If you come in my cage I'll eat you too!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

People having a different opinion than you are not "narrow minded".

I was listening to NPR this weekend. NPR had a story about the Young Professional Catholics. They are a group of Catholics that help raise money for Catholic Charities. They have gatherings to raise money for causes such as Katrina victims, tsunamis, etc. They often do this in pubs, calling the gatherings Pub Nights. NPR sent a reporter to a Pub Night. There was a non Catholic at the pub and she voiced her displeasure at the Catholics and said she did not approve of them nor like them. She stated that they, the Catholics, were "narrow minded." She did not approve of their ideas about abortion, women as priests and gays in general. This seemed to her, to negate any good that the Young Professionals might do in the world. Now my dear friends, many people have different opinions than you do. That does not make them narrow minded, it just makes them, well, different than you. They have a different opinion than you do, that's all. Everybody, let's appreciate diversity of thought. Trust me, those with opinions in oppositon to your own have come to those opinions through experience and careful thought. To not appreciate that others may have a different opinion than we do is, well, narrow minded.

Gawd the Democrats are scared!

The Democrats are terrified that everything is going right in Iraq. The Democrats' desperation mirrors the terrorists' desperation. Both the terrorists and Democrats have the same goals. They want to bring home the troops prematurely in order to preempt the democratic reform Of Iraq. They would gladly sacrifice the Iraqis to civil war for their own political gain. It is politically imperitive for the Democrats to throw a wrench in the works before the next election in Iraq. With the Sunnis saying that they are going to participate fully in this election, the Democrats have become more desperate because they know that they look worse and worse everytime Iraqis hold up that purple finger. I think that Iragis should ink their middle fingers instead of their forefingers.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The brilliance of Condoleeza Rice.

The News Hour had a story on the transfer of power to Palestinians so thay they may cross and guard their own border between Palestine and Egypt. Palestinians used to have to wait days and even longer to be cleared for crossing. Now they can walk right through the border with no waiting. The Palestinian negotiator that helped broker the change of power repeatedly praised Condoleeza Rice and said that without her the deal never would have gone through. He stated that it was due to her "brilliance" that the whole project came to fruition. Ms Rice quietly goes about her way, making a huge difference in the Middle East and she gets very little mainstream media attention for it.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Voices of Iraq

I just watched the documentary Voices of Iraq. Sure it was a little propagandistic, but there's nothing wrong with positive propaganda in my book. We see enough negative propaganda from our own media and the Democratic Party. The Iraqis in the film had plenty of negative things to say about the American occupation, but the complaints seemed to be reasonable and true, so I have no reason to think that the positive things said about Americans are any less true. The film footage of Uday's men torturing people was very disturbing.. Iraqis are very goodlooking and very funny. When things get better in Iraq, I would love to visit there. I am unsure why the left wants to think that everyone hates us and that the only genuine Iraqis despise westerners. Since the Kurds love us, that must make them the biggest Uncle Tom's in the leftists' book. You would think that the leftists would support the Kurds, thay being the one group in Iraq that was the most oppressed of all. The leftists hate the US so much, thay feel so guilty for America's past sins, that they cannot conceive that others may see the US as a beacon of freedom and not the imperialistic monster the left imagines it to be.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Are the anti-recruiting demonstrators going to NASCAR races?

I am willing to bet that the anti-war protesters don't give a rat's ass if NASCAR fans join the military to fight and die in Iraq. For one thing they hate and despise NASCAR fans, who they consider poor white trash and have a hard time understanding anyway. Rednecked crackers, the enemy of mankind, the world would be a better place without em, is the left's motto.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

If the Democrats were really worried about global warming,

they'd stop driving today. I figure it's about evenly split between the Dems and Repubs right? The presidential election proved that. So, the Dems could actually cut global warming and greenhouse gas emissions in half, if they'd just give up their vehicles, it's that simple. Since we have freedom of choice in this country, the Repubs could keep driving their vehicles..

