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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The dark Age is upon us

We are entering another Dark Age, where ignorance rules and the light of knowlege is dimming fast. We have touring exhibits of flayed human bodies from China. Bodies "unclaimed by kin," sold to hucksters claiming to be using them for educational purposes. These people are really just peddlers in human flesh, appealing to the most purient of human interests. We have third world people selling their organs or having them removed by force. We have late term abortions, where babies are burned to death in the womb, poisoned by thick saline solutions that leave them blackened corpses. We have elderly decaying organisms expecting to be made young and perfect again by the injection of stem cells from young new and perfect embryos. We have suicide bombers spewing body parts. We have children kicking human heads around after explosions and waving detatched limbs and laughing. We have movie stars addicted to plastic surgery and having toxins injected into their faces, fat sucked from their buttocks and injected into their lips. Lesbian couples purchase disembodied semen masturbated into cups at sperm banks. Masturbated into cups by men looking at pictures of disembodied female genitals. Vileness and foulness abounds. Filth spews out of the mouths of our youths in public spaces, no matter if the elderly and children are around to hear it. Our young women dress like the lowest of whores and men drive around in government vehicles, leering at them during work hours. Our libraries purchase pornography at the tax payers expense and let teenagers peruse computer porn in public areas of the library under the guise of a "right to privacy." I have to avert my eyes from piles of human excrement and step over puddles of vomit and piss on my way to and from work Sometimes I have to step over a running stream of piss as I walk past the pisser in a doorway. Groups of rowdy and threatening teens congregate on street corners like blots of poison. Everything good that America has tried to accomplish in the last hundred years is being undermined by it's liberal elite. Human beings must always be on guard against our baser intincts. That is why we have societies. Men's sexual natures and tendencies towards violence and irresponsible breeding must be controlled. Women and children must be protected. Rule of law must be inforced. Civilization is a constant battle and our walls are crumbling fast.

Monday, March 27, 2006

My dog has become deathly ill from his rabies vaccination.

I have not been blogging or reading blogs, because I have been caring for my 4 year old terrier mix. He is becoming more and more paralyzed by the day. I just spent $519.00 today, getting x-rays and blood tests that I know are useless, because he is clearly reacting to the rabies vaccine. The vet is denying that it is the vaccine, but my dog started to get very sick and feverish 3 days after the shot. Then he began to get weakness in his back legs. Now he can barely walk and can not lift his leg to pee. He shakes and cries and pants all night. When he walks he shits and pisses uncontrollably. The Doctor tells me that the dog is not looking very ill when I take him in. Of course my dog is so desperate to leave the vets that he runs around the office trying to drag me home, so he does not look as sick as he is. The vet would not even give me a ride home, because he thought my dog could walk well enough to get home on his own. My dog was staggering all over the place and peeing all over himself the whole way home. I don't drive or own a car. I am at a loss as to what to do. If I mention that I gave the dog chicken broth, the vet jumps on that as a possible cause for my dog's incontinence and paralyzed back end. Yeah, sure, diet change causes paralysis in dogs, why not people too, for Christ's sake. The dog was a happy, healthy frisbee dog the day before the shot and now he is like a crippled old man that needs diapers. I am beside myself with worry and the vet won't even give my dog anything stronger than an anti-inflamatory for the pain. I am up all night and missing work and the vet is telling me my dog is not that sick. I am going nuts here.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Miz. Libarian! How do you spell psychiatrist?

My co-worker told me a funny story the other day. He said he was working at a small Branch Library about 20 years ago and he was working with one of the old spinster Librarians. He said he was walking into the Library when he saw 4 men pull up in a Cadillac. He said they had obviously been drinking, so he was a little scared that he would have to protect the old Librarian. The men went inside and in loud voices said, "Miz Libarian, how do you spell psychiatrist, with a P or with an S, because whoever loses this bet has to buy us all a drink!" So, the Librarian, being very smart, says, "Sshhh....Sir, you may look it up in the dictionary, for yourself." So my friend figuratively wipes his brow and says, "Whew!"

Susan Sarandon is going to portray Cindy Sheehan.

