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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bush would support Muslim theocracies,

if the people that lived in those theocracies behaved in a civilized manner. It is clear from his State of the Union address, that Bush is for supporting the governments installed by a democratic vote. He actually supports diversity. He will support any government, chosen by it's people, that is willing to deal with it's own citizens, and all the citizens of all the counties of the world, in a reasonable and civil manner. In fact, I believe that Bush thinks it's wonderful that most Arabs want to live by the dictates of their religious values. He knows that the world would be a better place if they actually did.

Monday, January 30, 2006

I am about to give aid and comfort to the enemy

Here goes the aid, tell Ted Kennedy to shut his stupid pie hole! He makes you look bad, and worse, he makes the whole country look bad and endangers American lives. Ted Kennedy can't get over the fact that he will never be a presidential candidate because he killed someone. He doesn't really think that the fact that he killed someone is very important, but it is. It is important enough to disqualify him, for once and for all, from ever being President of these here United States. Mr Kennedy is so jealous and resentful of George Bush, that he is trying to do the President's job of picking the Supreme Court Justices. He can't pick them, as he is not the President. Somebody needs to tell him that. Here goes the comfort, don't worry, I don't think that all Democrats are as fucking stupid as Ted Kennedy.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I just ordered groceries from Safeway,

and the delivery driver epitomized what is wrong with Americans today. There is an addendum to your order and it asks you for a descripton of your dwelling that may further assist the driver in finding it. I live in a cottage complex. I live an a cottage of a certain color. It is the only cottage of said color. It is across from a certain landmark. The driver arrives with the groceries. When she arrives, she begins to complain that the directions are not clear. She states that the color of the cottage mentioned is the same color as the "door" of the next cottage. I am standing there with a Liberal friend and I am rolling my eyes at the idiocy of the delivery driver. She complains bitterly that she is unfamiliar with the area, and then she drops off the groceries. I see about 5 bags of groceries for $169.00 dollars. So, I say, "Are you sure that's all there is?" The driver says, "Yes, I am sure." After she leaves I begin to take stock of my order and of course it is short many items. I call the number given and have to wait a good long time, as the operators are very busy. I should not wonder as the drivers are clearly retarded. The operator finally answers my call and it is clear that Safeway is not interested in filling deliveries, as I am given to understand that the driver will check her truck and return if she finds the rest of the order, but the operator will give me a refund and I am "to call if the rest of the order is redelivered." I realize then that Safeway is not going to make good on the whole order. Ridiculous, and I am ordering from Albertson's next time.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

American and European journalists are defending people that would saw their heads off

with relish. Watching Bush's press conference the other day, I was amused and frustrated by the reporters continually rehashing the torture theme. There is a huge difference between torture and abuse. The reporters are terribly concerned with tormenting Bush with the word torture. They are abusing the word torture, by using it the way that they do. "What is your/the administration's stance on torture?" they keep asking at every press conference. As if Bush is going to say, "Well, Abril, I believe that torture can be a useful tool in the war on terror." First of all, no matter what he feels in private, he is not going to say it publically. He may personally think that playing Metallica at full volume is a valuable way to get information from prisoners and would be torture to him, but he is not going to say that. Second of all, who gives a rat's ass about those terrorists rotting at Guantanimo and Abu Ghraib? If it weren't for self hating Liberals and suicidal reporters we could finish this war in Iraq and let a lot of those prisoners go. The journalists seem blind to the fact that if we let the prisoners go now, most of them would be hunting down journalists, kidnapping journalists, killing journalists' drivers, torturing journalists and sawing off journalists' heads.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Israel might as well be hung for a sheep,

as hung for a lamb. They can't get a break anyway. They might as well go ahead and do something drastic about their neighbors. The world won't hate them any worse than they already do. After all, they're all Jews, only the most despised people on the face of the earth. What have they got to lose?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

PBS wanted to make sure we knew that George Washington, our founding father,

was an idiot. Watching the documentary on the French and Indian war was depressing, as they hacked away at George's reputation, blamed him for the start of the war and made him seem like a jealous, incompetent soldier that loved killing for killing's sake. The very last impression they left of him was that he was a gigolo. I guess if it hadn't been for George, the French and British would have shared North America and ruled benevolently over it to this day. It was a fascinating documentary. I guess Michael Mann did a good deal of research before he filmed Last of the Mohicans because his version of the movie seems to be historically acurate.