Friday, November 25, 2005

Strangely enough I am sympathizing with the Black Muslims

I have seen video of Black Muslims in Oakland vandalizing liquor stores. They stormed into one store and held the Arab Muslim clerk at gun point while they trashed the liquor cabinets. Of course this is illegal, but I can feel their pain. I also find it hypocritical for the Arab Muslims to run liquor stores. I am all for idividual responsibility and so on, but these people can see the damage alcohol is wreaking on the Black community.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Peace protesters don't care about Black people.

Will the killing in the streets ever stop? Why don't the hippies and anarchists go over and use themselves as human shields to stop the killing in Richmond, Ca? I guess they don't care about Black people.

Is there such a thing as an informed Liberal?

The Liberals I work with refuse to listen to, watch or read anything they consider depressing news. Unless, of course, it is something that reflects badly on the US, then they eat it up. My co-worker's standard answer to anything you tell her is, "I didn't know that," or "I don't want to hear that." The other day I told my co-worker that I read in McLean's magazine that dog breeds that kill people increase in popularity after a killing. My co-worker said "Don't tell me, I don't want to know," Thus, she stays Liberal by refusing to acknowledge the truth about human nature. If Liberals acknowledged the true nature of mankind, they would have to admit that their peace, love and togetherness ideology is so much crap.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm gonna cut Hillary some slack!

Good on Hillary Clinton for backing the troops. So what if she's doing it for political purposes. It always annoys me when people say that a politician is doing something for a political purpose anyway. What's wrong with that? Aren't they supposed to represent the voters? So, if they do something to please the voters, isn't that what they are supposed to do? isn't that why we elect them? Hillary should support the troops. It's the right thing to do.

Obsessed with the past

I have come to believe that the statement, "Those who do not know the past are doomed to repeat it," is the stupidist statement ever made. For one thing, man has always been at war. For another thing, those wars always seem to be about some crap that happened in the past. The Arabs have this thing about honor. They also have an unnatural obsession with crimes they feel were perpetrated against people they didn't even know. Everytime you try to reason with one, you get the same old stories. I think it's best if atrocities are acknowledged to have been pretty universal and have done with it. I once worked with a Black guy that started going nuts after he got an earful in his Black Studies class at Berkeley. This guy came from the East coast and his mom made him promise that he'd never grow dreads. This guy always wore an undershirt and carried a hanky. During his class he started growing dreads, Then he joined a Voodoo cult. Then he started to hate White people. His life and mental health were basically ruined because he was being brainwashed by his Berkeley professors. The professors want other people to be as hate filled as they are. It validates them. My mom was the world's first and foremost expert on the Holocaust. I grew up with books about the Holocaust all over the house. I really hate the French and the Germans now and I don't think very well of my fellow man in general. Ignorance is bliss, is a better motto to live by.

Monday, November 21, 2005

I want to "Opt Out" of my union,

but I know that they will treat me like shit if I do.

After you see Jarhead,

go and rent Bravo Two Zero. It's the film version of Andy McNabb's book about a British Special Ops mission in the gulf war. It's the anti-Jarhead. Instead of no action, the Special Ops guys see too much action. Plus, it's just a cool movie like, well, Zulu, for instance, and it has a lot of men in the cast, which is always good.

Arabs have been marrying their first cousins for hundreds of years

They have a high incidence of hereditary congenital disorders. It is impossible to reason with inbreds. It just is. It's like half the cast of Deliverance.

Shut up about the WMDS for Christ's sake!!

