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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Legion of the almost dead, aka, Suicide Bombing Euthanasia Grannies!

Reading about the Palestinian, suicide bomber granny got Miss C to thinking, always a dangerous thing. Miss C also has a cold and she is cranky and very anti-social when she is sick. Like a wounded animal, she just likes to crawl up underneath the house and die. If you crawl up after her and try to coax her out, you could get bit. She has been known to throw things at the heads of people who approach her in her sick bed. So don't mess with her, Anita.

The left is 100% for Euthanasia. Well, most of the left, except for a few wheelchair bound cripples, who are scared to death of it. He he, scared to death, Miss C made a funny! Scared someone will put pillows over their heads to "put them out of their misery," more like. No one wants to live "like that." It ain't dignified. Dignity is all important to the left. Suicide grannies may crap their drawers upon detonation, but it will be real hard to detect, thus preserving their precious dignity and right to privacy.

Speaking of dignity, yesterday, Miss C was looking at a book about an annual Gay parade on a San Francisco street. Not the Gay Pride parade, but a smaller to do. There were a lot of pics of shirtless gay men in tiny cut offs, with no drawers on underneath. They carried signs demanding "dignity." Miss C is of the mind that there is no dignity to be found in shirtless, tighty whitey-less men, wearing only cut offs on city streets, but that is just her opinion. Anyway, it cast doubt in her mind as to whether anyone on the left can possibly define what "dignity" is.

Any way she digresses. Back to euthanasia. The left is against military recruiters on high school and college campuses. The left especially loves it when the American tax payers are forced to give their tax monies to causes they are not in favor of, like abortion and stem cell research for instance, and now euthanasia.

Even Miss C has to admit that she thinks the average age of Americans dying in Iraq is way too low. Most are under 25. People that young haven't had a chance to live life to the fullest. Senior citizens are another story. They cost billions to keep on life support. By life support I mean Social Security, blood pressure medication, heart medicine, insulin, etc. Not to mention all the bunions and corns they need shaved.

So, here's the idea. We send terminally ill and already dying people to act as suicide bombers in Iraq. Why be a burden when you can be a battalion? Why not go out with a bang, instead of a whimper?

Grannies in Burkas. We can start with Dr Ruth, a former sniper for the Israeli Defense Forces, or was she in the Haganah? Miss C dis remembers and she doesn't feel like looking it up right now. As soon as Dr Ruth shows signs of failing health, it's to Iraq with her. She can break the ice.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

On the News Hour yesterday, Donald Kagan, Yale professor and historian, on whether Iraq is in a state of civil war

"It has been very significantly Sunni against Shia, perhaps in a more cloaked form. The majority of the government is, after all, Shiite, as the majority of the country is.

The Sunnis have been insurgents because they refuse to accept the fact that their minority will no longer be allowed to lord it over the majority. The first job has always been to convince the Sunnis, however we do it, that they must accept the new realities."

Donating to needy families for the holidays

This summer I dated a guy I met at my neighbor's barbeque party. While walking to a movie theater in Berkeley, we were constantly hit up for money by bums. So we talked about giving to the poor. Every year I go to the post office and pick out a child's letter to Santa and try to give the child something he/she asks for. Last year I picked a teen girl, who wanted a Gap or Footlocker gift card and "some pies."

This year I think I will give gift cards to people I know, Jamel's mom, for instance and a girl I work with, who is a foster mom to her nephew.

Anyway, I was talking to this guy I dated and he told me that his corporation sponsers a poor family every year. They take them food and presents. The year before last, they went to the family's house to bring them a Merry Christmas. He said that when they got there, they were shocked to see that the family consisted of hugely obese people. Afterwards they began to discuss amongst themselves the fact that the family could really not be considered poor if they ate that much. So they decided not to sponsor them the following year.

They picked another family, but the obese family showed up at the company headquarters, demanding to know when they would be receiving their goodies!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Zontar the Good thinks that college students should not be allowed to think for themselves

In a comment on Aurora blog, Zontar let it be known that he does not approve of military recruiters on high school nor college campuses. I asked him why he thinks college students should not be allowed to make the decision whether to go into the military, on their own without any help, or hindrance, from him. He has not, as yet, answered the question.

College students now span many ages and many income levels. College students work, vote, drive, choose majors in order to facilitate their future careers, etc. Obviously they do a lot of thinking for themselves.

Of course I know the real reason leftists object to giving people freedom to choose their own life paths. The left does not want people given the choice to do something the left disapproves of. Much like Islamic fundamentalists, the left believes people should be protected from difficult decisions. The left wants to make people's decisions for them. The left knows best.

The left seems to forget that there was once an entire class of people, nearly half the population, who were protected and exempt, from military combat. Women. The left ended that practice, long ago. Now, American women are being killed in combat. Do you hear the left saying that women should go back to being a protected class again?

It seems as if the only people the left wants to serve in the military are the children of the well off and non college attending gays. So the next generation must "pay" for the success and hard work of their parents, while the children of people who don't work and live off government largess should be given a free pass. It's the old anti Darwinism of the left in action yet again.

The real insurgency is in France!

Where is Kofi Annan? Send in the UN troops. No wait, let's not. I can't wait for the French Police to stage the huge strike les citoyens deserve. While the police strike, the "yutes" can have the run of the place. Fun for everyone!

The left has seen the enemy and it is corn!

Forget for a minute the genetically engineered variety, which the left is terrified of. The left also fears beyond reason the toxic, high fructose corn syrup. The day after Thanksgiving, NPR listeners were treated to a cadre of "nutritional experts" who are universally obsessed with corn. American bodies are made up of corn, don't ya know. The Mexicans think that they are the "People of the corn" but they are not. North Americans are!

