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Friday, March 27, 2009

Miss C is going to run away to live with the Canadian Eskimos

Miss Carnivorous was very taken with this episode of Anthony Bourdain in Nunavut engaging in carnivorousness on the kitchen floor with an Inuit family. She wants to eat brains and suck eyeballs too!

Maggots as good as gel in leg ulcer treatment

Which to choose, which to choose. Miss C would pick the gel. Naturally if the maggots worked considerably better than the gel, she might try the gel first and if the gel did not work she might give the maggots a try, but as the maggots and the gel are equal in efficacy there really is no contest in Miss C's mind.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Teenagers just vandalized the elementary school across the street from my house

They threw something big through a window then laughed like Special Olympians and ran off. They must be jealous cuz the kindergartners are like, waaay smarter than they are.

The stray cat who lives in our courtyard fled from them as she would flee from the devil himself.

The carjacker our Senator Don Perata was feeling sorry for

admits that he and his friend carjacked Perata so they could spiff up the friend's car with fancy car parts cannibalized from Don's. Here was old Don thinking that the poor carjackers were "Desperate" around the holidays. Well, why should US Senators be the only thieves driving around in cars outfitted with kewl rims?

People who have just suffered a blow to the head are not competent to make decisions about their own medical care much less sign waivers denying it

My mom's boyfriend's co-worker died in much the same way that Natasha Richardson just did. He crashed his motorcycle on the freeway. The paramedics kept telling him to be still, but he was having the "lucid moment" and felt "fine" and kept walking around talking to the cops and emergency personnel. He did finally go and sit down but he never got up again.

I am just not comfortable with medical personnel saying, "Well, we know she hit her head and should go straight to the clinic, but she says, "No", so let's get her to sign the waiver." She bumped her head for Christ's sake, its a standing joke.

Of course going to the clinic was no gaurantee she'd get the right care either. I recently read a book by a man whose daughter fell off of her bunk bed and hit her head and the doctor gave her a cursory exam and OK'd her to go home, even though she was presenting with symptoms of a severe brain injury, nausea, crankiness and irritablity. They sent her home her parents took her to bed with them after becoming exhausted after spending the night at the hospital. They woke up to her convulsing and she died soon after.

If anyone you know gets bonked on the head make sure they get a thorough looking at even if you have to create a fuss to get them to do it.

I hate brain injuries, that is why I would not even begin to make fun of the unfortunate tree sitter who got gas canned in Palestine. Head injuries are not the least bit funny.

Before you unwrap that entire pack of Bubble Yum, put it in your mouth and get to poppin' think on this

"In a tragic twist of fate, the wife of San Francisco attorney Bill Fazio died of a freak accident in American Samoa while there preparing the funeral of her brother, who like her belonged to what amounts to royalty in the tiny island nation.

Lepeti Tuitele Fazio, 60, apparently choked to death March 6 on a piece of gum while talking to a deacon about her brother's service arrangements, said her husband

I will say this, I would not get near a desparate choking Samoan. It would not be good for my own health. I once tried to wrestle a drunk, obese woman out of my hotel room. She stomped my feet so bad they were entirely black and blue. The next day I showed her my poor feet, but she was entirely unsympathetic. "Now you know what 350 lbs feels like on your feet," she said.

I must say, if what the Israeli soldiers are claiming to be war crimes are war crimes our armies have truly become mere women

Seriously folks, snipers having misinformation in the midst of battle does not a war crime make. Taking out old ladies who may want to suicide bomb you is not a war crime either. Have you seen the old ladies of Palestine marching through the streets calling for blood letting? I have and they are scarier and have thicker mustaches than most Palestinian men. Like the Native-American women used to do, I bet they go onto the battle field after battles and commit indignities upon the corpses of their enemies.

Civilized war is for sissies. Letting the enemy live only leads to more charges of war crimes when we have to take them prisoner. We can't win for losing and that is why we must go for total Hiroshima like annihilation, thus permanently ending the hostilities.

Already the usual idiots are screaming about the atrocities being committed by the forces of the government of Sri Lanka, who is closing in on the Tamil Tigers. If the international types have their way the war in Sri Lanka will be never ending and result in hundreds of thousands more deaths than will happen if government forces finally defeat the Tigers.

It is strange that the international crowd seems to support every separatist movement except the separatist movements of the Kurds of Iran, Iraq and Turkey. The secularist crowd thinks it's just great that religious groups want to be ruled by people holding only the most narrow views of their own religion.

