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Monday, February 27, 2006

As usual, the Iraqis disappoint the leftist warmongers!

Ohhh... the left is so bitterly disappointed that the Iraqis have yet again decided not to opt for full out civil war. As I sat at my desk yesterday, my co-worker, in the midst of listening to his favorite Air America show, grumped out, "Iraq descends into civil war. Thank you George Bush!" He often makes really ignorant statements like that. So I go to the computer and look up Iraqi blogs and websites and I don't see this civil war happening. Then I get home and watch the News Hour and I still don't see that this civil war is happening. I see Iraq is under a curfew, for good reason, but that there is not the wholesale slaughter that my co-worker is hoping for. The left is full of wishful thinking on the score of Iraqi civil war. It is clear that they would gladly sacrifice all Iraqis, if it meant that they could be proven right about George W. Bush. As for President Bush, himself, he has met a lot of Iraqis and he not only thinks that Iraqis are capable of civlized democratic behavior, he is convinced of it. He trusts and believes in them far more than the left can begin to understand. The left is sure that the Iraqis are incapable of behaving in a civilized manner. I think, personally, that the fact that the Iraqis have been rubbing shoulders with Americans for 3 years now has actually given them a new way of looking at things. Look at the Iraqi reaction to the cartoons being printed. Either the Iraqis decided that they'd had enough violence and disorder, or they have been influenced by Western thought on such matters. If neither of those scenarios are true, then it clearly shows that the anti-Danish riots in other Arab countries were orchestrated by militant factions in those countries. Iraqis refuse to be defined by the leftists. Pushed as hard as it is possible for them to be pushed, they continue to try to stay on the path to peace.

Monday, February 20, 2006

How'd ya like to be married to the evil Italian ice dancer?

Whoooaaaa, what a bitch Barbara Fusar Poli is. Oh my gawd, she was giving her poor partner Maurizio Magaglio the stink eye after their fall. I am sorry, it's partner skating, if one of you is at fault you are both at fault. What a nasty and unprofessional skater Ms Fusar Poli is. She is just lucky she didn't get dropped as hard as the poor little Canadian ice dancer did. Now the Canadian woman had a right to be a little put out with her partner, he kept spinning her when he knew he didn't have a good hold on her, it made me sick to my stomach. The Italians are really awful skaters anyway. Way too overdramatic and Ms Fusar Poli is unfortunate in her looks and long in the tooth as well, unlike our beautiful ice dancers, the gorgeous ex-Canadian, now American, Tanith Belbin and her partner, Ben Agosto, who are both beautiful beyond belief. Ms Belbin may not have the extension and ballet trained perfection of the Russian skaters, but she has a charming, slightly gawky, coltish grace that has a charm all it's own. Mr Agosto is just plain sexy and he can actually skate, unlike the men in the Canadian and Italian teams who huff and puff and skate backwards a lot, while their partners do all the hard footwork. The Russians and Eastern Europeans are all great skaters, but very hard looking. they all look like old panthers that have been in a cage too long at the zoo.
As for the Speed skating hubbub, all I can say is that Shani Davis sounds just like Dave Chappelle does when he imitates White people. Shani is a beautiful speed skater, who is a joy to watch when he is skating. That is what really counts, he may not have the public speaking skills he needs to win over the press, but that is his mother's fault. He does his job and that is to skate well.

The George Clooney Budweiser connection.

I was watching the Olympics last night and a Budweiser commercial came on and who do you think was doing the voice over? That high principled high falutin' George Clooney that's who! What whores to the corporations these Hollywood leftists are.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Abort a baby, save a polar bear

This morning on PBS radio, I was treated to the insane ravings of the leftist cukoos of the Cult of Global Warming. Correct me if I'm wrong here people, at one time, the whole earth was covered with ice, no? It all melted except for the poles, yes? So if the poles do melt it's just part of the normal process of melting that is going to happen anyway. It will take some giant human intervention to stop the eventual melting of the polar ice caps. We will have to make some kind of giant freezers or somehow block the sun, in order to stop the warming of the poles. These devotees of the Cult of Global Warming are telling us to limit births and turn off lights when we leave a room and to wear socks and sweatshirts in our houses instead of turning on our heaters. What ever happened to reproductive choice, anyway? Keep your hands off my body, you crazy left wing eco-lunatics.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bombs don't kill Muslim children, Muslims do!