Helen Thomas is way more macho than Bush!

Reporter Helen Thomas says that Bush thinks he's macho and will take on Osama bin Laden, but is afraid to take her on. I have to say, I myself would rather go nekkid wrestling in a vat of warm pus with bin Laden, than have a bird's eye view of Helen Thomas. I got news for her, she's muy macho tambien!!!! That sour mug of hers makes me depressed. She looks like the Sea Hag from Popeye. Or maybe that's flattering her.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

They kill barbers don't they?

In Afghanistan and now in Iraq, they have been killing barbers. Barbers used to do cicumcisions. So they are considered a bit unclean. Barbers are in the same caste as musicians, a step above prostitutes. Barbers also shave beards. Good Muslims are supposed to have beards. My Jordanian-American friend can't grow a beard to save his life, pun intended. My friend's uncle, who is a very devout Muslim, and believes that every good Muslim man must have a beard, told my friend that he should not grow a beard. That's how bad my friend's beard looks.

US interests

It's a dog eat dog world.I don't see anything wrong with trying to control resources that are vital to US interests. In fact, I don't see anything wrong with going to war and trying to institute stable democracies in places that the US has interests in. It always makes me laugh when a liberal tells me that we are only engaged in areas of the world were the US has "interests." I always answer, "So, what's wrong with that? Are you saying that we can only go to war in places where we don't have interests?" They never have an answer. My liberal friend always brings up the fact that China is going to need a lot of oil. He is happy that China is competing with the US for oil I always make the suggestion that he stop driving if he feels that way. (I myself don't drive) He is strangely thrilled at the prospect that China will overtake the US and get cushy contracts for oil. He secretly, in his liberal heart of hearts, admires China, despite it's gross, and actual, human rights violations. He wants the US to get theirs, from China particularly. It's fun to get him started on his China diatribes.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

If Harry Belafonte is one of Bush's harshest critics,

Bush is definitely doing something right. When Harry Belafonte wasn't trying to cool his jungle fever by banging white women, he was spending his spare time proving that he was actually Black. Now that he can't get it up anymore, and what little color he had, has faded clean away, he can spend all of his time trying to prove that he's a legitimate person of color. Harshest critic my ass. Bush never even thinks about that pickled old mummy. If he did it would be nice thoughts anyway.With fond memories of the Banana Boat song. Bush is just like that.While all the leftists burn with rage and writhe in agony and spew venomous filth and spittle from their slack, gaping, idiot's maws, Bush quietly and gently goes about his business. Bush is Holy water to the leftist vampires.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