The truth is the international aid groups and human rights groups love war and war crimes, it gives them job security and rakes in donations.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Somebody get the hook for Barney Frank

Honestly, what in the hell is he doing still working in the government. He engineered the entire mortgage meltdown, the fat slobbering bastard. The lady doth protest too much in order to detract from his own criminal behavior.

Click on the link above to read a Wall Street Journal article about how Latino advocacy groups and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus forced banks to give bad loans to Hispanics who had no earthly means of paying them back. The Democrats in Congress are neck deep in this shit and noone is calling them on it.

"Easy Credit
But a close look at the network of organizations pushing for increased mortgage lending reveals a more complicated picture. Subprime-industry executives were advisers to the Hogar housing initiative, and bankrolled more than $2 million of its research. Lawmakers and advocacy groups pushed hard for the easy credit that fueled the subprime phenomenon among Latinos. Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, who received donations from the lending industry and saw their constituents moving into new homes, pushed for eased lending standards, which led to problems

Here''s another article about HUD and it's push to drive minority homeownership.


WASHINGTON -- The Department of Housing and Urban Development will use the Internet to help communities increase home mortgage loans to minorities, following a strong increase of $9.9 billion in the value of mortgage loans to blacks and Latinos from 1993 through 1995.

Housing Secretary Henry G. Cisneros today announced the new homeownership initiative, called Democratizing Data, as he released statistics showing progress in the first three years of the Clinton Administration on the rate of minority home loans.

"We want to build on the good news of increased home mortgage loans to African Americans and Latinos to drive up the minority homeownership rate," Cisneros said.

The number of home mortgage loans rose by 48 percent for African Americans and by 37 percent for Latinos from 1993 through 1995, Cisneros said.

New data show that the dollar value of the 240,000 mortgages issued to blacks in 1995 was $19.3 billion -- $5.7 billion more than 1993.

The dollar value of the 216,000 mortgages to Latinos in 1995 was $19 billion -- $4.2 billion more than 1993.

Cisneros said the Democratizing Data initiative makes data on mortgage lending patterns widely accessible to lenders, community groups and others on the Internet's World Wide Web. HUD placed the 1995 data on the Internet this week to allow people to easily obtain detailed information on home loan applications, approvals and denials from 9,500 lending institutions.

Community groups can use the information to work with lenders on outreach programs to increase home loans to underserved groups and areas. The media can use the data to learn more about local lending practices. Lenders can use the data to assess their performance in meeting lending goals.

The new information can be accessed from the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) Area Report. Data is also available through HMDA (RTK NET).

HUD has been working on the Democratizing Data initiative since 1994 and has invested $450,000 to launch the project.

The data HUD has placed on the Internet show where loans were made in a particular geographic area, by individual lenders, and to different population groups identified by race, national origin, sex and annual income.

"By providing this information to communities, we make it easier for lenders and community groups to work together to increase home mortgages to minorities," Cisneros said. "This increase in loans helps boost the nation's homeownership rate, which now stands at 65.4 percent -- the highest level in nearly 16 years." A record 66.1 million Americans own their homes.

While the rate of minority homeownership has risen over the past two years -- up 2 percentage points for blacks and up 2.8 points for Latinos -- it still lags far behind the overall homeownership rate. The homeownership rate for blacks is 44 percent and the rate for Latinos is 43.9 percent -- more than 20 points below the national rate.

In addition, the new data show that while only 20.6 percent of white applicants were denied home mortgages, 40.5 percent of black applicants and 29.5 percent of Latino applicants were denied mortgages last year.

"Our challenge is to reduce the gap between minority homeownership and the homeownership rate for the rest of America," Cisneros said. "We're doing this in many ways. These include our success in cutting the cost of FHA-backed loans, holding down interest rates, increasing employment, creating a public-private partnership to boost homeownership, helping more Americans qualify for mortgages, and now the Democratizing Data initiative."

HUD calculated the value of the mortgage loans to minorities based on data released this week under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act.

HMDA requires commercial banks, savings associations, credit unions and mortgage companies that make about 80 percent of home mortgage loans in the nation to disclose data on loan applications they process. The data cover conventional loans and loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration and the Veterans Administration.

In other words, the banks were forced and threatened into giving these people loans.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Abu R is visiting Riyadh and sent these pictures he took of a sandstorm they had there yesterday

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"They took away Ali Baba and left the 40 thieves"

Firas in the documentary, "Heavy Metal in Baghdad."
Copyright 2007 VBS IPTV, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Homie hats and the Carl's Jr girl

Whenever I visit my dentist I stop at the Carl's Jr nearby for breakfast. A lovely developmentally disabled girl works there every day cleaning and cleaning the place over and over again.

