If you come in my cage I'll eat you too!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Dismemberment is the raison d'etre of Muslims.

Oh the manufactured outrage over dismembered bodies in Qana. The yearly celebrations of the so-called Qana massacre. The delicious feelings of outrage, the showy funerals, the wailing and ululating by harsh old harpies with black scarves disguising their last small claims to beauty.

Oh the self righteousness of the Muslim masses. The pictures, the bloody horrific pictures. The Muslims pretend to hate the blown up bodies of Lebanese children, but clearly cannot disguise their endless lust for gory, gruesome photographs. Images of death are Muslim pornography, arousing videos of torture and snuff films, the sawing off of heads bringing on the climax. Allah O Akbar! Outrage as foreplay, death and destruction is their sexual outlet. They put this porn all over the net and watch the deaths endlessly to stir their blood lust.

Our Western media outlets only show so-called "sanitized" news, meant to protect the American public from horrific images that make us weep, make us sick to our stomachs, claim the media pundits. So true. Yes, we in America hate to see pics of torn and ragged little bodies. We purposefully avoid it. Aren't we an awful people to not want to look at such horrors.

When Americans execute someone we "put him to sleep." Not so the Muslim world who prefer the slitting of throats and the sawing of necks. Oh how they love the dismemberment process. How they love the chopping off of limbs and heads. How their weapons of choice are the bombs and suicide belts and exploding cars. How up close and personal is their destruction of flesh and bone. The buckets of blood, the scattered bits of tooth and tissue.

Cannibals and head hunters have nothing on Muslims. I remember footage of Sadat's assassination, a man that had been seated next to him holding up his handless arm, jagged white bone protruding through the torn flesh. I remember children's bodies, still in their airplane seats, sitting in a Locherbie sheep farmer's field, the farmer rushing to cover the body with a blanket. No we don't parade our dead children around and thrust them in the world's face.

I have seen people jumping and falling from the twin towers. Piles of barbequed tourists in Bali. Little girls with mutilated genitals. Muslims are the cannibal kings, of the modern world, even the Indians in South America have stopped head hunting, but the Muslims have only just begun. Some have decided to live in caves again. Cave people, like Seany Bean the cannibal in Scotland, whose extended family lived in a cave and ambushed and ate British tourists.

Muslims stand around in front of cameras proudly waving severed, burnt limbs in the air, after pulling bodies apart with their bare hands. They throw hundreds of headless corpses into rivers in Iraq. Stabbing beaten, bloated corpses with sticks in Mogadishu. Smashing Israeli soldiers' heads like pumpkins. Blowing commuters in India and London to bits. Forcing Africans to live in concentration camps in Darfur.The Israelis are sweet little old ladies by comparison.

No, we Americans haven't the stomach for such primetime television fare and I thank God for it. We prefer our violence and our blood to be fake. Yes, our news outlets sanitized 9/11, showing none of the raining bodies and body parts for fear of stirring up collective hatred for Muslims. We have an identity of our own and it is not at the expense of Islam. The opposite is true of the Muslim world, theirs is an endless supply of outrage and collective hatred in response to the smallest perceived slight, while they commit vile atrocities on a daily basis. It is the Muslims only reason for being, their oppostion culture. They have nothing else. Forgive us for thinking that the Muslim world is getting exactly what it wants, more blood sacrifices to fuel their death cult. They will never stop the killing until forced to it.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Devil Dawg's paws smell like Fritos!

Jamel thinks they smell like Goldfish crackers.

Miss C and Jamel and his Grandma went to the pancake breakfast at the fire station

Firemen are not as handsome as they once were. Miss C is of the firm belief that all firemen should have big bushy mustaches!

Would Muslims ever suspend bombing after killing innocent civilians?

Hell no they would not. They are killing 100 people per day in Iraq and the world is only interested in what Israel is doing. Iraqi clerics are calling for a cease fire in Lebanon? How about a fucking cease fire in Iraq or Darfur, where Muslims are fucking slaughtering defenseless civilians by the thousands? Somalia is getting ready to open up a can of whoop ass on Ethiopia. Perhaps Israel should disband its defense forces and form terrorist groups with cool sounding names. It's obviously ok to blow up kids if you do it by car bomb and IED. Maybe Israel can continually fire old ass rockets into Gaza and Lebanon. The UN won't have shit to say about it. To them the best kind of war is fought by incompetents, like themselves. It's the thought that counts! The world is a swirling cesspool of gloom and doom!

Miss C wants a son and she shall name him thusly,

Miss Carnivorous loves the water. She shall call her son Poseidon Cletus. Miss C's co-worker has suggested a back up name, in case she gives birth to twins, the name of the second twin shall be, Neptune Beauford.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Alan Keye's column, The global jihadists' perpetual will to war

This is a must read! Former Reagan official and 2000 presidential candidate Alan Keyes,(if I'd known who the hell he was, I'd probably have voted for him, he could have been the first Black president) has a brilliant column on World Net Dailey. He writes about the terrorist groups using times of peace and lulls in action during "peace" negotiations as being the times that jihadists such as Hizballah build up arsonals and become stronger militarily. While the people of Lebanon were enjoying peace, Hizballah was preparing for a major war.

In other words, peace negotiations only further the military might of the enemy, who has sworn to embrace war. It cripples the side that actually tries to keep the peace in favor of the vengeful war-mongering side. To quote Keyes, "Any involvement in negotiations is for them simply an element of strategy, meant to influence the opportunity for battle and its outcome." It inhibits the ability of the US and Israel to maintain control of groups like Hizballah, because while we are yammering on about peace they are getting stronger and more deadly. Keyes says that Israel is experiencing the fruit of this kind of diplomacy, since Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon, Hizballah has enjoyed a free hand. They have stockpiled new weapons and built tunnels and bunkers to "facilitate and supply the movement of their war-making forces."

Ungrateful Americans!

Last month we had repeated incidents of vandalism at the Library. Twice in a row people came and drank a lot of beer in the courtyard near my area and broke large plate glass windows by throwing beer bottles at them until they shattered. Glaziers came to fix the windows one week and then had to come back again the following week to fix more shattered windows. Our workspaces, tools and supplies were covered with shattered glass, both from the windows and the beer bottles. In fact, I cut myself a few weeks after the incident, when I went to pick up some printer cartridges and grabbed a glass shard.

The window replacement team consists of an old salty dog of a Black guy and a tall good looking Bosian guy. The Black women I work with have their panties in a twist over the Bosian guy and his "sexy" accent. I joked that a few years ago he was strangling Serbs with his bare hands and now he's fixing our windows. The glaziers are an odd combination of fellows, but work together well. While they were putting in the second round of windows the Bosnian guy expressed disbelief that anyone would vandalize a library. The old Black guy, being well aquainted with human nature said, "If it seems like right, some people just gotta do the opposite!"

Friday, July 28, 2006

Who thinks our media is biased towards Israel?