No, no no!!! For the last time, we didn't go into Iraq because we thought there were WMDS. Aside from the fact that Saddam Hussein was a walking WMD, we went to Iraq to kick some symbolic Arab ass. Saddam was expendable and Iraq had an educated middle class. It was rich soil for a democracy building project. Our occupation showed other Arab Leaders that we could move right in and depose them too, any time we felt like it. As for saying that Iraq had nothing to do with 911, that's just leftist nonsense. If Muslims are anything, it's united. The Muslims from Pakistan are blowing us up over the Palestinian "cause". Since they don't differentiate between countries and one Muslim country can take offense over something that happens in another Muslim country, I don't see why we shouldn't lump them all together as well. It just kills me when Muslims have funerals for Muslim youths in France and a whole bunch of Muslims who didn't even know the dead personally, cry and moan about their great loss and treat the lectrcuted sum bitches like they were the equivalent of Rosa Parks. I call bullshit on them.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Tooki Williams victim's families still have to live in fear

The daughter of one of Mr. Williams murder victims spoke in a hearing with her face hidden. I guess she's afraid that someone will kill her or hurt her family. She's the victim, Mr Williams is the perpetrator, but she has much to fear. That should let you know what kind of monster we are dealing with. Then the news flashed to some idiot high school student, yelping about how Tooki was helping so many people and that they shouldn't kill him. Yes, people, that's what passes for news, the opinion of some airhead teenager. Instead of pushing their agenda, on the viewers, the station might have given some insight into the victim's murder. But of course their goal is obfuscation not clarity.

Stanley "Tooki" Williams is the same as Slobodan Milosevic and Hitler.

Stanley Tooki Williams is a war criminal. You have to think of the heritage he has "gifted" to Black culture. One of never ending gang warfare. Innocent and not so innocent, thousands have died a bloody death in the inner city because Mr. Williams founded the Crips. The 4 murders he is personally responsible for commiting are nothing compared to the deeper wounds he has caused in the Black community. If he has truly repented, he should not be afraid to die. To die would be the greatest example he could make to inner city youth. RIP Mr. Williams. You are being executed for war crimes.

I want them to remake Zulu.

I want Michael Mann to direct. It will star, Chiwetel Ejiofor from Serenity and Dirty Pretty Things, Djimon Hounsou from Amistad and Gladiator, Sean Bean, Clive Owen, Brendan Gleeson, Orlando Bloom, Johnathan Rhys Meyers, That cute guy from Vanity Fair and Rome, I disremember his name at the moment, and a cast of thousands of South African extras. They need the work, I'm told. I want more from the Zulu side in this version.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Progressives not progressive any more.

We are having a fight here in my little island city. We want a movie theater. We have to travel to another city to watch movies. A developer wants to build a multiplex and incorporate and preserve an old art deco theater into the new theater design. The theater has been in need of renovation for over 25 years. The progressives in this city are vehemently against this. They want to keep just the old theater and I am sure show indie films which only appeal to the libs and the mostly over 40 crowd at that. There is also a parking garage proposed and it really has their underoos in a twist. I wish they had the same passion for preserving valuable social institutions like The Boy Scouts and opposite sex marriage as they do for old buildings.

California voters and gay marriage.

The voters in San Francisco want the California supreme court to overrule the ban on gay marriage. But they would be really pissed if the supreme court overruled the medical marijuana act. They think they can pass bans on smoking (cigarettes), guns and testicle owning Pit Bulls, but the rest of the voters can't make a decision about whether they should grant marriage rights to same sex couples.

Left Wing protesters are Minutemen

The left wing is engaging in the same behavior that it so despises in the right. The action is attacked but the action is not the real issue. The left believes that any tactics are allowed when they have an agenda. Every time there is a protest that involves the left trying to stop people from engaging in behavior the left finds offensive, it is a citizens action patrol. The main difference is that the left is trying to stop people from going about legal business. Hotel employees that strike San Francisco hotels are trying to prevent people from sleeping in hotel beds. Nurses are trying to prevent Arnold from enacting pension reform. Anti-military recruiting protestors are trying to prevent others from exercising their free will. But of course the left doesn't see it that way.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Why I love Black people, no really.

I have lived very few places where I wasn't outnumbered by Blacks. I lived in Oakland California for 30 years. I lived in Maryland before that and was bused to Baltimore to attend school. I lived on Treasure Island Naval base and at that time they were busing kids from Hunter's Point San Francisco to school on the island. So you see, I have had extensive contact with Blacks all my life.

