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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yes the Swiss were lying about how they were going to vote on the measure to ban minarets

It always cracks me up when lefties trot around whining about how nationalistic Europeans are for voting for their own interests or to keep their cities looking the way they like them to. Switzerland is still a democratic country and the voters have spoken. Suddenly,the mere act of engaging in democracy by voting is considered nationalism by leftists. The ony acceptable way to vote is to vote against your own interests.

They should love Republicans right now, because they are aways accusing us of voting against our own interests, a la "What's the matter With Kansas?"

Even though here in the San Francisco Bay Area leftists will band together to prevent the demolition of any ugly buildings built before 1985 and act as if their hearts will be ripped out with the buildings if the demolition actually goes through, the idea of the Swiss controlling their own urban environments does not sit well with leftists.

San Franciscan Muslims would have a hard time getting a minaret built because of limits on high rise buildings. Maybe not though, because the Muslims are current pets of the lefties they might have an easier time getting a minaret approved than others would a church or synagogue or a Target store.

The left in Europe does not care one bit that their constituents are nationalistic, right-wing, religious fanatics, as long as those fanatics have brown or black skin. The problem is that the immigrants are not nationalistic about Europe, but about their original countries of origin or their parents' countries of origin. According to the leftists' playbook, the only people on the planet who are not allowed to feel nationalistic are white people.

The fact is that most immigrants to Europe are themselves far more nationalistic than any but the most fascist of Europeans are. The majority of immigrants from Arab countries are very nationalistic indeed. The very desire to build minarets in a foreign country is nationalistic, oh wait, when you force your culture on to another culture, it is considered imperialistic, not nationalistic.

I was watching a Scottish movie (Red Road) a few weeks ago, and was disturbed by the sound of a muezzin's call to prayer that I kept hearing in the background of the scenes shot in inner city Glasgow. Don't get me wrong, I love the sound of a muezzin, but I don't want to hear one in Scotland.

Article about high school dropouts being paid to attend trade school casually mentions that some of the students are probably murderers

"Outside the school, many of these classmates would be enemies - in some cases mortal enemies - compelled by the street code of neighborhood gangs to hate each other and hurt each other.
Treasure Island is neutral turf

Read more:

So much for the supposedly open minded Swedish chicks

Looks like Tiger Wood's albino wife is not so nordically cool about her husband's possible infidelity. Tiger better watch out. He who lives by the golf club.......

the same people who were against sanctions over North Korea, Iraq, Iran and Cuba have been for them when it came to Honduras

Even though the crimes of the current Honduran government cannot compare with the crimes of the regimes of the other 4 countries, leftists have been eager to withdraw aid funds from one of the poorest nations in Latin America. The sanctions have impacted the poorest Hondurans, which is one of the reasons that leftists use in their opposition to sanctions against left-wing governments they support.

Ahmadinejad and the government of Iran are comical

Their announcement that they were going to build 10 nuclear enrichment plants caused Miss C to double over in laughter. She giggled up a storm. Dictators are funny as hell, when you don't have to live under them.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

In Miss C's opinion, the government of Iran has confiscated the wrong Nobel Peace Prize Laureate's medal

They need to show up at Obama's medal ceremony and emulate Kanye West. They could grab the mike and say, "Our female Iranian human rights activist has actually earned her medal under threat of death, imprisonment and torture, at our own hands. Thusly, your granting of the same type of medal to the unremarkable, undeserving, infidel American president Obama belittles the symbolic meaning Alfred Nobel intended to convey by the granting of the prize."

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Around here crossing the street to avoid Black men is starting to look more and more like good sense

Monday, November 23, 2009

Obama is not "fishy to the backbone"

Obama is really cut out to be the first mate, not the captain of our rapidly sinking ship.

Reading the account of the sinking of the Whaleship Essex, In the Heart of the Sea, it struck me that Obama's style of leadership is the "social" and not the "authoritarian" style.

According to the author, Nathaniel Philbrick:

'The captain was expected to be the authoritarian, what Nantucketers called a fishy man. A fishy man loved to kill whales and lacked the tendency toward self-doubt and self-examination that could get in the way of making a quick decision. To be called "fishy to the backbone" was the ultimate compliment a Nantucketer could receive and meant that he was destined to become, if he wasn't already, a captain.'