The yahoo blurb about the death of the 4 Iraqi children at the hands of murderers says "Bomb kills 4 Iraqi children." I am sorry but a bomb does not make itself. A bomb is not a thinking, feeling organism, capable of judging between good and evil. When the media used to report on South Africa during the Apartheid era, they would always say, White on Black violence, or Black on Black violence. In the case of the Middle East, they should state, Muslim on Muslim, or Muslim on Jewish, or Muslim on Hindu, or Muslim on Christian violence, etc, etc. And vice versa, of course.

Is the media purposely fomenting Muslim unrest?

I was watching a news story about Mexican illegals and the possibility of lengthening a border fence along the US and Mexican borders. It struck me that it's in the border patrol's best interest for there to be a lot of illegal traffic on the border. It's job security for the border patrol. It's the same with Muslim unrest and the media. The more unrest and the more people that get killed by angry Muslims, the bigger the stories for the media to report. It's in the best interest of the media for there to be war and death and destruction. I see a conflict of interest here. It's no wonder they are printing the Muslim offending cartoons on and on ad infinitum and the pics from Abu Ghraib. They are like firemen that become arsonists.

Imams with the jungle fever

A Muslim cleric was convicted of raping a Norwegian woman. He took advantage of her intoxicated state, pretended he wanted to "help" her and "helped" himself to her, in a mosque. I wonder if he bothered to "temporarily marry" her.

Why don't Muslims protest the killing of 4 children in Iraq?

Radical, violent, murdering thugs, exploded a car bomb today in Iraq and killed 4 innocent Muslim children. As usual the rest of the Muslim world is silent about the atrocities perpetrated by Muslims against Muslims. If the Israelis had killed 4 innocent Palestinian children there'd be no end to the media coverage and the fake Muslim outrage.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I've been reading the Left Wing blogs.

I have been desperately seeking humorous left wing blogs. I read the Daily Kos and Huffington's Post, but they are serious in nature and I like to laugh, even at my own political party. I just can't find any amusng left wing blogs. I read that Atrios/Eschaton was supposed to be the funniest. It consists for the most part of open threads, as the leftists love to hear themselves talk. It has a huge audience and I guess the lefties and righties just have a different sense of humor, because I am not laughing. For some reason, if you read Blame Bush, his accusations are very funny, but when you read the leftie's crazy conspiracy theories about Bush and Co, they are not funny, just sad. Really, if Bush was responsible for 1/10th of what the left claims he is, it would not be funny anyway, it would be tragic. I will admit that some of the comments on Atrios are funny, just not as funny as the commenters on Blame Bush or Anti-idiotarian Rottweiller. Often on Blame Bush, the funniest comments are made by stupid right wingers that don't know that Liberal Larry is joking. Then they sound like the average left wing commenters. Some times the right wing commenters go way overboard and sound dangerous and cruel and scary, but so do the commenters on the left wing blogs. The lefties even make fun of gays, like Cheney's daughter. They also make fun of women's looks a lot. I admit that I am biased of course, but the left will take a not very important subject, like Cheney's admittedly stupid hunting accident and drive it into the ground. The right wing blogs deal with a huge variety of subjects, including the state of affairs all over the world. Concentrating understandably on the threat from the Islamists. The left ignores the truly serious state of affairs in the larger universe and concentrates on trivial attacks on the Bush administration. Cheney's shooting his friend is not at all important in the grand scheme of things. That the lefties are learning about hunting, and the difference between buck and bird shot, though, can't be a bad thing. That 100's of people are so obsessed with Dick Cheney is weird. You'd think they'd be a little interested in the trial of a genocidal maniac like saddam, but no. The only thing that bothers the left about the Islamists is that they aren't for freedom of speech. Strange priorities.

