If you come in my cage I'll eat you too!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Enough with the selfish New Year's resolutions, already!

We don't care about your resolution to lose weight. Boring. I had a friend that would give up meat and chocolate for Lent. I used to tell her that God didn't care if she ate chocolate or not, and she would be better off giving up gossiping and that God might like her to be a nicer person. She never did stop gossiping though, she always gave up the chocolate. As delicious as chocolate is, giving it up is easier than being nice.

Stephen Zunes

Professor Zunes was on the News Hour as one of 3 "experts" debating the pros and cons of training Iraqi police officers. Mr Zunes is as left wing as it gets and I am not sure what qualifies him to speak on policing, as he looks as if the only dealings he would have with the police is at the throwing end of a molotov cocktail. He obviously has Tourette's Syndrome. He twitches and grimaces and grits his teeth as he postulates, with relish, on his dream of a really shitty system taking root in Iraq, hopefully with the Iranians involved. It's pathetic to see how little the left really cares about the Iraqi people. You'd think that they would be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt as the Iraqis are "people of color." However, I think that the majority of Iraqis are damned by their support of the ousting of Saddam. The left sees these people as traitors for siding with the US and they will never forgive them for it. The left can only wish the Iraqis ill and hope that they get what they deserve. To the left, what the natives of any country want is secondary to what the leftists living in comfort and safety in the first world nations want for those people.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

If minorities are so offended by the San Francisco cop video scandal,

why do they want to see the rest of the videos. If you are actually offended by something, don't you avoid looking at it? Why would you want to see something that could hurt your feelings and make you feel bad about yourself and others of your race? However, if you enjoy your outrage and can't get enough of it to fuel your own hatred, you would want to see more.

San Francisco is busy protecting imaginary constitutional rights

like the right to smoke medical marijuana, the rights of gays to marry, the rights of underage girls to have abortions and their very favorite imaginary right, the right to privacy. However, San Francisco would like to ignore the actual constitutionally protected rights it's Liberal citizens do not support, such as the right to bear arms and pursue happiness by smoking in bars and shopping at Wal-mart, Target and Home Depot stores. Forgive us if we laugh at them when they call the imaginary rights to our attention and cry and moan about the threat they feel from the evil Bush government that is trampling on their precious rights. The left is perfectly happy to ignore voter passed initiatives like prop 187 and refuse to comply with propositions they feel are unconstitutional, but get very upset if the Feds bust a pot club.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Cindy Sheehan can't let Casey go.

I was watching Judge Larry Joe on Texas Justice last year. There was a family fighting about funeral costs for a murdered son. The murder happened a long time ago and the separated parents were arguing over some money promised by one of them that had not been delivered. Judge Joe said that he had a lot of cases like this and it seemed to him that the people really did not want to resolve the issues as then they would have to admit that their son was dead and move on with their lives, an understandably difficult thing for a parent to do. I think that Cindy Sheehan is trying to hang on to Casey in the same way. She can't give up the fight, because then she would have to face the devastation of her loss. She is keeping the memory of Casey alive and staving off loneliness by surrounding herself with her supporters. I can't fault her for that.