Our media, that's who! Last night on The News Hour, the talking heads treated us to a round table of anti-Israeli sentiment. The experts were all unanimous in their opinion that the American media was, in their opinion, showing Israel in too good a light. I must not be watching the same news as they are. All I see is the poor suffering Lebanese and I am not being sarcastic, yes, I do believe that they are suffering mightily, horrifically and I wish they didn't have to.

On the other side the media is trying to portray the suffering of Israeli troops. They are not showing the troops' suffering in order to make us feel sorry for Israelis, they are making the suggestion that since the Lebanese are suffering and the troops are suffering, they should all go home and forget the whole thing. Everything will be just hunky dory if the Israelis went home. Of course we can actually talk to the Israeli troops, because they do not try to kill our jornalists. They do not kidnap them, hold them for ransome, nor saw their heads off! The lack of Western access to infomation about Hizballah, leaves a black hole in that area.

I saw a clip of Lebanese men beating a foreign cameraman. Blame everyone else for your troubles, even those trying to report your side of the story. We have no way of actually verifiying the deaths of Hizballah soldiers or following their battle strategy. So we are really left with showing just two sides, Lebanese civilians and Israeli troops.

The reporters in the round table were full of praise for the Arab news outlets and lauded the "nuanced" reporting that Arab journalists are so brilliant at. The journalists were in agreement that American reporting was "black and white" and "Good and evil," the evil of course being the Arabs. I just don't read that into any of the news stories I see on the regular networks.

Hizballah's television station was mentioned as the go to source for news about the conflict in the Muslim world, because the Arab street, "trusted Hizballah to tell "the truth." Honestly, when American journalists are praising Hizballah for its fair reporting you know that we are doomed. One of the most vociferous anti-American journalists, who looked Jewish, said that the Arab stations showed the burned, limbless babies and the American media was too sanitized. Since the Arabs were seeing the damage wrought by "us" it was no wonder that they hated "us." I am at a loss to understand why it is so acceptable for Iraqis to blow childrens limbs off, burn and blind and kill them, but the journalists think that any conflict between Israel and another Arab country is so all fired different.

I need hardly mention that Hizballah is trying to kill as many civilians as it can by continually firing rockets into Israel. I guess it's lower on the scale of evil because it's only attempted murder instead of actual murder. The reality is that their weapons are as primitive as they are.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Zapatero can run around in Palestinian keffiyahs all he wants.

It won't stop the inevitable. Al Zawahri is looking to recapture Spain! See, if you give in to the Islamic extremists and display weakness, you only encourage them. The Spanish have rolled over and offered up their soft, white underbellies for the delectation of the Islamists. In fact, the Jihadists don't need to retake Spain, I am sure the Spanish will give it to them without a fight. Please, please don't hurt us any more! We surrender! Not very macho of them. The first thing that the Islamists will do is eliminate gay marriage. Perhaps it will take a lavender revolution to stop them. The sissies probably have more balls than the average Spaniard!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Taliban join Sunni and Shia sectarian violence in Heaven.

Taliban angels warned Sunni angels that the Sunni's virgins were dressed like infidel whores. The Sunni protested that they were secular and westernized on earth and had gotten used to women dressed like Europeans and Americans. They complained that the Taliban were ruining their idea of Heaven. The Taliban also warned the Shia that the hijabs their virgins wear do not go far enough in covering their offensive female flesh. "We can still see the ovals of their face and hands," said a Taliban angel spokesman, "We demand that Heaven's virgins be clad in full burqas! After all it's not really Heavenly to be forced to look at women. Women are disgusting!" God told the warring factions that since he is Jewish, his idea of Heaven is a lot of completely nude virgins!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sunni and Shia continue sectarian violence in heaven!

Over 6,000 innocent virgins have been killed in sectarian violence in Heaven in June and July. Allah has repeatedly warned the warring Sunni and Shia angels that he himself is Jewish and sick of their shit, which is why he is helping the Jews in their battle against Hizballah and turning Hizballah rockets into duds that fall in Arab neighborhoods.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Jamel's lemonade stand

On Sunday my neighbor Jamel, who is now 7, finally cajoled me into helping him with his lemonade stand. He had been begging me to help, for days, but it was unseasonably hot and I was lazy. On Sunday, it was only 91 degrees and I got a burst of energy. I could take that heat. So we set up a Lego table and Jamel made the lemonade and the other neighbors gave us balloons from their open house and cookies to give away with the lemonade. We set up on the neighbor's lawn.. There weren't a lot of people walking by, so Jamel decided to go and get the customers. Anyone he saw parking way up the street was fair game. Few people he accosted refused to buy lemonade. One of the guys reluctantly came over to the table and told me that Jamel, "Was a hell of an outside salesman!" Jamel, who is Black, but has been raised by whites, does not use ebonics. There was a group of Black teens walking across the street and Jamel yelled, "Do you want to buy some lemonade?" One of the teens yelled back, "We cool." Jamel yelled, "What?" Again the kid answered, "We cool!" Jamel pointed his finger at the teens and said, in his very correct English, "I guess I'll take that as a no!" The nicest thing was that people were coming and sitting on the lawn with us and one lady invited us to a birthday party for her kids.

The guy whose lawn we were on is a former drug addict, who needs a liver transplant. He is very nice, but has bad friends and he is being evicted. We all feel bad for him, but are kind of glad to see him leave. He has a bunch of junk sitting outside his house. The other day I took a big cedar trunk and put it outside, by the street, with a "free" sign on it, because I didn't want to have it sitting in my yard. It wasn't out there long, before my neighbor took it and put it in his front yard. I complained to Jamel and said that I gave it away so that it wouldn't sit outside, get ruined and be an eyesore, which it was now doing in the guy's yard. Jamel told me that, "They really, really, want it!"

As we are sitting at the lemonade stand, a van pulls up and a couple get out. The woman is an older Latina in ethnic garb, looking like Frida Kahlo and the guy is a slick white Liberal in a Panama hat and a cool dress shirt with little squares with pics of Che all over it. The lady walks up and asks if we are having a yard sale and I say "No, a lemonade sale." She says, "I want to buy that trunk, I thought it was for sale." I groan and say, don't I wish, and I tell her the story. My deceased mom had made me the trunk and stenciled pictures of cats on it. I felt guilty about getting rid of it and now this, I can't sell it, or give to someone that really wants it, because it is sitting in my neighbor's yard and it's part of his junk collection now. The lady put her arm around me and gave me a hug. If only she had known I was a Republican, I don't think she would have been so nice. Anyway the guy in the house came out a little later without his shirt on and his pants hanging off his ass. He asks us what's going on. He says, " Here you guys are, partying on my lawn, and I'm already in trouble with my land lady!"

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Please visit me at the Sundries Shack!

Miss C is getting down and dirty at the Shack. She is showing her fangs and giving Hizballah what for!

