively made Bush sound eloquent. She was stuck on stupid about the Iraq peace enforcement missions and was overjoyed that "the Iraqi's were fighting back against the all powerful, almighty US."

Par usual for a far leftist, she was woefully ignorant of what is actually going on on the ground in Iraq. The attacks against the US and coalition forces pale in comparison to the internecine war that is going on and the left usually ignores that fact entirely. As Nick Cohen, leftist, puts it, the left complained about Saddam right until the Bush administration declared him their enemy, and instead of celebrating the Iraqi revolution have decided to support the counter revolution instead.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Anglo-Americans stole California from the Mexicans

So why aren't the Mexicans sending suicide bombers to take us out?

Jury Duty, Chapter 4

The carjacking happened on March 10. 5 days later an OPD officer testified that he was driving in East Oakland. He saw a red Honda stopped at a light, with its wheels canted to turn right, but when the driver of the red car saw the officer in his rear view mirror he turned left instead. The officer became suspicious and put the car's licence # into the system. He was waiting a long time for the info to come back and he followed the suspect at a discreet distance. The information came in that the car was stolen and the officer turned on his lights and told the suspect to pull over. He told the suspect, Mr Navarro, to exit the car. The suspect complied but told the officer not to point the gun at the car because his daughter was inside.

So Mr Navarro goes to Santa Rita jail for car theft. Around the same time, Ms Luna called Boo and told him she and her boyfriend had seen his car near where he had been car jacked, in a place commonly used to abandon stolen and stripped vehicles. She tells him it is sans tires, up on blocks and is full of trash. This is unusual she testifies, because although the Bronco body itself was not in good condition, Boo kept it clean and neat.

Boo buys tires and goes to pick the car up, but he does not have keys to get into it and decides to wait until later to try and hot wire it. He does not call the police because, as he put it, he had decided to get Chato himself. "I wanted to hurt him," he said. "I wanted to kill him."

On March 17, a litter control officer who is in charge of the area of Northeast Oakland sees the Bronco and tags it. It was a Friday and she knew the car was not going anywhere, she testified. She did notice there was a lot of trash inside the car but she does not remember seeing a bullet hole. On Monday, the 20th, the car was towed.

Some months later Boo is also arrested and sent to Santa Rita jail. One morning he is in line waiting to get on the County bus to go to his court hearing, and wonder of wonders, Boo sees Chato in line to get on a different bus from the one he is in line for. He recognizes him, but he only knows him by the name Chato, so he waits to hear Chato's prisoner number and his name as he is called to get on the bus. After he hears the name he gets the attention of a deputy known as the "back hall deputy" because he works in the back halls of the prison. The deputy testified that Mr Hendrickson limped over to him and told him that he had just seen the man who had car jacked and shot him. The deputy realized the serious trouble Mr Hendrickson would be in if he was seen to be a snitch so he took Mr Hendrickson down to a private area. The D.A. emphazized that a known snitch is dead meat and it is the lowest thing you can be in jail. Anyone who snitches has violated the G-code and will be retaliated against.

Boo told the deputy Chato's real name, as he had heard him called by a deputy, his prisoner #, and also described him as a Hispanic male with weird ears. The deputy called OPD and talked to a Sgt Bosso, who confirmed that he had a report on file of the crime described by the deputy. The back hall deputy pulled up a series of mugshots and showed them to Mr Hendrickson, who picked out the pic of Mr Navarro as the person who had car jacked him. Sgt Bosso drove to Santa Rita jail and interviewed Boo and then he interviewed Chato. In the interview, Chato said that he lived on Santa Rita street.

While Boo was in jail, the bullet began to work its way out of his leg causing severe pain. He was admitted to the prison clinic where they decided to remove the bullet. A deputy testified that he was called to come to the prison clinic and watch the removal of the bullet and to book the bullet into evidence. The bullet was removed and the Sgt took in, put it in a plastic evidence bag and called Sgt Bosso who went to the jail to retrieve it.

To be continued......

Blacks in new Orleans don't want help from White people

Thursday on the Newshour they talked to people who have gone to New Orleans to help rebuild. they interviewed a young White woman who recently became a doctor and decided she would head to a place she was needed in. They spoke with a couple of teachers one Chinese-American and a Black man from New York, both said that New Orleaneans were so suspicious of them it was hard to function.

They talked with a young White man who had come to new Orleans with a non-profit group who was rebuilding peoples' homes. He had had enough of the racial animosity from Blacks after a year and was leaving in disgust. He said that people did not want his help because he was White.

" TOM BEARDEN: Nick Vilelle has been in New Orleans for an entire year, and he's seen quite a bit of that friction. He works for a non-profit organization that guts and rebuilds houses in the Central City area of New Orleans.
NICK VILELLE, Nonprofit Worker: How are you doing?
TOM BEARDEN: He says he loved getting to know homeowners like Miss Betty, who are clearly grateful for the assistance. But he says not everyone has been like that.
NICK VILELLE: New Orleans has some very unique racial issues I think here. And seeing some of that come in the way of getting progress done is really frustrating. The fact that our organization is a lot of white people in a predominantly African-American neighborhood and the fact that certain people don't want our help because we're white, it doesn't make sense to me. I can't compute that.
TOM BEARDEN: Vilelle says he's had enough of New Orleans, at least for now. He needs a break from the frustrations of dealing with government bureaucracy, which he says greatly slows down the rebuilding process. But he says he hopes others with the pioneering spirit continue to move to New Orleans. He just has one piece of advice.
NICK VILELLE: I would really say to try to tone down your ambitions. Just be realistic about what you can accomplish while you're here and to focus on the small scale. Don't let the entire city of New Orleans and the state it's in overwhelm you. But focus on Miss Betty's house, and focus on your interaction with Miss Betty, and get to know Miss Betty, and understand that she doesn't deserve any of this and that you can do a lot to help her get her life back in shape.

This week I processed a book on the people who opened their homes to strangers from New Orleans after Katrina. 99% of these kind people were White. There was one mixed race couple, she was White and he was Black. All of the refugees were Black.

After Katrina, none of the Blacks I knew gave any money to Katrina relief. One of the constant refrains from Blacks is that the money will be given to White people. It's the same with organ donation, Blacks do not donate organs because they think the organs will be given to White people. So there are not a lot of organs with genetic matches to Blacks available.

You can not simultaineously complain about not getting something when you are unwilling to give anything in return. If Whites refused to give money because they were afraid Blacks might get something instead of Whites, the world would come to a complete, fucking halt.

I did not have sex with those batteries, I swear

At work we have a public battery disposal site. The day before yesterday I brought in a plastic bag full of batteries to dispose of, and little did I realize what a stir that would cause. I asked my Chinese Christian co-worker where the battery can was and 2 of my Black female co-workers hopped up and followed me to the can. As I opened the bag and dumped out the batteries the co-workers poked their nosy noses into the can, saw all the batteries, burst out laughing and said, "Oh my lord, Missy, what have you been doing with all those batteries?"

"Uh," I said, thinking quickly, "I left my flashlight on all night and I've been playing my Game boy and taking lots of pictures! Plus I have been saving these batteries up for over a year!"

"Sure you did," they said skeptically.