Corn is the epitome of all that is evil and Americans, being made up of corn, are evil too. Corn is de Debil! They want it declared illegal. They want it banned from our diet. They stay awake all night worried that somewhere, somewhere in America a child is partaking of the dreaded corn. God forbid that anyone should enjoy their food in the land of plenty. One must feel guilty. One must pay penance to the church of liberalism, which clearly states that no one ever should buy their child a Happy Meal.

PBS is running a public interest commercial that shows a family feeding their kid donuts and cookies, all day. The continuing refrain of this commercial is "It's just a donut!" But of course the moral of the story is, it isn't just a donut, its heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The left never would think of running a commercial suggesting that gay men's sexual habits are dangerous to their health. That would be interfering in people's personal business. But they sure do want to tell people how to feed their kids.

That PBS thinks anyone who feeds their children nothing but donuts and cookies all day is a watcher of PBS is laughable. The New Age missionaries are intent on spreading their puritanism across the globe. They know what's best for everyone else and they never tire of inventing faux catastrophes while ignoring the real dangers around them. They are not rational. The whole idea of personal responsibilty escapes them.

According to the left, the government is always responsible for the behavior of individual citizens. If citizens make bad decisions, it can be corrected only by government intervention. The corporations force us to eat packaged food. Their advertising brainwashes "stupid" average Americans into buying food that will eventually "kill" them. Government subsidies to corn farmers "force" people to eat Oreos and Hostess cupcakes made with high fructose corn syrup. So the government must "force" Americans to wean themslves from the corn syrup tit. It's all about the left getting our minds right.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

San Francisco's "gay" Castro district is becoming very conservative

Here is a letter to the editor of a San Francisco newspaper complaining of the thug presence at the annual Castro Halloween street party. Note that when average white residents of neighborhoods complain of such things, they are considered racists. Even suggesting that graffiti is not art and a legitimate political expression of the oppressed peoples is considered sacrilegious. Gays are allowed to complain with impunity. Many of the gay residents of the Castro are demanding more of a police presence. How conservative they are. Others have to put up with this behavior from youths in their own neighborhoods on a daily basis. The gays can't stand it for one night a year? I am sure that the Castro party makes people in the Hunter's Point area very happy as they have a thug free evening one night a year. I think it's ironic that the letter wirter uses the word "spooked."

San Francisco
"Editor -- When I ventured to my annual migration in the Castro this year, I did not expect to get spooked. Thursday night was completely out of control. There was a large presence of young kids who were shoving, yelling homophobic slurs, spraying graffiti and, to sound Californian, "giving the Castro a bad vibe." It is sad that the usually happy and joyous holiday in the Castro turned so ugly."

Check out the animated Mary Jane on the Oaksterdam News, Cannabis Club website

500 dirhams and a goat!

I went to see the movie, Babel, with my friend yesterday. At the beginning of the movie a Moroccan goat herder buys a rifle in exchange for 500 dirhams and one goat.

We were watching this very intense, emotional movie and behind us someone was munching and crunching and smacking and gobbling and rustling about.

My friend leaned over and whispered into my ear, "I think that billy goat the guy traded him is sitting right behind you." We both started laughing uncontrollably.

Giving aid and comfort to the enemy

The day after Thanksgiving I helped my neighbor pick out an outfit to wear to court. She is facing charges of disorderly conduct for an anti-war protest she engaged in in Washington state. She and a few others went to a weapons depot and blocked the gate. She said that the protesters and the cops knew each other and that it was a very civilized protest and that the cops were very gentle and kind, declining to arrest her 82 year old mother.

She is hoping to get community service. She thinks that the charge may be thrown out of court, as the gate they were blocking was actually locked and not open to traffic so they really weren't preventing anything from happening.

She was trying to pick out an outfit that made her look grandmotherly, so her partner and I critiqued her outfits for her and suggested ways for her to wear her hair.

Miss C will now take a side in Iraq!

Here I go. It the battle for cosmic fairness, which the left is highly enamoured of, the next generation that rules Iraq, should be the Shiites. The Sunni ran Iraq like the Whites ran South Africa, by tyranny, torture and minority rule. It was all the perks and rights for them and murder and poverty for everyone else.

Any historian will tell you that a civil war will end only when there is a clear victor and a clear loser. If we do not want to take sides we should let the Shia militias protect and defend their people. The media is clearly disturbed by Muqtada al Sadr's power and influence. The media are elitists and have shown themselves to be the champions of Saddam Hussein and the Baathists. They openly think the Sunnis to be more civilized than the Shia. It shows in the delicate way they treat and report on the so called "Sunni insurgency" and the nasty way they report on the Shia militias. The Sunni are not engaged in an insurgency, they are engaged in murderous, heinous activities bordering on genocide.

We would be out of Iraq as of now, if the Sunni's had been relieved of their weapons and forced to accept the fact that their reign was over. The Shiite militias have been formed in response to the terror being perpetrated by former Baathists, who are rightly worried that they are going to get their comeuppance for the evil atrocities they have perpetrated over the years. A democracy will still favor the educated elite, which the Sunnis are. The Sunnis are not satisfied with this and seem content to cause as much chaos as possible in order to stop the actual implementation of the new status quo.

Iran is helping its sectarian brothers and sisters and that is only to be expected in the highly politicised and fiercely sectarian Middle East. The Sunnis have proven time and again their willingness to kill Shiites. The media and pundits are awash with people who seem to think the Sunnis didn't get a fair shake after the war. Apparently the US was supposed to trust some of the Sunnis and put them in charge yet again as they had the training and wherewithal to enforce the law. Well, they had been doing so for over 30 years, much to the detriment of the health and welfare of the Shia and the Kurdish population.