Better the riff raff you know!

Our Metropolitan Transit Authority, of whom previously I had been blissfully ignorant and thought only existed on the East Coast, called and asked me to participate in a survey. They asked a lot of questions about my knowlege of the Spare the Air campaign and my use of public transit. Of course our government has deemed the poor air quality days of summer, Spare the Air days. They made public transit free for some 6 of those days. On the free days, commuters who would never think of paying for a bus ride, flood the transit system. Its like the free fishing days. They crowd our buses. Buses that were made in Belgium, by the usual French speaking idiots. The buses are too small for their purpose and have absolutely no ventilation. Often the remark you overhear about the buses is, "I'd like to kill whoever designed these buses." The buses are particularly hard on the blind and the elderly. The seats are up from the floor level and there are too few handles to hold on to when one is moving from the seats to the doors. Anyway, we already hate the buses and then when the freeloaders hop on during Spare the Air days, we really see red. My co-worker said that she heard that regular public transit users drive their cars on Spare the Air Days. As another co-worker says, "Better the riff raff you know!"

A crowd of Islamic religious fanatics slaughtered a Russian diplomat in 1829

It's the same old song. I was watching the gorgeous movie, the Russian Ark, last night and there is a scene in the movie where Persian emmisaries come to court to ask forgiveness for the killing of a Russian diplomat at the Russian embassy in Persia in 1829. I looked up the incident and was amazed to see how it exactly parallels what is happening in modern times. The murdered diplomat, Alexandr Sergeyevich Griboyedov was also a playright. He was sent to the embassy in Teheran and was killed shortly after his arrival, along with almost everyone inside the embassy. His body was horribly mutilated, during the occupation of the embassy by the Islamic lunatics. Looks like the Muslims are nothing if not predictable. Nothing has changed in over a hundred and sixty years. See, diplomacy is useless. They kill diplomats, don't they?

Its one big macho game!

There was a pundit on NPR today and he was saying that Syria is behind the Hizballah attacks on Israel. He said that Syria wants to be a world player and in order to do this, Assad needs Bush to notice him. The pundit said that Bush's candid statements about Kofi Annan getting in there and stopping this violence are not accordance with the fact that everyone in the Middle East knows who controls the world's political stage. George W. Bush, that's who! No one cares about the UN or Annan, they are toothless old lions. It's insulting to an Arab leader to have to use Annan to mediate a conflict, because it means the US doesn't think the leader's important. Everything is about the US. Really, it's flattering that they are so obsessed with us. These are alpha males, jockying for position, just as they've done for centuries. This is natural selection folks. Only the strong will survive. The Israelis have cut off Hizballah's supply lines and the civilians are suffering horribly. This is how it always ends when an Arab militia engages with Israel. There is no way that you can look at Hizballah as even a small player. They just don't matter. The Arabs are experts at self delusion. It's like the movie, Groundhog Day, they are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over. They seem to think that the thousandth try will be the lucky one. The lesson to be learned. Do not fuck with the US or its allies in the Middle East. If you do, we will fuck you up, depose your leader and make your civilian population suffer. Afterward you can tell the world how much you are the victims of US aggression and they can commiserate with you, but there is nothing that they can do to stop the US if the US wants to fuck you up again. If we wanted to we could drop a nuke on Iran tomorrow. No country with a leader that has any brains wants to fight the US, it's only the stupid meglomaniacs that try. It's that simple folks.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Oil of Embryolay

Soon women will be using embryos in face creams. We know that the vanity market is huge and the curing of diseases will come second to the desire to be beautiful and have a youthful complexion. First people will donate embryos and then they will sell them and after that the corporations will steal them from the bodies' of women in the third world.

Stem cell technology will make people even more irresponsible and subvert natural selection

Think on this, many people will engage in dangerous behavior with few consequences if they know they can get their self-inflicted wounds, disorders and diseases cured by stem cell technology. Stem cell repair will leave them free to reproduce more and more people like themselves. People with no impulse control and the desire to engage in risky physical pursuits. Right now the threat of severe injury holds many people back, it's the main reason I don't sky dive or bungey jump. I think that those of us that forgo such dangerous pursuits are smarter and therefore selected for. I saw a documentary on monkeys and there was a baby monkey that was always away from his mom and engaging in risky behavior and of course he fell and eventually died. Those types, ideally, should be used as cannon fodder in wars and such. The guys in the documentary, Murderball, for instance, although paralyzed, they still can't quit the risky behavior. They'd be repeat stem cell customers.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Clueless liberal elites!

My television has never worked well, but since I moved the desk it sits on to a different spot, it doesn't work at all. Yesterday, I gave up trying to watch the news and turned on the radio. I fiddled with the dial and somehow I came up with a progressive morning show out of San Francisco. The two regular hosts of the morning show are a very unfunny comic, Will Durst, and ex mayor of SF, Willie Brown. Durst has never had much success as a comic, but he has been milking his mildly amusing schtick for anti-war purposes and has a new lease on this radio show and a few PBS shows. Mayor Willie Brown, is funnier than Durst, by miles and miles. Today the guests on the show were, a person that gives classes on how to understand real estate for home buyers, and Al Franken. The real estate expert proceeded to talk about how buying a house in San Francisco was impossible for most people. So why they even had him on the show was a total mystery to me. Then Will Durst began to talk about the fact that he does own property and that he was getting some trees removed because they are on a hill, possibly dangerous, and definitely blocking his and his neighbors' view. So, he has property with a view and Willie Brown admits that he co-owns a house in SF with Wells Fargo. Al Franken called into the show and things got even stranger. They all began to talk about golf. They talked about their game and they talked about the courses they play and they asked Willie Brown if he had played Pebble Beach and Willie said, of course, and they said that they heard it cost $350.00 a round and Willie said, no it was $500.00 now. Then Willie began to talk about how he was being flown to Vegas that afternoon by a private jet that was being sent to pick him up so that he could give a speech at a luncheon. Then he would fly back to San Francisco to give a dinner speech. These are your Bay Area and national progressives people. Too stupid to realize just how stupid they sound talking about, real estate that is out of the price range of the average American and golf games that cost more than many people make in a week, on a progressive radio show.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Christian right/Christian left

Every time I hear or read some diatribe against the Christian right, I think about the fact that millions of Blacks and Hispanics, the majority of them fundamentalist Christians, vote for Democratic candidates. I know Black Christians that will get burning mad if you even suggest that we don't descend from Adam and Eve. They do not believe in the theory of evolution. Most minority Christians think exactly as the white, right wing Christians do, on abortion, gay marriage, the death penalty, they are actually very conservative.The minorities vote Democratic because they like the idea of social programs and government handouts. They have been raised to be dependant on government. The white Christians believe in personal responsibilty. Often the Black Christians are the most hypocritical, because as a group they deviate from their religious beliefs to such a large degree, in their behavioral practices.

