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Friday, January 30, 2009

This may be my last dispatch

The BART transit cop responsible for the shooting of an unarmed man has had bail set for $300,000. The riot crowd has left the courthouse across the street and is on the move and angry as hornets in a violated hive. Helicopters are buzzing overhead. I hope to make it home safely, but if I don't, it's been great folks.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Turkish prime minister throws a hissy fit at Davos

He got into it with the Israeli president, angry with the Israelis for doing exactly what Turkey recently did to Iraqi Kurds. That is, defend their people and territories from attack. Turkey bombarded the Kurds with air strikes. What's sauce for the Muslim is sauce for the Jew.

"TURKISH warplanes targeting Kurdish rebels bombed villages deep into northern Iraq yesterday, killing a civilian woman and forcing hundreds of people to flee their homes."


TURKEY insists it has the right to defend itself under international law and also to stage cross-border attacks into northern Iraq against an estimated 3,000 Kurdistan Workers' Party or PKK rebels who are hiding there.The Turkish cabinet authorised the armed forces to conduct a cross-border operation in late November."

Happy liberal writes to the San Francisco Chronicle and states he wants Republicans to die from thirst

"Let them drink bottled,

Editor - First, my thanks for including Paul Krugman as a regular contributor to your page. His Jan. 27 column ("Bad faith economics") on Republican opposition to President Obama's stimulus package has inspired me to proffer a "modest proposal": What say we vote on a proposition here in California to allow tax-cutting, less-government legislators to get their wishes by denying them (and their adoring constituents) any and all state government services?

It seems appropriate to start by withholding access to so much of Northern California's water, most of which ends up in conservative districts in the Central Valley and Southern California. Republican counties should be happy to pay for their own services as well, with little or no help from the wasteful, inefficient state government.

Once again, California would be able to set an example for the rest of the country; surely tax-cutting, less-government Republicans in Washington could be convinced to refuse wasteful "pork barrel" spending in their home districts as well."


I am confused, is he saying that Republicans don't already pay for water, like everybody else? Does he not know that millions of illegal immigrants and poor African-Americans in Compton will be bereft of water if the State actually did have the ability to cut off the water supply to the Southern parts of the state? Also much of our water starts in other states, what if they decided to close of the spigots entirely. The mind just boggles.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama's I.Q. is not as high as we thought

He is starting to add lots of "ers" and "ums" to his speech. It could be that he is starting to understand what it's like to have nasty people, such as Miss C and the press corps, hanging on your every word, waiting for you to make a mistake, but most likely it is because Obama is dumb.

Yesterday, he said, "expouse," instead of espouse, twice! Kee rist!

I bet he says "expresso," instead of espresso. What an idiot!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Carrying weapons in national parks story

10 years ago of one my ex boyfriends and I were in a line for a luau in Hawaii. In front of us, there stood a nice couple from Canada.

We got to discussing things and somehow the subjects of hiking, national parks/forests/hunting and just generally being scared of bears came up. I disremember exactly what led to the male half of the couple telling us this riveting tale.

The couple had pulled in to one of Canada's forests. He was carring a gun in his truck which he had to register with a park ranger. The gun was wrapped with some kind of seal which if broken, had to be explained to the proper authorites.

As the couple and the ranger stood talking, a car pulled up, 2 children emerged from inside it and immediately ran down to an area where 2 grizzly bear cubs were playing. The childrens' parents got out of the car and commenced to taking pictures of their offspring cavorting with bear cubs.

As the Canadian couple and the ranger looked on in horrified disbelief, the mother grizzly appeared and headed straight for the children.

The ranger quickly told the Canadian guy to shoot the bear, as his weapon was available, ready and loaded. He shot and killed the bear. Then the ranger went over to the childrens' parents to read them the riot act for what they had done and had let their children do, which had directly resulted in the death of the sow and the orphaning of her cubs.

Whether this was a case of subverting natural selection or not I will leave you to decide.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rioters caused a massive loss of sympathy for transit cop shooting victim

In Theodore Dalrymple's current column on the joys of rioting, he mentions that rioters never riot in poor weather.