I have had contact with many other races as well. My closest friends have been Chinese American and Native American women. I have to say that the contact with other races has not affected me 1/100 as much as being in day to day contact with Blacks has. I was never a wanna be type in school. Although, my divorced mother was on SSI and I received welfare and food stamps, I knew we were culturally different than the Black kids. For one thing I could read when I was three. Very few of the Black kids I went to school with seemed interested in reading. I hated school and rarely attended Jr. High. Blacks were part of the reason I hated school. They were disruptive. They were cruel and disrespectful of everyone else, while demanding the utmost respect from the kids of other races and the teachers. They would make the White kids tie their shoes. They would steal our money and Bonnie Bell lipgloss. They would dump us in the garbage cans and pour milk on us. I knew that they were mistaking fear for respect. Teachers and students were afraid of the Black students.

The teachers were also terrified of being considered racist. The teachers would not enforce any discipline in the classroom because they would get accused of racism the minute they told a Black student to be quiet or to sit down. The Blacks would say that their parents told them not to take no shit off no white teacher. The teachers always backed down from confrontations with Blacks. This also set up a two tiered system, whereby White and Hispanic students would receive discipline and suspensions for things that Blacks got away with. That's not to say that Blacks were never suspended, they were, but for much worse things than Whites were. I have to say that I don't remember an Asian ever being suspended for anything.

Blacks would never do their homework and they would not participate in class at all. They wouldn't bring their books or writing materials. They would strongarm other students into letting them copy tests. As a consequence they never learned anything. It went on and on. I dropped out in the 8th grade. I received counseling and went back to an alternative school. The rules at the school were very lax and little was expected of us. The students were again mostly Black and troubled, but they managed to go along pretty well as long as nobody interfered with their freedom. I dropped out again and took the High School Equivalency Exam and graduated a year early. The difference between me and the Black kids was that although I had not attended school very often, I had still managed to gain enough knowlege to pass the test and graduate. The consequences for the Black kids were more dire than mine.

I had been a Navy brat in my early years. I had traveled extensively. I had been a lot of places and done a lot of things. Even when I was a teenager, my best friend, a Native American, would drag me all over the place to go to Native American Pow Wows. I got to see and meet a lot of different people. I believe that people are very different regionally as well and I was exposed to that. The Black kids weren't. They never left the inner city. They didn't know that they weren't the majority everywhere else. They didn't know where anyone else came from and they didn't really care about anyone else. I remember once in class a Black student pointed at a blond white girl and said, "I come from Africa, what about her she don't come from nowhere." It seemed as if they had no interest in the wider world at all.

I have to say I thought I hated Black people then. I was also pretty goodlooking. I had Farrah Fawcett hair and was curvy. Once this drug addict walked up to me and said, "Farrah Fawcett, what you doin' standin' here at this bus stop? You should be driving a big ol' Mercedes!" That was funny. I was harassed by Black men every time I had to stand at a bus stop and that was every day. Black men would say horrible things to me and sometimes they would say these things in front of my mother and even my grandmother. Once the Pimp that lived up the street from me showed up in his El Dorado to pick me up from school. It was degrading and humiliating. I am aware that the same thing happened to black women in the South at the hands of White men, but it didn't make it easier to take. I found Black men physically beautiful, but lacking in control and that made them unsexy to me.

So, as I grew up I had no good opinion of Blacks. My mom had gone to the same high school that I was assigned to and her classes had a slight Black majority because many Blacks had come to work in the shipyards. Of course, Blacks were very afraid to act up at the time, so they behaved well in school and if my mom's yearbook is any example, they learned to read and write rather well indeed. They also were well represented in athletics, but even the athletes could read and write. My mom loved school and did not understand my problems. I was becoming very racist. I thought that I would love to live in an all white neighborhood. When I saw blond people I was fascinated and charmed. I began to resent my mother for choosing to move back to the city she grew up in. I felt that my life would have been so much better if we lived among our own people. This is not to say that I did not have Black friends. My first boyfriend was a Black nerd who's mom was a nurse from Jamaica. I hung around at alternative school with the Black students. I seemed to be able to form bonds with individuals, but that didn't change the fact that I wanted to be away from Blacks for the most part. I felt I was just too sensitive and that they were too insensitive and that we could never live together.