Pleasant bus experience!

On my way to work this morning as I passed the post office I saw a tiny little elderly Black lady trying to push her granny cart up the curb. I slowed down to ask her if she needed help. She asked me if I could spare some change as she was taking her clothes to the consignment shop to sell for money. I felt very bad for her as she was very frail and old. On my way home this evening I sat down next to an older Black woman and she started to talk to me and tell me since her kids had started giving her cell phones she had lost 3 of them. We commiserated on losing things, like umbrellas and cell phones. It was hot today and she told me that her son had discovered that if you put your fan in the window backwards, for some reason it made the room cooler. So I told her I would try it and see. I said that I loved the sound of an oscillating fan. Her face lit up and said she did too and talked about an old table fan her mom had and said she took it when she moved out and kept it til it conked out. She talked about growing up in Berkeley and her mother making her come in the back door as she and her brothers and sisters were all dirty and I said, all of us kids used to have to play outside in the old days. She informed me that the lady sitting behind us had 3 sons and that 2 of them were whiners and that the mother of said whiners would soon be getting grey hairs. One of the boys commenced to whining and the elderly lady said, "See, I told you. Whiners!." As I got up to get off the bus, she again told me to try the backwards fan trick. We had a free bus ride today because it was a spare the air day as it was hot, so the bus was jam packed. As I fought my way to the door, the woman yelled "Bye baby girl!" As I am in my 40's I was rather pleased to be adressed as such.

Star Parker, on the crisis facing Black inner-city communities.

Star Parker tells it like it is. I agree with everything she is saying in her latest column and have said it often enough myself. Maybe it is more palatable coming from a Black woman, than from a white woman, but I doubt it. The powers that be in the Black community, who are mightily invested in preserving the status quo and their cushy positions as arbiters of all that is politically correct to say about the problems plaguing the Black communty, are going to find any criticism of Blacks unacceptable. The idea that individuals are responsible for their own actions is poison to them, because they know that if that rule were applied to the Black community, they have been shown to have failed on every level.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Military defends enlisting rapist/murderer Steven Green.

There is no doubt that the military has lowered its standards for recruits recently in order to make quota. I think that the left should learn a lesson from this tragic incident. There are standards for a reason. When you start to accept recruits with criminal backgrounds you are asking for trouble. Liberals often argue for lowering standards in other professions. They are currently trying to get the American Bar Association standard lowered to benefit minorities, who are having trouble passing the test. That means that unqualified lawyers would come back into the minority community and represent minority clients and get them wrongly convicted and worse, because of their poor lawyering skills. Many Black men have criminal records and the Liberals constantly ask that those men be given a second chance. I have saved a recruiting poster I saw posted in Oakland. I ripped it off of a telephone pole. It was asking for police cadets. The poster stated that you needed to have a "reasonably clean record," in order to qualify for the job. So we would have cops with criminal backgrounds telling other people that they need to obey the law, right! The left is constantly telling us that society shouldn't hold someone's criminal past against them and that they should be given a second chance. Now the Democrats are going into hyperdrive to censor the military for doing just that. The military is saying that they felt that Steven Green had the potential to overcome his earlier behavioral problems. Obviously, they were dead wrong. If you want first class recruits, Democratic partisans, let the military continue to recruit on college campuses. In any case Mr Green's background problems do not explain why the other men in his platoon engaged in such venal behavior. Did they all have incidents of criminal behavior in their pasts?

In direct violation of Sharia law and Hamas edict,

Miss Carnivorous has been belly dancing all day! She will now recommence to shake what her Mama gave her!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Latest crappy bus incident!

On the way home tonight, this Black guy was eating Wendy's on the bus. Our Bus stopped at a light and the guy yells for the bus driver to open the door. We think that he is getting off, but no, he wants to throw his trash out the door, onto the ground. There is a cute white girl, in a little green skirt, standing at the bus stop. She says, "Hey, there's a trash can right here, you don't need to litter." The Black guy says, "If you so worried about litter, why don't you bend your white ass over and pick that shit up!" I guess we are lucky he didn't beat her up. I bet I could correctly predict what his reaction would be if someone told him to bend his Black ass over and pick something up!

The Palestinians should open casinos on the West Bank and Gaza Strip!

The Gaza Strip and the West Bank already have that cool casino style sound to their names. If the Palestinians open cool, Arab themed, casinos, viola, no more poverty and misery! Big tourist attraction. Jews like to gamble, they will flood the casinos with money. Horse racing, camel racing, you name it. Belly dancing! It's my idea to help with peace in the Middle East.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

White Guilt, by Shelby Steele

Shelby Steele's book awoke strong feelings in me. Forgive this rant, it is a heartfelt one, very close to my heart and involves people I love and care about deeply. I read Shelby Steele's book, White Guilt in one night. Mr Steele reiterates what I feel is wrong with Blacks and the white liberals trying to help Blacks out of their very dire straights. I do believe that liberals mean well by Blacks. I think that they really think that they know how to help Blacks and that they often think that you have to ask Blacks how best to help them. I disagree with this idea as the Blacks I know do not have any idea or do not have the will to do the right thing. I believe that only Black religious leaders know how best to go about lifting their people up from the poverty, addiction, fatherlessness, Welfare dependency and criminality that so plague much of Black America.

The problem is that the liberals have been helping Blacks out of the hell that is much of their existance for the last 40 years and they have only driven them deeper into it. I grew up In Oakland and have seen the downward spiral firsthand. I can tell you exactly how it happened and chronical the devastation for you, year by year. I can tell you what will work and what won't. I can tell you that any white that thinks that racism is the major problem for Black America is dead wrong. I can also tell you that white liberals are in denial that their policies are hopeless. They will keep banging their heads against the wall and nothing will change.

I have always felt that since I grew up in the ghetto and have Black friends whom I love and worry about, I am in a position to tell other people who are really unaware of what pernicious problems the average inner city Black person is dealing with. As an insider/outsider I can be more objective than the Blacks themselves. I can tell you what really is going on in the lives of Black people. I repeat, there are no stereotypes that are not stereotypically true. Many, many Blacks are dealing with levels of addiction and criminality that the average white can not imagine. The average Black person I know has multiple relatives and friends with serious criminal backgrounds. You would not know it to look at these people. I know Blacks that tell me of horrifc crimes that their relatives have admitted perpetrating, assaults, rapes, murders. I know of Blacks that beat their children to a pulp. Blacks who give much of their money to boyfriends that have many women and are just using women for sex and money. Men that do not in any way support their multiple children. Incest and sex with very young girls is common. I know women that have relationships with Black men that are so abusive that they should never be let out of jail. Animal abuse abounds, child rape abounds. These things are so entrenched that they are normal for many Black families. My friends will think nothing of knocking children out and letting them lie in place for hours. Again, this is average for Blacks in the inner city.