Now, we have the Kurds publicly saying that they don't think the Shia can run the government. Everyone wants to disband the Shia militias. The Shia militias seem to be the only force standing between the genocide being perpetrated against their people by the Sunni and their evil henchmen, the suicide bombing, Saudi death squads. Until the Shia feel safe from persecution, they will find militias to be in their best interest. I am tired of the west paying lip service to the Sunnis. No one kissed the ass of the White minority after they lost rule in South Africa. America needs to take a side in this war. They need to annihilate the areas of "Sunni insurgency." They need to decisively defeat the "insurgency" with a massive bombing campaign.

Friday, November 24, 2006

America is to blame for the Jewish Holocaust as well!

There was a story on the news about the Jewish Holocaust Museum's attempt to throw attention on the genocide happening in the Sudan. When interviewed, the museum director said she felt it was important to highlight the events taking place in Darfur because, "the Jewish Holocaust happened because the United States did not want to become involved!"

That's some Holocaust revisionism for you right there! Holocaust 101, in a nutshell. The Holocaust was the Americans' fault. We are to blame for everything. Everything under the sun. Whether by our actions or our inaction, look no further to find the culprits. It was not the Germans, it was the Americans!

The left's love of "Mom and Pop" stores

Leftists love small business. The prefer to shop at little boutiques in cool areas of town than frequent "big box" stores, like Target. They hate Starbuck's and prefer small coffee houses, despite the fact that small business owners are not unionised, rarely provide health care for their employees and can't afford to pay much higher than minimum wage.

Small business owners often hire illegal workers, pay them less than the minimum wage and make them work hours and hours of overtime without proper compensation. Small business owners are notorious for cheating on their taxes.

Corporations on the other hand, often provide full health coverage. Have great retirement benefits, sick leave, vacation, limited work hours, etc. Corporations pay much higher than minimum wage and are usually unionized.

The left seems to simultaneously want to eliminate all corporations, while taxing the shit out of them. Flip flopping as usual.

Joshua Landes, another total freak to add to the "Arabist" Middle Eastern Studies creep club!

I saw Mr Landes for the first time on the News Hour, having the nerve to debate and disagree with Hisham Melham about the situation in Lebanon. Hisham's opinion is that Syria and Iran want to turn Lebanon into a Tehran by the Mediterranean. Hisham's opinion is backed up by the actual murders of his journalist colleagues and his experience living in Lebanon. Joshua Landes' opinion is backed up by the fact he is married to a hot Arab chick and his son's middle name is Shaaban. Oh I forgot, living in Oklahoma has no doubt given him extensive experience in Middle Eastern affairs.

Joshua Landes has a stutter. He grimaces and shows all the tendons in his neck a full 10 seconds before he can spit out one forced word. Yuck, he is a freakaziod the likes of Juan Cole and Stephen Zunes, Its no wonder these guys hate their own culture, they probably were beaten up a lot and rejected by girls. So what to do, become enamored of a male dominated culture where no girls would dare to make fun of your twitches or stuttering.

Actually someone with Tourette's would never get on TV in a Muslim culture. My Palestinian friend's mother has a friend with a daughter who has cerebral palsy. When they come to visit, they put the girl in a dark room, alone so her noises don't disturb them. My friend got very upset one time and told them that they couldn't do such a thing, that it wasn't right. His mother started yelling at him not to insult her friends. They don't have much sympathy or understanding for the handicapped in Muslim countries. They think it's a curse from Allah. Landes and Zunes would be kept from irritating us with their grunting and spasming if we lived in an islamic country. As for Juan Cole, the Taliban would shoot his ass for not being able to grow a decent beard.

It's also ridiculous that both Stephen Zunes and Joshua Landes are members of "Peace Study" groups. They are both enamored of a culture that is as warlike and militaristic as it is possible to be. They are devoted to a culture that has turned down the chance for peace at every opportunity. The average Arab Joe can whip up a bomb, lynch a contractor or assassinate a politician at the drop of a hat. it seems to me that the left is in fact forcing its peace loving values on an unwilling Muslim populace.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Latino gang members get life in prison for targeting blacks for extermination and terror in Los Angeles

I had read about the case of Latinos targeting blacks in an LA neighborhood months ago. They had killed a Black man "just for fun" and engaged in terror and intimidation to try to drive Blacks out of the neighborhood. Since this was minority on minority violence it was kept quiet by the media. The trial has been going on with nary a word written about it by the MSM.

The Latino gang members were tried by an old law used to combat the KKK. The trial and sentences are very important and should have been broadcast widely. It's another case of whitewashing by the media, which goes out of its way to make it look as if "people of color" are never violent. The media's tendency to engage in self censorship every time a minority commits a crime is getting to be ridiculous. The media is presenting the world one way and the American people know it is the opposite.

People are "tortured by music" in the ghettos of America, Britain and Europe every day, but Human Rights Watch does not care!

In an article for The New Statesman, a liberal fool, and Brit, by the name of Clive Stafford Smith writes
"What do the tunes of Eminem, Aerosmith, Tupac Shakur and meat Loaf have in common? Answer:they have all been used to torture people."

Of course, the sychophantic Mr Smith is speaking of Guantanamo detainees, of whom he is a representative.

Well, I put it to Mr Smith that people in the ghettos of America, Britain and Europe are tortured by music on a daily, even hourly basis. Hard working people can hardly drag themselves out of bed in the mornings after being tortured all night by the throbbing bass coming from the speakers belonging to selfish, welfare collecting and drug dealing idiots who do not have to worry about getting up in the morning to go to work.