I knew that there would be no riots yesterday, on the 3 week anniversary of the shooting, as it was raining.

After the riots, I noticed that the sympathy for the shooting victim had morphed into disgust. It has been mentioned by more than a few people that the cops should shoot, or should have shot, more of (them). It is not right-wingers talking like this.

When the young men of Oakland showed themselves to be stupid, violent, threatening, and completely indifferent to the feelings of others, suddenly a cop shooting one of them in a moment of adrenaline fueled fear, became entirely understandable.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Islamists, Marxists and anarchist rioters all one and the same

"Only the total triumph of Islam (in Qutb’s sense) will bring peace to the world, just as all human conflict will end when the classless society is brought about by the final triumph of the proletariat."

Theodore Dalrymple

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jesus freaks shouting at the bus stop today

A couple of ex-con born agains were at the bus stop bothering everybody. Jesus loves you, one was shouting at everyone.

A Black guy walks by with his woman and yells back at the guy, " I love sex. Ain't nuthin' better than good pussy."

I am walking to the bank to deposit my check and the couple are headed there too. His wife starts complaining to him. "Why you gotta say that to him?"

"Cuz I do love pussy," he replied, unrepentent .

When we got to the bank door the wife saw the plywood covering the door busted out in last nights riots. "I didn't know they got to the bank," she said in shock.

When I got back to the bus stop an old Black lady in a bad wig was debating theology with the ex-cons. They obviously did not know their scripture and were otherwise full of crap, although I am glad they have turned their lives around. The Black lady had them in knots and her 3 grandkids were telling the ex-cons not to argue with her "Cuz she knows her stuff."

She was pulling out her bible asking one of them to show her the scripture to prove what he was saying when the bus came.

It was a shame, because I was enjoying the show.

Co-worker who lives in East Oakland told us that there was an assault last night during the riots

I can't find any report of it on the internet.

I have not been to the Fruitvale BART station, where the young man was recently shot,

for over 20 years. The last time I was there with my mom I was sexually assaulted and molested by a "gang" of "young men."

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If they only hired Black cops to work in Oakland

Like the UN only sends African troops to Sudan. The Black cops would be pissed at having to work the worst areas and start demanding that they hire white cops to share the burden.

White anarchists in Oakland riots try desperately to hide their whiteness

Masks covering their weak chins and sparse goatees, the white rioters picked up garbage cans to smash store windows because they knew that if Blacks picked up the cans first they were going to slam them down on the white anarchist's heads a la Reginald Denny.

The white anarchists are terrified that the Blacks will blame them for the shooting of an unarmed Black man and are enaging in destructive violence to prove their purity. It's that old Chris Rock joke that the white kids who hang out with Black thugs must have done something really bad to have been accepted by them.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Chinese medicine

One of my co-workers is sick a lot. She always comes over and tells her underlings about the Chinese medicine she is using.

The other day I told her, "Chinese medicine doesn't work. If it did, it would be called Bayer Chinese Medicine or Merck Chinese Medicine. Take some Sudafed"

My friend was always having to boil up some lizards for her mom's colds. She doesn't hold much faith in Chinese medicine either, as she never noticed the dried gecko soup made her mom's colds any better. Also, she says, it tastes vile.

"We live in a police state? No such luck… The Idiot Left are wrong: the police are powerless to stop our lives being blighted by rogue males.”

You know, it is interesting that many of the left-wing blogs are lauding the rioters damage of Sears dept store in Oakland. Sears being such a huge and terrible corporate entity and all.

Here I was thinking that Sears was a dept store that catered to and even employed the lower and lower middle class working people. Making available to them/me stackable washers, stoves and affordable window treatments and power tools. Little did I know that they are instrumental in oppressing the poor and causing cops to shoot unarmed men.

I remember when Oakland had many dept stores. At a time when the Black population was actually larger than it is now. Before so many Blacks fled to the burbs.