Blacks are in hell and the white liberals are telling them it's because white people are racist. It is not racism at all, it is a lack of human capital and immoral cultural values that is causing Blacks to spiral into darkness. Blacks are never held reponsible for their actions. Never, ever. For white liberals there is always an excuse for why the Black man is engaged in horrific self destructive behavior in his own home and neighborhood. Huge numbers of Black children have never known anything but abuse at the hands of Black men and yet the blame for the brutal behavior of these Black men is laid on the white man. I hear stories regularly of groups of Blacks that attack and brutally beat police officers having police picnics in Oakland parks. I see violent attacks and have personally seen shootings and my sister was a witness to an assassination of a drug dealer. I am also privy to things they don't tell you on the news. Liberals decry police brutality while they ignore the constant brutality perpetrated by Blacks against Blacks and Blacks against other races.

White liberals' methods for helping Blacks have been lethal. They have given Blacks mortal wounds from which they may never recover. They have undermined the work that educated and cultured Blacks did on behalf of their people in the early half of the last century. They have undermined the education systems and instituted low standards for Black achievment and been content when the Blacks have not even met the lowered standards because the Liberals are so invested in pitying people and making sure that no one ever has to have a bad feeling about themselves that the Blacks make it through school as ignorant as they would have been without 12 years of schooling.

Shelby Steele says "that Bush's "bigotry of low expectations" statement was the first and most far reaching enunciation of American social policy since Lyndon Johnson's Howard University speech. It offered a new direction for social reform and, especially, a new theory: dissociation from the racist past through principle and individual responsibility rather than at the expense of these things. Bush is the first president to openly cmpete with the left in the area of ideas around poverty, education, and race. Shelby Steele says that Liberals failed the country out of a self congratulating moral elitism, that they refused to enforce demanding principles or to ask for more responsibility from those they claimed to feel compassion for, and that they flattered themselves with a progressivism of mere moral relativism even as the culture declined all around them."

No one likes to know that they are wrong and the left has been so wrong, and in such a horrifically damaging way, that they are totally invested in hanging on to their ideology. The left has always engaged in losing battles, they are the party of losers and they would make everyone in their own image, which is weak and unhealthy. They have infected Blacks with their disease and they will continue to do so as long as they control the educational, mental health and social service agencies in the US. As long as they are governors and mayors and city council members and school superintendants. Until the stranglehold the liberals have on the government systems is broken, Blacks can expect more misery and poverty.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The lady with the human hair ball

I ride the bus with a lady who has not combed her hair in years. Her hair has formed into a huge lump in the back of her head and it looks like something a cat threw up, literally. When the woman moves her head around the thing moves in a stiff lump and looks like the back of the alien queen's head in the movie Alien. People on the bus will do anything to avoid getting touched by this woman's disgusting hair ball. She is a white hippie chick, who is otherwise clean and normal looking, so it's hard to understand why she won't just cut it off if she doesn't want to bother to comb it.
Today I was trying to comb through my thick hair at work and I told my co-worker that I was just going to give up and let it form a human hair ball. My co-worker said, "No, no, you are not!" "If you try, we will have to stage an intervention!"

Miss C is guest blogging at the Sundries Shack!

Jimmie at Sundries Shack is on a tour with his choral group and has asked me to guest blog for him while he is away. It is a big responsiblity for me, as he has a more professional style of blogging. He is less of a ranter and a much better speller and fact checker than I. I think that it will be a learning experience for me as I will have to be more careful in what I say. Please stop in and check us out!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The rape of 15 year old Abeer Qasem Hamzeh

I have a lot of thoughts about the rape and murder of the 15 year Iraqi girl, Abeer Qasem Hamzah in Mamoudiyah. First of all let me say that I do not think that this is the first or the only rape of an Iraqi girl or woman by American troops. Women are often raped in times of war, just as they are raped in times of peace. Women and girls are prey, men are predators. During war, men are hyped up with adrenaline and have guns and power over other people, who they know are trying to kill them. This can and does lead to abuses of that power. Men in America are being exposed to porn with younger and younger girls and are eroticising them to an unhealthy degree. I, as well as millions of other people are getting spam e-mail with offers of videos of young teens, brutally raped and sodomised. Incestuous relations and bestiality abound in this new world of porn, regular sex begins to seem dull. Many men have been desensitized to this kind of porn, to a dangerous degree. Reality begins to blur and men think that the acts depicted in porn are what most women and young girls want. Men of Steven Green's age, 21, have grown up on brutal pornography involving very young girls. This porn is not your father's Playboy, it's bound to have a negative effect on some men. Of course I realize that many men have looked at this stuff and not gone out and raped young girls, but like with alcohol, some men are more prone to being affected than others.

I must say though, that the rape, heinous though it is, does not disturb me nearly as much as the murder of young Abeer and her entire family and the subsequent cover up by the individuals involved. Ex PFV Steven Green, and the other members of his platoon who participated in the horrendous actions, where aware of how serious the charges against them would be and made a concerted effort to hide the crime of rape by murdering the witnesses. In a way I am encouraged by the fact that they knew how bad the military would look uopn their behavior. These soldiers did not just murder an entire innocent familty, they called into question the US role in Iraq and they endangered their fellow soldiers. The 2 soldiers, ambushed and killed by Iraqis from Mahmoudiyah, Kristan Menchaca and Thomas Tucker, were most likely murdered in revenge, which is part of Arabic culture. The soldiers involved must be aware of the cultural practices of Iraqis at this point in the war. How tragic this all must be for Kristan Menchaca's father. I saw Mr Menchaca Sr. on the national news asking for revenge for his son's killing, It must be hard for him to know that his son was mudered in revenge for the rape and murder of an Iraq family, by his son's fellow soldiers. This has to change his view of his son's death, which was already tragic enough.. I am only sorry that the insurgents did not get the actual perpetrators of the crimes. I say let Kristan Menchaca's father execute Steven Green and do us all a service.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Chinese day care is not afraid to be patriotic.

I walk by Little Stars Daycare and Preschool everyday. It's run by a Chinese staff. During holidays the windows are always full of seasonal crafts made by the children. Today as I walked by admiring the flag motifed, 4th of July crafts, even I was amazed by the multitudes of red white and blue artwork on display. There were Uncle Sam hats and firecrackers and streamers and best of all, there were red white and blue stars with I heart America on them. Imagine that. Astonishing.

It's cool to have really old parents!

My mom was a teenager when she had me, so most of my friends had older parents than I did. I read about a 67 year old woman in France who just gave birth to a baby. I was talking about it to my co-worker and I said that she was the age of a great, great, grandma. I thought that it would be too icky to have to bring your friends into your house, which would smell like a convalescent hospital. When you are 13 your mom will be 80. Weird! But then I thought about it and decided it would actually be kind of cool. You could listen to your music really loud and your mom wouldn't even hear it.

Animals taken by hunters are organic meat.