My mother lived in such a state. When I would visit her in her apartment using the toilet was like receiving a pulsing massage, as the beat would move through your buttocks and on up your spine to the base of your skull. Her entire apartment building was aboom with boom box beat, 24/7.

My mom had 2 young neighbors who complained of not being able to sleep do to the loud music played outside on the street all night by young men who did not go to school. The 2 girls although very young, were wise in nature. The girls' mother took care of an old lady and cooked meals for her. The girls complained of her laziness when she was home. When I expressed the thought that perhaps their mother was tired from caring for the woman, one of the girls said, "She don't do nuthin' but sit up in there watchin' soap operas all day!"

Aren't Bill and Hillary hypocrites to stay married when

they haven't boinked in years! They don't live together. It's obvious they stay married strictly for political purposes. She may even be gay and married Bill to hide her sexual preference in order to further her political career. Hypocrites thy names are Clinton.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

El Diablo gets to the bottom of a container of refried beans! Upon reflection, a bad idea!

Pretty car parked under pretty tree!

Dog lover and not so dog lover!

Art on table!

Pretty Tree!

Kissing cousins!

Miss C's cottage is a little smaller than these

Monday, November 20, 2006

Speaking of looking washed out.

When I was a belly dancer I danced with 2 women that called themselves Leila. We had blond Leila and dark Leila. Blond Leila was from Southern Illinois. Emphasis on the "Southern." She died her hair red later on and looked a lot like Jessica Rabbit. It was incredibly cool to go anywhere with her as all eyes would turn to her anytime we entered a room. She was a really terrible dancer though, no rhythm at all. Anyway I was dancing on the same night with her and I wasn't feeling well. I thought I looked pale. So I said, "I hope I don't look too white under stage lights." Blond Leila said proudly, "Why Hunny, we are white!!

I'm like, really old!

I shop a lot at a corner grocery store. The owners bought it from Ahmed, aka Sammy, aka Gino, a Yemini who had to go back to Yemen to take care of his sick mama. Ahmed is married to a Black American Muslim woman. Ahmed was very gentlemanly with me, but he was a lust crazed pig with the high school girls that used to shop at his store. I walked in a few times on him in action. He didn't think much of our teen girls I can tell you that, but he was great with me, always making his young nephew help me with my groceries and telling me that if I didn't have enough money to just take what needed.

Anyway, he sold the place to a couple from South India. The guy is nosy as all get out and asks probing questions about my life. His wife is super sweet and moves like a little bird, very quick and graceful and she has a way of tilting her head when she speaks, she is charming. I make cruel jokes about them to my friends as the wife has one severely crossed eye and the husband has a lazy eye that pulls to one side. I always wonder if they met at the eye clinic. I know, I know, I am mean.

The wife gets Indian spices for me so I can cook Indian dishes. The husband got upset because I stopped shopping there for a while because he was charging me too much to use my ATM card. His wife didn't charge me, but he is a bit more of a cutthroat businessman. He always ask me, "And what else? every time I buy 1 or 2 things only. So after I told him why I didn't want to shop there, unless I had cash, he told me I was a good customer and he would no longer charge me. Now he always gets upset if I use cash, as he thinks it's on account of him. He lost face.

They have a beautiful daughter who is getting ready to head off to college. Both her eyes face forward. The couple have devoted their lives to this girl and she is a good kid. I know that the couple have been defrauded by business partners twice and are in some debt. They face a lot of abuse from the Blacks over the prices they charge for items, most of which they buy at Costco and resell at the store at higher prices. The thing is, they are not getting rich off this practice at all. The daughter wants to leave this area for college. She is thinking of Chicago.

Yesterday I walked into the store and the girl was in the middle of describing a car accident her high school friend had had. It sounded awful. I told her and her mom that I didn't drive and thought it was too late to learn at my age. The daughter piped, "My Mom didn't learn til she was, like, 30 and she's like, really old now!" So I said, "Well, I'm 44." The mom said, "Same like me!"

Secretary of defense!

More houses!

Green papaya salad with shrimp, from Tran's

I live in a city of exquisite beauty!

Going bad, quietly!

I am not at all sure what this graffiti means, but I thought it was cool, so I took a pic.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The majority of suicide bombers in Iraq are Saudis.

It is interesting that the Iraqi insurgents themselves prefer to live.

Bourbon and 7up

While I was in line at the drug store this old guy in front of me was buying a 12 pack of 7up. He asked the clerk, a young man, "Did your father had ever tell you that 7up is so bad you have to cut it with bourbon to drink it?" The clerk and I started laughing and the young man said, "My dad is not a bourbon man." Then the old guy said, "Well the other day I had some coke that was so bad I had to cut it with gin." As the old guy left, the clerk said, "Enjoy your bourbon, Sir, I hope it's a good year."

Iraq homocide bomber lured men desperate for jobs to his minivan and murdered them!

How Satanic can you get! Filthy beasts!

There is nothing hypocritical in not supporting gay marriage while enjoying sex with gay male prostitutes!

I am so through with these gay commentators bitching about the hypocrisy of gay politicians who do not support gay marriage. These guys are not getting massages because they can't marry some other guy. Marriage is about companionship and the nurturing of children. No one is stopping gays from being friends with members of the same sex. Getting a massage from a gay prostitute is about getting your rocks off. You don't do it because you can't get married. Most clients of massage parlors are probably already married. The 2 have nothing what-so-ever to do with each other. The gay congressman probably loves his wife, but is sexually aroused by men. Maybe the closeted gay congressmen are less hypocritical than the gays getting married. The gay guys getting married pretend its about love when its really about sex. You may not know this about me, but I support lesbian marriage. Marriage is really for women and children. Men marrying each other is ridiculous. Men have enough power already without pooling resources.

