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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Obama's approval ratings are still high around here

Our custodian makes tote bags and aprons. They are very well made and he can make them with pics of anybody, but he does sell a lot of Obama themed items. Here is my co-worker modeling her awesome, Hopeful Leader apron. I hope she doesn't actually cook in it. That would be sacrilegious. I think she should take off the t-shirt and wear the apron as a hospital gown/halter dress.

Thanks for the French postcard Staghounds!

Not that kind of French postcard!

Reasoning with leftists is not impossible

My leftist lesbian neighbors' grandaughter and grandson came down from Seattle for their grandmamas' wiccan/pagan "winter solstice celebration."

I got an invite to the solstice party by way of the grandson, who at 10, still loves, adores, and wants to spend every minute with me. He is always asking me to dinner. I have been to 2 crab feeds in his honor. I am very grateful that he likes me so much, because his grandmothers are both wonderful cooks. I try not to impose on their hospitality too much, but it can be hard to resist.

The ladies are not in any way vegetarians and cooked up a delicious, great bloody roast of beef. We had hot fudge sundaes with peppermint ice cream for dessert. Yum!

The neighbors got to talking about their daughter and how she had struggled to get through nursing school and that evil Welfare does not allow for daycare or support you for going to school, yada yada.

So I said, "She did things in the wrong order. She should have gone to school first and then had the kids. That way neither the State, nor you, would have had to pay for the care of her and her children. She could have had a high paying job all along and saved the taxpayers, and you, thousands of dollars. I know a lot of Chinese-Americans and I don't know a single one who became pregnant before they finished their education. Not one. A lot of White, Mexican and Black and Native-Americans have forgotten, or disregard the rules and steps it takes to be successful. Delaying childbearing is one of them. You can't have it all ways. Something has to give. If you want to do it bass akwards, it will be that much harder."

"I see what you are saying," my neighbor admitted.

If war is not the answer

Why did they keep Nelson Mandela in jail so long for "refusing to renounce violence and give up armed struggle?"

Perhaps, Peace is not the answer!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I have another idea for healthcare

What about taking healthy peoples' unused appointments and using them for sick people. Kind of like rollover minutes.

I have Kaiser and did not go to the doctor for almost 5 years. All those unused appointments could have been used for someone else.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

In an interview on NPR, the skeptical environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg

said that the polar bears need never become extinct because we could "feed them" should they ever actually began to die out from starvation.

To do so, in his estimation, would be far more cost effective than bankrupting developed nations and redistributing vast amounts of monies to developing nations, who will do God knows what with it all.

He thinks that we should concentrate on helping developing nations develop infrastructure that will help them weather natural disasters and the like so that global warming will not really affect them all that much.

I agree with him.

Study on racial bias proves that TV actors, the vast majority of whom are liberal Democrats, hate Black people

and they are making people who watch television hate Black people too. During acting scenes, racist, non-Black actors are crossing their arms, averting their gazes, and giving the stink eye to Black actors who portray doctors.

I shit you not my friends, that is exactly what the article and the researchers claim is happening.

Miss C thinks, perhaps, that the actors are actually just jealous of the Black actors. Which is why they are displaying bad body attitude.

Possibly they are thinking, "Nobody will believe this Black guy is a doctor. Black people are all poor and downtrodden. I should be playing the doctor. He must be some kind of affirmative action beneficiary to have been given this role."

Saturday, December 05, 2009

There is a fight about how to develop the former naval base in Alameda

Liberals are lying out of their asses about why they don't want housing built on the former base.

In public and in letters to the local papers, they are claiming that they don't want "Children to made ill by the toxic waste left behind by the military."

In private, they will admit nastily that they are sure that "The developers will build housing for rich people there." This they are afraid of because the land in question has splendid views of the San Francisco Bay Area which makes it prime real estate.

Currently the base is occupied by residents of section 8 housing, most of whom must already be suffering from the multitudes of illnesses supposedly caused by exposure to toxic wastes.

Miss C does not understand the lefties' dilemma. Surely they would be very happy to have evil rich people sickened by toxic waste whilst at the same time reaping the benefits of the high property taxes those rich residents would pay for the privilege of living on the poisoned ground.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ex boyfriend and the guy I recently dated for about 2 months are both birthers. Sigh....

Ex boyfriend called this week and went on a birther rant. Then, when I told him that I would consider Obama an American even if he had been born in Kenya, strictly on the basis of Obama's mother and grand-parents being Americans, ex made a nasty remark about Obama's mama being a 'lover of foreign men.'

Funny thing is, ex's father is from Malta. His father was highly educated and spoke many languages. One day he brought home a teen-aged girl and told my ex's mom that this was his new mistress, she was going to live with them, this is how they did things in his country, and he was going to do it here too.

Ex's mom left his father. Years later ex's sister was playing pool at a bar with another girl. The girl mentioned that she too had a Maltese father. They got to comparing Maltese fathers and the girl said that her father did the same crazy thing to her mom. Only worse. He would pimp his young mistress out to other men.

So ex really does not have a right to insult Obama's mother, or father, and in fact, although he claims to have been born in Michigan, I have never seen ex's birth certificate and he may well have been born in Malta for all I know.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Salahis should be publicly caned

They are attractive, not beautiful, but extremely well groomed. She is blonde, they have a kewl name, they like attention and they dress like rich people. I have no idea if they actually are rich, but they look rich, so they must be despised.

They have soiled our Hopeful Leader with their filthy, impure hands. They have exposed the chink in our homeland security and for all this they must be positively punished. They must have the devil beaten out of them. A public caning was good enough for Tiger Woods and it is good enough for the Salahis.

Intelligent spiders

These muscular, medium sized, black spiders always run up to hang out on the sill of my house every time I mow the lawn. There are a lot of them. They watch me and wait for me to finish mowing and raking. They definitely seem intelligent.

My co-worker bought dog treats for Devil Dawg from Costco

I paid her back today in coin. I gave her a Sacagawea dollar.

She said, "Oooh, a gold coin."

I said, "You're supposed to say, 'Cor, blimey!' and bite the coin."

"Thanks, Guv," she replied.

How about a tax on abortions or abortion providers to pay for abortions?

It is like me paying towards my own retirement. I get the money back eventually.