I was reading a book today, What To Eat, by Marion Nestle. The chapter on meat was rather discouraging of the practice of eating meat as you can imagine. Ms Nestle is after all, an officer of the left wing food police force. She said that organic meat was near impossible to find and she even came to California, thinking that she would be able to find some here in the health food capitol of the USA. Alas, she could not find any in the stores or supermarkets. She also didn't look very hard or she would have found Bobby Lee's, a butcher shop that sells game meat. Not once did she think of getting a hunting license and going out and shooting some completely organic free range deer or pheasant, turkey or wild boar. Killing your own food, what an old fashioned, healthy way to make sure that your meat is actually organic and delicious. Who'd of thunk it.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hippies are way too idealistic, dangerously so!

One day I was walking by Taco Bell. There was a car parked on the street in front of Taco Bell. There were 2 Black guys and a Black woman inside the car finishing their Taco Bell meals. As I and my co-worker neared the parked car, the occupants of the car opened the door and sleazily placed their trash onto the sidewalk. In front of us was a little hippie guy, with thick glasses, just boppin along. He sees the trash and leans into the car and says, superiorly, stupidly, "You should put your trash in the trash can!" My co-worker and I just cringed. One of the guys opens his door into the hippie, sending him flying onto the pavement. It was like a stunt in a movie, really, very well done. Then the guy gets out and proceeds to beat the hippy silly. Oh wait, he was already silly, the guy proceeded to beat some sense into him! The Black guy's girlfriend got out and tried to stop her boyfriend from beating the hippie, but he didn't quit until he was darned good and ready. Then he got back into the car and they sped off, just as disregardful of the speed limit as they were of the laws against littering. The hippie was crawling around trying to find his busted glasses and place them upon his smashed and bloodied nose, and run off to his hippie hideaway to smother his pain in cannibis. And the trash remained on the sidewalk. Earth to hippies, earth to hippies, come in hippies, inner city thugs are not like you, live it, learn it!

Library employees are also psychiatric nurses!

I have a totally psychotic homeless friend who periodically threatens to kill me. I have known this guy for 19 years. I first met him when I got the job at the library. I moved into a tiny studio apartment 3 blocks from the library.I lived in a very bad neighborhood. At night I would hear lots of shooting and once I came home and some guys were beating the crap out of a guy that lived in my building, because he owed them drug money. He was all bloody, but they stopped beating him up long enough to let me pass.

Another time I went to open the front door of the lobby and it wouldn't open because there was a drunk guy passed out and stopping the door. I was bummed in, so to speak. I had to keep pushing very hard to move him enough to get out the door. I called 911 and the police came and helped him up. Later, the rumor went around that the police had beat up a homeless guy, because the guy had a bloody head. I knew that he was already bloody, before the cops got there.

Another time I was sunning myself on the roof (it was usually me and a totally bald, light skinned Black girl who wanted to be dark skinned) and helicopters starting flying over me. I hear the clang of someone climbing up the fire escape and a SWAT guy pops up his head at me and says to his partner, "It's a redhead, she's sunbathing!" Then he asks me if I've seen a Black guy come up here. I said, "No, I would surely have noticed!" So he goes clanging back down the fire escape and I get up and look over the side and there is SWAT climbing all over the place and looking in every window and the basement. So I get the idea I should go inside. My cats learned to tell the difference between gunshots and firecrackers. If they got freaked, I would hit the floor fast. My mom hated this neighborhood, in reality her neighborhood was just as bad, but she was used to it and didn't see the threat.

One night my mom came over to eat and I walked her to the bus stop to wait until she got on the bus. I had a gun that turned out later to jam when fired and it was lucky we never needed it. So my first meeting with this insanely psychotic homeless guy happens when my mom and I are waiting for her bus to arrive. The guy comes up to us, it's getting dark and he says, "You got any money?" My mom thinks we are being robbed already and gets her face on. I say, "No, we don't have any money!" Then the guy says, Y'all act like I want your pussy or somethin" I don't want your pussy, I just want your money!" Of course to me, this is very funny, but my mom is horrified! He wanders off and my mom is afraid to get on the bus and leave me alone, but I actually take the guy at his word. That was only my first meeting of many.

He would come into the library a lot and we used to have a Christmas food giveaway for the homeless. There was a Black Church lady that hosted the giveaway, until the recipients showed themselves to be less than grateful and less than civil. Now she concentrates on giving away school supplies for low income kids. The crazy guy came one Christmas and asked if we were giving away food and I told him, we were. Then he asked, in a very unsure tone, "They gonna give me some?" as if he was not worthy. I told him, sure they would. He is not a reader so he doesn't really hang out in the library and read magazines or newspapers, he generally goes in and out and uses the restrooms. He hangs out down at the Post Office, kickin' it on the grass and chillin'. He lies on his stomach, which looks weird and kind of Beetle Juicy, for some reason. He does not drink and is physically very healthy. Mentally is another story. I suspect he is on heavy doses of anti-psychotic medications. When he is not taking them, whoooaaaa, look out.

A few years ago I was walking to the bus stop and he was lying on his tummy, on the concrete, near a parking lot. I looked at him in bewilderment, as he is not usually on the sidewalk, but on the grass. He saw me and hopped up and started yelling, "I'll kill you bitch, I'll kill you!" I held up my hand to placate him and hold him off. I kept repeating that it was OK and trying to edge past him. He ran into the parking lot and began to duck and weave and pop up from behind cars, yelling that he was going to kill me. I got past him and was quite shaken up. A few weeks later I saw him looking fairly normal again, in front of the Post Office. He ran accross the street toward me and started saying, "I want to apologise for the other day, I wasn't feeling quite myself." I am thinking, well, if you weren't yourself, who the hell are you then? I told him that he had frightened me badly. He said he would not do it again, but of course he has.

For the past 4 years he has been increasingly erratic in his behavior. Sometimes I will buy him breakfast at a breakfast cafe or lunch at MacDonald's. He is prone to running out into on coming traffic and screaming at cars and at me. He's great when he's on his meds and terrifying when he's not. I saw him last week, lying on the sidewalk in front of the breakfast cafe, twisting and rolling around and I ran by quickly, hoping he wouldn't see me. It's best to avoid him when he's not himself!

Miss C can't tell the difference between soccer and Riverdance!