El Dia de los Muertos altar and fish tacos!

I went to get fish tacos from the taqueria today and the owner said, "You used to always get the chile verde tacos." I said, "Yes, but now I have seen the light and come a few times a week for the fish tacos!"

Condoleeza can kiss cheeks!

My Palestinian hairdresser was complaining that Condoleeza rice had developed the habit of cheek kissing that is particular to Arab men. I told her that Condoleeza was a man by proxy and had the right to do it, as she had by her position, unparalled in the Arab world, taken on the role of a male in middle eastern eyes.

Miss C's new do!

I went to get my hairs cut. My co-worker had ratted me out to my Palestinian/conspiracy theorist/hairdresser. He went and told her I had a right wing blog, unbeknownst to me. I am on vacation right now but when I get back to work he's gonna pay. She could have taken revenge in the worst possible way. She did me right though. I think I look like Tina Fey from SNL, but not as hot.

My hairdresser was cutting another woman's hair when I first got there. They argued the whole time. At one point they were talking about where they eat breakfast. The customer said, "Mama's cafe." My hairdresser asks "Where's that?" The woman tells her. My hairdresser says "It's called Royal's cafe now." They argue some more. I am deeply immersed in Reason Magazine's article on women who falsely accuse their ex's of child abuse, so I ignore them for a few minutes. Finally I can't take it anymore, I say, "It's called, Mama's Royal cafe. You're both right and you are both wrong!" I told them that I am good at working with the handicapped because I always know what they mean and can finish their sentences for them. They both glared and me and said, "Thanks a lot!"

Then they sent this guy out to put money in the customer's meter and they started arguing again, over where the woman's car was parked. I would have thought the customer would know where her own car was parked but she did not. She ended up betting my hairdresser 50 cents that it wasn't where my hairdresser thought it was. She lost.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Why doesn't the left support the Islamic dissidents?

I guess for the same reason they did not want to believe the Chinese and Soviet dissidents. It exposes their bankrupt ideology. That would mean Bush is right about the Islamists, and the left is wrong about Bush. The left is too deeply invested in their own hatred of America. When moderate Muslims look to America as a model, it confuses and frightens the left.

The left has never been reasonable in its own hatreds. Many leftists hate people who are against abortion. To despise people who believe that killing babies is wrong, is not only illogical, it is pathologically insane. Much of what the left believes is verifiably untrue. When you see lesbian protesters in San Francisco, with signs claiming that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are wars against people of color and you know they would be executed in either country, you have to realize these people are not playing with a full deck. They can only use the brains they've got.

Watch out pot heads!

When the Caliphate takes over, you can kiss your medical marijuana goodbye. The Somalis banning of khat is just the beginning. You'd better drive by the speed limit too!

Vladimir Klitschko

After the boxing match between Klitschko and Brock, boxing announcer, Larry Merchant told a story about Vladimir. While Vladimir was living in the Ukraine someone gave him a bottle of Coca Cola. He opened the lid and just smelled it. "That's American air!" he said.

My refrigerator, I love Bettie Page

I always wanted rodeo queen cowgirl boots but they'd buy me the brown roughouts, so now I got me some white ones!

Long Claws Van Damme

Mermaid and cowrie shell collection

I collected many of the shells myself while diving. They were live when I took them. I am a great killer of shells. If I'd seen a real mermaid I'd a snatched her too. She'd be all taxidermied.

Lemongrass pork chops from Tran's, yum, yum!

Yippee!!! Silicone breast implants now widely available!

Those psycho, mentally ill bitches who claimed they had all those fake diseases and shit from silicone implants ruined it for women who wanted attractive implants. Instead, the poor things had to settle for slushy, wrinkly water bags. Now women can get realistic looking implants. I think we should declare it some kind of holiday. Freedom From Lunatic Leftists and Their Fake Diseases Day!

Paul Lyon's comment on Miss C's blog from December "05

There once was a tiger named Tigeroo
The hungriest tiger in the zoo,
All day he liked to eat
Not cake, not cookies, but only meat.
The keeper said, "Now Tigeroo,
You eat too much, you know you do,
If you eat anymore, and you get sick,I
'll call the tiger-doctor quick.''
"I'll eat all I like'', said Tigeroo,`
"I'm the hungriest tiger in the zoo,
You tell that doctor, I said Pooh!
If he comes in my cage, I'll eat him too.''

The leftists never cut Miss C any slack for being from the ghetto, because she's white

It's that old double standard. Miss C's been under left wing attack again. Some leftist blogger linked her for the second time. He accuses her of being, "Nutz!" So tell us something we didn't know. This leftist is actually not too horrible. if you remeber Miss C was attacked last year by gay British bloggers. They were vicious and made many personal remarks insulting Miss C's spelling, grammar, lack of paragraphs, what have you. She read the first blog attack and chooses not to read them any more, no matter how often she is linked. She does not care what leftists say, they are not wise, and what little they think they know of the world is theoretical and gained from reading philosophy books.

Very few lefties will address Miss C by commenting on her blog. The ones that do are unable to argue any point Miss C makes. Miss C has noticed that the lefties are very full of pity for Blacks and Hispanics from the inner city, but totally short of compassion for Miss C. Growing up on Welfare with drug addicted, alcoholic parents does not earn you any pity if you are white. That could be because Miss C does not play the victim. She has been reasonably successful, is comfortable and survives on her small income. Her lifestyle points out the fallacies the leftists perpetrate. The left would have you think that you can not become a gainfully employed, productive citizen if you are from the ghetto, unless you let white liberal do gooders help you. Miss C gets less pity than Tookie Wiiliams who shot a whole Asian family to death and called them "Buddha heads!" But Miss C is evil because she is guilty of thought crimes.