Not content with parlaying her matronly good looks into romantisizing Sister Helen Prejean in Dead Man Walking, Susan Sarandon is going to ugly on down again, al la Charlize Theron in Monster, and play the somewhat less than attractive Cindy Seehan. I wonder if she's going to have a prosthetic wart put on her nose. Are there not unattractive actresses out there that need work, the chick from Transamerica, for instance, Felicity Huffman, she could gain 50 lbs, al la George Clooney from Syriana. Come on Hollywood, get over your shallowness. One question, who's going to play Cindy's Black lover, the toadlike Jesse Jackson, now that his actual frog eyed look alike Paul Winfield is dead? Perhaps it will be that handsome Terrance Howard,.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

For all you leftist gayboys that think that a culture where women are covered up and can't put out is cool!

Ayatollah Ali Al Sistani thinks that all you gays should be killed in the worst possible way. I guess a quick death by suicide bomber is too good for the likes of you. I have always thought that Islam is basically a homosexual culture, but now I am beginning to have me doubts. My suspicion is that homosexuals are way safer under the rule of George Bush, John Howard and Tony Blair, those evil Christian patriarchs. What say you?

I apologise to the good people of Dubai and Dubai Ports World Co.

On behalf of my reactionary and idiotic Congressmen and women, I would like to apologise to you, the good people of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. My political representatives, for the most part, have never had real jobs and do not understand what real jobs entail. They are woefully ignorant of how intricate systems like port management and port security are run. They are also, very predjudiced against Arabs, especially those in the Arab Emirates, because the Arabs of the Gulf region look like the Hollywood version of Arabs. The kind that live in tents and own camels and hunt with hawks and such. The kind of Arabs we saw in the movie Lawrence of Arabia. Gulf Arabs are the epitome of all that is Arab.and so seem more frightening to many Americans, especially Jewish Democratic Congessmen.. Many of our Congressmen and women think that real Arabs are not interested in anything but protesting and burning embassies and blowing up people and crashing planes into buildings. Of course if all Arabs liked to do these things our Congressmen and women would all be dead by now. Especially as most of them are pacifists and anti war types and would no doubt turn the other cheek, rather than fight. Also, a lot of these Congressmen and women have no doubt seen Syriana and think that the Dubai Port Management Co is run by the bad, westernised Arabs, like the evil brother of the communist/nationalist leaning, so good Arab in the movie. So, you see, our Congressmen and women are terribly racist and I do apologise for their ignorance. I am very, very sorry for your ill treatment. I am ashamed and disgusted by the behavior of my people.

Even if the Us didn't help Israel with the prison raid,

the Muslim world would claim that we did anyway, so who cares? We may as well start engaging in the heinous behaviors we are accused of. Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, I say!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

To those overly invested in pitying others.

I was listening to NPR on Wednesday and they had, as guests of the radio show Forum, 3 financial experts, one author and 2 economists. One of the guests, (a woman who shall remain nameless as I do not wish to promote her stupid book,) seems to be in the business of inculcating a victim mentality in even the most well off of Americans. One of the callers into the show was complaining of her debt after law school and the lack of free day care for her and her husband's children. She complained of mortgage debt and said that they could not seem to get ahead and blah, blah blah. One of the other guests pointed out that this woman was actually at the top of the chain and was not really suffering the tortures she was claiming and that he found it suspect that someone like her was being taken seriously as symptomatic af a large problem in the US. Of course, the female author attacked him for his opinion and went on to illustrate just how terrible a life this lady lawyer really was having. Caller after caller disagreed and said that they knew just such people that bought five dollar lattes everyday, drove big SUV's and had enormous mortgages for enormous houses they had purchased, despite not being able to afford them easily. Both the female author and the other guest of a similar mindset continued to try and make it seem as if there was something rotten in paradise, but they were proving their intellectual and moral bankruptcy with every word they spoke. It is really disturbing that these 2 financial "experts" are so invested in the game of pitying others that they can not differentiate between the truly needy and the well off. Someone that is one paycheck away from disaster is worthy of these people's pity and their efforts should concentrate on ways to help such people. They should not be encouraging the well off to think that they are suffering, nor should they accept or validate those well off people's claims of financial hardship.

Monday, March 13, 2006

My co-worker's good for nothing brother just got out of jail!