Liberals are de Debil

Another thing about the Liberals calling in to the Michael Krasney show. They kept nominating (for person of the year) people they claimed made people think about the war and the Bush administration. I am telling you Liberals, we conservatives do not hear Liberals yapping against the war, George Bush, WMD's, what have you, and think to ourselves, gosh, those Liberals make so much sense. That Cindy Sheehan sure hits the nail on the head. John Murtha is right, I didn't know that. It just does not happen that way. We know that we are on the right side. You Libs seem to accept that the terrorists have legitimate reasons for sawing peoples heads off, but find it hard to understand that we feel we have reasons for our actions as well. Nothing you can say or do will change our minds. I don't try to change Liberal's minds, because their brains are just different, that's all. I am not saying that they are stupid. They are smart in some things, like reading for instance, they are good at reading. They like Indie films with complicated plots, like the movie Memento, for instance, Liberals like that movie and it is a little complicated. However, Liberals are childlike in their ability to believe in things that are verifiably untrue. Don't go on about WMD's because I never believed that they were there. We went to kick some Arab ass is all and I don't care about the the lack of WMD's, you can't make me care, I don't have it in me. Liberals don't care about WMD's either, really, they didn't want us to go into Iraq for any reason. To prove how quick Liberals are to believe in fiction, here is a for instance, I have these white trash neighbors, one of them needs a liver transplant and the other is on his way to hell. They both drink and do heroin. The fire dept and ambulance are over here a few times a month because one of these guys can't shit for days or something of that sort. We have a new neighbor that has moved in. She is one of the dumbest, textbook Liberals I have ever met. The other day my other neighbor asked me if the worst of the two drunks was a Vietnam vet. I said no, as he is my age and is not old enough to have served in Vietnam. He just looks old from hard living. Then she tells me that the new neighbor is sure that the guy is a vet and she thinks that is why he drinks. Arrrgggh..... Ths guy has a bunch of kids in foster care and he sits on his ass all day drinking and shooting up and he runs outside when the mailman comes to get his government disability checks and barfs in the bushes and pisses outside on the neighbor's tree, and stabs his buddy in the arm, and this stupid Liberal cow is concerned that he is a poor downtrodden vet with post traumatic stress disorder. I had already had a conversation with the new neighbor about the 2 drunks and she had stated that Government should put everyone through rehab. I told her that rehab didn't work very well, my dad had gone through rehab 4 times to no effect, and that the Government had a shitty record for helping addicts and that the religious orginizations were better at it, and that it would be a good idea to support Bush's faith based initiative plan. Of course she did not agree with that, because Liberals can't think outside the box. Government is God to them, unless Government is George Bush. God I hate fucking Liberals!

Steve H. From Hog on Ice

Steve H. and I have a disagreement about whether men actually like to dance. Steve posted a column stating that he would not be dancing anymore. He claims that men only dance to get laid. Of course this has been the reason for dancing since time began. Steve closed the discussion on his blog and I respect his right to do that, as it is his blog and he has control. This however, is my blog and I can say what I want. There is a certain subset of the American male population that have no desire to dance. They just don't feel the music. I understand that. I do not take issue with that. There are plenty of women that do not like to dance. Some people do not like to engage in activities unless they do them well. I do not like to ice skate because I do not do it well. I do take issue with Steve's assertion that the majority of men do not like to dance. He claims that men and women are different (novel idea, that) and one of the differences is that men don't like to dance and women do. Since in most cultures men are more likely to dance than women are, I believe that the evidence proves that men enjoy dancing very much. I have dated men from many cultures, I have rarely dated a guy that didn't like to dance. Steve also claims that women don't like to fish. He is very far of the mark with that statement. I have been fishing since I was a little girl. I was my dad's favorite fishing buddy, because he could take me anywhere and I was just happy to be fishing. I have dated guys just because they took me fishing and I have turned a few guys on to fishing and made addicts out of them. I am a total boat whore, I will put out for a guy with a boat. Sometimes I get the urge to go down to the marina and troll for boat owners. I work with 2 other women that would go fishing every weekend if they could. I have a friend that met his present wife because his daughter showed him a pic of this woman fishing. Now they go fishing constantly. She is the best fisherman I know and can be the only person catching fish in a whole lake on a busy day. People will come by our boat and ask if they can have our lucky lady in their boat. She tells them it's not luck, it's skill. We watch how she baits her hook and we still can't catch anything. She also catches the rarest and biggest fish wherever we go. My friend always says that he'll never go hungry because his woman can always catch fish. I do know a lot of men that hate fishing and don't see the point. Steve is making proclamations from the mount. I think Steve is pretty smart, but he doesn't know everything. .

Pacifist single mothers driving their sons into the military.