On the other hand, I was interested primarily in Black music. I would listen to my mom's Miriam Makeba record over and over again. I loved the blues and motown and above all Bob Marley. I could however, distance myself from Bob's lyrics. I knew that Blacks were still struggling in many parts of the world and I wished them well and well away from me. I did not wish ill on Blacks and I never wanted them to be humiliated or hurt again, I just wished that they could behave like civilized people should. In fact, I knew that Blacks were capable of it and I didn't understand why, when it would have been easier, they wouldn't just go with the flow. I wanted for Blacks what I wanted for my own children. I wanted them to be able to go anywhere, any country. I wanted them to behave in a mannerly fashion that would make them acceptable to anyone. I wanted them to be able to span the classes and the races and speak intelligently on many subjects.

I used to babysit for rich families and the developmental differences between the Black kids I saw regularly on public transit and those rich children were immense. Even the rich kids that had behavioral problems had huge vocabularies and could express curiosity and get feedback from adults. But the little Black kids would be treated like irritating adults by their teen age mothers. the poor kids would get ignored if they asked questions about birds or dogs or anything else. The differences were staggering. I began to lose all hope of anything changing for the better.

Then I got a job in Oakland. I was in the lower job classification due to my lack of job skills and education. I was one of the few whites in this job class. I was surrounded by Black women. These women started out being incredibly kind to me. I had an incident with my mom that made me very angry and I wanted to report her for welfare fraud. A Black girl I worked with talked me out of it. They told me to join the Credit Union so that I could get a car. One of them helped me find my first apartment in downtown Oakland. I remember she asked the manager of one of the apartment buildings if the place had "meeces". When the woman said, "It depends on how clean you are'" my friend dragged me out right then. Every pay day the black girls would go out to the Sizzler and they would invite me. They were naughty about men and it was a lot of fun to be with them. I had always been a fancy dresser for a white girl and I felt more comfortable dressed up with them than with my slovenly white friends.

I also met older, genteel Black ladies from the South, that cared very much indeed about education and culture. I worked with them for three years. I moved to Fremont California with a boyfriend. I missed Oakland dearly. I missed the sight and sounds of Black people. I did not know how much a part of me they had become . My boyfriend would bring a gun everytime he came to pick me up in Oakland. I thought this was funny, that he was so scared. I still had scary incidents sometimes with Black men on the street, but it seemed more bearable. I also heard of scary racist incidents from my Black friends. One Black girl's boyfriend was fishing with his dad and some white guys came and forced them to eat their bait at gun point.

The worst incident that happen to me was that my sister and I went to a restaurant that had hired a well known Creole chef from New Orleans, for a special night of Creole food and music. The chef had just written a book. We took our Latino boyfriends. First they seated us in a back room at a makeshift table (reserved especially ior whites and latinos, I guess). We were never served, and neither saw nor heard from a waiter again. We saw an opportunity to move to a table in the main dining room (the only dining room). We moved to a central location and were still ignored. We finally left, starving, but knowing that it was useless to complain. I blame my sister for wearing Braids!! She looked too good in them!! There are two sides to every story and as bad as some of the situations I have been in seem to me, they are nothing compared with eating raw chicken livers at gun point in the dark in Tracy.

I always felt that I was just spending the night in Fremont but my heart was still in Oakland. I eventually moved back. Then I was transferred to another department. There again I made instant friends with the Black people that worked in that department. I felt more at home with them than anyone. I have had many friendships with many Black men and women at work and they have been very supportive of me. One of the guys is from Philly and he is a photographer and he likes to talk to me about art and living on the East coast. We have much in common. I go to Black people's weddings and funerals and crab feeds, where there are about 490 Blacks to 10 whites.