People don't always know what's good for them

In my little island town, we had a tempest in a teapot over a low income apartment building. The tenants were mostly on Section 8 and some were elderly. There was a lot of criminal activity going on in and around the apartment building. A new owner took over the building and wanted to upgrade the apartments. The tenants were offered relocation money and asked to move. There was a huge hue and cry. The City council got involved and the tenants and City decided to try and fight the owners in court. It got totally out of hand. This went on and on. The upshot was that the tenants did have to move and the City dropped the suit. Other landlords in the city offered places to live, waived fees, etc. The City decided to pass ordinances against people evicting tenants, yada yada. People got ugly at council meetings, accusing others of discrimination, insensitivity to the poor, Black and elderly and a bunch of other spurious claims The people that bought the apartment building got sick of all the shit and sold the building again. I was riding the bus with a city Councilmember the other day. He is getting ready to run for State Assembly. I mentioned to him my devotion to a theory of social engineering, a fairly commonly held theory, that the poor should not be grouped together but interspersed amongst the general population. He said, suprisingly, because he is very Liberal, that he agreed, because the former tenants of the apartment building were coming up to him and saying that having to move from that Section 8 apartment building was the best thing that ever happened to them. My co-worker recently went through the same experience. She was living in the projects last year when it was purchased by another company. She said that she did not want to leave at first and couldn't work up the energy to look for another apartment. They gave her a list of apartments that took Section 8 vouchers and she saw one close by. She went to look at it and it was a duplex with a big back yard and her own personal laundry facilities. She got it that day and has been in heaven ever since. She said that some of the people in her old apartment were threatening to shoot the new owners. Now she realizes that she would still be stuck living around a bunch of antisocial criminals if she hadn't of been forced to move from the projects.

Why isn't Osama freezing his balls off in the mountains of Pakistan?

The Muslims living in the mountains of Pakistan are living exactly the way that Bin Laden wants them to live. No contact with westerners. No western style infrastructure. No plumbing, no central heating, no Sorel Pak boots. No polar fleece, no antibiotics. No orthopedic surgeons. No first aid kits. No bulldozers. No rebar. No building code regulations. No 911. From all accounts those people are totally fucked. Do you think that Bin Laden is sleeping on frozen ground in a wet tent?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

New EU states getting a taste of that Global Warming.

I know that Global warming doesn't exist. You know how I know that? You know how hard it is to boil water. Well, imagine trying to heat all the water in all the oceans. Especially in the Arctic. You couldn't do it if you tried, much less inadvertantly. I was watching Nova and some Australian was claiming that coral reefs were dying because of over fishing and of course Global Warming! He said that they made one reef into a reserve and lo and behold, it came back to life. I thought to myself, hey wait a minute, he can't control that Global Warming and yet the reef came back at the same temperature. Hmmm I thought, that guy is full of shit. I went scuba diving in Hawaii once and I wanted to get cowrie shells. My dive guide took me to a power plant. We went in the ocean and swam into the cooling pipes that flowed out of the power plant. The pipes were full of warm water and the seashells and other sea life were living in the pipes. Just like my dog who gets right up against the heater, the sea life were enjoying the heat.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Letter from a White girl raised in the ghetto, to Black people that think Republicans don't care about them.