We had a Sears, a Montgomery Ward's, an Emporium Capwells, I. Magnin's, Liberty House, Swan's, Mervyn's, a J.C. Penny's, a White Front, and more that I have long since forgotten. Now we have only Sears and Sears has just been vandalized and stands a good chance of being vandalized again, and I am sure will be closing soon.

As a teenager, I would regularly hop a bus and ride into deepest darkest East Oakland, at night, to a formerly thriving mall, called Eastmont Mall, which is now in the middle of a war zone. Neighborhood people used to work at the mall. My Asian friends and I hung out there. Everybody did most of their Xmas shopping there.

It all started to go bad when I was in my early 20's. What the hell has happened to Oakland?

Liberals cut my thumb!

They outlawed Styrofoam containers. These new plastic containers will slice you right open. I feel sorry for the restaurant staff who have to handle these things all day and night. Bring back Styrofoam. Remember, if the Venus De Milo was made of Styrofoam, she'd still have arms!

Blagojovich says check and mate!

The dude's a genius. The dems went after him and he turned back around and made them an offer they couldn't refuse. He has also ensured he will have good friends in prison. He's nobody's bitch.

This kind of killing engenders no protests

"Damion Bouchelion, a 28-year-old Oakland man whom Young said moved to Atlanta to escape street violence, was shot and killed as a passenger in a car near the intersection of 105th Avenue and Pontiac Street.

Young said that she has been able to piece together much of the incident. Her nephew was driving a car down Pontiac Street, with Bouchelion riding next to him, when they encountered a group of young men standing in the street at the corner, she said. Her nephew honked his horn, trying to get the group to let the car pass, and a small scuffle ensued and seemed to be quickly quieted, she said.

As the car rode off, Young said her nephew heard gunshots behind the car.
"He turned to Damion and said, 'You hear that? They're shooting back there,'" Young said. "And he turned and Damion was just slumped over in the seat. He never said a word to nobody, and he died for nothing."

Lord knows, none of us have any right to expect young men hanging out in the street to move out of the way to let us pass through. How dare we.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It was hard to process the sight of the burned out cars after the riot

Libertarian co-worker was parking his car on Thursday morning and saw one of the charred cars burned in the riots.

"It was weird, he said. It also looked as if it had been flooded."

"It had, I told him. The firefighters hosed it with water to put out the fire."

"Oh, right," he said, chewing his lip in consternation.

He just could not take it all in.

"You know he, said, this is one thing you conservatives are right about. This inner city culture is the worst culture on earth. There is nothing redeemable about it."

It was strange to see my tiny Chinese co-worker imitating thug body language

When she was telling us about the constant fighting on the BART trains she pantomimed a threatening thug and pretended to angrily shrug out of a puffer jacket preparatory to fighting. It was bizarre and disturbing to see how familiar she was with such actions. It also reminded me of the actions of male big horn sheep. Very animalistic.

I have been reading a lot of internet comments about the Oscar Grant shooting

This is a funny one,

"I was on an AC Transit bus where the driver asked some rowdy young people to get off the bus because of their very LOUD conversations, which were laced with profanities. He told them that as far as he was concerned they should have tatoos placed on their foreheads "MW," which would stand for "Must Walk." When he threatened to call the sherrif, the loud mouths got off the bus."

Friday, January 09, 2009

Brave or foolish, you be the judge

Our supervisor just told us that she regularly sees roving gangs of young men stage battles on BART trains. She has to ride through a few cities every night to get home from Oakland.

She says when she sees a fight about to break out she moves to another train.

She said the the most frightening incident she has seen was a group of 2 gangs that were commencing to fight, and a very large Black man, who had been sitting on the train playing with his tiny child, stood up to get between the gangs and acted as a peacemaker, saying, "Brothers, we do not want to do this."

She said she will never forget the sight of this giant man and the beautiful child looking up at him. "He was like a hero," she said.

Most of us were skeptical, and felt that the man could have been murdered in front of his child. Which would have been a tragedy. The death of any one of the young men fighting would have been preferable to his. But maybe if there were more men as brave as this guy, there would be safety in numbers. But then I guess his life would not be as valuable if he was not the brave man that he is.