If Cheney had shot Jack Abramoff instead of

Harry Whittington, the Democrats would be cheering. Really silly of Cheney to shoot a Republican fundraiser. Especially since I get calls all day at work from the California Republican Party. I have repeatedly asked them not to call me at work to ask for money, but they just keep calling anyway. I don't see the point in contributing to the California Republican Party, anyway. It's pointless, as we have no power in this state. I'd rather donate money to the Republican Presidential candidates or to the Republican Gubernatorial candidates in other states that actually have a chance to institute Republican policies.

Liberals and the words, I and me, my and mine and NPR listeners connections to AL Qaeda.

I was listening to NPR's Talk of the Nation today. The subject was the extension of the Patriot Act. Most of the callers expressed concern that "they, themselves" would have their conversations listened to. It made me wonder exactly how many NPR listeners have connections to Al Qaeda. "I am concerned about "my" rights," they all said. The callers also kept saying that the Government was spying on American citizens. I would be very surprised to learn that any of the people the FBI listened to were American citizens at all. My suspicion is that they were, and are foreign nationals. The media needs to at least try and get the language correct. Sigh. I know that Public Broadcasting recently did a survey and concluded that listeners did not find Public Broadcasting's coverage of the news to be biased. I am not surprised by the results, as conservatives rarely listen to NPR, and so are unlikely to respond to such surveys. Public Broadcasting is preaching to the choir and then claiming that it s not biased. They need to survey the whole country and not just thier own listeners.

Library privacy.

I work at the library. One day, some time ago now, while checking out books to patrons, I noticed that one of our more insane regular patrons was checking out 2 books. One was on human anatomy and the other was on meat preserving. After he left, I told one of the librarians what he had checked out and she said, "You had better remember his face, because you may have to testify in court." Unfortunately, she has retired and we are left with librarians of a different political persuasion, entirely. I am sure that they would protect the rights of serial killers to preserve women's parts and look at me as a criminal for testifying against the killer in court.

I have Muslim fatigue syndrome.

God, I am so tired of seeing Muslims, hearing about Muslims, listening to Muslims. Let's boycott anything and everything Muslim. Maybe if we stop giving them attention for acting like children, they will stop their tantrums. Let's print cartoons everyday and when the Muslims riot, let's not report it. It's really old news anyway. Muslims are having tantrums in courts all over the world and in the streets of Europe and Pakistan. So, tell us something we didn't know. If they had real jobs, they wouldn't have the time to run amok constantly. How about those Pakistanis protesting the Danes get up in those mountains and help some earthquake victims. They could form a Muslim chapter of Habitat for Humanity, but then again there's little evidence that Muslims can behave humanely. Lately anyway, that's how I have begun to feel.

Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad!

I have to quote Mallory Knox from Natural Born Killers. The news that Cheney's poor hunting buddy has had a heart attack is sad and disturbing.

Monday, February 13, 2006

You are the mighty hunter!

My ex-boyfriend wrote a poem to a friend that accidently shot his friend in the face while hunting. I thought it would be appropriate for Dick Cheney's situation. here goes,

You are the mighty hunter,
now your face is turning red.
You thought you bagged a pheasant,
but it was your buddy's head.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Anti- war Democrats at war in their own country.

I am confused as to why the Democrats claim that they are anti-war. The Democrats seem to be deep into a quagmire of their own. They are clearly losing a war against the Republican party. Of course they are large and in charge here in California, one of the most fucked up states in the Union. No government agency works well here in California. From education to the pension systems, the Democrats have made a mess of it all. Poor Schwarzenegger can't institute reform, because the "progressives" are too busy trying to preserve the status quo. God forbid that one of Schwarzenegger's policies should result in improvement, so the Democrats will make sure he never gets the chance to try reform. In fact the Democrats are engaged in their own insurgency and sabotage right here in California. Now they are upset about the pathetic High School exit exam results and crying foul because the California teachers are unable to impart the most basic of knowledge to their students. If the Democratic insurgency has it's way, American students will stay ignorant and stupid and poor, thus being more likely to vote for Democrats. Also the Democrat's devotion to so called bi-lingual education will keep Hispanics from earning more than minimum wage, making them more likely to be dependent on handouts from the Government. The Liberals love to feel needed. Power mad, and uncaring of the damage they do, the Democratic insurgency rages on.
They will drive California into the ground, destroying, or making lame ducks of all of it's institutions from education and marriage, to the Boy Scouts.