There's such a thing as tough love baby. I only want what's best for you. I have a friend that makes her alcoholic son sleep on the porch. She practices tough love herself, but always votes for the Democrats. I don't get it. Here's my advice and it's pretty much the Republican platform for helping Blacks that need help. If you think that Blacks don't need to change their culture and everything that Black people do is so great, quit complaining about how bad the Whites are fucking Black people up. If you do want to change the pathologies plaguing Black culture here goes. Get a job, save your money, kick out your scummy, cheating, lown down boyfriends, value your pussies, withhold your beautiful bodies, quit getting pregnant at 14 and living off the tax payers while trying to get that playa to stay with you. Black men, far from being oppressed, are spoiled beyond belief. Black women coddle Black men in every way possible. Letting Black men get away with murder, and I mean murder. O.J. Simpson, for instance. If you are afraid to make demands of a man, such as fidelity and child support, the man will not respect you anyway. He will think that you are a ho and a chump and treat you accordingly. Trust me, he will probaby move in with, and possibly even marry, a woman that makes demands of him. Setting your value high shows men that you respect herself. Never put your sex life before your pride or your kids. You can live without sex, if it means keeping bad men away from your kids. Black women should start marrying out of their race more often. Black men do it all the time. It's time for Black women to start marrying successful White and Asian men. European men are often highly educated and love Black women. Show some of that devotion to men that work hard and support and care for their children. Those White men won't know what hit them. Remember they've been suffering through 30 years of White feminism. They will be eternally grateful to you.
As for your adversarial relationship with the police, quit using the police as your marriage counselors, kid's fathers, and as substitute husbands. Quit calling the police every time you have trouble with a relative, it's likely your relative will get pepper sprayed, held in a choke hold, stunned with a stun gun, or shot, and you don't want that, so just handle Uncle Ray's crack binge on your own for a change. Don't say that you are afraid of the police and at the same time complain that you don't have enough police presence in your neighborhood. If you don't cooperate with the police to help solve a crime you are a witness to, then don't expect anyone to help you if you are a victim of a crime. There's a book at the library that tells young Black males how to behave if stopped by the police, check it out or better yet, buy it. Teach your kids to respect adults of every race and especially the elderly. Teach them how to keep their voices down in public spaces. Teach them to respect other people's personal property and physical person and privacy. Teach them how to respond to authority respectfully, and to learn how to do what they are told when it is appropriate to do so. Teach them how to delay gratfication. Don't buy them status brand clothing. Teach your kids how to cook. Go shopping for healthy food in Chinatown, you may get dirty looks from the Chinese the first few times you go there but they will get used to you and think better of Blacks because of your family's respectful behavior. Make it a rule to teach your children to resist becoming hostile when someone looks at them. Take them to the celebrations of other people's cultures, not just your own. Take them to Native American Pow Wows, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, Chinese New Year parades. Make them study different countries, they can study countries in every continent, one a week. Teach them that there are standards of beauty in all cultures and that they would not necessarily be considered beautiful just because they move to Africa. Teach them that some Europeans in fact worship the beauty of Black women. Tina Turner is considered a Goddess in Germany. Take an interest in their education, talk to their teachers, pay attention to their homework. Take them to the library when they are small. Quit beating your kids so bad, it doesn't work and probably is counter productive. Use curse words sparingly, curse words help your child express their emotions but not their thoughts. Make your teenagers get a job as soon as they are legally able to. Give them chores, make them help elderly neighbors with their chores. Teach them that many people on earth have little money but still lead very happy lives Tell them a lot of people of lower income levels are still devoted, useful members of their families and communities. Teach them that there is no shame in being a janitor or busboy, or a maid. I have many Black friends who's parents worked 2 and even 3 jobs to give their kids a better life. Take them to places that the upper classes frequent, like Sausalito or Monclair. It's good for them to see how the wealthier classes live and behave. Try to take your kids to do activities they can't normally do in the city. There are groups that take disadvantaged kids river rafting and camping. Black kids need to know there is a larger world out there and that they are not the majority everywhere, like they are in the inner city. They need to know that they may not always be treated respectfully, but that there is redress available for true discrimination. Teach them how to recognize the difference between true discrimination and unintentional rudeness or thoughtlessness. Teach them table manners and how to calculate tips. Teach them to treat waitpersons respectfully and not like slaves.Teach your children the truth about the different cultures in Africa so that they don't think that they are descended from King Tut, and think that their African ancestor's native language was Swahili. Teach them that most White people in the world never owned slaves, and that many Black and brown peoples did own slaves. Tell them that Jesus was brown and Santa was White. Tell them that most people in America on welfare are White. Tell them that welfare is not shameful, but should be temporary. Teach them that commited relationships are to be cherished and that being a good father is the highest calling for a man on this earth. Teach them that the US has made a lot of mistakes and that we are trying to do better and that this is still one of the best places on earth to raise your children Tell them that the real problem America has is too much food, not too little. Tell them that poor people in other countries are far worse off than poor people in this country. Tell them with self discipline and hard work you can live a decent and rewarding, if not luxurious life. This is what I want for Blacks and I do not think that it will happen because Hillary Clinton accuses Bush of running the administration like a Plantation and Harry Belafonte claims that Bush is an evil slave master and that Hugo Chavez is the second coming of Christ. If Venezuela has the answer to American Black people's problems, then I am willing to donate money for all the Blacks, led by Mr Belafonte to go to Venezuela.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Why not make abortion rights retroactive?