Miss C also feels sure that the leftists would not dare to correct the grammer, spelling, or punctuation of a Black blogger. Miss C had a ghetto education and yet she is somehow to blame for her own lack of correct grammar. It's true, when she gets mad, she sounds Black. Oh here, my leftist readers, is some punctuation for you,,,,,,.......!!!!!???""""""'::::::::;;;;;;;;-------,,,,,,,,,,,,''' Sprinkle them at will.

NYT's reporter, John Burn's, says that anyone in Iraq who comes into contact with US troops receives a good impression of them!

He said that the US is doing much rebuilding of schools and infrastructure. Shocking to hear a journalist from Britain saying nice things about us.

An Arab media consultant thinks America might not carry Al-Jazeera's English station due to "political reasons"

He should be used to that. Let him name one Muslim country with real freedom of the press. He actually mentioned that Al-Jazeera shows the dead bodies of Iraqis and that Americans are responsible for them. Not once did he mention the thousands more corpses the Muslims are responsible for making in Iraq and Darfur and Indonesia. The Iraq conflict is a minor blip compared to what is going on in Darfur, yet Al-Jazeera pays scant attention to showing the horrific atrocites committed by Muslims accross the world.

Any loss of American life seems unacceptable to the American people.

My friend and I were talking the other day. He is Palestinian-American, ex navy. He has a lot of friends that are in the reserves and serving in Iraq. He tells me that the reservists are having a rough time. I am thinking, Iraq's full of, woman and child murdering, headhunting, demon worshipping, zombie freaks. Does he think the reservists joined the reserves for a fucking vacation in Baghdad?

Actually, the reenlistment rates are very high, with some guys reenlisting 4 times. The death rate of American troops has never been as low as it is in this conflict. Our troops need the practice they are getting in Iraq. We need experienced soldiers. Someone needs to keep the US in fighting trim. Since according to the left the whole world hates us.

Miss Carnivorous' friend went to the San Diego Zoo and got lots of pics of cute little critters!

Being eaten!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sea lion goes on attack!

Brain damage from toxic algae? Guarding his harem? Closer. On the other flipper, maybe he just has a bad nature, like Miss C.

Aryan Nation and Cindy Sheehan on the love train, get on board!

Check out the messages from the Iraqi resistance posted on the Aryan Nation website. They sound like Cindy Sheehan. Here is a nice column on the wonderful cooperative relationship the Nazis have with the jihadists. Nazis have great respect for Islam, and so does the left. I guess they are all socialists. Birds of a feather flock together. There's actually a Turkish Nazi party. They've got a banner with the swastika substituting for the S in ISLAM. Sly pusses!

Since Mohammad Bin-Badir Al Deen Alhusseini left Alheejaz to fight the holy war against the Crusaders. Which Husseini family lost many men during the battles but in the end recaptured Jerusalem under the leadership of Saladin. The Alhusseini family was rewarded by a royal decree from Saladin and given the Alhusseini family.
There is much information on the respect and cooperation that Adolf Hitler and others of the Third Reich had for Islam. This would be a good read for all those that claim to be National Socialists and suggest that which Aryan Nations is striving toward is something new and invented by the National Director. If one claims to love the Furher then one should not question his methods. ~ Check out the Royal Families website by clicking on their family crest on the upper left.

More proof that the left and the white nationalist/racist parties have the very same ideology!

Here is a frightening letter linked from the Aryan Nation website. It calls for the assassination of the signers of the McCain/Feingold bill. George Bush included. It mentions the killing of innocent Iraqis in detail citing the over 600,000 body count(which I do not dispute). The left does not realize the similarities between themselves and the racist organizations.

Miss C wants these boots!!!!

She wants these boots real bad! They will go with Miss C's crocodilian hide and nature.

Come on my rightwing peeps, lets insurge!

We have to work out this plan. Throw me some ideas please. I am sharpening my blade. Although truthfully, my tongue is sharp enough to do the job.

Liberal Larry says,

We should try the terrorists from other countries by US Constitutional law, but try war criminal Donald Rumsfeld by German law. Of course our Constitution does not apply to people who are actually born here. Tee hee, funny stuff. Larry's got the lefties down. Read it and laugh! Those lefties never can see the contrariness of their ideology. Its so Micky Mouse. They cut and paste at will. Switch it up, mix it all around. Let's hope their heads are facing forward when they're finished flip flopping.

On the minimum wage

When I started working at the library 20 years ago I was paid $7.43 an hour. At 37.50 hours per week I made $14,000 per year. I paid no taxes and that was a good thing, but apartments rented for half what they do now and the cost of living was a lot lower in general. I even qualified for assistance with my phone bill, it was called Universal Lifeline. Again, that was 20 years ago. How anyone in this day and age can survive on $7.50 an hour is beyond me. I am sure you have guessed that I am for raising the minimum wage by now. You'd be right! I gotta go with my girl, Nancy Pelosi on this one.

People are still scared of spinach!

Yesterday my co-worker, who is retiring as a librarian to pursue a career as an accordian player in a cajun band, took me to the museum for coffee. He gave me a box of See's chocolates, the creams, which are my very favorites. He also gave me a card, thanking me for being a good friend, colleague and confidante for 20 years, "(despite our occasional political differences)......" As we waited in line at the museum cafe, I looked at the trays of beautiful and delicious salads always displayed under glass. It was near closing time and two of the three salads were almost gone. The third however, a gorgeous spinach salad, lay heaped upon the platter, entirely untouched.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dreadlocks congo bongo, I

My co-worker just called me outside to take a gander at one of our city denizens sitting on the wall outside. I saw it. As we returned to our desks he asked me, truly puzzled, if what we had just seen was very dirty and tangled dreadlocks or if there was a hat involved in the hair style as well. I told him it was strictly dreadlocks, no hat. "But they are nasty dreadlocks, not natty dreadlocks," I said.