I became pregnant at the age of 42 and one of the Black women, a newer employee, used to take me out to dinner and take me grocery shopping, because I didn't have a car. She didn't even know me that well, but she was an immense help to me.

While all this is happening to me, I am realizing that many things I thought were not true, but many are. These women believe anything the Union and the Democrats tell them. Most of these women have man trouble. They are willing to share men with other women for fear of being alone. They support their children with very little, if any, help from the fathers. They rely too heavily on corporal punishment of their children. Some of the beatings that they tell about seem to border on abuse and also seem to be ineffective in changing their children's behavior. They spend a fortune on clothes for their children. Money I feel could be better spent at finding an apartment in a better neighborhood with better schools. I ride the bus wth a woman that travels on the bus everyday to another city to take her Black daughter to a school in Chinatown where the academic standards are very high. That child is doing great in school. I walked by the school once and she was asking some Chinese girls if she could join a Chinese jump rope game. The Chinese girls shot her down. I felt bad for her, but as long as she does well in school, success is the best revenge.

Most of these women have troubled family members. They are not good with money. They get pregnant when they know that they shouldn't. They have substance abuse problems. Many of the things that happen to them seem preventable to me, but impossible to avoid for them. One of the reasons that they run out of money is that they are so generous. They are the most loyal people on earth. I know that the Chinese help family, but it is not in an unconditional way like Blacks do. I hear about neices and nephews and grandbabies and all the extended family members getting money, food and support, sometimes at the expense of the person giving the aid. Blacks are loyal and they do it out of love. I sometimes think that they shouldn't help these relatives, that it does more harm than good and that they should think of themselves for a change, but they are most unselfish and they might feel worse if they didn't help.

We once had a worker that was new. She was a secret crack addict. She could not do her work at all. My co-worker and I, (the only two whites) were being driven insane by the mistakes this woman was making. One of the Black women I am very close with was covering up for the drug addict. We ended up not speaking for months because she was angry that we were picking on this Black woman and she had to protect her. She has admitted that she was wrong to do it, but it just is so ingrained she can't help it. So I see the fiercely loyal and protective nature of Black women in particular, nearly every day.

One of my best friends is a Black woman from Panama. She just does not see color and treats everyone the same. I had a mixed race boyfriend and he was a lot of things and unusual looking and everywhere we went people would ask him what he was. My friend from Panama never asked. One time I asked her about it and she said, "You know I don't care about such things," When she brings pictures from her church, you see that it is a multiracial congregation. She also lives in a neighborhood in Vallejo with her African American husband and they are among the very few Blacks that live there and they get along with everybody. She recently went to the Grand Canyon with another Black friend and she did say that although they were the only Blacks at the dude ranch they stayed at, they were treated like royalty. I wish we could all be like my friend. Expect the best, because you deserve it. Treat everyone as you'd like to be treated yourself.

Euthanasia for a bed sore?

My mother died of lung cancer in 2000. Before they upped her morphine dosage so that she became comatose, she had horrible pain from a bed sore on her tailbone. She had cancer in all her bones at that point and it was eating her ribs. The worst pain though, was from the bed sore. Now would it be allowable to euthanize people if they weren't dying but probably would not be mobile again and thus likely to suffer from chronic bed sores?

Mary Mapes on a witch hunt.

I saw Ms Mapes on my local news station the other day. She was saying that she had been on the case of Bush's National Guard records since the late 90's. She seems to think that there is nothing wrong with spending 8 years looking for information on someone. Then, presto! Six years later some papers just happen to turn up. If they really had existed before the election, why didn't Mary find them. She must be a really shitty reporter. Now she is saying that "Karl Rove and his right wing stormtroopers" are out to get her and her kind. It's sad that she can't see that she is the one "out to get people".