They wear the same socks! Miss C will first admit that when she was a teen, she would watch German soccer in delayed trasmissions, on PBS. For some reason, PBS used to show German soccer. Probably trying to give the liberal elite their first shot at soccer mania. As you see, it took over 30 years and the Bush administration for the lefties to finally admit that they'd rather be European socialists. Miss C used to be somewhat of a rebel, which is why she is a Conservative in a sea of Liberals. Miss C watched Formula I racing and German soccer. Miss C used to have French penpals. That was before Miss C became ashamed of her French ancestry. Once Miss C learned the error of her ways she dropped those Frenchies like she later did her menfolk!! One of Miss C's French penpals turned her on to a German penpal and Miss C and the German penpal would talk soccer. Miss C always found the contrasts between American football players and the European soccer players very interesting. Miss C was shocked at the babyfied way the German soccer players would try to milk fouls from the refs after a slight shin knocking. The German players rolled around in pretend agony, very melodramatic and very childlike. American football players would get tackled so hard their heads would nearly be ripped off and the Americans would get up and shake it off and go on to the next play. Soccer, while athletic, is really more like a dance form than a sport. A sort of hokey pokey tango. I think it highlights the differences between cultures and shows why America is dominant. Europeans are clearly pussies. Americans can take anything the rest of the world can dish out and shake it off. Now Australians and their rugby, that's a whole nother kettle of fish. Miss C would not want to go mano a mano with the Aussies, no sirree. They are about the only culture, besides ours, that Miss C admires.

Canaries in the coal mine!

If the Jews are the canaries in the coal mines, American Conservatives are following the canaries around with tiny little gas masks. The Jewish people are the world's greatest resource of human capitol. The Jews in America have grown too complacent and do not see the danger they are in.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

My liberal co-workers get on my nerves!

I got into a fight with my liberal Jewish friend at work on Friday. We were discussing Rudy Giuliani's chance at being elected president. My co-worker is from Long Island and still flies back to NYC every year. I say that Giuliani is a law and order Republican and that he has proven that he can get elected across political lines. So of course my Liberal co-worker has to tear Giulinai down and say that although Giuliani cleaned up the streets, making for a revitalization of the cultural and public spheres of the city, he should have left the cultural institutions untouched, as this was not his area of expertise. So I say that the arts and culture are not benefited, if you can't attend an opera premiere or art event and not be able to walk back to your car or ride the subway unassaulted or unmolested. I tell my co-worker that liberals have ruined the education system in major metropolitan areas and that the students are illiterate and ignorant. I tell my co-worker that I blame him and the liberal establishment for allowing standards of decency and public behavior to deteriorate to such an extent that in order to reverse the trend, New Yorkers had to elect a Republican to clean up their city. They actually wanted a Republican to clean up the Democrats' mess, how crazy is that? Then, because the people of that city enjoyed the fruits of the Republican's labors, the citizens elected another Republican. Why, because they are afraid that some liberal mayor, combined with some liberal DA, a al Kamela Harris and Terence Hallinan here in San Francisco, would start letting criminals run the show yet again, More wilding, more subway attacks and more murders. So my co-worker has to keep hammering that Giuliani should have stuck to his areas of expertise, the mob and fighting crime, but left the rest of the city alone. So I say fine. We'll let you and your liberal elite take care of your artsty fartsy crap, that is one thing that you are good at, at least. Let the Conservatives deal with the rest of what goes on. You stay out of our business and we will stay out of yours. We won't complain about Piss Christ and you won't complain about police brutality.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Look out below!

I was looking at a really beautiful book about Afghanistan. They had pictures of Pashtun fighters who wore girly high heeled sandals and eye makeup. It looked strange as they were armed and dangerous and yet so dainty and feminine. Anyway, there is a joke among the Afghans about these soldiers. They say that the guys in these mountains are so given to pedarasty, that when crows fly over the area, they clap one wing over their asses!

One of Miss C's crazy life stories.

I used to have neighbors from Estonia. They were serious party animals and a good 20 years younger than I. The female half of the couple was very outgoing and friendly. The male half was quiet and didn't speak much English. She used to take me to movies and dinner and they drove me and another neighbor to a wedding in the woods. The Estonian expats are a close knit group and would all party together regularly. They would go to the beach and party too hard and get kicked off the beach. There was a lot of vodka drinking and they all smoked a lot. The guys all looked like assassins and the girls looked like movie stars.

One night they had a party and I was invited. Everybody was a lot younger than I and the other women were not friendly. A few of the guys were talking to me and I asked them if they ever got used to the incredible beauty of their women. "No," he said. "That is why we all want to go back to Estonia!" Well there. One of the guys looks at me very seriously and says, "I don't care so much about looks, that is not very important to me." So I say, "In Estonia you don't have to choose between looks and brains or looks and a nice personality, because it's a given that the girls will be good looking, so you can pick the smart pretty one or the nice pretty one. They are all pretty" He laughed, but of course he was the one that asked me out, hardly flattering as he had stated looks were not important to him. His name was Ringo.

One night he calls me and asked me to a party. On the way to the party we stop to pick up Ringo's Estonian friend, Elvis. So I am in the car with Elvis and Ringo. We drive up into the hills, to a beautiful house. There lives another Estonian friend. These guys all work in construction for a Russian contracter. The guy whose house we are going to is one of the house painters. His name is Yanick. Yanick is about 25 and living with a 40 something school teacher named Greta. She is very cute and nice. Yanick looks like Axel Rose. He has a do rag on. He is charming as hell and reminds me of my dad. He paints and draws and he is writing a book. He has a huge collection of eclectic music and he and I know all the words to the Pogues CD he has on and we are singing in Irish and nobody knows what the hell is going on, but Yanick and I are feeling like we know each other really well.

Greta and I and her other female friend, who is with her boyfriend, another teacher, who is very uptiight and gets upset when we all start dirty dancing, are on her beautiful porch and Greta is telling us how Yanick loves older women and how he charmed her on their first meeting. I saw in the kitchen that Yanick had written love notes and taped them on to the kitchen cabinets, saying "Yanick loves Greta, every minute of every day" It is cute stuff and bound to make other women jealous. So then Yanick asks if I want to see the artist's studio he is kitting out for himself in a room Greta was going to rent out for money, but he convinced her he needed, instead.

Stupidly/hopefully, I go with him. Of course he attacks me in a passionate way. I fight him off diplomatically and explain to him how this is not right as he has it going on and Greta does not deserve such treatment at the hands of someone she has taken in to her posh digs. He says, "Yes, Greta is great, she's great." I slide my way out to mingle with Greta and the folks. But it does not end there, oh no. Yanick will lean over to me and and in full view of a smiling Greta, tell me what wonderful indignities he would like to perform in and on my person and the different uses he has for my body. He drank tall glasses of Vodka. (They laughed at the Estonian Vodka being advertised in magazines, they said they all drink Russian Vodka) Finally, we left the party. The Monday after the party I get a call at the library and of course it is him. He is very naughty on the phone, very, very, very naughty. Again I fob him off with excuses and try to read him the riot act and tell him that Greta took me and him into her home and that he is an ungrateful wretch.

I tell my Estonian neighbor what is going on and she tells me that Yanick was set to star in a movie in Estonia opposite their most famous supermodel, but that Yanick had gone of on a drunken, drug binge and voided his contract. She said that in her opinion Yanick was near genius and crazy and uncontrollable as hell. He came to the library a few months ago and asked for Charles Bukowski books. I unloaded him on a Librarian, male, although no one is safe with Yanick, I fear, I thought he would enjoy talking about Bukowski with, then I booked.