The San Francisco Chronicle doesn't care if it offends me!

The San Chronicle can and does print offensive editorials and cartoons about Bush. I am often terribly offended by them, but I guess it's OK for them to offend me, a law abiding citizen and native of California. But, of course the Chronicle would not print the offending Muslim cartoons, as they did not want to offend Muslims. Again, we are made to understand how little the liberal media cares for the opinions of regular and reasonable American citizens and how important the opinions of fascist, fanatical fundamentalists are to them.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Aryan Nations banner welcomes Hamas!

Those wacky racists at Aryan Nation are really pleased that Hamas won the Palestinian election. The Nation's banner is most congratulatory. They are also upset/happy about the Egyptian ferryboat sinking, which they claim was the work of the Israeli Mossad. I am amazed at the intelligence gathering capacities of the guys at the Aryan Nation. From Shit Creek, Alabama they are able to detect the work of the Mossad in Egypt. Must have ESP.

Hot Sexy Lingerie!!!

Looking at my site meter, I noticed that someone from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia found my blog by Googling "Hot Sexy Lingerie." Pretty weird, but I thought I'd milk it a little. Now people typing in hot sexy lingerie will really hit on my blog. Naughty, naughty, little Saudis.Underneath those veils, those ladies are wearing hot sexy lingerie. They should do like Madonna used to do and wear the lingerie over their burkas. What will the religious police think of that???

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I get it! The Democrats want the terrorists to kill Americans!

Watching congress flailing uselessly at Alberto Gonzalez , I came to a realization. The Democrats want another attack on the US. Then they can say that it happened again on Bush's watch..They are so jealous and power mad that they are willing to do anything to get elected. Even getting innocent Americans killed is not too much of a price for them to pay for power They will continually undermine our safety for what they think may be their own political gain. They are wrong. Bush is made of Teflon. If we are attacked any time soon, the American people will see that the Democrats, and their friends in the media, with their continual demands for truth and openness, have yet again undermined our intelligence gathering agencies and our ability to protect our citizens from harm. This is not the time to worry over much about individual liberties. During other wars many individual liberties were suspended for a time. We had food rationing. We had a draft. People were encouraged not to spread information. Remember the, "Loose lips sink ships" posters? Now we have loony Democrats wanting to expose every detail to our enemies. I say this again, even my Democratic co-workers think that it's lunacy for the media and congress to want to tell our enemies how we are fighting the war on terror. The average citizen is not at all concerned about the wiretapping of terrorist suspects. Sensible and reasonable people, of both political persuasions, believe that we should hold our cards to our chest. Why do the Democrats continue to beat so many dead horses? They keep pushing their unpopular ideas and trying to work up outrage. You'd think that when the outrage was not forthcoming they would give up, but they just move on to something else. Alberto Gonzalez the right of it, Bush is not interested in spying on the average citizen. The left really thinks it's so much more important than it is.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Betty Friedan, aka Helen Thomas fucked up my life!!

I wanted to be a housewife dammit!! Soccer mom, is that too much to ask??? God damn feminists!!

Islam is a tree that feeds on blood and grows on severed limbs.