What if you change your mind, much later, after you actually get to know your kid? What if you and your kid just are not compatible politically? What if your kid becomes a Republican??? Oh my God, I know some Liberals would immediately rush to get the retroactive abortion pill RU4RETRO, if their kid joined the Rethuglican party. I see a lot of guys, here in the Bay Area, that state in their personal ads that they don't date Republicans, because they don't give aid and comfort to the enemy. Would that include their kids? What if your son joins the military and wants to go and kill innocent little Iraqi kids like Cindy Sheehan's evil son Casey did? She could have killed him before he got killed! Saving herself a lot of pain and heartache. Retroactive abortion could take care of all that. After all, if you had known how he would turn out you would have just killed him before he was born and not wasted all your time and money on someone that would grow up to become a Satanic instrument of Sunni doom.. What if he likes to eat McDonald's and you are a vegan???? What if he refuses to see Brokeback Mountain with you? What if he thinks Jesse Jackson is nothing but a fat, frog eyed, self promoting bastard with a speech impediment?? You see where I'm going with this? It's better than heaving them in the dumpster in a plastic bag, and they can walk back if you leave them at the fire station. Oregon is the place to begin the fight for retroactive abortion rights. All you Liberals MoveOn up there and get to it!

Clarence Ray Allen has gone to the Great Spirit in the sky!

Ah Ho!!!!! Everybody dance!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Execution, no breathing.

Hopefully Mr Clarence Ray Allen's execution will go off spankingly well. Those fake indian headbands and chokers he is always wearing to play up his "indianess" are getting on my nerves. Choctaw my ass. I believe Farah Fawcett was also part "Choctaw." What a noble savage Mr. Allen has turned out to be. If you are an actual advocate for the rights of the disabled, you should be for his execution. It's part of "mainstreaming." If you think that handicapped people should be exempt from certain forms of punishment because of their physical limitations, then you should admit that they are not qualified to perform the other duties of citizenship, such as serving on juries and working for the government. They should not be exempt from the rights and responsibilities that society demands of us all.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Where's the outrage?

The ACLU is making much of the supposed violation of American and temporary resident Muslims' rights. They are terribly worried about the rights of particular Muslims that were planning to engage in acts of wholesale murder against US citizens. I remember when Laci Peterson disappeared. The police immediately began to question all the sex offenders in the area around her disappearance. Apparently they questioned many sick and elderly offenders. Now, most of these guys had never been convicted of murders and there was no proof that Laci had been murdered when the offenders were questioned. These guys were considered possible suspects because they loosely fit a profile that the police had made up around the fact that Laci had disappeared. There was certainly no evidence at the time that Laci had been sexually assaulted. Most of the sex offenders were convicted of crimes far less serious than the kidnapping and murder of a pregnant woman, but they were considered possible suspects anyway. After their interrogations by the police, the sex offenders did not receive attention from outraged ACLU attorneys eager to claim that their clients civil rights were being violated. What harm is there in being questioned anyway? I am sure that even some of those sex offenders, bad as they may be, were happy to help in an investigation into the disappearance of a poor little pregnant lady. Then to top it all off, the Police convinced Scott Peterson's own girlfriend to tape her and Scott's phone conversations, before they had any proof that a crime had been commited. What a violation of privacy. Where's the outrage?

Friday, January 13, 2006

Just because the left and right claim that the media is biased against them doesn't mean that one of the claims is not correct.

My Libertarian co-worker's standard answer to my claims of media bias against the right is that the left makes the opposite claim about the media being biased in favor of Bush. Just because two sides make opposite claims, does not mean that the claims cancel each other out. It does not automatically make the media balanced. If one sibling steals the last cookie and when both siblings are confronted by their mother, the guilty child claims no knowledge of what happened to last cookie, and the innocent child also claims no knowledge of the cookie's disappearance, that does not mean that both siblings are telling the truth. One claim is factually correct, one is not.