Update on the back to Europe movement.

My co-worker had a brilliant suggestion. In lieu of tax returns next year, liberals will receive their one way tickets to Europe. If there is any money left over, we will donate it to charity.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I think I'm turning European, I think I'm turning European, I really think so!

I have noticed an odd thing happening to the liberals I work with. They have all caught world cup fever. These are people who have been on this earth for upwards of 30 years and have never shown the slightest interest in any sport, ere now. These neo soccer fans are dressing up themselves, and their artificial insemination spawn, in the colors of European soccer teams and watching the coverage of the world cup, dare I say, religiously. The Left sees istelf in such opposition to average America that it has subconsiously begun to separate with us while still living in the same country. They really have fooled themselves into thinking that they can be Europeans, just without the bother of having their cars torched. They feel so very sophisticated in their sporting tastes. It goes a touch more sophisticated than even the wine drinking, San Francisco 49'er's fans. Much more sophisticated than we, brutish and low class, Raider's fans. These are people that would rather be boiled in oil than watch an American football game. I have an idea. We really would be much better off without them. They hate us and they have been trying to get us all killed. I propose a back to Europe movement, much like the back to Africa/Liberian movement. We will send these liberals to the European countries of their choice. Then, they can fight it out with the natives.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What kind of people would let their kids sleep with Michael Jackson?


I saw Superman Returns yesterday.

Normally I would not have gone to see Superman Returns. Superman is not really a hard edged enough superhero for me. I am more of a villian loving girl. I didn't like the Chris Reeve Superman movie much, so I would have waited to see Superman Returns for free or not at all, but there is a tiny arthouse theater in my city and it was showing the movie and I had the day off. I went and sat on a nice cushy chair and saw it and I loved it. It wasn't a great movie by any standards, it was a bit choppy and not too polished. Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane looks like a sexless Angelina Jolie. The actor that played Superman is way better looking than Chris Reeve, so there's a plus. The movie had quite a bit of symbolism that brought to mind the struggle of America as the outsider trying to save an ungrateful world from itself. I cried twice during the movie, I don't want to spoil it for any of you, I want you to go see it. I am pretty cynical and tough as you all know and it moved me quite a bit.

My neighbor's Grandson Jamel is a one boy hurricane!

He's only been here a week and he's already bashed out my fireman neighbor's fence with a garden hoe, fed my dog broiling hot chicken nuggets, causing my dog to gulp grass desperately before upchucking the dangerously hot treats, and given my dog a chunk of pizza so large I had to do the heimlich manuver on him to dislodge it from his windpipe. He's been bringing me love notes with drawings of himself and my dog and I watching DVD's and playing play station. He's sooo manipulative. He's here for the rest of the summer, great Lucifer!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Gay sex and global warming/Los Angeles Times column

Please read this ridiculous column written by a psychotic, leftist, cult of global warming devotee. This insane psychologist is unnaturally obsessed with global warming to the point where he feels people that aren't as obsessed as he is, must have a biological reason not to be. It's the left-wing eugenics stuff again. They are continually warping scientific studies to try and prove that their crazy world view is the correct one and to claim that if others don't understand them it's because of a limitation of brain function. And yet, they claim that there are no gender differences. We are unnatural to be concerned with terrorism, but it is natural and good for them to be concerned with the projected armageddon caused by the rising of earth's temperature.

I heard the author of the column on NPR this morning and he mentioned that we are afraid of Iraqis with bushy mustaches but global warming is much more dangerous. The the average human can't process this fact with our brain because our brains haven't evolved to process such imformation. Of course, the author's brain must be more evolved than ours, because he is inordinately concerned about global warming and remarkably unconcerned about terrorism. What makes his brain so evolved and the rest of ours so primitive?

The title of his column, "If only gay sex caused global warming," reveals how far from reality this guy's beliefs fall. Gay male sex is actually very, very dangerous. It can cause AIDS. Many gay men have multiple venereal diseases and are infected and reinfected at an amazingly high rate. Many gay men in third world countries infect women with AIDS and AIDS kills those women and their children. This columnist's analogy is false in that he is claiming that gay sex is harmless. I will admit that lesbian sex is harmless. Somebody said, years ago, that if God sent AIDS to punish gays, lesbians must be God's chosen people.

As for scary facial hair, if only the Jews, gays, gypsies and disabled people had known enough to be afraid of men with bushy mustaches, the holocaust might never have happened. I would far rather they had worried about the dangers of mustachioed persons than the dangers of global warming. 6 million lives could have been saved. Briliant jews would have survived, people could have been born who could have solved many of the world's largest problems by now. Those lives were lost, because there was not enough real fear of the real danger to humans, man's inhumanity to man.

As for the great danger of global warming, if indeed, there is global warming, the problem will eventually take care of itself. The earth will warm, the oceans will rise, people will die, the populations of humans will be culled, less gasses will result and nature will take care of the problem.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mohammed lied, people died!

The leftists' favorite mantra, "Bush lied, people died," is trumped I fear, by the fact that Mohammed made up a big, big story about talking to Allah and hundreds of thousands of people have been dying needlessly ever since. All this killing is supposedly justified by a really badly written novel that makes The DaVinci Code look like great literature. There is no life after death people, there is only nothingness. To kill others in the name of Allah, for some supposed reward in the afterlife is stupid and also selfish, in and of itself. Do you think that Allah, if he actually existed, would approve of such a selfish motive as the desire to meet 72 virgins as a true religious reason for slaughtering innocent men, women and children? Does Allah have to co-opt men in such a way to get them to believe in him? Does he have to promise them constant sexual gratification? Is Islam an orgiastic sex cult? 72 virgins in exchange for spilling the blood of innocent children sounds more like a deal Satan would make to get people to sell him their souls. Perhaps you've all been tricked by the Demon and are turning yourselves into Demons for Satan. I think Satan is calling his army back to hell one by one. Al Zarqawi is the latest of Satan's soldiers to return to his Dark Lord. Here the Muslims are, laying a guilt trip on the evil, sexually obsessed West and all along they are merely projecting. The desire to get laid, how licentious and filthy minded of you. Does it make you pure of heart to want to live the phat life in heaven, with all your chicks? No it does not, it makes you, one, a loser on earth, because if you are unhappy on earth and can't get laid here, it is your own damn fault, and two, it makes you a deluded fool for believing you will become anything other than a rotting, bug infested corpse..

Brad's motorcycle diaries!

Brad from "Don't Tell Me What's Wrong With Me, I Already Know" blog, has a great motorcycle diary from his recent trip to Europe. It is a very exciting account of a group of Americans riding through Western Europe. I like how he explains, "twisties." It sounded like a wonderful trip and it improved my view of Europeans immensely. I guess they don't all hate us.