The Muslims seem to enjoy getting worked up into a violent frenzy and causing mayhem. Although I am not a religious person, I am beginning to believe that Muslims must have been sent by Satan to destroy civilization. The Egyptians are now rioting over the tragic ferryboat accident. The police in many Arab countries can't seem to kep from shooting and killing protesters. Muslims in other countries are rioting over the Danes printing of cartoons. There is no reasoning with a group of people under a mass hysteria. I am sure that they would be rioting over something else, entirely manufactured by the Muslims themselves, if they didn't already have these 2 handy reasons. Democrats are part of Satan's army and the forces of darkness are now infecting some Republicans, like Arlen Spector. It's going to come down to it. It's the civilized world against the primitives. The forces of Heaven against the forces of Hell. You have to choose your side.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Why I am familiar with Arab culture

I write a lot about Middle Eastern culture. For quite a few years I worked for Arabs and then for a Persian. I met many Arabs from just about every Arab country. I dated them. I had a boyfriend from Egypt. Then I had a half Kuwaiti, half Palestinian boyfriend. I had a Saudi boyfriend. Then I had a Persian boyfriend. Then a Jordanian Palestinian-American boyfriend. So you see, I have had quite extensive personal experience with men from the Middle East. Of course they were all different, but I learned a lot about their feelings about dishonor. My Persian boss told me that he would never touch his wife again if a doctor had to put his hands in her vagina during her labor. My Kuwaiti boyfriend told me that if I was raped that I should kill myself. He was also maniacally jealous and prone to attacking anyone that looked at me. He was pathologically insane with hatred of Jews and once wrote a school paper saying that his hero was Hitler. He claimed to have gone to Kuwait after Saddam Hussein invaded, and lead a troop of Kuwaitis into battle against the Iraqi army. I don't believe him as he lied a lot. He was also very goodlooking and a millionaire, which explains my temporary attachment to him, I was very young as well. He never worked a day in his life. I would not be surprised to find out he became a terrorist. My Egyptian boyfriend was a musician, nice and laid back. My Persian boyfriend was highly educated and very sophisticated. My Jordanian-American boyfriend has a lot of problems around his religion and sex, and his feelings about women. He also has medical problems and rare genetic disorders that he blames on the fact that his mother and father were first cousins. So when I speak about Middle Easterners, I am speaking from my experiences. I try to speak only on subjects I feel I have sufficient knowledge of to comment about.

If the Muslims are so offended by cartoons, why are they looking at them?

I am never suprised at the manufactured outrage of the ignorant and uneducated. The pretend outrage of educated people is another story. To hear educated Muslim pundits saying that they are outraged, is pathetic and just shows how manipulative the Muslims are. How long will it take to get the Left to realize how they are being used by a people that want to behave in ways a true liberal humanist should find repulsive and utterly unacceptable. The western left would not accept such behavior in a people that looked like them. How on earth can a scrap of paper and ink be of any importance, when Muslims are dying by the hundreds at the hands of other Muslims. This another example of the new habit of giving too much importance to people's feelings. If the main problem of Islam is that it's followers are obsessed with the idea of honor, it does the west no good to grant importance to that obsession. Much of the problems between Palestine and Israel have to do with the Arabs sense of honor being violated. During the first Gulf War, I remember Saddam Hussein's minister Tarik Aziz became insensed when Bush Sr. made a statement to the effect that he went to meet with Saddam, but Saddam wouldn't dance. Minister Aziz said that that statement was the same as Bush calling Saddam a prostitute Male dancers in Arabs countries often are prostitutes. Of course Bush Sr. meant it in an entirely different way. If the Arabs want to deal in the big world, they have to forget about the old way of thinking and get with the modern world.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Kinder gentler Democrats

Governer Kaine's rebuttal to President Bush's speech was a refreshing reminder that there are actually good people in the Democratic Party. They should get rid of all those bloated, botoxed meanies with sour faces. Governor Kaine actually said "God bless America" and I didn't snicker at him.

The Artists of the Muslim offending cartoons, deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

How revolutionary. The cartoon portraying the prophet Muhammed with a bomb as his turban is profound. It encompasses the dilema the West faces over the meaning of Islam. We in the west feel that Islam is terroristic in nature. Unfortunately it is for the west to deal with the dilema, as the Muslims are too deeply brainwashed to behave in a reasonable way. Jordanian papers are begging the Muslims of the world to be reasonable, but it seems to be beyond them. When they run around bombing, killing, beheading and amputating peoples limbs and lives and yet scream about the offence they feel about drawings surely, the world can see how insane Muslims are. The clash of Muslim peoples with the civilized west is long overdue. It's going to come down to it.