The mob here does not want "justice" they want a lynching

The recent shooting by a transit cop has brought out the mob mentality. "Leaders of the community" are demanding "justice" and an "investigation" into the shooting.

They don't want "justice" or an "investigation" at all. They have already decided the cop's fate. They have tried him, found him guilty and they want to lynch him.

If the shoe was on the opposite foot and one of the "citizens of Oakland" had shot a cop, the "leaders" would be trying to make sure that the shooter wasn't considered guilty until proven guilty.

The truth is, I do feel sorrier for the cop than I do for the guy who was shot. Oscar Grant was a habitual criminal, and despite the media and his family's claims that he had "turned his life around" he could not last an entire year without engaging in more criminal activity, namely the fighting or attempted assault he was perpetrating on BART at the time of his arrest. His last criminal offence was in May, 2008. His choir boy act lasted until January 2009. At least that we know of.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Lucky 13

The guy who got shot by the transit cop here in Oakland had had 12 criminal cases against him. Had he not been shot he would have had 13. Lucky 13.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The second coming

One morning amidst the holidays, Chinese Christian co-worker and I were the only people to be found at our work stations.

Co-worker told me, that she was "Starting to feel as if the Rapture had occurred, and that she and I were the only two people left on earth."

Libertarian co-worker came in shortly thereafter and I told him of her fears.

"I can see how Miss C would be left behind, he told Christian co-worker, but not you."

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mr Burris has proved his unsuitability for office by joining the circus

The Dems ought not to consider him for the position at all. They are being strong armed by Black militants. Burris should have let it be known privately that he was interested in the job. He did not choose to do so. He choose instead to engage in threatening behavior. Chicago politics as usual.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Hamas leaders living high off the hog, pun intended

On the BBC's radio call in show yesterday they had, as a guest, a sympathizer of Hamas answering callers questions. One man called in from Gaza and asked him why the leaders of Hamas were hiding in their tunnels and amongst the innocent civilians and letting the Palestinian people be slaughtered.

The sympathizer angrily told the man that he was a liar and that he was not calling from Gaza, but was a Fatah member calling from the West Bank to spread propaganda. Oh the lessons the Palestinians have learned from the commies. I notice that when crazy fanatical Muslims are not able to address a point they always say you are not a Muslim or you are not the right kind of Muslim. Even were the man to be from the West Bank, what is wrong with telling the truth. They are a lot like President Bush, if you ask me, with their "You are either with us or you are against us," stuff.

The man replied in anger that the BBC had caller ID and that they knew he was calling from Gaza. The BBC reporter first seemed as if she did not want to admit that the man was from Gaza. But then she finally repeated his name and said he was calling from Gaza.

The sympathizer was one upped so he then brought up the recent killing of the Hamas leader, Nizar Rayan, as proof that Hamas leaders are suffering too. On the one hand Hamas wants to claim that mostly civilians are being killed and on the other, they want to say that they are victims too. One minute they are yelling about fighting to the last drop of blood and the next they are boo hooing like women.

I noted that the Hamas leader, Nizar Rayan was doing very well under the horrible Israeli sanctions.

He managed to amass his entire legal allotment of wives, 4, and also support his 12 children by those wives. Even though the people of Gaza are suffering deprivation, he was able to engage in lots of sex with different women. Muslim men, like all men, are of course, obsessed with sex. The Muslim men just pretend it is about religion, but the men of Islamic countries are entirely obsessed with controlling the use of women's' and girls' bodies. Everything they are doing is about that and only that. Any so-called Islamic movement is only about refusing to let women have human rights.

There was a story on NPR about how most young Palestinian men can't even afford 1 wife. They are all the time looking at porn on their cell phones, sexually frustrated and dreaming about the future when they can marry their cousins.

It's like the old tribal system where all the leaders keep the young women for themselves and the younger men go hungry all the time and so are willing to kill and die to go to heaven just to get sex. Because they aren't getting any on earth.

Well now Rayan does not have to adhere to the polite practice of only having 4 wives, he can have 72. Lucky dog! Sounds like he's in a better place than Gaza and he has the evil Jews to thank for it!