What's in the air in San Francisco that keeps women from getting pregnant?

Men's legs.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

It is not our time, but it will be.

I had a discussion with a Muslim friend some time ago. I said that since the Arabs are fatalists and believe that everything is predetermined by God, the Arabs should just relax and let things happen. I said that it was obvious to me that if God was on anyone's side, he was on the Jew's side as the Jews had won every war the Arabs had ever started aginst them and the Jews had enlarged their territory every time they won a battle against the Arabs. I said that God must want America, the most powerful country in the world, to be a friend to Israel. As for the Iraq war, the ratio of Arab to American deaths is seriously skewed in America's favor. Hell God kills more Arabs in Mecca in a few minutes than he does Americans in a month of war against an Arab country. Muslims are being exterminated on a regular basis, you have tsunamis, earthquakes and samsonite luggage working in tandem to bring down God's wrath on the Muslim people. One could be excused for thinking that perhaps, the Muslims are the opposite of God's chosen people. So, my friend said that he had had such discussions with his uncle in Jordan and that his uncle told him that "Now is not our time, but it will be." I guess they have to kill enough infidels and Jews to earn God's favor for some good things to start happening to the Arab people. About the only good things the Arabs have had happen lately were the Iraqi elections.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Alito is bowing to the McCarthys on the left!

The Democrats are going to try to stop his appointment. That is all there is to it. I am tired of conservatives in power bowing to the left and hiding their ideology. It is a form of McCarthyism that the left practices, demanding that those on Right denounce their true beliefs. Silencing dissent is their goal. If Alito believes that abortion is not protected by the constitution, he should just admit it. After all, it isn't protected by the constitution. Whether it should be available is another question entirely, but we in the Right Wing should loudly proclaim that we are not beholden to the pro abortion crowd in any way. Alito can hem and haw all he wants, the Democrats know that he does not believe that a right to an abortion is constitutionally protected because it is "settled precedent," and he should say so proudly. There is no reason that someone who is against the death penalty should not serve on the supreme court and someone that is against abortion should not be dismissed from consideration for that reason alone. Being against any type of killing, hardly makes a person evil, although the pro abortion groups woud have you believe otherwise.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

There was an essay at American Renaissance

called Their Eyes Were Reading Smut. The author, an African American, obviously used to reading high literature, complains that the African American literature sections of book stores are filled with pornographic, thug life celebrating novels, with lurid covers and explicit depictions of sex. I work at the library and I have seen the rise in popularity of these novels over the last few years. Even Blacks that don't usually read have been gobbling up these books. I heard one of the typists today talking about the book, The Hustler's Wife, she was eager to read it. The only problem I have with the phenomenon is that the Young Adult section of the library is filled with these novels. In an ideal world the teens that read explicit novels would be too inexperienced to understand them, but we all know that that is not the case. Teens these days are way more experienced than we were at their age. The adults that are reading the novels are just looking for a little escapism. Trust me, they would not be reading Toni Morrison or Zora Neale Hurston if they didn't have these other novels to read. They just wouldn't read at all.

All the Iranian nuclear engineers went to UC Berkeley

In 1986 I used to date an Iranian nuclear engineering student. He was hoping to get a job with the US government, but the Iranian revolution put paid to those aspirations. My boyfriend's brother helped develop Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. My boyfriend now runs a Radio Shack store. He once told me that no one would ever attack the United States. That was when Reagan was in power.

Monday, January 09, 2006

I am laughing my ass off...