She loves me and tells me so often."Love you," she'll say every time she passes my booth. Kiss, kiss, she air kisses me. A few weeks ago I saw her on the street with her mother and sister and she was happy to see me there too.

Last time I went to the dentist it was cold and my appointment was for 7 am. I wore a chilly-willy hat like the homies wear.

I stopped at Carls' Jr's to see my friend. I did not see her at first. I asked the manager if she was there. He pointed to the other side of the restaurant. I looked at her, but she would not look at me. She would not even come on my side of the restaurant until the manager told her to put napkins in my napkin box. She came to the booth behind me and tapped me on the shoulder and had me pass the box back to her. "Thank you," she said shortly, leaving quickly after filling the box.

I always leave a tip under my tray and she usually can't wait to take it, but the tray sat on the table til after I left.

I told right-wing co-worker about it.

"Of course she didn't like your hat," he said. "She was thinking, "People who wear those hats make fun of me."

Round eyed know-it-alls protest against opening a Panda Express restaurant near the U.C. berkeley campus

The SF Chronicle ran a story about the protest. Ugly white vegetarians are up in arms over the idea that a chain famous for serving delicious "American style" Cantonese food is planning to open a restaurant in Berkeley.

Seemingly unable to understand the concepts they supposedly invented, "hands off my body" and "choice," the protestors claim to be very concerned that students will put unhealthy, bad tasting, inauthentic Chinese fast food into their persons.

Aside from the fact that it is none of their business, ever, what other people eat, they are definitely wrong about American style Chinese food not being delicious. It is. Chicken chow mein, pork fried rice, sweet and sour spare ribs, fried prawns, won ton soup, the usual traditional Chinese-American fare is all yummy.

It's always pathetic when a white person tells Asians what kind of Asian food they are allowed to like. I went to a Chinese restaurant with a Vietnamese friend who works for Kaiser. She brought 2 of her co-workers along, a young Chinese lady and an older white lady.

The white lady had the nerve to tell the Chinese girl she should not order "chicken chow mein" because it is "not real Chinese food."

"I always order chicken chow mein," the Chinese girl told the white lady.

Click the above link to read posts by Asians defending Panda Express.

I got news for the smug faced know-it-all gwai lo food police in Berkeley, a lot of Hispanics love Taco Bell, as well. Why don't you head for Taco Bell and try to snatch a chalupa out of some homie's hand, for the good of his health, and see what happens

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hamas supporter uses homophobic slur at pro Hamas rally

Monday, March 02, 2009

Iroquois Diplomacy on the Early American Frontier

Iroquois diplomacy consisted of making their enemies into "women." Like Governor Schwarzenegger belittled his opponents for being "girly men."

I quote:

"The warriors, which they boasted of, before these foreigners, the white people, crossed the great Lake, where are they now? Why their grandsons are all become mere women!

and this to the Delawares:

"We conquer'd You, we made Women of you, you know you are Women, and can no more sell land than Women."

Good wolves versus bad wolves

PBS's Nature recently aired a program on the wolf packs that have been reintroduced to Yellowstone. It was an intense program, on a par with the program they did about the rivalry between African lions and hyenas.

Wolves are nasty customers. The problem with the show was that the producers decided to make one wolf pack, "the Druids" the good guys and the other pack, "the Slough Creeks," the bad guys. They succeeded.

The Druids were portrayed as somewhat "gentle" and "tolerant" of scavengers and interlopers, making them seem the superior pack. You rooted for them right away.

The photographer filmed amazing footage of the Slough Creek wolves driving off the Druids from their choice hunting grounds. Later, the Slough wolves mercilessly attack a coyote, who makes the mistake of trying to scavenge their kill. Something he was formerly allowed to do, within reason, by the Druids.

The really choice bit of the story is when a black wolf the filmmakers call "Casanova" comes to hang around the periphery of the Druids' territory and one of the teenage wolf bitches, who is clearly enamoured of him, goes against parental wishes to "get with him."

The parallels to human behavior are all too clear in this documentary. One wonders why lefties love wolves so much, when much of wolf behavior consists of the very worst that humans are capable of.

Check out the website.

Obama is doing a fair imitation of Hugo Chavez

except that Chavez has oil to back up his largess. We don't have anything behind the money Obama and co are throwing around.

Money can't buy you luv, Hillary

Obama and Clinton want to spread the wealth/luv to the Palestinians. It's not going to work. She has been trotting all over the place, alternately begging and offering up her belly for savaging. All signs of weakness to the Muslim world.