I was listening to Michael Krasney on KQED radio this morning. He was taking nominations for person of the year. Nominations for Cindy Sheehan lead the list. Most of the callers that nominated La Belle Sheehan, sounded just like Ms Sheehan. They had frail reedy voices and were soft spoken. The cadence of their voices were even the same. I think that there's a pacifist gene. Gay guys sound a certain way and pacifists sound a certain way. It's got to be genetic. When I hear Cindy Sheehan speak, I am sure that she drove her son Casey into the military. I believe that the sons of single pacifist mothers are being raised to deny the masculine, so they have to seek it out by joining the miltary or gangs. I have lesbian neighbors and they have a very troubled grandson, they are white and he is Black. They, of course, do not let him play with guns. The kid craves guns. He comes to my house and wants to play Doom. We went to the 99 Cent store and he lied to me and told me he was allowed to buy a toy police gun. I suspected he was lying, but he was pretty convincing. We were walking home and he tried to open the toy package. I told him not to play with it in the street and then he said, "I know, because the police might think it's real and shoot me" A light bulb went off and I knew the gun buying had been a big mistake. When we got home his grandma took the gun away and a giant fit ensued. He has so much masculine energy and his grandmothers can't handle it. They are always dosing the kid with herbs and going on about his astrological signs. They are well meaning, but silly. As for the other nominations for person of the year, they were for John Murtha, Barbara Lee, Nancy Pelosi etc, etc. Because they are people that stand up to the evil Bush and Co. One even nominated Bush for all the bad things the caller feels he's done, because he think's the more bad stuff Bush does, the more likely people are to turn to the left. I feel the same way about Robert Mugabe. He is a really hilarious leftist in the Idi Amin mold. All third world countries should have a leader like Mugabe,

Monday, December 26, 2005

I have contempt for Liberals.

I admit it. You know the strange feeling you get when religious people are going on and on about the bible. I get that when Liberals start in on Bush and the war. The only problem is that wherever I go, I am subjected to this uncomfortable squirmy feeling. At work, on the bus on the way to work. From my neighbors. It's a constant. Even though I have my cubicle decorated with pin ups of George Bush, Vladimir Putin, Reagan calenders and cheesecake shots of American servicemen with Iraqi children, my co-workers can not resist coming over to drink my coffee made by my own hand and making what they think are informed cracks about Bush or Cheney or Schwarzenegger. Of course what they are spouting is almost always factually incorrect or they don't have the whole story. It is like breathing with the lefties. They think about Bush like a teenage boy thinks about sex. Being obsessed with something gives it a power over you, so I guess it's a good thing that the Liberals are so miserable, it means that Bush is on the right track. He should just take any suggestions that the Democrats make and do the polar opposite. As for me, I just tune out the constant griping of my preaching fundamentalist Liberal co-workers. The average Jehovah's witness is smarter and better informed than any liberal.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

The left and IQ

The left seems to make much of Bush's supposed low IQ. It's strange to me because every argument I have had wth a leftist regarding IQ started with them claiming that IQ can't measure the actual intelligence of anyone. They always claim that there is so much untapped genius in the ghettos and that the lower IQ average of Blacks is due to bias in the IQ test. It is actually illegal to test Blacks in some schools in the US. But if people are on Death Row, a test is welcomed. Lo and behold that bias argument gets a 180 degree turnaround when it comes to killers on Death Row. Then it's, he has a low IQ this and a low IQ that, and he's mentally retarded, yada yada. Suddenly IQ measurement is an exact science and the left throws out the idea that IQ tests are unfair. If it's true that the tests are biased then obviously the argument that a killer is of low IQ would be false, because they would actually have a higher IQ than the test would show. The leftists also would never imagine that a prisoner would deliberately dumb himself down to try and escape the death penalty. In any case having a low IQ is the best reason to execute a killer as he would be unlikely to learn from his mistakes or to be smart enough to understand why it's not a good idea to hurt people. As for the untapped genius in the ghetto, I believe that genius will out no matter where it is. There's no stopping geniuses, they will find a way to express themselves where ever they may be. As for others of high, but lesser than genius intelligence, yes, I believe that they may fall by the wayside, due to the atrocious educational systems in the inner cities.

Water consumption should be driven by thirst!