Here's a great story. My co-worker's brother just was released from jail, after serving time for assaulting a woman. He's been in jail before for the same crime. My co-worker has been raising her brother's son because her brother and the mother are both in and out of jail so often that they can',t and don't want to take care of their son, anyway. So my co-worker, who has a cushy new duplex apartment, let's her brother stay with her for a few days. She says that he is watching TV in the living room and she keeps walking out of her room at night to get food or whatever.. Her brother gets pissed and says, "Why you gotta come out here, why can't you stay in your room?" So, my friend say, "It's MY house and I'll do what I want!" So, one time she walks out of the room and she sees, before her brother can change the channel, that he is watching porn. So she sits down and says, "You been in prison so long, you don't know what's up, so let me show you how to work this remote control." She starts channel flipping, and lo and behold, on comes the porn channel! So, she says, "IS THIS PAY PER VIEW? CAUSE IT BETTER NOT BE PAY PER VIEW!" Her brother says, "No, it is definately not Pay Per View!" So her brother goes back to where he is paroled to and then he calls her asking for 100.00. My friend says, "OK, I'll send it to you." Then, that day she walks out to the mailbox and gets her cable bill. She opens it and sees that her bill is $319.00. Normally it's about $110.00. So her brother has charged over $200.00 in porn. She says he was watching back to back porn, no pun intended. She does not send him the money he asked for and she knows he is waiting for it. He calls a few days later and says, "Did you send me the money?" My friend says, "No, I did not and I will not, because you charged up my cable bill and I have to put the $100.00 towards the cable bill and you still owe me $100.00. So, then her brother gets abusive and starts telling her "Not to do him like that." Ha! Then he calls repeatedly for days and days, demanding money. He is like a lot of the people that were in New Orleans. Selfish, lazy and no account and downright dangerous.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

African terroists bombing destitute Iraqis.

African suicide bombers going into Iraqi slums and bombing innocent citizens. Read the yahoo article and it will tell you that the suicide bomber of the recent attacks is "apparently an African" as is desribed in the paragraph where the bombing victims are "kicking the head around." Does John Murtha (where's he been, by the way) still think that foreign fighters are not a large part of this so-called insurgency?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Has anyone, anywhere, ever seen a female garbage collector?

I, myself, have never seen a female garbage collector. I would like for someone who has, to let me know. I am curious as to why I have never seen one and, of course, I has me suspicions about the reason. It's a high paying job and it keeps you in shape, but it's stinky and nasty and difficult and I can only imagine the bullest of dykes wanting to do it, but then again, maybe not.

Global warming science and gender differences.

Everybody knows that men and women have different brains. The eveidence has been there since man became aware of his place in the universe. All cultures have split the sexes into different social catagories based on the preferences and biological roles of either sex. Of course there are very rare exceptions to these rules. Native American men living as women, or women fighting in battles, being two examples. Such occurances were extremely rare. Every man has been puzzled by the thinking of women and every woman has been frustrated by the thinking of men. We know for a fact that we think differently. It is a given in nature that male and female animals behave differently than each other. So, the only people I know that deny gender difference are some very odd feminists (mostly lesbians) who insist that there are no gender differences. My Lesbian co-worker got pregnant by artificial insemination. We were both pregnant at the same time, although I was farther along than she was. I mentioned to her that it had been my habit to do the New Yrok Times crossword puzzle before my pregnancy, but that I found it impossible to think well while pregnant and could not do them, for what I suspected was hormonal reasons. I expressed concern that my brain might not return to it's normal level of accuity after my baby's birth. My co-worker got very offended and said, "Don't say things like that, it gives people who think our brains are different an excuse to believe that we are inferior." Of course it's not about inferiority, it's about "difference." Everyone that worked with this woman noticed a marked difference in her level of job performance and emotionality during her pregnancy, but she would state that she was exactly the same as always. So, my point being, after the resignation of Lawrence Summers from Harvard, how are we supposed to believe that global warming exists on the word of scientists that refuse to break with the orthodox view of gender differences. In fact if men and women are the same, there really is no need for gender studies. All women's studies depts should be eliminated, making available funding for more science professors imediately.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Bush's combat by proxy!

Bush is risking death by going to Pakistan. He is in serious danger of losing his life. None of you leftists can say that he is afraid to go into combat. I, for one, am terrified that he will be killed. You leftists had better be too. Cheney could be President by tomorrow.