'Mates, however, were expected to temper their fishiness with a more personal, even outgoing, approach.'

'Nantucketers recognized that the positions of captain and first mate required contrasting personalities. Not all mates had the necessary edge to become captains, and there were many future captains who did not have the patience to be successful mates. there was a saying on the island "It is a pity to spoil a good mate by making him a master."'

It is becoming clearer by the day that Obama is not a fishy man and we have spoiled him by making him a master.

Lefties who support illegal immigrants in the US have no right to criticise Israeli West Bank settlers

After all, according to their reasoning, no human being is "illegal." There are no real borders or boundries between countries that leftists recognize. So why should they care overmuch about Jews living in Palestinian territories?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Anti-semitic commenter on youtube

"I am quick to blame the Jews? How on earth would you know? It took me years of research and learning to come to the conclusion that the Jews are the world's trouble makers. They are behind every ugly event in history. They are the murderers, the thieves, the liars, the rapists, the devils of the world"

Australian lamb, the package printed with Arabic script saying it's halal, purchased from Safeway

How the devil president Roosevelt and his minions in the IRS, committed criminal acts against the boxer Joe Louis

Joe Louis vs. the IRS
By Dr. Burton W. Folsom July 7, 1997

Exactly sixty years ago, in the early summer of 1937, Michiganians took great pride in the outcome of a fight in Chicago. Joe Louis, the "Brown Bomber from Detroit," captured the heavyweight boxing crown by knocking out James Braddock in eight rounds.

Louis had quick reflexes and a strong punch. Some experts think he was the best heavyweight ever. In the twelve years after he beat the stuffing out of Braddock, Louis defeated 24 challengers, 22 by knockout. His hardest fight, however, was not with Max Schmeling or Rocky Marciano, but with the Internal Revenue Service.

In 1914, the year Joe Louis was born, the income tax had only been in place one year. The top rate was a mere 7 percent, and a high exemption kept most Americans off the tax rolls altogether. Even by 1931, the year Joe Louis began boxing seriously, the income tax was so minimal that only 2 percent of Americans even qualified to pay it.

When he earned over $371,000 in his first two years as a professional boxer, Louis immediately helped family and friends all over the country. For example, he voluntarily paid back to the government welfare payments his stepfather had received during the Great Depression. Later, he supplied a house for an elderly Indian on property he owned. He also bought needed uniforms for a group of black army officers.

Louis wanted private citizens to solve many of the problems that Americans were increasingly turning to government to solve. He opposed many of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal programs and campaigned for Republican candidate Wendell Willkie for president in 1940. Before the election, Louis sent Willkie this telegram: "Win by a knockout. It will mean freedom from the WPA and for American Negro rights." Meanwhile, tax rates from the ever growing government that Louis opposed were heading toward the stratosphere.

One month after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the generous Louis gave his entire $65,200 fee (about $700,000 in today’s money) from a fight to the Naval Relief Fund. Less than three months later, he gave his $45,882 purse from another fight (about $500,000 today) to the Army Relief Fund. Ever the patriot, he halted his lucrative boxing career and enlisted as a private, earning only $21 a month.

When the war ended, Louis hoped to retire from boxing with savings in the bank and dignity from his career. He lost both. What he overlooked was the enlarged role of government and the taxes he owed to help keep it growing. Under President Roosevelt, the tax base had expanded to where most American families (not the mere 2 percent of a few years before) had to pay income taxes. Worse for Joe Louis was the steep tax levied on high incomes. From 1931, his first year in boxing, to 1937, when he knocked out Braddock, the top marginal tax rate had soared from 24 to 79 percent. Louis found himself owing the government most of his purse money from each of his fights.

During the 1940s, the top marginal rate was hiked to 90 percent, and Joe Louis found himself over $500,000 in debt to the IRS in back taxes. Roosevelt’s new tax laws were complicated and Louis, unlike later successful athletes, had no tax shelters, municipal bonds, or clever accountants. The IRS would not let him deduct the two fight purses he had donated to the army and navy. He couldn’t even deduct $3,000 worth of tickets that he had bought for soldiers to one of those fights. What’s more, the interest payments were compounded each year, ballooning his debt into seven figures during the 1950s.