My Kaiser guidebook says that you don't have to drink 8 8oz glasses of water a day. They say that water consumption should be driven by thirst. What a novel idea. I am frankly tired of seeing my workmates walking around with a water bottle attached to their hands. They gesticulate with the water bottle to emphasize their points in conversations. Some of them have 7/11 Big Gulp cups filled with ice and water next to them at all times. You'd think they all lived in the desert or worked in the hot fields. I am against buying bottled water anyway, except for emergency supplies. We have great water here in the Bay Area and it's cheap. I will flash the Kaiser guidebook around to prove my point. Maybe I can wean these babies off the bottles.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Remember when Communists from the US went to Spain to help fight a fascist dictator?

I guess the anti-war Commies have forgotten about the 40,000 men that went over to Spain to fight along side the Soviets to free Spain from the brutal dictator Francisco Franco. Ah, the idealism that help make Spain a democratic nation. How times have changed. Now the Communists in the US and Europe are the biggest supporters of fascist dictators.

Wire tap, shmire tap!

The left keeps coming up with "new" information they are sure will make Bush supporters come to their senses. They keep repeating the catalogue of (to them) horrible things that they think the Bush administration has done. The thing is, they just don't get it. We are not offended by the things that offend them at all. No matter how often they repeat their litany of Bush's evil crimes on the John Stewart show, a light bulb is not going to go off in our heads and tell us that we have changed our minds about Bush and Co. We just don't have the delicate sensibilities that they do. Those on the left have not changed their stance on the war despite the positive news coming out of Iraq, so why would we change ours because of negative news. I work at the library and the librarians don't seem to realize that freedom of information and the right to privacy are mutually exclusive. You can't have both. We have a lot of books at the library on how to find people. We also have many unauthorized biographies that violate the subjects' privacy. Apparently, the librarians feel that once something is printed into book form or printed in the New York Times and stated as fact, that there can be no holding back the information and to do so would be censorship. I no longer expect the crazies on the left to make sense, but they need to understand the way we think and not assume that if we only knew what they knew, we would believe what they believe. It is never going to happen that way. I don't care if they wire tap the phones of the grannies of terrorist suspects. It does not bother me one bit. I have a few Middle eastern friends and. if the Government thought that one of them was involved in a terrorist plot and recorded their phone calls to me, I wouldn't care. One of the funniest stories I ever heard was about a white colonial family in Africa. The mother of the family went to get some linen out of a cabinet, for a dinner party and found a cache of machetes wrapped in the linens. The police were called to the scene and arrested the family's beloved nanny. The African nanny had raised the mother and was now raising the woman's children. The nanny had joined the Mau Mau rebel group. The mother was in shock and found it hard to believe that her loving nanny would plan to kill her and her children. The only regret the nanny expressed upon discovery and arrest was that she had not succeeded in slaughtering the children. So you see, although I have some sympathy for the nanny, it just goes to show you never can tell.

I thought my dog wanted to sit on my lap, but..

he just wanted to lick the cookie crumbs off the keyboard.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I hate leftists, but I still still want them to dominate the entertainment industry!

Tell the truth my right wing brethren, you have to admit that Conservatives just don't make movies and music as entertaining as leftists do. My friend thinks it's because they are really good at making up fiction. Those are just some of the very few things they are good at, besides the arts. I don't bother to see the movies directed by the ultra Conservatives. Strangely enough they are not my cup of tea. But then I am a Godless Conservative. Although my mother allowed me to church shop as a child, she put an end to my attending my friend's church when I came home and told her I had spoken in tongues. That was that. Later when she was heavily into drugs she would let the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses in our apartment, but that was because she was lonely, not looking to get reborn. So, although I admire religious people and have some very fine Christian relatives indeed, I just am not religious myself. So Passion of the Christ would be the last movie I would ever see. Sryiana was very predictable and dry and simplistic, (despite the critics saying it was sooo complicated) but it was very entertaining. I really like the way Liberals use torture as an entertainment vehicle. I went with my Jordanian-American ex-boyfriend. He was actually in one of the hotels that got bombed in Amman. So, he had his (Conservative) Arab perspective on the movie and we had a nice discussion afterward. Well, Passion of the Christ is very predictable too I am sure, I mean, who doesn't know how that one ends?