Miss C is afraid of no man!

Miss C's Dad was a mean motherfucker. He always told Miss C not to be afraid of anything or anyone. He said, "They can only hurt, or kill you." In my office there is a girl that is the distributor of supplies. We call her the purser. In the old timey days, the ships purser would buy supplies for a long journey. At the end of the journey, the purser would sell the leftover supplies. So it was in his best interest to distribute supplies sparingly. Our girl Friday distributes supplies as if she were a ship's purser. Like my old boss said, "I'd rather shit in my hands and rub it in my hair than ask that woman for supplies." Well, I second that remark. I'd rather wipe my runny nose on my sleeve or use those brown sandpaper towels, the City buys in such abundance, to catch the drips. Getting a box of Kleenex from the purser is like pulling an elephant's tusk with your bare hands. It's near impossible and downright dangerous. She makes you pay dearly for anything you ask for. Sometimes it's not worth it. The other day, I remarked, in the purser's hearing, that I was running short of Kleenex but had heard her giving 2 other co-workers the third degree over Kleenex the day before. I said, to the general occupants of the room, that I was afraid for my life and wasn't sure if it was worth it. Maybe I should bring my own Kleenex, I pondered aloud. Girl Friday took offense. I went to lunch and when I returned I heard her talking to another co-worker about my comment. I overheard the co-worker say to the purser, "(Miss C's given name, ) is afraid of no man, or woman. She is not even afraid of the Devil himself! Don't believe her!"

Iraqis are committing Genocide

On the News Hour yesterday an Iraqi said that many Iraqis are changing their last names so as not to be identifiable by their religious sect. He said that they get rid of their IDs so they do not have to show them at, possibly fake, check points, for fear of being kidnapped and murdered. When people are specifically being targeted, terrorized and slaughtered by the hundreds, day after day, solely because of their ethnic or religious affiliations, it is genocide. It is what Hitler did to the Jews.

Mass murder is what Saddam Hussein practiced. He had a few incidences, where he killed hundreds of people, but he did not continually murder Kurds or Shia's. He murdered them in response to an assassination attempt or in revenge for an uprising. What is going on now is entirely different. That they are targeting only the men is another give away. After all the men of the other sect are anihilated the women will be up for grabs. Shades of Slobodan Milosevic.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Forced Arabization of Kurdish lands in Iraq

Click on the link for interesting information on the the ethnic cleansing that went on in Iraq in the 1970's on. Israelis ain't the only ones handy with bulldozers. Of course the Arabs will deny they are guilty of such. They are pure and good and only America and Israel are capable of evil. I once mentioned to an Algerian that his people (the Berbers) were very guilty of raiding Black Africa for slaves. He flipped out and denied that his people had ever done such a thing. Nor will they admit to committing genocide in Iraq right now. Although, they surely are.

Palestinians are to blame for their own suffering.

The Palestinians are responsible for the deaths of their civilians. They know that Israel is stronger and has much better weapons. They are like a dumb kid that torments a lion in a cage. The kid keeps poking the lion with a stick. One day the kid gets too close to the cage and the lion hooks a claw into a sleeve and pulls the kid up to his cage and bites his head off.

The Palestinians know that the US is Israel's ally. They know that the US is the most powerful country on earth. They also know that Israel for the most part tries to avoid killing civilians. Once in a while an Israeli rocket goes off target and kills a few women and children. Oops. For the most part, the Palestinians get away with baiting Israel mercilessly. They like to stir shit and get world attention. If they get blown up once in a blue moon, oh well, he that lives by the bomb, dies by the bomb. Why should I feel sorry for people who call for my death?

It's a puzzlement to me that the Palestinians even think that Americans would feel sympathy for them. Seeing the Palestinians dancing in the streets to celebrate 9/11 has precluded me from ever having to feel pity for them. They seem to enjoy killing and going to funerals too much anyway. Why deprive them of their fun. They are always trotting bodies out and waving them around like someone in a Monty Python movie. Some lunatic will run all over the place, carrying some kid's corpse, grinning like a possum eating a sweet potato, trying to appear as if he cares, when really the child is only a propaganda tool. They appear to be ecstatic in their rage. Besides, I am never sure if the deaths they claim are real, they lie and fake evidence all the time.

I will tell you true, I am pulling out all the stops here. It's gotten really bad when I can no longer feel sad at the deaths of children. If they want the killing to stop they should negotiate for peace, give up their right to return and act like civilized human beings are capable of. If they don't want to do that they can expect more civilians to be killed. Like I have said many times, if Allah is on the side of the Arabs, I'd hate to see the suffering he would visit upon them if he wasn't.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Devil Dog getting fratty!

He likes to tip back his head and dump the food out of his Kong Toy, like a frat boy chugging beer!

Secession is the only answer!

I am ready to secede from this Union. The ironing out of the areas of secession will take some time, but I am thinking hard on it. Will it be North/South, East/West? A wrap around kind of do hickey? I dunno. We have to work it out so we get the good parts, you know? I like my state an awful lot and want to retain a great deal of it. There are a lot of icky states, and most of them are kind of Conservative. It's a problem.

Anyway, I have gone over to the leftist practice of discrimination against those of a different political persuasion. A beloved co-worker is retiring and few of us are taking him to lunch. I have put the plan into action and I have deliberately not invited the leftist retard I had words with on Halloween. The retiree has said it's OK with him if I don't invite this guy. It will look strange though, when we all leave for lunch at once without the leftist. I am sure someone will let him know about it and that I don't like him is already pretty clear. He hasn't worked at the library for very long and although he knows the guy who's retiring, he really isn't important to the going away party. Oh well, I have always believed in freedom of association.