I just read The Sundries Shack column on the Daily Kos's column about the murder of the journalist David Rosenbaum. Reading the Daily Kos is often amusing but it's sad to be laughing so hard at the conspiracy theories posited by the leftists. They so badly want there to be a connection to Bush. You'd think that they would be frightened if they actually believed what they are saying. The hilarious diatribes on the evil Bushco being responsible for the "assassination" or "hit," are just so pathetic. The left loves to think of it's members as really influential and important, hence the term "assassination" used for a journalist. The truth is that they are not important at all. When I was a teenager my best friend's mom was a schizophrenic and she always seemed to enjoy the thought that the FBI and the Catholic Church were out to get her. When you asked her why they were out to get her, she would reply smugly, "Because I'm important." Now, my friend's mother was a certifiable loony, and the Daily Kos's commenters are too. As usual the leftists are not willing to blame the actual culprits responsible for David Rosenbaum's death, low life, narcissistic, scum sucking members of the underclass. I have been addicted to reading Theodore Dalrymple's essays recently and he explains the mind set of the underclass and says that they are worse than Nazis, because members of the underclass choose to do evil on a daily basis when they have other choices available. There is no SS waiting to off someone that refuses to follow orders to rob passers by in DC. The person that robbed and beat Mr Rosenbaum knew what they were about to do was morally reprehensible and did it anyway. That is true evil.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Teenagers carrying Confederate flag purses at school.

This is ridiculous. As far as I am concerned, teenagers are getting away with murder in the area of dress code already. It is just common sense to understand that the Confederate flag is not appropriate for school wear. I can only thnk that these girls feel very safe in their High School. I would dare the stupid little punks to go to East or West Oakland and flash those purses around. They really have nothing to lose, as they seem to be suffering from brain damage already. Hey, guess what, y'all lost the war! Since you are not learning anything in school, you probably didn't know that. As for being "proud of your culture," it's not your culture. That culture was forcibly ended the century before last. Sorry. As for the dress code in US high Schools, I live near a High School and I am not surprised that the poor boys are not able to learn to read and write. It is the dead of winter and the girls are wearing next to nothing, tiny mini skirts and off the shoulder tops and snow bunny boots. How can hormonally afflicted young men be expected to pay attention in class? I say let's institute a uniform dress code accross the country or separate the sexes. First order of the dress code, NO CONFEDERATE FLAG ITEMS SHALL BE WORN ON SCHOOL PROPERTY. It's just common sense is all. The Nazis will want to wear their swastikas next and so on and so forth. I am totally for limiting freedom of expression in schools, I am not a Libertarian, I am a member of the Far Right.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Palestinians are jumping for joy

It seems to me that the Palestinians enjoy the conflict with Israel an awful lot. They really only look happy when the Israelis have killed a few Palestinian militants or when they get the good news that a jew has been killed or might die. They really have no lives apart from the conflict. I see them all wild eyed and adrenaline pumped at funerals of militants they didn't even know. I am afraid that they are addicted to the rush they get from having a hated enemy. What would they do if they made peace with Israel. Living in peace just wouldn't be fun for them. The sound of rocket fire is like a sweet lullaby to them.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sharon having a major stroke is very bad news for the mideast peace process

I feel like I did when Sadat was assassinated. I am just very, very, depressed. I don't see the peace process continuing if Sharon doesn't have governmentmental control. The withdrawal from the settlements will cease. With the Palestinians continuing the suicide attacks on Israel, the hardliners will once again gain control in Israel. Sharon had formed a new party and I believe was seriously interested in reform. It is rare for a leader at such an advanced age, to change his mind set. Most old men are stuck in their ways, so Sharon's transformation into a moderate was monumental. Of course he was under pressure from Bush and Condoleeza Rice to withdraw from the settlements and open dialogue with the new Palestinian leader. Bush has been adamant that Israel make concessions to Palestine, because Bush really believes in the peace process. I just forsee the major escalation of Palestinian attacks as the radical Palestinian factions sense weakness in the Israeli government.