I enjoyed the hippies this weekend.

I went to the California Revels this weekend to celebrate the winter solstice. Those hippies sure can put on a show. There is nothing that screams hippy like a Morris dancer with bells on his legs hopping around and clacking some deer antlers together. Sans the bells they would be just like redneck deer hunters. Hippies are basically good natured and they mean well. Anyway it was great fun and the hippies weren't afraid to sing Christmas songs.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Remember when the leftists were hyping the danger of American militia groups?

The other day I happened to see a copy Morris Dees book The Gathering Storm. I had forgotten this doomsayer's book existed. I looked at the publishing date and realized it's been almost ten years since this book was published. Well, where are these scary right wing and racist militias he predicted were going to be the big threat? It's funny that the left was hyping home grown terrorist groups and acting as if we were over run with Timothy McVeighs and that the KKK and the Aryan Brotherhood were ready to stage a government takeover. You'd think Mr. Smart Ass Dees would have warned us about 9/11, since he knew so much. Now the left is downplaying the 9/11 attack and acting like everything is hunky dory and everyone is getting excited over nothing and Muslim fundamentalists have rights too, boo hoo. I call bullshit on them!

New York Democrats are the most useless people on earth!

Those Democratic senators don't look like they can do a thing for themselves. Bush can use a chainsaw, ride a horse, drive a pick up, you know manly things. Now the guys from New York seem like they were the nerds in school. Not the smart engineering types, but the political science majors. The unpopular kids, the ones that got picked on. They look like they take taxis everywhere and can't screw in a lightbulb by themselves. They look like they never go home. They look like they live in hotel rooms and order room service. They don't look like they can cook or even enjoy food. They always have sour looks on their faces, especially since they lost the last election. It's no wonder they hate the people in the red states, any redneck is more competent and useful than any Democratic senator. The Democrats know they are basically dead weight. They take our tax dollars and have nothing to show for it. The education system is shit. The welfare system is breeding helpless idiots in the Democrat's image. It's no wonder that the Democrats protect the useless and unproductive, they are in essence, protecting themselves.

Monday, December 19, 2005

The leftist pundits are so full of shit!

My opinion of President Bush has not altered one bit. I love him just as much as ever. I do not know one person that supported the war in the beginning that has changed his mind about Bush or the war. It is a media myth that we are loosing faith in the war effort and some of the Republican politicians are falling for it. Even my Democratic co-workers are tired of the Democrats and the media tryng to get the President to talk about how he is going to fight the war and when we are going to pull the troops out. Only an idiot would think that that is the way to fight and win a war.

My last post proved that I am a member of the illuminati!

I realize now after reading about a term called, "Immanentize the eshcaton" which loosely translated means to create a heaven on earth. I was ignorant of this term and yet I somehow managed to think of it on my own. Maybe the left is correct and we on the right are involved in a giant conspiracy. Kewl.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The left hates genetically modified food,

but has nothing to say about the fact that "scientists" have replaced a mouse's brain with human cells. This is because leftists want to live forever. They want to live forever and never become ill. They want the taxpayers to fund their eternity with cushy pensions and free medical care for all. In other words, they want paradise on earth, because they don't believe in an afterlife. No one should suffer from a disease or imperfection. God forbid that anyone should die with a lack of "dignity," or even have to live in a way they consider "undignified." Leftists love stem cell research because it means that they won't have to spend time changing the diapers of a spouse with Alzheimer's, which they consider "undignified," and might interfere with their yoga classes and self fulfillment. The gays can engage in promiscuous sex again because they will have a cure for AIDS. I say there is no greater Hell on earth than to live amongst a bunch of selfish, narcissitic old hippies. They are like Nazis with their Mengele inspired medical experiments and their obsession with euthanasia.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Things I overheard about Tookie