Louis retired in 1949, undefeated as a champion, but now he had to fight again. "I had to keep working to pay taxes," Louis said, "but the more I worked, the less I had."

In 1950, Louis "announced that I’d decided to come out of retirement and challenge Ezzard Charles for the championship. The reason—taxes." Louis lost the match in a 15-round decision. After the fight, when Louis called his mother, she "begged me to stop now, but she couldn’t understand how much money I owed . . . . The government wanted their money and I had to try to get it to them."

The next year, for a $300,000 purse, the 37-year-old Louis fought Rocky Marciano, but was knocked out in the eighth round. Technically, he owed the whole purse to the IRS, but since he had to pay a 90 percent tax rate on most of his earnings, plus back interest from previous years, he still could not whittle down his debt. Louis’s boxing career was over, and he would never be able to earn the money to satisfy the tax collectors. He died in debt, a broken man. Were he with us today, he might well be one of America’s foremost champions of replacing the current system with a low, flat tax.

Joe Louis would want to be remembered as a champion, a patriot, and a role model for children. He admitted that he overlooked the new tax laws, that he trusted too many friends, and that he spent money unwisely. As we think about his life, we should remember Joe Louis as an expert in the use of physical force to knock out his boxing adversaries, but as a novice when government used political force to knock him out.

Elective plastic surgery makes money for hospitals, free and clear

Just like the government to take the one thing that earns a sure profit and tax the shit out of it. So women who work out and save their pennies for a bit of breast enlargement must subsidize the medical care of obese, lazy diabetics and alcoholics who don't take care of themselves. Fuck that. It's a vanity tax is all. The new age missionaries don't like people whom they consider overly obsessed with their looks and they want to punish them.

I just watched the biography of the boxer Joe Louis. What the IRS did to him was criminal torture, no doubt about it, and it has made me entirely against taxation of any kind.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Charge Nancy Pelosi a retroactive tax on her plastic surgeries to pay for the nation's health care

and voilà! Problem solved.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The lefties around here really seem to think that the Ft Hood shooter was a "conscientious objector"

He just didn't want to go to Iraq/Afghanistan and um, er, shoot anybody, especially innocent Muslim civilians! He was a peace loving guy. That is why he took up arms, so that he wouldn't have to take up arms. Makes perfect sense to lefties, who always claim to be on the side of peace while simultaneously slaughtering everyone around them, a la Mao, Stalin and Castro.

They are ignorant of the facts as usual. The shooter wasn't being deployed to fight. He was going to council fellow soldiers. He wouldn't have had to fire a single shot. He could have been like the pacifists who, in WWII served as medics because they actually objected to the killing of other human beings.

If Major Hasan had truly been outraged over the killings of Muslim civilians, he would have taken up arms against the people responsible for the vast majority of the murders of his co-religionists, Islamic fundamentalists. Major Hasan doesn't give a rats's ass about his fellow Muslims at all. He just hates the idea of ifidels winning a war against Muslims.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hispanic male restaurant workers regularly sexually harass other male workers. That is a fact!

When I saw the news story about the Arizona based Cheesecake Factory Inc restaurant paying out $350,000 to employees over male on male sexual harassment I immediately knew the race of the perpetrators involved.

When I was 25 I dated a guy who was a bartender at a Mexican Restaurant in Oakland called, Senor Nero's. He hated his job because he said that the older Mexican Guys, the owner and the ones who were the cooks, constantly sexually terrorized the younger male waiters. My boyfriend could not stand watching it and finally quit.

Later on I dated a Mexican waiter, who worked at a restaurant chain called, El Torito's. I remembered what my ex had said and asked him if he experienced the same thing.

"Every day," he replied. "My ass is always sore from them grabbing it and pinching it every time I walk by. They tell me to suck them. They tell me they are going to fuck me."

So, you can see why it came as no surprise to me that the male workers who perpetrated the Cheesecake factory harassment and assaults are Hispanics.

Real butter

The 99 cent store used to sell butter, but I haven't been able to find any there for months. I asked one of the clerks (a newly minted Afghan-American who recently, and proudly, became a US citizen) why they didn't carry real butter any more.