Why I won't see King Kong

The idea of a giant ape having a crush on me is so gross and disgusting, I just can't put into words the repulsion I have for the idea. In the story of King Kong the suggestion of bestiality is overt and disturbing and I just have no interest in seeing it played out on film. The only people that are going on about how great King Kong is are my male friends. Besides, I hate hippies, and the human female/ape relationship thingy reminds me of Dian Fossey and she used to gross me out too. Hippy goddess, tree hugging, Peta, bestial, bullshit. I'd rather see 2 hot guys getting it on in Brokeback Mountain, than see a big ugly hairy ape flirting with a blonde hottie..

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

If the Kurds can forgive the Sunnis....

The Kurds, along with the Marsh Arabs, have been horribly oppressed by the Sunnis in Iraq. Now the Kurds are meeting with the Sunni leaders to try and stop the violence and get the Sunnis on board with the new Iraqi government. If the Kurds can forgve the Sunnis and go the extra step to help further the interests of all Iraqis, then there is hope in the world.

Monday, January 02, 2006

If the ultra religious parties in Iraq would only stop fighting...

they would discover that a democratic nation would suit their purposes more than a theocracy would. In the US, orthodox religious practioners are free to behave as they wish. The rule of law must be followed, but it leaves great wiggle room for people to practice individual morality and religious beliefs. You can live like the Amish in Pennsylvania. You can live as an ultra Orthodox Jew in New York. You can slaughter goats in Santeria rituals. The Mormons are still practicing polygamy in some states. The religious parties in Iraq and Afghanistan have to give up their fear and distrust of the other. What they are really afraid of is, temptation. It's hard to resist the lure of liberal western living. Porn, alcohol and premarital sex are hard to live side by side with and not partake of. The Amish understand that you have to come to your religion of your own free will. Protection from temptation does not make a person pure or good. It's the resistance of temptation and the will to overcome baser instincts that make a person worthy.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Schwarzenegger and the east Bay Express and teacher tenure reform

The East Bay Express alternative weekly paper came out against Schwarzenegger's teacher tenure reform measure during the election campaign. Then, right after the election and the defeat of the measure, they printed a front page article saying that teacher tenure was harmful to K-12 education and that it was hurting kids. They claim in the article that Schwarzenegger's measure wasn't quite the right reform needed. Those lying bastards. They just wanted to defeat his measures because he's a Republican. They are so busted. They really don't care if the kids in California crash and burn in this crappy, Liberal run, education system. As long as Liberals can stick it to a Republican, they are willing to sacrifice our children's futures. I call bullshit on them!

Why should Americans be insulated from death and dismemberment?

Just before George Bush decided to go to war in Iraq, my friend from Estonia told me that she thought that the American soldiers were too spoiled, soft and weak to go to a rough country and fight a war. She said that Americans are used to the easy life and that most of the American soldiers don't have an understanding of hardship and suffering. I had to agree with her. I feel that Americans need to have the experience of suffering, so that they can have a greater understanding of the world. I also have maintained for a long time that our military needs practice in the art of war. Simulated war is just not good enough. If we want to stay on top we need real world experience, not just video games. You can't maintain a great military if you never engage in real battle. As for Americans dying and receiving horrific wounds, I am sorry for it, but it is the regular state of affairs over much of the world. Why should Americans be immune from it. We too, have to understand sacrifice and pain. It's part of the human condition.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I hate to say this, but shouldn't men that go to war be a little bent out of shape when they get back home. I mean, for men in most Western countries, war is not a constant state of affairs. I don't think that it's a good thing for people to become nonchalant and unaffected by war. I am sure that there are quite a few Type A personalities in Iraq right now and war is a little easier for them. There are also some sociopaths that enjoy commiting acts of war. On the whole though, we want our military people to have just the right balance of commitment to duty and repulsion for some of those duties. It's probably a good thing for people to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It's only natural.

I am starting to add my links and...

I am going to be very careful to link to blogs that I read regularly. I don't think that I need to link to the major right wing blogs because they get quite enough traffic already. I really love the blog, Observing Hermann, and I want everyone to read it. It's full of very dry humor about Germans and Europeans in general. Great stuff. Go read it and leave some comments!