While I was at work on Monday, I was waiting to hear the news about Tookie William's execution. I was a little concerned because the media was hyping the possible riot scenario and I have to take public transit home from work. When Yahoo had a blurb anout Schwarzenegger denying Tookie clemency, I walked over to the typists cubicles to get the Black voice, or the word on the street. One of the typists started griping right away "They better not interupt my soap operas to talk about Tookie." The other typist joined in, " No, they better not mess up my soaps." So I said, "Some rioters might pull a Reginald Denny on my ass and all you guys are worried about is your soaps!" So, one of them says, "Well, I'll give you a ride home if they start to riot, but they better not mess with my programs!" As it turns out there was a mini riot in the downtown area, but the media downplayed it and acted like it had nothing to do with Tookie. I actually did take the bus home and I sat next to a Black girl who was talking on her cell phone. She kept saying how "Scandalous" it was that Tookie was going to be executed. Then she said that somebody was going to "Get" Schwarzenegger. It was a long ride home I can tell you.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Liberals love Tookie

I will never understand Liberals. I just can't. I try and I try. I heard some idiot attorney fron the ACLU on television claiming that she saw a connection between Tookie Williams and a child. She claimed that such love was eminating from Tookie that it was palpable. The only palpable love eminating from anyone is the love that lunatic Liberals have for this killer. I can understand the opposition to the death penalty as a policy. What I cannot understand is the vows and testiments of adoration that are eminating from the left towards that man. I had a co-worker that felt the same love for Jack Kevorkian and the Unibomber. She really thought that Dr Kevorkian was just a really nice and spiritual man and that the Unibomber was justified in blowing people up because he wanted to save the trees. Then the day after California executed murderer Robert Alton Harris, she came to work saying "It's a dark day." Why single out brutal sociopaths and make heros out of them? I just don't get it. Somehow the left has convinced itself that people that oppose the killing of unborn babies are evil. I am starting to think that the people that champion murderers must be Satan's minions, sent by the Devil to help him in his evil deeds. They are like Nanny Baylock in the movie, The Omen. They are imps and demons from hell dancing around the larger demons that actually perform Satan's work for him. This explains their fascination with candlelight vigils and fire in general.

Friday, December 09, 2005

George W. Bush and the White Racists

The White racists hate George Bush. Go and read the Aryan Nationalist websites. The Aryan Nations support the Palestinians and the Islamists. The Aryan Nations even has the Nations' logo in Arabic and much jihadi gobbledy gook interspersed amongst their anti-semitic messages, along with information about Islam. The KKK website is much the same and calls for the troops to be brought home so that they can guard the US border. Then there is Stormfront hanging out with Cindy Sheehan and David Duke visiting the Syrians. Today the Aryan Nation has their panties in a twist over the Rigoberto Alpisar shooting. They are calling it "Murder by ZOG." So you see, the leftists have much more in common with the Nazis and White racists than the right wing does. Both the leftists and the White racists hate jews and love the jihadists. The White Nationalists are envious of the Islamofascists and wish that they could be just like them. The right wing in this country is the only thing standing between the Jews and the next holocaust.

Reparations for slavery.

The vast majority of white people in America never owned slaves and are not even related to anyone that owned slaves. The vast majority of Blacks in America are descended from and carry the DNA of the slave owners themselves. It seems pretty clear to me that the Blacks should pay reparations to themselves, since they are the direct descendants of the wicked slave owners.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