Is this wrong? Am I being too much like them? I just don't wish to break bread with someone who says things like, "What's the big deal with Anne Frank? I don't know who she is." but has read Tookie Williams children's books.

Our differences have become insurmountable and I am ready to become an insurgent. After all the left thinks its OK for insurgents in Iraq to kill people who don't agree with their politics. If we did as the Iraqis do, we would just begin to slaughter the Democrats by the thousands. Kidnapping their relatives should be fine with the Democrats and a good way to achieve political results as well. Threats of violence always work with pacifists. They are submissive and just roll over and show their bellies. Look at Spain. I do not think the French would come to save the Democrats.

Either we will have a two state solution or we will have to take the power back by military coup. Secession will give us each a chance to prove the validity of our ideologies. The right will have the military and nearly every major business except for the Body Shop, natural clothing stores and a few health food stores. Sperm banks will abound in the land of the left. They can use all their aborted fetuses for stem cell research. They can eat placenta cuz it's unkilled meat. We can use animals and eat them too. Both the left and the right will have tattoo parlors, ours will be for the guys, theirs for the girls. We'll have the big box stores and the left will shop primarily at high priced boutiques and mom and pop shops. How they will unionize the mom and pops is their problem. The left will have the movie industry. They can share all their food communally and enjoy gay marriage and state funded transsexual surgery. In fact the only people that will marry in Lefty land will be gays.

They can conserve energy, drive only hybrid cars and take public transit. They will have to find their own fuel. We will make them beg for pharmaceuticals, because they really hate big pharma. I will be curious to see what their crime rate will be. They are so forgiving of crime. Maybe since they are going to share the wealth, everyone will be like happy Cubans. No crime, no poverty, no sadness. We can teach kids the White Devil's history and the basics, and the left can teach their kids "tolerance and social responsibility."

The left's territories will be very European. Ours will be pretty much the same as it is now. We will attract all the self sufficient people and the left will attract those who prefer the easy life. It will be interesting to see which way the immigration flows. I bet the left starts screaming blue murder when all the lazy losers immigrate to their country and demand their share of the pie.

My glasses collection

I live in a very metropoliton area. I have very left wing taste in glasses. Of course the lefties in Berkeley stole all their cool clothes and glasses frames from the squares in other eras. It's cool to listen to the pop idols of the 1950's, but not cool to listen to Justin Timberlake now. I could care about cool. I am so uncool, but I do like a nice pair of cat's eye glasses.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

What ever makes him so smart, also makes him crazy!

I guess it's his job to solicit food from the Alpha leader of his pack all day, every day. But I wish he loved me for myself alone. This post is a double insult to Islamists, portraying both an unclean dog and the bottom of a shoe!

Curing HIV is easy!

While watching a Belgian movie, Calvaire (The Ordeal, an insane, Deliverance type horror movie) I was treated to a preview commercial featuring Brad Pitt, Dennis Hopper, George Clooney, the HIV bleeding heart Bono, even Pat Robertson and a bunch of other celebs, yammering on about AIDS. I am heartily sick of hearing about AIDS. Really, really tired of it. Soooooo fucking tired of it.

This is not to say I do not feel bad for many of the people who have contracted the disease, as it is an awful thing indeed. During the 1980's many of my mom's friends were infected in San Francisco and they would often have a few different types of cancers at once. Their toes would auto amputate. Men who were spectacularly beautiful would turn into skeletal hags overnight. Horrible, ghastly, awful stuff and we don't see much of that any more due to the high quality AIDS drugs that are currently available.

Stopping the spread of AIDS is entirely free. It should not cost us, in the Western world, a dime. The people of the third world need to take responsibility for their own behaviors. The constant refrain is that the Bush administration is making unreasonable demands on Africans by asking that they remain more or less monogamous. Well, we in the West are more or less monogamous and those of us who are more monogamous are, not surprisingly, free of AIDS. Lesbians are so immune to AIDS that we could recommend lesbianism as a lifestyle choice to African women. The left could hardly accuse us of inflicting our puritanism upon the peoples of the third world then, could they.

The truth is the West, and parts of Asia and most of the non African Islamic world are highly successful at avoiding AIDS because we have certain habits that help us avoid the diseases that promiscuous behaviors cause. When women have the freedom to choose sexual partners, they are often very monogamous and choose men that are monogamous. In third world countries women do not have the right to turn down sex with a husband who has had relations with infected homosexual partners or prostitutes.

Controlling births and limiting exposure to disease is a benefit of a "puritanical" society. The left seems to think that everyone should be able to engage in a variety of behaviors but achieve the same outcomes. That is, a successful, disease free society. It's not possible. Never happens. There are always consequences to human behaviors. There are behaviors that insure a failed society or culture and strange to think that promiscuity would be one of those. You have to weigh reproducing at a high rate against reproducing at a lower rate but ensuring the economic success and health of fewer members. The left should understand this, its what they always claim lowering class size will do for students.

It is a fact that everyone in the world knows that you can contract AIDS from sex. To think that there is a special reason that people in Africa do not know this, at this point in the AIDS crisis, is pure racist assumption. The only reason that you would believe such a thing is that you think these people incapable of taking care of or thinking for themselves.

Part of the reason these people still engage in risky sex is that they think the US is going to invent a cure. We should not hold out that hope for them. They need to change their habits. Period. The Christian churches in Africa have been trying to bring about changes in the sexual behaviors of Africans. I support them in their efforts.

Miss C, aka Bull Conner, has her own Abu Ghraib!

Some toys