"Real butter?" he said, sneering with utter skepticism. "Do people still eat that? Is that like, 'I Can't Believe It's Not Butter' ? Real Butter? Who makes it?"

"Lucerne, Berkeley Farms, Challenge, Land O'Lakes" I replied.

"Never heard of them. Do they make "real butter" in China? Cuz when they start making it in China is when we'll start buying it."

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our media is really good at coming up with compliments for mass murderers

According to them, John Muhammed is a "mastermind". Shooting unarmed, unsuspecting people as they gas up their vehicles takes a "mastermind." Yeah right.

It boggles my mastermind that Mr Muhammed even filed for clemency. Isn't he ready to meet with Allah and collect some virgins after doing Allah's good works by slaughtering infidels?

Sunday, November 08, 2009

I love this guy!

A letter from the SF Chronicle,

"This is in response to a "Teen Rant" of Oct. 18 by Lizzie Logan, who complained about SAT tests. Lizzie believes that the tests are unfair because they give an advantage to students from rich families. Here is what I'd like to tell Lizzie:

Yes, Virginia, the colleges do prefer knowledgeable students who are already fluent in trigonometry and calculus, who have a reasonably rich lexicon and who can convey their thoughts in the form of an essay. Otherwise, the students will have to spend two out of four college years taking remedial classes. Our society does not need engineers who study engineering subjects proper for only the two remaining years.

The same applies to any field of endeavor: baseball, skating, saxophone playing or journalism. A baseball coach might feel sorry for an unskillful candidate who just has not had a chance to play the game with his parents. But usually a coach simply cannot afford to take such candidates in the hope that they might catch up later.

Whether you like it or not, we live in a competitive society that encourages excellence. That's why we have a football Hall of Fame, Nobel Prizes and Oscars. Do some kids have an unfair advantage over others because their parents are able and willing to tutor them or hire professional tutors? You bet they do, and the difference is obvious by the age of 5. The parents who read books to their kids, who teach them to count, who engage them in intelligent conversations create this "unfair" advantage. Have you thought about directing your rants toward your parents rather than colleges?

What is the alternative? The alternative is a drab, uniform, conformist society, which exists in some totalitarian countries. Such societies do not invent the telephone and do not discover penicillin. Would you rather live there?"

Eugene Veklerov is a semi-retired scientist who has worked at the University of California's Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory for more than 30 years. He has three children, and he was their SAT tutor. And he lived half of his life in a totalitarian country.

Over the Hill

Yesterday I was waiting in line at the 99 cent store. In front of me were 2 young boys with skateboards. As they got up to the cashier one of them asked the clerk if he could buy a helium balloon.

"Which one do you want?" asked the clerk.

"The 'Over the Hill,' one," replied the kid.

"Over the Hill,' the Afghan clerk said, looking surprised. "Who's it for?"

"It's for my friend," replied the boy. "She's going to be 11."

Tar balls

It was pretty disheartening to hear of the oil spill in San Francisco Bay, but even more so to find this when I took a walk down by the water. The black goo is called "tar balls." The oil sheen was all over the water in the bay. Apparently the effort to contain the spill was absolutely useless.

Ft. Hood shooter probably suffered from "first cousin parents brain disorder"

The truth is, we trained him to shoot and he used his skills against infidels. Points to him. He won this battle. He is no different than the Afghani policeman who just killed the British soldiers.

It is simply us or them. The soldiers he shot were being deployed to fight and possibly kill Muslims, instead they were taken out by a pre-emptive strike perpetrated on their own territory, by a Muslim.

The most important thing about the shooter is that he identifies with all the Muslims in the world before he identifies with his countrymen or women. He is not capable of doing otherwise.

It's just that simple people.

Always the victims

Today on NPR they did a story on the serial killer, Anthony Sowell. According to the story, all of us are guilty for not noticing that Black women, most of whom were drug adicted prostitutes, went missing and were murdered without anyone caring.

Sorry, I didn't notice the women were missing, but I do care.

What I noticed most of all about the story, was that the race of the victims was pointedly mentioned, but, not once was the race of the perpetrator mentioned.