A guy asked me for money for a slice of pizza tonight

I was standing at the bus stop. I see this youngish Black guy working a few people. I had ignored a woman saying, "Scuse me, scuse me", as I walked across the street. So, anyway, I see this guy and everybody is shooting him down. So he gets up to the bus stop and he says to the woman sitting on the bench "I'm not trying to be funny with you, I'm trying to get a slice of pizza." So she just waves her bus money at him and says "I only have my bus money." He comes over to me and he looks at me and asks for some money for something to eat. I look at his face and I don't often give money to people on the street, but I just felt like it tonight. I give money to the really mentally ill people that I see regularly, but not to most of the people I think are capable of working. I have however been hungry. My mom and I were on welfare when I was a kid and she didn't always manage the budget well and sometimes we did not have enough money for food just before we would get our checks. We didn't have a phone or electricity a lot of the time and were always getting eviction notices. Fortunately our landlady would give my mom a break and never really kicked us out for paying the rent late.We went hungry a lot and we would be looking in the couch cushions for change and rolling pennies to try and get a hot dog. Usually it was me that got the hot dog while my mom went hungry. I also ate at my friend's houses a lot. I am not excusing the fact that my mom should have been working and as soon as she got a job, things got better for us. My mom had some mental and drug problems that made it hard for her to work all the time. Well, anyway, I know what it's like to beg and to be hungry, so I guess I was just in the mood to empathize. So, I gave the guy $5.00. He had started to walk away and I said "Wait, I'm going to give you something." So he turned back and took the money, looked at it real hard and started to stammer "Thank you, thank you very much." "Merry Christmas to you." Maybe he spent it on liquor. Maybe he just got hisself a big ol' slice of pizza.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Murderball is highly over rated

I just watched Murderball. The night before I watched Murderball, I watched another documentary called My Flesh and Blood. What a difference there was between the two movies. The guys in Murderball are asshole frat boys. Most of them got into the condition they are in by behaving like the drunken idiots they are. There is nothing remotely heroric about becoming paralyzed by passing out in your buddy's truck and being tossed into a ditch when your buddy has a drunk driving accident. Contrarywise, the children in the documentary My Flesh and Blood, are in the condition they are in through no fault of their own. The children in My flesh and Blood exhibit heroic behavior everyday of their lives. The woman and her daughter that care for these children are incredibly selfless and caring towards others. The boys in Murderball ceaselessly engage in childish behavior. They all have the same boring personalities as well, dumb jocks. The only guy I liked was the one that had lost limbs because of meningitis. As for the wheelchair rugby, it is not very radical at all. They tried to edit it to make it seem more fierce, but it came across as pretty tame. I saw a news story about African polio victims. They play polo on these little carts like mechanics use to roll under cars. Man, those were some fierce bad, radical dudes and they could kick the ass of any of those wimpy, spoiled rich boys that play wheelchair rugby. The wheelchairs in Murderball are slow and plodding. My favorite part was when an ablebodied guy went over and dragged one of the rugby players out of his chair and threw his supposedly rugged ass on the floor. Reality check right there. The guys in Murderball were also quite dismissive of the Special Olympians in the Special Olympics. I got news for you guys, you're special too.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Americans planting positive stories in Iraqi newspapers

I was watching the News Hour tonight and they had two pundits arguing over whether it was ethical to plant true, positive stories in Iraq to counter the tragic and negative stories usually printed in Iraqi newspapers. The con argument was made by a professor of journalism. He was going on and on about morals and principles and the pure and wonderful media, that he feels should be allowed to monopolize print and broadcast unchallenged. I was waiting for the pro guy to call this left wing idiot on the fact that the media is a swirling cesspool of filth and degradation, peopled by immoral scum who would violate anybody's rights to privacy to get a salacious story. The media are paid to seek out the most vile and non representative stories. There has been scandal after scandal in the major newstations and newspapers. Right now they are resavaging the woman in France who had her face ripped off by her dog. We get to hear personal details that should not be part of any story about a revolutionary facial transplant. It chaps my thighs when the left starts to claim high moral principles to argue for something that they supposedly believe in. They are willing to trample on the principles of others and claim moral relativism when it suits their purposes. They are, by their very nature, without principles or morals. I call major bullshit on them.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Men marrying each other does not further the cause of social justice

Go and read this website. You can see how many benefits that men that marry each other would have. We would lose many tax dollars from men that married each other. Private insurance companies would lose profits. Single women with children are the most likely to live in poverty. For men to pool resources and obtain benefits that were intended to help women and children is a crime. Many professional, childless men combining resources, benefits and power would reinforce patriarchal culture.