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Monday, August 31, 2009

New Bay Bridge span

The curving concrete structure to the left is the new bridge. They are getting ready to connect it to a temporary structure. The whole thing frightens me.

The crane, the Left Coast Lifter, lifing an old tug that sank off Treasure Island

They are using this crane to build the new bridge from Oakland to San Francisco. An old tug boat, that belongs to a tug boat historical society, sank in the bay. They used the crane to lift her up and now she is hanging, I guess, to drain a bit. I was out boating on the bay and snapped this pic.

Seagull perch

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kennedy is now with his Lord,


Thursday, August 27, 2009

American ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, says of the Obama administration's re-engagement with the UN

"We are involved in the United Nations because it serves U.S. interests. It is there to deal with very complex cases like North Korea, where we recently succeeded in putting in place the toughest sanctions regime in the world today. It's there to deal with conflicts that are killing innocent civilians in places like Congo and Darfur. So we have an interest in effective collective action to deal with these 21st century challenges."

And hasn't the UN been doing a spanking good job of solving the conflicts and preventing the deaths of innocent civilians in the Congo and Darfur??

A single visit to North Korea from a former US president made more impression on Kim Jung-il than years and years of negotiations by UN ambassadors. Other countries don't give a shit about the UN, they are only worried about, interested in, impressed by, and trying to impress snd get attention from, the world's only real superpower, the US.

Immature night heron on sun roof

Friday, August 21, 2009

There are not enough doctors and nurses to furnish millions more with health care

This never gets mentioned in the reports about health care "reform." Doctors are all over the news saying that they want "reform" because they don't have time to spend with patients in the current system.

If everyone rushes the gates at once without the infrastructure to support them, think on how little time doctors will have to spend with patients.

We are already robbing the third world of many of their doctors and nurses.

During the free health care give away staged recently, I heard interviews with college students who had severe dental problems. Why don't all American colleges have doctors and dentists on staff? Surely, liberal college professors would be willing to pay a personal tax or part of their salaries in order that their students may enjoy good health.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

San Francisco and illegal immigrant gangs

Recently an illegal immigrant who murdered an Italian-American father and his two sons was found to have been arrested for assault and released on the streets of San Francisco instead of being jailed and deported. A huge scandal ensued whereupon the San Francisco public showed its displeasure at the sanctuary policy being followed by the city of San Francisco.

Young, illegal, Latino immigrant members of violent gangs who are arrested for violent gang and drug related crimes and convicted of felonies are not reported to immigration authorities and some of them are even receiving "job training."

The left-wing government of San Francisco is now trying to strengthen the policy even further.

The shibboleth they always bring up is that immigrants do not co-operate with or call police to report crimes because "they are afraid of being deported."

This is one of the biggest lies of all time. Immigrants, both legal and illegal are more terrified of gang members than anyone else. There is a story in the San Francicsco chronicle today about how the SFPD's stepped up gang enforcement efforts have made certain areas of San Francisco less frightening and more business friendly.

Lefty journalists often contradict each other in different articles published on the same day in the same paper. The inmates are running the asylum.

According to the local press, the Lockerbie bomber is "suffering" from cancer, but Ted Kennedy is "battling" cancer

Editors choose these words very carefully. They are trying to make us feel sorry for the bomber who in their eyes is a "victim." They still want us to think that Kennedy has power and so use war language to describe Kennedy's affliction.

One man is a convicted mass murderer and the other is a manslaughterer who has never been brought to justice.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I have thought upon it and have decided that Eleanor Roosevelt and Diego Rivera were the same person